this is some sort of a mix-up dups, #26

(this has back3 on the side)

that have become dependent on this narcotic, etc. i’d think that i’d have some hope —

i haven’t been able to check my email to see if there’s been any response from the computer ‘paypal’ company about finding a way to help me to get donations for my (underlined that) universe rescue-attempt; i underlined it there because the insane-girl problems have wiped-out my thoughts for that! now a sister says i’m writing something but from her it sounds like rye-ting, about decapitating underground to retribute my doing anything. i told the sister-in-charge this morning as i tried to explain my situation with the 2 stormville-type girls and the fraud-parent papers i’d tried to get her to accept at my admissions interview, that this “easter” but about He is Risen, i realize now means ri-sen to the drug-addicts, good “high” off the brain-chemicals he’d had. she didn’t say anything. i’ve just been totally surroundwed — now they called dinner with the seating places all moved around so that it’s racially mixed, like, one black one white one black one something else, etc., instead of the previous sticking me — you, had to be there, the 1st way was me between the 2 oldest ladies’ spilling food out generally and across from a girl purposely stuffing everything quickly w her fingers and tonight sr. “tow” ceremoniously held out the chair as i’m sitting next to her now and with her chair ceremoniously