March 14, 2018 combine

I was afraid I’d accidentally deleted this so am sending it to here as the back-up copy, hope nobody minds.


April 6:

2nd try …


On Friday, April 6, 2018, Special Collections Libraries <specialcollections> wrote:

Dear Kathy Foshay,

Attached are the materials you requested from Smith College Special
Collections. Please let us know if you have trouble accessing them, or
if we can be of any further assistance.


Evelyn Parker
Reference Services Assistant
Special Collections
Smith College

I’m having the same problem that it’s disappeared from the email when I download it to the cellphone’s drive file and I’d like to download it to the cellphone’s regular download area but can’t feel secure that the content will actually be in those when I get to them later tonight and can’t figure where the to-download area key or button is so I’m trying to get it to the blog but I can’t straighten out these message files till I get to a regular terminal sometime somewhere and so again the librarian’s name would accidentally get posted and I hope it isn’t any inconvenience or annoyance to anyone….