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The “Limitless” protagonist calls the Seagram Building the holy of holies and I guess that’s because that’s where all the lying started in super-earnest, as far as I can figure, where all the sneaky underworld- and overworld- violence like in that “The Godfather” film had been ramped-up at, when they got Philip Johnson as co-architect for that I think I recall is how that seems to have gone, but I suspect it’s one of the system’s big crimes, the replacement of Mies van der Rohe for some underworld-made guy and then they stuck Philip Johnson in the situation of “validating” that that was Mies because Johnson had likely met the real Mies in the early 1930s. Mies had become a partner, just being in the same field with, that guy on the sidebar here, Erich Mendelsohn that I suspect was always in the midst of this same “global-system” brain-eaters’ world-takeover for nothing that’s bringing us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION for real. I’m finding myself mired in so many details and it’ll be awhile till I can get to this subject a little better so I sort of have to get it mentioned that there’s some picture — so much of the photography is dummied-up, as with that phony Bronx “French Connection” bust, and the same with all “art,” — of Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson together with some interviewing lady between them that I’ll try to locate before the system disappears or “alters/altars” that too, etc., and maybe that’s when Johnson had gotten confronted with this surprise of the different-appearing Mies. “Mies” only means like little crap or detritus in German, and they take even that from you too. The system steals or dirties everything. The top photo is from Wikipedia but trying to figure how to quick do this I’d had to take a photo of and send it and then I can’t figure which photo is better so they’re both here for the time being and tomorrow I’ll put this file into one of the files under the “Limitless” category, which is on the Navigation bar under Subjects, Books, “Limitless,” and could be called up from the footer when/if I get organized.

eater.com, good 2016/9/1 article on the closing of the Four Seasons restaurant but I don’t have any idea about link copyrights or what so I’m uneasy about putting any links here that might get objected to by either the copyright holders or these monsters crawling all over me, invisibly. It’s at the bottom of the external links in the Wikipedia article. July 30, 1989 NYT article.