Montini, Giovanni, 1897-1978

by LeCire, a Mexican architect, to the Wiki PD, and I colored it green with the cellphone.; It’s looking to me like the circa-1969 pope had been groomed to be Earth’s representative, ambassador, mediator, etc., in case aliens were found anywhere. I don’t have any room for levity in this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION horror, it’s looking like that from Pius XII to John XXIII to Paul VI, altogether from 1939-1970x the system had expected to be meeting “intelligent life” somewhere with whom they might could get real-time Contact with, and had likely groomed this pope to be Earth’s representative for communicating with any such intelligent life that might be found out there anywhere. (They’re still looking of course.) — Now I notice that this pope, Paul VI, “Montini” by his last name, had early on worked with “that” Francis Cardinal Spellman of NY. After the French Connection neighborhood the “fraud-family” I was in had moved to a neighborhood where a newly-built Cardinal Spellman High School was like the centerpiece I walked around to get to the grade schools. He’d written one fiction book that had had something to do with voices, a guiding voice to the brain of a returning WWII soldier who’d grown up in an orphanage I think it was. But what I notice right away is that he’d gone to study in Rome about a year before the Pope after Paul VI, John Paul I, had been born. He was in office for only one month but I’d somehow gotten the impression that he had been one of the “fakers” of their own passing for the purpose of joining the larger society that was growing and growing below, sounds a terrible thing to say about someone I’d never known anything about but I just got that feeling somehow, where his successor was really just like assigned to be a workhorse while others supervised from below. If there’s any truth to that Montini had been prepared to be Earth’s representative to any aliens found then maybe a faked-death isn’t too far from reality either. I have some big problem with Spellman, probably mostly because that neighborhood was so evil for me, while the school had the outer-appearance of being a lovely, sane place. Probably still does. I think social service has turned the across-the-street Hebrew Home for Mentally Retarded Children into an adoption place.

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I'm all alone with the real end of the world and always looking for assistance and no one's ever contacted me from the hundreds of letters I'd sent while at the big homeless shelter, 2nd and D Streets, NW, as though anyone that tries to contact me gets disappeared, my life used as a LURE-gimmick that goes to how that Armageddon prophecy in that book of Revelation has been being snuck-through, and this is sort of the bottom of the barrel of ideas for trying to find assistance, thinking I could get all my various writings on this in one place that letter-recipients could then look up if they're interested. That means I'd have to see if I can send my emails to here, how to do that. Wordpress said there is a way but it entails that spam would also get the email address. My time for now it up I guess. Working in this sitting position isn't healthy for me but I've always got to be doing something toward trying to get hold of someone to help me. It's like I'm a microcosm of the Earth or the human race and if someone could help me out of this torture then that'd be a start on trying to get the whole Earth out of this. 5/1/17, still all this, etc., same situation. (7/14/18 now....) Now it's 2019.
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