letters to Cincinnati

Greg Brown, Cincinnati Insurance

P.O. Box 872442

Montgomery Village, MD 20886

March 17, 2016


Dear Mr. Brown, Cincinnati Insurance Company,

Replying to your 1/28/16 registered letter to me about the 11/19/15 car accident, that I’m still in nursing care and it’s taken me this long to get out to a library-computer to learn a little about Cincinnati Insurance and the Bartley Corporation so that I can get a reply to you, this accident actually happening on Howard Avenue right after the turn off of Connecticut Avenue, that I don’t know why you have Plyers Mill Road there. There was also an envelope from some ambulance company that I was/am still afraid to open, that it looks like a bill for services and I haven’t been able to write yet to this new medical insurance company in Alabama that Medicaid gave me, I’ll do that next after this.

The car had actually only lightly tapped me as though it seemed the driver was mentally-cringing. I was a real wreck before the accident, please try to look up this new blog-/website I was just trying to start, URL: http://www.UniverseRescueKathyFoshayWordPressCom.WordPress.com

(page 2 of 5)  I’m completely serious about everything that I write and say and I’m totally alone with this disaster the Earth is in. I’m like a ghost-prisoner and year after year have been begging anybody in Washington to get me any sort of real Witness Protection as I’ve got all kinds of and drug-dependent “goons” all over me. That accident wasn’t really an accident but I’ve got the system constantly lying about me so that they could get me locked-away on phony “psychiatric” lies so please don’t also take advantage of my candidness and please be careful as I’m used for a LURE by all these different underground kinds of really dangerous and insane people groups, and this one now is probably the worst, do not send any unsuspecting people to try to contact me here please as I’m positive that this particular group was a big part of the post-WWII ways that caused things to today be on the brink of ruin for Earth, honestly, and it’s too much for me to try to blab-out to any stranger in any one sitting, so that’s why I’m trying to get this (cost-free) blog-website going but really, dangerously insane “goons” spy on my every moment and I’ve been lifetime-used as a LURE-gimmick behind my back all my life, now 60 years old, so please try to let only responsibly-behaving adults read any of this or see this address that I’m at currently.

I’ll put my immediate horror-problem on the next page but first mention that I’d written to a lady named Lisa in Cincinnati about all this last year, hoping maybe that accident was a response to that plea for help.

(page 3 of 5) (This was the usual “French Connection” in that Bronx basement photograph of the six males standing around the 3 suitcases with the black bags reputedly holding the heroin from Marseilles through Montreal to New York’s port and out to Brooklyn and then this batch here. I’m sure I sent you a copy of it in the 3-page letter by regular post and I use it all the time because it’s like my only piece of any terra-firma evidence to all this secret world global-system and its takeover of Earth, etc.)

notes that Hawkes was/is big generational-slave type; I used to play with those 3 suitcases (probably still in a police storage place somewhere,) that the address is 1171 Bryant Avenue, Bronx, NY, and that (Benjamin) Fitzgerald was a FEDERAL agent, and I don’t think that’s him.

This is the crux of my horror-life problem-set, finding this photograph in the 1969 “The French Connection” book by Robin Moore only in August 2014. Recognizing the suitcases I took a close look at the men’s faces and that one on the far right I believe is actually the guy that’s always claimed to be my parent but was really this underground “trickster” who perhaps has some unknown legitimacy for his actions but perhaps might be the worst sadist that’s ever sneak-lived, please.

(page 4 of 5)  Cincinnati Insurance Companies, really, I’m totally alone and surrounded by mass-reproduced “copies” or “offspring-descendants” of this fraud-parent I call this, much-beloved (for feeding the underground “bird” females and such off of this LURE, etc., — Dec. 16, 2017, what I mean is that they (still, right now for instance,) seem to run a popularity contest against myself with their entire enormous underworld system connections, against unawares alone me, these bums all do this against my world’s most-tortured self, all day long every day with all the other stereotypes and transit/underground workers and this fraud-family seems to have been used as a major slave-product “line” of people-slaves for profit by some corporation/s, — just like the robot-Babar boys, just army battalions of these people doing battle against unawares and uninvolved me trying to get the Prehistory brain-damage accident-set to the book of Revelation threatened Armageddon brought to notice, that those ill author-Autists with the hallucino-perspective have been doing that world-takeover off of me, that’s what I meant by that beloved business, that these fraud-parent bums all over the place are performers who are conning these homeless people around me all the time, and back then they were always bringing the shelter girls right around me food, that they put on a “charming” act and they put on pity-acts like the Jesus-type has always been, same tell people anything to get their sympathy in order to LURE them for their bodily-uses of food and drugs and riches, etc.,) guy who’s always been a terror over my tiny life, me leaving the Bronx in 1973 for the Army because there was no life for me under the guy’s roof and these last few years I’ve increasingly been noticing these “offspring-descendants” that have this fraud-parent’s face and the underground has made a whole “nation” of strange “slaves” or I don’t know what out of that guy and it’s basically sabotage to make the U.S. appear as though we’re a place — actually these are all over the world too — of terrible-type peoples.

Where this comes to your immediate situation is that somehow after the ambulance took me to the hospital from the light-ish tap that caused me to fall down on Howard Avenue, I woke up a week later, 11/26, all beaten-up and I think/suspect that my skull had been cracked and it seems the pattern or modus operandi of that fraud-parent and of these “orphan-type” copies of him, and I’ve been in Washington first trying to get protection and help to get apart-away from this LURE-abused of me but then also I’ve been able to have no income since 2005 except for occasional seasonal “gifts” of cash from this same fraudulent-parent guy so I’ve been trying to get on any Witness Protection stipend instead, to no avail.

(page 5 of 5)  Back to the impersonal whole-world aspect, that Mr. Tony Fuca in that “French Connection” photo of what had inspired that (phony) film, that Mr. Fuca is probably an underground-made “offspring-descendant” from the phony psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin (d. 1926) and this nursing facility I’m now stranded in is from probably a female offspring-descendant of monster-like psychopath Emil Kraepelin and if I try to say these things to anybody, I get threatened with “medication” and being locked-up for as though I’m crazy and this nightmare secret LURE that’s always been being run off of me will merely be continued to keep me from the normal human activity of trying to explain to any responsibly-behaving adult about that a small set of accidents in Prehistory have “snowballed” to be forcing the Earth, honestly, to what I’ve been calling TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION, all God’s creation turned destroyed into smithereens, honestly, and I’m totally alone with the most of it, the whole planet sneak-turned into a slave-prison because this 1 lost group had developed what I can explain is only Autism-psychopathy that we could yet get straightened out to salvage life, if just anybody would help tiny me. That “French Connection” whole thing is/was really about that the Autists and their strong-arm partners are actually brain-eaters. stay high on that under the ground, etc.

Cincinnati I’d looked up into about is the home of Procter & Gamble and General Electric’s CEO Jeff I. (Immelt?), and if you could get some donation to my Universe Rescue-attempt instead of calling me crazy you (and the sisters (there where I was,)) could have a profit-share.

Thanks, Kathy Foshay

Mr. Greg Brown, The Cincinnati Insurance Company


Re: Claim #2565036 (etc.)

August 12, 2016

Dear Mr. Brown,

I’m so sorry not to have received any response to my 3/17 response to your notes of November and January and nothing on the new court date after 4/25/16 was cancelled for faulty citation-wording. I haven’t received any acknowledgment of anyone’s reading the blogsite I’d started just before the accident either,


long URL because it’s a “free” from WordPress blogsite.

I haven’t been able to install a “Donate!” button, also “free,” from the PayPal company because of all the same problems described in the 3/17 letter, that the system keeps me homeless in order to run this LURE off of me behind my unawares back all my life, and now it seems they want it run from hospital/s, and all I can do is try to write letters for trying to find assistance, but thee are twisted to LURE-use also, etc.

After getting to that nursing facility and writing to you about Figure #1 there’s being from sick-psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin (d. 1926,) I realized that so was the “Mother-Mister” Teresa (d. 1997,) of those facilities, and leaving there for court and returning to Washington I’m still in yet another Catholic Charities facility!


Greg Brown (on the usual letterhead and probably a little FC photo copy on it)

The Cincinnati Insurance Companies, etc.

Re: Claim number 256S036, etc.

August 20, 2016

Mr. Brown,

Good to hear from you. My cell phone barely works and I hope you will send a message to me by email, I opened a new account:


By regular mail it’s

Kathy/Kathleen Foshay

c/o that Women’s Center, etc., ph. number (messages.)

I don’t have copies of my letters to you to see where I’d left off in that description of my situation out here, but things are generally always progressively worse for little, and old now, me, so I’m trying to write to Maryland’s State’s Attorney about some sort of Witness Protection for myself. I actually require it because of this “science fiction” file on my blogsite describes it problem of the mass-manufactured “offspring-descendants” from that figure #6 in this 1962 “French Connection” narcotics-problem photograph fraudulent-parent problem that’s behind these immediate dangers to myself, on top of the Armageddon onto the whole species and planet. I hope I’ll hear from you again soon and by email is more simple for me.



page with the young photo of the “Bishop Shahan, d. 1932; rector of CUA, founder of the Basilica, co-founder of Catholic Charities; retired to (the) Holy Cross Academy.

I’ve got around 10,000 pieces of evidence all jumbled-up in this and only get 10-15 minutes at a time to work on the blogsite through all this homelessness, and this place I’m stranded at now isn’t describable; this is really how the system is making the proverbial “end of the world” by actually getting the Earth broken open as the only way to get rid of this sadism the system runs on.

The mass-reproduced “offspring-descendants” from this (Bronx) “French Connection” fraud-family I’ve been in (60 years old now,) were running around Kensington with similar from this well-known figure involved in setting up the Catholic Charities and I was stuck in their (former) 2nd and D Streets, NW shelter here from 2005 till they turned management over to some similar business in late 2010 and I was there till 2015 when thee underground-curses from the fraud-family mass-reproductions got me so sick that this run on hospitalizing me got started, and I have nothing and not a single witness because this is how those (that) book of “Revelations” has been being pulled off, and my letters are always trying to explain that the sneaky whole underground-system globally only comes from accidental development of childhood Autism that we could, from modern advancements and accumulated research-findings, easily get straightened out today.

(picure like the P&G logo by Thaneeya McArdle, thaneeya.com, upper left-hand corner.)

I’d been hoping that the accident and hearing from you might be Cincinnati’s Procter & Gamble’s way of trying to learn what this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION I warn about is about but things are so bad for me that that obviously isn’t the case. I’ve figured that their logo semioticizes this necessitated “growing of people,” like, the old man watching and supervising the little darlings’ growing to be the best possible for themselves, and now I’m thinking it’s possible that the early P&G people were “in on” the system’s quest to reach the stars, for the purpose of as harvesting them for sale though, till 1969 showed that there isn’t really anything salable or livable for mortals (out) up there. That “French Connection” scam happened in 1961-62 when the system-Autists thought they’d be ruling Earthlings from Mars or else the moon soon and what I’m trying to explain is that Autism is about self-obsessed repetition and they haven’t changed their abuse-plans for me, or for their world-takeover, when the space-findings were gotten, by the generationally-enslaved people and there is no sign whatsoever that they’ll budge a speck and cease perpetrating this nonstop Armageddon-making “show” torture-set onto me, always gutter-level and LURE-abuse. I’d try writing to P&G about sponsoring this Universe Rescue-attempt but I’m a wreck.

(last page:)

Things are so bad that I thought if “District of Columbia” could actually be “Colombia,” (note, that I’m afraid to use the word “wonder” because these bums twist that to “one door” that they then lock behind the victim-types, etc.,)  and I’m finding alot of evidence to show that the Autists’-system had set that up around 200 years ago in its underground-sneaky way. The system is actually based under Siber-Mongolia and wanted that short-cut through Panama and seems to have made a “drug-buddies” agreement-understanding of a trade of that small piece of land for this small piece of land and their buddies in the different states could send people that “don’t understand” them here for disappearance by the “Colombian-made” Autist underground set up hre for that “un-it-int” of the individual states, is what seems to be the situation that’s kept me in this LURE-situation here. Most of that ws by the work of Berlin’s von Humboldt brothers and the word Autism got changed or reversed in meaning by a 1924 graduate of Humboldt University there, Dr. “Leo” Beib Kanner and no one will listen to me when I try to explain that the system was started by an obscure people with “Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” with dependence on hallucinogens from other people’s brains, which is what that “French Connection” scam was really all about, from an early accident-set wherein they’d extincted the dinosaurs meant for our future food and transportaqtion, by the early disobedience of nature’s signs to quit forcing their way over Beringia into PaleoAmerica, therby developing that congenital Autism, and then they’ve unnaturally mass-reproduced themselves by disembodying ovaries and everything is a big cover-up. Help me to get normalized and that could be a start into everything’s getting out of this extinction-railroad. Let me hear from you.



real quick I’ll try to type these messy old notes:

12/22/14, 1-800-984-9115, (message on cellphone to call,) – it sounded like an odd opening message that snuck in the word Judy (Jew-dee?) — Lisa, Hrrc/g, pob 5406, Cincinnati OH 45273 – I said I’d write to them right away, she asked me why I’m terrified= odd

before that I’d called 609 H St., NE’s 202 698 4397 and got a Ms. O’Bryant’s voicemail, which said it’d return the call within 24 hours.

Then i checked this voicemail and this thing, phone, is all rigged, all rigged, that all you can do is press reply or delete more or less. Rephy this time only made that text message anyway, to use the phone once a month or lose it, and then there wasn’t any way to check the next message so i deleted the 1st message expecting then to have the 2nd as the 1st and be able to check it and for no apparent reason the phone deleted both voicemail message and said the spiteful, Conversation deleted, when of course their text message wasn’t any back and forth or conversation so it feels like they deleted a real attempt to get in touch

(then there’s a list each of the Kentucky and the Ohio politicians in office then.

the regular map-letterhead, photo and list, French Connection picture up that area,


HRRG, etc., January 8, 2015

Dear Lisa,

Right after we got off the phone on 12/22/14 I must have gotten hit with this terrible “slug-cold” illness and have been unable to write you that letter or to call or to do anything, this being the 1st chance and I don’t know how this will get copied and mailed either. That little old picture of the 6 males is the 1 I’m saying needs to be explained in order to better understand this bizarre situation I’v’e been in for so long. Excuse the mess. I’ll try to fix it.

(p. 2)

First it’s unbelievable that I’m alone at the bottom of how the Revelation-Armageddon prophecies have been being done out.

Then in August I found this little picture as I was looking into that old “French Connection” narcotics business.

That’s my next of kin as figure #6, back in 1962 when we’d used to live in that Bronx neighborhood.

Nobody will help me look into this. It’s all dangerous. Bust if anyone helped me it could work to liberate the whole human race from all the underground and itts cannibalism and drug controls over everyone. The picture, and the whole “French Connection” was a scam designed to cover over the LSD business with the phony more-conspicuous powdered drugs business

(Now I’ve got a sketched-out mock-up of a page lifted from some other letter, likely not the one I’d sent this Lisa.

by figure #1, He’s working up a new trick.

by figure #6, this is Mr. (Frauday,) back when I was 6 years old, this secret life his real life still.

Along the left side: From the “French Connection”

Mr. Fuca –>

is like the unnamed guy 2 pages back? have high-functioning Autism-psychopathy and added the Gospels books to the Revelation book and its threats.

The John L. Young shelter now looks like that –>

as its unmarked entranceway with the DC Central Kitchen, that it’s been turned into the most disgusting plalce in reality, considering that this is supposed to be the 21st century in a fancy-important place. Mr. Fuca’s basement is close to the Bronx Zoo….

caption comment, Basement of Tony Fuca’s Bronx apartment where, after 21-day stakeout…


page 4

There’s alot more than this going on but it’s the basis of it. My next of kin seems totally innocuous but the way the LSD-system works everything is amorphous and can’t be pinned down or proven, and I’m just alone with everything. I’ve been trying to explain that the system-people have ages’ old Autism-psychopathy. I think Figure #1 Mr. Fuca’s Autism possibly comes from the Louisville boy DW Griffith’s Autism, mixed with the ova-egg of the painter Georgia O’Keefe, that they went into business together and made some offspring, including Mr. Fuca, and Mr. Griffith had a production company around Corona Avenue there in the Bronx.

Do you think any politico in Cincinnatti or elsewhere in Ohio or from Louisville, KY, would have interest in helping me with this?

(there’s a line across the middle of the page here.)

1- Somehow I’ve been at the bottom of thee Armageddon goings-on all my life.

2- Mr. Frauday fraud-parent turns out to be a bigshot narcotics underworld figure, and

3- There are thousands of illegally-made offspring of Mr. Frauday everywhere helping the Armageddon. Like him, they all secretly despise me and are how come I’ve been ill since Dec. 22nd for instance, and I’m totally alone here with a whole narcotics-conspiracy of friend-stereotypes of his helpng against me.

The 1962 picture gives a little terra firma in all this unbelievable science fiction.

This little Lifeline cell phone seems to be for bill collectors, where this is part of a regular scam way of laying-out normal people who’d almost make it out of this mess-place. If you can get anyone to leave Capitol Hill and look for me, I’m the only person that can explain how to get out of the system’s old childhood Autism-psychopathy way so that we don’t go to TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION, as where we’re headed like this. Once in awhile a call might get through. An inquiry here could go a long way to fixing some of the problems that are killing my health. Anything Lisa might rescue us all, really.

(probably a flyer was p. 5.)


Lisa (on the letterhead again)

HRRG etc., 1-800, January 10, 2015

Dear Lisa, HRRG,

I’m always hoping this interests anyone, because I really do happen to be stranded alone with how the Revelation-Armageddon has been being carried out and I know it has us headed to TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION, while the system makes believe that doing this to me is some sort of a joke or another, any other.

I found the names of 4 politicians and also there’s a possibility in a “Freedom Alliance” group founded by Ret. Col. Oliver North about 24 years ago. I wrote to them twice last year at this time but haven’t been able to send them the new evidence on this whole “French Connection” financing-by-narcotics and through fraudulent-family of mine.

(On the back a list of politician’s phone numbers i never tried, — i wrote to the capitol hill chaplain and brought letters to 2 or 3 of the churches.)