Judge Morrissey letters 3/20/16

#53, Judge Morrissey, 3/20/16, 2 pdf pages covering 5 illustration pages.pdf

(hand-copy transliteraion)

Kathy Foshay

Gift of Peace (be careful) 20018

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Chief Judge John P. Morissey

District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County

191 East Jefferson Street

Rockville, MD 208150-2325

(301) 999-9999

20 Mary 2016


Your Honor,

Maybe this 4/25/16 Subpoena for Stae of Maryland v. Bartley,  D.J.* is really about freedom of speech and freedom from the sece laver, and I only ask that you don’t call me crazy or schizophrenic because my thinking is and beliefs are contemporaneously unpopular. I’m going to try to computer-upload the approximately 600 pages I’d written while at Suburban Hspital after being (lightly) hit by a car on Howard Avenue, just after the right turn off of Connecticut Avenue in Kensington but not awakening till a week later, (then?) 11/19-26/15, and then I’ll also be tring to get all the new findings-out I’ve been geting onto this real Universe Rescue-attempt blog-/website I’ve been tring o get started and hope someone on your staff can get a chance to look over my maerials with no harm to anyone.

For now I’m out of paper and can only enclose these ew examples of m maerials. Page 2= enclosed mostly because it’s the only example of he 1962 (real-life) “French Connection” book by Robin Mooe, 1969, photograph that I’ve still go right now and this is the biggest thing I and the whole planet could use your assistance with in that that figure #6 is, I believe, actually what I’m calling my “fraud-parent” and this might be the main reason I’d been struck by the car, however indirectly-seeming. Thank you, more later, Kathy Foshay

page 2= 10/8/15 flyer

page 3= from Suburban Hospital’s magazine: Dr. Green looks like the figure #2 in the “French Connection” photo and is from a huge generational-slavve lineage. (bottom: Your Honor, Please do not assume I’m with a good group now; I haven’t any time to explain Kraepelin to the French Connection to Mother Theresa.

page 3= 3/15/16 Autism is not a puzzle

page 4= that hand-written Tuva map, “This isn’t to scale,” etc.

I re-drew the map and words on the other side and then added: March 20, 2016, Your Honor please forgive the messiness and disorganization but this hand-copy came out a little better than the original I was going to send. Per the back, I believe that the type of people on the back here had actually originated from japan and were taken captive by the Autists and their “Neanderthal” buddies, as is important to reality.

This isn’t to scale and I don’t draw well, please excuse. I’m trying always to explain that a small people with what I’ve been calling “Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” or developmental disability with hallucinogen-deprendence have been hiding under the Tuva-area after having been long lost in this New Word for millennia, accidentally extincting the dinosaurs by egg-smashing, then cliff-driving the other megafauna and turning on the Old World peoples, down to this day, running the global-system through all-slavery all along. Going up to the Arctic they sneak-invaded Europe from the north, then to here via the St. Lawrence Seaway and did the 1776 “revolution.”

page 5 of the 3/20/16 letter to Chief Judge John P. Morrissey, District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County;

page 4=/ back of page 5 of 5

This type of people like the artist El Greco are all from the same place as Hector* had really come from and all got stranded prisoner to the people with the Autism, generation after generation, but a different group than Mr. Shinseke’s** type. Stranded, they do most of the system’s “magic” and do this “Armageddon Show” LURE that’s been all over me for so long, because they are stranded prisoner to fulfilling the Autist-base’s world-takeover desires, like it says in the book of the Revelation, 16:14-16, for instance.

  • – of the “Iliad” account of the Trojan “war.”
  • **- former Secretary of the Veterans Administration.


  • Names changed to protect innocent
Chief Judge
24 March 2016
  On the back page please find that “French Connection” book photograph I’d mentioned int he previous letter, then other pieces of my own type of evidence-submissions that I hope you could keep track of because I’ve never had a/ny responsible adult around to do that for me, and now I’m deluged by 2 or 3 mnew sets of problems that this is too much for anyone to be bothered to keep track of and we’re really going to lose the whole planet Earth(and human race) because no responsibly-behaving adults are allowed to be alive and active, the situation is so critical. I’ve written hundreds of letters trying to explain all this, to no response to speak of I guess because “system goons” keep all my communication-attempts aborted.
  On the back of pages 4 and 3 please find copies of(brief) letters trying to squeeze everything onto 1 page that I’d sent to the president in 2009 and 2014, also sending a couple of longer letters that I no longer have copies of, 9 years of my evidence-papers thrown away by the Federal-City Shelter, DC. when this ambulance=go,,ocl began [reuing pm ,e in 2014.
(page 2)  On the back of this page is a map I’d tried to make while in Bethesda’s Suburban Hospital from this 11/19/15 incident, to show-explain the back and forth trekking over Beringia that led to today’s situation and that the trekkers had then headquartered under around the area of (Tannu) Tuva between Siberia and Mongolia, finding their way to the St. Lawrence Seaway between Canada and New York by taking the Yenisey and Ob rivers up to the Arctic Ocean and making their way across the northern parts of Europe to the Atlantic, besides what other parts of their group or kind or race or tribe or “Autist” type were doing elsewhere. Yesterday I started trying to “upload” my paperwork like this done while at Suburban onto my UniverseRescue-attempt blog-/website,  hoping I’m not going to “break” it like I’d already done once before the car-accident. This “Tuva” point is real important and several copies of it should be in this “Suburban” file-set by the time I get it all uploaded; pages 411 and 459 et seq. I’ll try to upload this coming Wednesday the 30th and they might interst you, — I have so horrifying many problems and page 459 is a letter to Court because of 1 of the horror-hoaxes played on me. I’ve been praying to find a responsibly-behaving adult to assist me virtually every day since 2007, and today I’m freshly deluged and
on the back here there’s the Tuva blank map and  i/one pencil-in all this about the crrc to dcha to missionaries of charity catholic charities LURE:
(back of page 2, 3/24, Thursday, = the third letter)
(Judge Morrissey,
  Please excuse, there are around 10,000 details that just little me is dealing with and this letter what i’m trying to explain is that this “Armageddon-creating” LURE-scam has more and less, sic, got me prisoner here, this horrible crrc group is what i’d written the many pages at suburban hospital trying to get away from, it’s a criminal-scam foisted onto the whole huge veterans adminisration and i’ve got them and dcha either “with a “fraud-family member” director working on abusing my entire life so far to continue being at the bottom of this Armageddon-creating lure for killing and replacing the normal human beings but now , judge please help me, this mother theresa looks related to the Armageddon-making european emil kraepelin and this catholic charities is ta third or fourth lure-making aspect bothering me “fast, ghost-prisoner” all since 2005 or before that, this fraud-parent using me as a lure-gimmick for the underground all my life. Religion to housing to military big world-destroying lure-group-set i should get protection from so i can quietly explain prehistory for mature readers please, I’ve written hundreds of letters they use to lure by. kathyf.
page 3 handcopy 3/24/16
have no one to speak with, surrounded by nice ladies and yet no inter-communication abilities. All i can do is to try to write down about these things. There are so many “crimes” since this one group got lost by forcing the way over Beringia that communication-attempts just don’t get through. Today I learned that probably this crrc group has gotten hold of this gift of peace mother theresa-place’s 2 phone numbers and is conning the sisters to contact me, feigning to be helping me to find a DC Housing Authority housing-voucher apartment, getting these sisters to say
they’d have me at the phone, even though there isn’t any phone-use allowed for me except my one day a week off of the premises, yesterday and maybe also today between 4 and 6 in the afternoon, that, I told the sister who gave me the message that if the girl on the phone was legitimate I’d already have an apartment and wouldn’t be here, in this missionaries of charity “free” nursing-care home, that the group the (lying) girl represents only wants to put me in a place where a LURE would be run off of the underground underneath me, that all these accumulated
back of page 3- letter to pres. obama, 2/24/2014
 (page 4)
criminal acts are going to break this terra-firma whole physical planet, it isn’t a joke. These religious prayers say “world without end” all the time but modernly we have to re-assess that this big ole place can break, and on and on I’ve been trying to get anyone to assist me with explaining the real-time way we got into this situation, and then I recently found this “French Connection” photo and recognized that I used to play with those suitcases and then recognized that that really is my fraud-parent in that photo and everything is interconnected and it’s so interconnected that the Director of the DC Housing Authority probably came from an ovary taken from a “fraud-cousin” of mine, and that’s some additional huge part of this scam. The only one, I guess, who’d given this phony girl the information that I’m in this missionaries of charity house must have been the lady at dcha i’d sent a letter to, telling her not to give-out this address for me because of all my LURE problem-set, which I’ve to no avail been trying to explain to then since 2014 too.
(on back ofo p. 4= 5/15/19 8/19/09 post-marked letter to pres. obama)
(page 5)  When I came back from my time off the premises and uploading-attempt I read the “free” little newspapers and one has a picture of a girl that looks obviously like from my own ovaries, which I’ve been seeing a few like that and in a picture, photograph connected to the assassination-attempt in 2011 in Arizona to Rep. Gabby Gifford that involved abortion and one of these, monster, fraud-parent’s offspring-descendants, that those reproductive matters taken from lots of these people in this phony-family I was raised in are all over the place, like a garbage-disease it is, for toward doing this mentally-ill book of Revelation-threatened Armageddon. I can’t yet send you my only copy of this front-page article with her picture in it, making an ill-expression behind “Rep. Eleanor” in the 17-23 March District Chronicles “free” paper. This lady now looks nothing like Jimmy Carter’s Eleanor Holmes Norton. Judge, I’m all alone and only quietly want to write-explain about Prehistory, shouldn’t have all these “temporal” aspects also, and I’m afraid that Maryland’s Attorney-General is also indirectly-connected to these fraud-family “science fiction” -style problems I have, as will the little I’d included about DC’s first elected-Attorney-General, that I can’t get anyone to be fair toward me and what I’m trying to do, trying to just quietly explain-describe reality for a few mature readers. Please save these letters as my evidence-pieces. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay