Philip Johnson, 1906 – 2005

the book is the u of chicago press, 1994, and they got it from baylor. i should make one photocopy but forgot to put the four pennies and fifteen cents for a copy of anything that might come up in my pocket, meaning that i’d have to work against the torture to try to find fifteen cents in my bag, if there is any, or either a dollar bill. I keep thinking that to try to write to that hachette press’s courtright about the other 3 books’ being like continuations of my french connection problem i should send a copy of tt photo with the envelope to help him recall that from early last year by.

200 Friedrichstrasse, berlin, check that “Houseball” in front of there

bethlehemkirchplatz, 1943 bethlehem church destroyed

artiskunst . com /berlin /art/philip-johnson-in-berlin-philip-johson-haus#.XRzlx-hKjcs

It looks like this 1994 Das Business Center/American Business Center/Philip Johnson Haus is about a 15-minute walk from where Mendelsohn’s Columbushaus had been.

the Schulze biography ends on Karl Friedrich Schinkel


From left, Raj Ahuja, John Burgee and Philip Johnson in 1987.CreditRich Addicks/The Atlanta Journal Constitution

check Vanity Fair article by Kurt Andersen

penzoil and republic bank buildings, wagner’s gotterdammerung, on camera offering his services to the now- president, schulze calling the latter unappetizing ==

richard lauder of estee lauder commission to do the berlin business center building/project

gerald hines is a real estate developer

republicbank = ncnb center = b of a now i think, tt one i’d taken the photo of, points on top. they say it’s across from the penzoil building and 1985 transco tower he did, = another name for the williams building in the west.

3 bldg post oak central in the west, ribbon effect

1957 university of st. thomas here, classroom bldg


evelyn beatrice longman’s genius of electricity sculpture

dallas’ thanksgiving square

ids center in minneapolis in 1973 = this is only a 2 minute walk from the w minneapolis — the foshay (sic) — chrome-coated reflective glass — ids had already had a design by edward frank baker, b. chicago 1926? d 2006, jewish, and now i’m reading it says the bldg was co-designed by johnson/burgee and first this guy, as opposed to schulze’s description but i can only skim books, and in 1973 it then surpassed the foshay tower as the tallest there, but it was baker’s design it seems that johnson and burgee worked with, maybe. here it says baker’s was 12 stories and johnson’s 57 then.

eliza bliss parkinson

p302 a 1965 photo w rockefeller and lindsay

1954-58 seagram bldg

rene d’harnoncourt

check hendrik berlage and his amsterdam’s stock exchange

ck louis sullivan/his parents or such

9 ash st., cambridge circa 1941, his house, then he was in the army

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