Pallas and Parnassus by Mantegna

  The write-ups I’ve seen on this don’t mention that raging fire in the left back! Art criticism often seems to not really have anything much to do with the piece of work being discussed. That circle in the sky on the upper right appears to me to be spirits watching the situation, three of them. Pallas on the left appears to me to be trying to get everyone to run away from the approaching fire, but the tree all the way on the far lower left here, with a ribbon of words wrapped around her/it, is stranded there. Some of the figures seem not to understand the emergency need to run but the big thing is the 3 in the lower-right corner, Arrogania, Ignorancia and Ingratitude, written on their respective headbands, Arrogance and Ingratitude carrying Ignorance, who you might recognize as being much like the “French Connection’s” Joe Fuca, on the first page of that letter I’d written from the hospital, where I still haven’t gotten any assistance. This is such a nice start on enlivening the UniverseRescue-attempt blogsite here that I can’t post the updated little table of contents draft where I’m color-coding the different types of posts for better organization to all this, I’ll not want to send anything till I can figure how to get that “Pearl and Lou” or just Lou picture up there on the left of the screen where WordPress has got a spot for a logo-picture and I haven’t had any pictures except a couple of the generic stock kind till now, couldn’t even get a pdf up there yet.

(June 17, In the upper right hand corner, I have to mention that spirits subject but don’t have time yet.)

  The figure on the ledge in the middle left in the red cloak and pointing up at the couple is the purpose of this picture, oh Andreas Mantegna’s late Renaissance “Parnassus” painting. The red-cloaked guy seems to come from the large-sized red-cloaked guy in the Ghent Altarpiece’s Pilgrims panel, and here he is cursing “my type” of average normal people but I think that these were all already underworld-grown from disembodied ovaries people, raising like a platoon of them there in the early days of this “Brave New World” business and directing them to pose for acted pictures like this, alot of pictures like this but this is likely the type of group that I’d come from and here the large red-cloaked type is working up these generational storylines, making up stories for the actor-people to play out and they’ve continued to this day, as how those Revelation “promises” are getting done for that young Pilgrim-boy behind the large-sized red-cloaked guy, if anyone can follow that this is all from the emergency that we have the invading psychopaths’ decapitating everyone they could get hold of on Earth and so people had had to start trying to mass-reproduce people and raise them in increasingly large numbers, starting with groups of them like this; the cursing the girl/couple or child that maybe they’re having being the main purpose, that that relationship of the demon-like red-cloaked guy’s being after my type is still going on, is what this “Armageddon Program” to me all these years is. He’s pretending that the girl/couple have “got everything” and are stingy and are getting cursed for being selfish while he is an impoverished vagrant, all that Jesus business goes with all this too. In reality though those are people grown from stolen ovaries of say the “Trojan” earlier normal human types. I suspect this comes from the 1520-1571 Joseph Nasi alleged historical personage. Andree Aeilon Brooks has got a book, “The Woman Who Defied Kings” that is about Nasi’s aunt mainly but mentions this big deal where there’s some abduction-type marriage to the young girl named La Chica by Nasi’s brother or some such, and I think that, if that’s real life, had happened for the purpose of having legal authority over the girl’s ovaries, which became these people in this painting more or less. The other painting has the “Pehriska-Ruhpa” type in its lower-right corner, while the “Pallas” character is much like the girl being cursed in this “Parnassus” painting.

detail from “Parnassus” by Andreas Mantegna, Louvre

He’s cursing those normal-seeming people probably for showing off their happiness, but it’s seeming like that he’s a branch or “line” or type from the regular #2 generational-slave type that I’m here calling the Merchant of Venice type, that perhaps they have 12 types of themselves or more, etc. Maybe this type had descended from experiments in people-growing with the Vlad Dracula type around Romania. Right now I can’t get a close-up of his face like I thought I could by getting this detail separated. I suspect they’re one of the regular types of the generational-slave #2 type that then includes all those Jesus types too I guess, and that they’re all around in everyday life and that girl, in fact she was doing a scene yesterday and today also, has been some sort of a regular-character to this unprovable Armageddon Program off of me. This morning however there was some weird scene with two or three of the other regulars and one of them brought up that the tribe of Dan isn’t included in those Revelation prophecies, so now I’m wondering if this type, all of them perhaps descended from the Krakow King Casimir III, the Great, if this type of them might not be that “Dan” tribe, that, God forfend, they are just selected to be the non-surviving underworld-stranded type, similar to how I seem to have been selected to be a/the victim type. I’ll be trying to get a better look at this but I think I’ve got alot of them around here and there as regular everyday people but who are cogs in the system-machinery.