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wernher von braun efdcb5
Wernher von Braun. Herman Oberth’s Kegelduese liquid rocket engine being certified.

Dr. von Braun was among a famous group of rocket experimenters in Germany in the 1930s. This photograph is believed to be made on the occasion of Herman Oberth’s Kegelduese liquid rocket engine being certified as to performance during firing. From left to right are R. Nebel, Dr. Ritter, Mr. Baermueller, Kurt Heinish, Herman Oberth, Klaus Riedel, Wernher von Braun, and an unidentified person.

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i think these are broken repeats- sound barrier and jacqueline cochran2,  sound barrier and jacqueline cochran1,  sound barrier and jacqueline cochran

0250 Cochran, The Stars At Noon

cochran – ((edwin laurence drake1)

cochran – (edwin laurence drake2)

water to ozone

jdr2ozone barrier broken1

jdr2ozone barrier broken

0293 Sonic Boom book cover

#264, “sound barrier” ozone layer/sky- breaking Oct. 14, 1947; Tom Wolfe on Chuck Yeager

Yeager’s flight.pdf; This is typical where I don’t think there are actually any copyright problems on my use of the materials, that there’s always, God help, fair use of materials. It’s one of these twisted problems that comes from this injury-scar area in the brain that’s the big secret. This page mentions von Karman, and he was with the Jack Parsons group mentioned in the file below, etc., for how interconnected all these things are and we’re all going down because we were supposed to break the barrier by spirit bodies not by the tin cans, so I feel that me using this page as an illustration is covered under copyright law with no problem, that any of the things I use as examples all come under this same life-and-death illustrating problem, etc., and even then just anyone could take examples for discussion from just about anything as long as you’re not trying to make money, and it’s the thin line between what the Autists do and what’s normal, no pun on this ozone layer’s being thin.

May 6, 2017, I’m a wreck, all kinds of bad things all over me and nobody to talk with or paper to try to pin some of this down onto but it’s starting to appear as though Yeager is analogous to the “breaking” the way over  Beringia also, which would be incredible, a thought just beginning to form as there are all these “double” themes going on like with the car-hit and nobody has corresponded-back to me at all as usual, as I’m just drowning in all this inferno-garbage system all over me. I’m going to try to send some little arrangement of the car-hit little maps, but obviously nobody is interested in discussing this as it is getting “larger-paradigmed” also since I’ve been able to see that police report and then bring more of the background-details into it, but outside this library it’s like garbage-inferno program world circus-invisible all making the gratuitous horror all around me, like, when I sit down here they have, “they” invisibly  have, the guy next to me start making these bizarre sterterous noises, I forget how to spell it, these asthma-Neanderthal snore-sounding noises that pollute unnecessarily this little area. The guy wasn’t doing it when I’d first sat down and it’s about the third time this has gone on here in this seating arrangement. None of these people around me has anything to do with what I’m trying to “talk about,” to do with my life and day but it’s this big Francis Ford Coppola-like production always going on wherever I go, “Apocalypse/Armageddon Now” pollution, and now I’m finding parallels with this Yeager/Beringia business that might shed light on what these “counselor” types are really doing in all this, etc.

May 6, where this “broken sound barrier”/ozone layer was broken was that bar run by the lady Pancho Barnes that for instance Yeager had been to just before and then to celebrate after the big flight/break of what is really the ozone layer sealing in our breathing air, but her father, TSC, and Alexander Graham Bell for instance also, looks descended from Peter Paul Rubens, meaning that that whole area under Pancho was likely underworld mechanized imprisonment of humans for this cannibalism system we’re stranded in, that that’s what Pancho was really running out there, from Huxley in Llano to later Pearl Bailey in Apple Valley all underworld imprisonment, I’m thinking now.

May 17, 2017, Wednesday, things aren’t going well but I’m getting an idea that Chuck Yeager might have been an “offspring-descendant” disembodied-ovary mass-reproduction from ejaculation of that guy named Phineas Gage who’d had that severe brain injury in setting off gunpowder for railroad clearing in 1848, a hole right through the btain that he’d lived through for like a productive ‘nother 11 years only I think. And Gage’s picture looks alot like Sean Barron’s of the Autism memoir I use alot, but the injury to Gage and the injury to Chuck Yeager in about 1962 or so described on page 346-37 of Tom Wolfe’s “Right Stuff” book makes me feel that Yeager was an underworld-made reproduction from Gage, showing the same fearlessness. There’s some guy from Harvard involved in the Gage business that might have had to do with mass-reproducing such a daredevil. I have to sign off in a few minutes, trying to pull myself together from all this “invisible” torture I’m always being put through out here, and I’m going to try to send a “Practice for P&G” file as a way to get started actually getting that letter-for-assistance-attempt off, plus then I notice that this Police Report that I finally got a copy of doesn’t even have Cincinnati Insurance on it either, besides that I was in a car-hit a block away from that site and some other disturbing things about this “hoax on myself” as though it isn’t part of the way that the whole world is being brought to an end, — they just put a message on the machine/equipment that I can continue to use it till someone else signs up and the time is up. It is SO bad that it’s starting to occur to me that God can’t deal with these “Autist-psychopaths” and their buddy brain-eaters. Then I have to try to do some work quick on Johns Hopkins, that I’m trying to pull my mind back together for but tomorrow I’ve got to go do errands, something came up about the EIC tax refund I’m barely managed to recall to get sent off for this year for the first time in a long time so tomorrow I have to go do something about that, an identity-check phone call they want me to make and maybe I’ll get $6 from them, which I’m so broke that that would help with transportation back from this jury duty next month.

img 20170707 143502

Please see post #290, Pearl and Lou, for explication about the Autism here!

challenger explosion subject

rough guide barry j gibb 20122

rough guide barry j gibb 20121

rough guide barry j gibb 2012

rough guide 2012

(this is some duplicate that’s also in the Category: the brain damage:) Phineas Gage .pdf, I’m wondering, based on page 347 of Tom Wolfe’s “The Right Stuff” on the space program if Chuck Yeager wasn’t an underworld-made descendant of Phineas Gage. An important detail is that the owner of “The Happy Bottom Riding Club” that Yeager was a regular at was the daughter of Thaddeus Lowe from New Hampshire and Gage was from New Hampshire. In fact Gage’s accident happened in Cavendish, Vermont and “The Father of Petroleum” Edwin Drake was around in Vermont alot, as then so was the Florence Sabin whose papers I’m trying to get the fund to go up north and read because it might be real-time useful work that I could do instead of this gutter Armageddon-making circus the system has all over my every moment. I was trying to send a practice copy of my attempt to write to P&G and then I could send them an email with this URL to alert them that a practice-copy was available if they could get someone to start looking at this material and then I’d be finishing the letter God assist in maybe a week or two but I have all kinds of odds and ends and big real things I should be getting done toward getting the letter-attempt sent. And instead the gutter-Program is wasting my time. God help, as soon as I go this library card so that I could spend an hour intead of fifteen minutes on a computer session they sent off a virus last weekend, after a big unspeaking scene with one of the “shelter girls” here, a Chinese girl I saw here for the first time and then all that virus and nobody knows my situation, that in — in fact that’s probably how they got this “world-wide web” through onto us, all over me and using me as an excuse-gimmick, saying that I spread computer viruses back in 1992. But explaining that would take explaining that “the first Steve Jobs” was an Autist-, who’d faked his death* to go over to probably CERN and work-up that web because they don’t want normal people to have anything. The “internet” is supposed to be some infinite, limitless open space and they made this “web” so regular people wouldn’t figure how to get too far, now all of a sudden after all these years I’m crawling to try to be doing the same “Shareware” -type thing I was trying to do back in 1992 and then there was this virus and today the scanning is allegedly down so I couldn’t get the Practice on that letter started so I could send the company an email to try to get them started looking into this, and in these 2 weeks I haven’t had any chance to look further into this Sylvian fissure brain-damage evidence whole big real-life subject because this gutter-circus is on me so permeatedly; no one could live through it. A little similar to gunpowder-Gage’s railroad-building accident. Also he looks alot like Sean Barron of this Ohio Autism memoir I go by alot. — 5/18/17, not that I’m not slow or anything but it just occurred to me to get around to checking to see if there’s any relation between the face of John D. Rockefeller (Senior, b. 1839 and passed around 1939,) and “Rama IV” Mongkut, the King from The King and I. I went through contortions to compare Mongkut’s face to those Siamese twins from back around that time, Eng and Chang I think were their names and it somehow didn’t get looked into if JDR resembled big-deal Mongkut, Anna’s employer, the King whose multi-children Anna (Leonowens) had tutored, with Jodie Foster in the film recently but mostly recalled as being Yul Brynner’s big role on Broadway, and they do look alike! I finally got around to it because it occurred to me, dealing with Cincinnati and Louisville, Kentucky is just down the Ohio River from there, to compare Muhammad Ali to Rama III, who’d passed back in 1850 I think, and they likely are connected, as would be Elvis Presley and Desi Arnaz for instance and probably the likes of Josef Stalin. Rama III appears to have been a big-deal Autist, and this fraud-parent I think had come from Rama VI but now it’s possible that Rama VI had come from John Philip Sousa who was from near where I’m in the shelter at right now, the “Inferno-shelter,” Inferno-making shelter I think of it as. Keep in mind that the book of Revelation was written long ago by something-wrong-with-them authors and now I’ve noticed the scar from the brain damage that’d come up with this idea to have the planet to themselves, etc. It’s a big deal that Rockefeller and Anna’s King were likely bio-related. Mongkut was 1804-1868, with JDR born 1839 in that weird Western New York area, south end of one of the Finger Lakes, not far from the 1825 Erie Canal.

  • I meant “slipped out of his life” and into some new life under some other name without anyone except a few aware of anything. I made that mistake of saying “faked his death” somewhere else about probably someone else, like that guy that was probably really Einstein’s 2nd son and become Carl Seelig or some such, had traded lives with some hungry Swiss guy who took his place in that asylum I’ll go check the spelling on now, Burgholzi I always call it, seeing it as Burghozli somwhere lately. (It’s Burgholzli.)

#167, Sonic Boom book cover.pdf moved to the MENU’s  Category- “Sound barrier” ozone seal file, —  , big heavy fancy book that I don’t think says anything about the simple fact that those sonic boom’s were “sign and symptom” of the ozone layer’s being broken through. The secrecy about system-anything is so bad that I’d even wonder we didn’t “win” WWII largely because the rocket-makers wanted to get that project over to here because of their trouble breaking through the “glass-ceiling-like” barrier holding-in our atmosphere.

#225, real-Mars

real-Mars .pdf — the “Catch-23” of all this system.

#155, fx

#154, Jackie Cochran, (d. 1980) WASP photo, moved to the MENUs Category- “Sound barrier” broken = Ozone layer seal on our atmosphere broken or some words to that effect, .pdf Along with the 2 other illustrations I’d come across this on the same day, of the sonic-barrier breaking Jacqueline Cochran being flirted with by a type like Emil Kraepelin, her breaking the barrier around 9 years later I guess. Jackie Cochran had one of the worst childhoods, plus I suspect she’s one of what I call the “Babar-type” of the generational-slave types, with her hair dyed, her in the cosmetics industry, but then in I think 1939 she’d gotten married to the Atlas Corporation founder and he was probably some generational-slave type too. Ms. Cochran was, I believe, trick-used much like I’m trick used for accidentally getting the system’s horrors perpetrated for themselves. I’d meant to post the little bit I’d found on this sonic-barrier breaking business, I’ll do that soon, probably on Sunday, 10/30. Etc., that all this is a bunch of big subjects, but she got tricked into making it look like it was okay to be “breaking the sonic barrier” and it was/is really the ozone layer, as a seal around our atmosphere and they got out to space and didn’t get diamonds and silver and won’t confess and are just covering up that the rocket fuel-petroleum comes from decomposing human bodies. I hate to have to write this down but it also can’t all stay like this, the  “anthropophagy” situation has to be disentangled and straightened out, etc// #150,  this came out sideways because I didn’t know what to do and settled for this write-up in the World Biography encyclopedia on Ms. Cochran, d. 1980, as her business in flying through, at, the sound barrier shows my point that it was purposely broken-through in order to be able to get into space, that the whole things was malevolent for the Autist-system’s purpose of getting at those “free diamonds” and the silver on the moon, rubies of Mars, etc., that none of which were there of course but we’re in this unspeakable support-system that they’d built for their soon-to-be-rich selves. The look into this seems to be leading back to that same Peenemunde group that Wernher von Braun was, my figuring, a slave to along with Hermann Oberth, the Autists going to Berlin from St. Petersburg from the Siberian rivers from their hiding spot. Everything is a mess for me and it’s like an illness that I really enjoy the book-research, though, can barely keep from doing it while all my chances of survival fall away. — 30, kf —  note on pdf’d page: Researching Jacqueline Cochran, d. 1980, shows the whole TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION situation, that she was used for helping to get whatever that barrier was broken so the space-quest could proceed, the “sound barrier” that was really the ozone layer sealing in our atmosphere. I have to write for a permission. — Rec’d reading list: her 2 books, The Stars at Noon and a “1987” autobiography with Brinley, Maryann Buckrum, then a Marquita Fisher, 1973; 1997 Nina McGuire et al.; 1991, Elizabeth Smith; 1976, Bennett Wayne;  USA Today, 10/19/94; something not legible from the L.A. Times on a stamp of her; 11/17/97 US New and World Report had some article; 3 1998 www mentions. //#151, then a little example from a book by her husband toward trying to explain that he was the founder of a company that became the space rocket Atlas manufacturer, his company eventually becoming one with Boeing, and then the last piece is a page from Lindbergh, famous Lindbergh’s Autobiography of  Values that I’m trying to use as a quick-example that he didn’t really know what was what, which is relevant to all this in that he was tall like both Aldous Huxley (d. the same day as JFK, 11/22/63 I guess it was, always thinking it was the 23rd,) and like the guy I call “the San Francisco Clown” that was a front for this LURE-horror hoax that’s been all over me and acts as a cover for why no one pays any attention to what I’m talking about, because the boy’d just made a goon-joke out of me, as all three of those guys seem to be some “organ of the system” stereotype-part role in this global-system horror business I’m alone in, etc.,

#151, Cochran’s “The Stars at Noon” bits/”sonic barrier” misc., moved to the front MENU section’s Category- “sound barrier” broken = ozone layer seal on our atmosphere, 0250_001.pdf

This is messy, it’s a sideways bit from the 1954 “Stars at Noon” account by Jacqueline, Jackie, Cochran, d. 1980, then a little example from a book by her husband toward trying to explain that he was the founder of a company that became the space rocket Atlas manufacturer, his company eventually becoming one with Boeing, and then the last piece is a page from Lindbergh, famous Lindbergh’s Autobiography of  Values that I’m trying to use as a quick-example that he didn’t really know what was what, which is relevant to all this in that he was tall like both Aldous Huxley (d. the same day as JFK, 11/22/63 I guess it was, always thinking it was the 23rd,) and like the guy I call “the San Francisco Clown” that was a front for this LURE-horror hoax that’s been all over me and acts as a cover for why no one pays any attention to what I’m talking about, because the boy’d just made a goon-joke out of me, as all three of those guys seem to be some “organ of the system” stereotype-part role in this global-system horror business I’m alone in, etc., with only these short bits of time to type in. – 30 –

this is just stuck in here for the time being:

#120, Earth picture repeat, — I haven’t any idea why I haven’t seen the photo of this pdf, where they’ve wound up yet. Photo from Chris Hadfield astronaut recent book but my point is that in the top 2 photos that actually looks sickly. The white scratch marks in the black of space on the bottom one are just from geting messed up by this homelessness all the time.  Supposed to be the color photo of the Earth in there.pdf

#274, Water-to-ozone

Water-to-ozone .pdf, I suspect that all it takes to make ozone is for the water to naturally be hitting rocks, freeing the oxygen molecules to reorganize. The system is always damming and making canals though and that’s slowed down water-force like clogged arteries for the earth.

from Hermann Oberth’s Catechism for Space, 1966, in German

Oberth’s “Catechism for Space,” 1966, book’s ending.pdf

I’d done a little translating and he seems to be saying to memorize and never forget that formula and everything would be okay, where the formula’s about those 12 little proteins or what, which remind me of “dna” which I think is really “ova-dye” color’s formulas from super-refined “petroleum.” I’ve tried to look them up but all my papers’d been thrown away and I’ve nearly never been able to spend time looking things up, because of all these curses on me which of course includes that it isn’t wise for me to even be doing anything except agonizing at the bottom of this trick LURE-horror all over me, please be careful, they seem to be using me as this petroleum-LURE alot/a lot, and I can’t do anything about it since it’s all always all top-secret, everything is in this system. The wildest thing I think is this thought I’ve got that this secret-slave Oberth was actually the old WWI pilot Roland Garros, captured and given facial-reconstruction and set to learn how to get rockets up into space for collecting all those “free” riches out there. It’s unlikely that they’re the same person but Oberth’d spent most of his time in Transylvania and he might have been older than he’d looked for all the system-work to keep him working on the space project. (k.foshay)

#128, Space illustration


This is from 2014 book by Govert Schilling in the Netherlands. 5/13/17, I notice that the space agencies and the neurology places all like the artwork, to like the exclusion of the reality that also exists; no reflection on this book, I can barely recall it, will try to look it up again, I’d meant the American agencies and neuro-people have the pretty pictures in common like an obsession to the exclusion of other things like reality.

#118, Kepler’s Witch book cover


This is what this site is really about but I have all this “Armageddon show” off of me problem that I get caught up doing anything except what I’m trying to get at, really only trying to get a few serious people for readers here, like an astronomer that grasps what I’m trying to explain, and I get caught up in trying to defend myself out here and it’s wound up this time with this business that “DC” appears to have been set up for “intellectual” brain-hallucinogen ingesting lines of system-approved people and that that’s practically all that’s around anymore now as I wandered in here trying to get assistance to get this Armageddon Revelation-time millennium “show” problem off of me and realized it’s really a LURE, which is beneath humans to do and then that it’s basically for turning people into petroleum, so I’m here trying to explain that circa 200 years ago no one knew what to do with all the Autism-psychopathy that eats brain all over the place and their buddies that people were conned into going along, I’m figuring, with using this relatively small area for “getting rid of” the “square” non-user or disapproved of types of people but they’re only the people without the Autism developmental disability, so we’re just headed to extinction in the many different perverse ways like this with LURES and for turning people into petroleum-goo and the brain-eating. I hope everyone, anyone who reads this stuff has read the warnings and knows not to try to contact me unless they’re real safe, while I try to figure out what to do and most of my time is in this “gutter circus” of being kept homeless so that this Armageddon-hallucinatory idea can nowadays be gotten done off of abusing me like this, etc. – 30 – 6/13/17, there’s a new 2015 book on him, something like Kepler and the Witch.