E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Unum is more or less the Plan in that book of Revelation, From Many to One type of people, that author’s type. It’s said that the phrase also translates to, One Out of Many, but that’s the same thing, one type of people from all the myriad, the Autist-author’s type. There’s alot more to this, me tracing it to that “Saint/e Foy” model in the all-gold little reliquary statue in Conques, France, selling the brain-serum and I guess they’d stumbled upon that they could “grow” people by ejaculation onto their deceased victim’s carcasses and evolved it to this “Brave New World” system of systems we’re all living in now, etc. This painting-detail is from the ceiling of the Capitol building in Washington, by Constantine Brumidi, 1865, “The Apotheosis of Washington,” with this piece in the center and 6 scenes in a circle around it, in the dome of the Capitol building like a skylight more or less.