letter, Council of Science Eds.

5/1/17, Dear Council of Science Editors,

I’m the most-unfortunate person that’s ever lived because the global-system has long been running a LURE off of me behind my back that’s destined to bring us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION so I’m always looking for assistance and due to the top-secret sabotage can never find any and I’m writing to you for 2 reasons: I just found that that Sylvian fissure on the left side of our heads is likely a scar resulting from what I’ve been trying to explain for many years was a prehistoric accident-set from a premature trip across Beringia in futile effort for find where the sun starts off from in the mornings that’s led to what I call Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy with dependence on hallucinogens from other people’s brains; and I’m trying to get up to Smith College to read Dr. Florence Sabin’s letters (voluminous) to her sister in Denver, and if that went well I could come back down to Maryland for reading her letters to Mrs. Franklin P. Mall (Mabel Mall) and hopefully I’d be able to follow alot of the science she’d worked on by that time and especially the cell microscope work, that I’d like you to think about sponsoring me toward that somehow, however it’s very dangerous to have contact with me. I learned of you because I’d written to the Anatomists Assn. at 9650 Rockville Pike in Maryland about that 2nd point, just noticing the Sylvian fissure about a week ago now, and you’ve got an office at that same location that I could get to relatively easily. I’d appreciate it if you’d look at my blogsite to get an idea of the range of everything that I’m talking about but my problem is that because of my world’s worst LURE-abuse situation I can’t have anything to myself including any safe address, as the system has long been using my letters for attracting “sucker pigeon” normal people and disappearing them. So I haven’t got a safe address would-be donors to my Universe Rescue from the system attempt, which now I can show that the system-people have that damage that resulted in the Autism-psychopathy that will end with no planet, or a safe or any telephone and my email addresses I don’t like to give out for the same reason that after I contact someone and they’d like to contact me back the system-people have been getting to my contactees as the basic way that the system has been thriving for the last 20 years or so now. You could try to contact me at your own risk, I wish you would actually get to me and be interested in this trying to get the Universe rescued from our and the planet’s gratuitous demise merely do to unrecognized childhood-Autism gone amok, but I worry that someone might take my information and put it about without the proper warnings that it might be like a death-LURE to try to reach me; I can’t guess how the system’s been doing whatever all is done but please get someone to try to look at all this because that Sylvian fissure really is what I’ve been trying to explain for many years is bringing us to TPE along with all the other problems from the long-ago brain damage and subsequent re-structuring that we’ve now got. Please try to be careful that innocents don’t get misled, the system has long been gimmick-LURING by old hidden candid camera-type pornography of myself and scriptedly lying to people that I’m trying to single-handedly “save” the “world”  which in Autists’ lingo only means to feed themselves and their system and keep them warm by turning people to petroleum and such. I don’t give this URL out except it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to stay alive and free and I really want to go do this Florence Sabin reading because I don’t think anyone else could care less about her and she was like a prototype for this filthy LURE-tactic then onto myself, that I could read her letters with more awareness than anyone else could of all these peculiar “tricks” the system-people play.


UniverseRescue.attempt@gmail.com, and kathyfoshay2@gmail.com seems super-insecure so I don’t like giving it out, as the goons have like all the money in the world compared to my destituteness to play around with for keeping me in this total isolation “ghost-prisonership” for a long time now, etc. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay, hoping Mr. Bennett in Colorado or anyone in Maryland might be interested in getting someone to read my material toward assisting me with this reality-restoring attempt.