Of Mice and Men

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from Wikimedia Commons, public domain because it’s the author’s life plus 70 years of less, this published in 1939. ALL of John Steinbeck’s work seems to me to be important allegory for the way the system is, too much of it to tr to describe so I’m just putting this example here because I think it’s a or the main one, where the novel’s George and Lennie are like the Autists and their “Neanderthal” buddies, and then they get to that farm and meet Slim the mule-skinner and I think that character is allegoric for the Jomon people. That blonde there winds up dying, like allegory for the unsuspecting “normal” humans.


John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men,” 1937, film poster, Wikimedia Commons, Source: http://carmensbookadventure.blogspot.com/2011/08/summary-tragic-tale-of-retarded-man-and.html, – This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or less.

#104, examples of autists.pdf I don’t have time to explain this well right now as they’re slightly anachronistic thrown together like this, the top picture from the 2013 “God Is Disappointed With You,” and the second one from an old book cover of Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men,” Lenny and George there, Neanderthal-type and Autist standard combo.#102, my “favorite” illustration of all this but now I’m afraid the book was some sort of a plant, that it’s too much similar to all this Armageddon-Autists’ system problem that I’m having, as with the Ashley Halsey illustration/s. I reread one of the comments from the book last night and it’s a little complicated but it is this “convoluted” view of the God-subject that will take me awhile to catch up and be  able to sit and try to get in touch with them and be able to discuss. I maybe should include that part here in this file, gather their illustrations to here, no pun on Rev. 16:16.G-d is disgusted with you.pdf, 5/28/16, illustration by Shannon Wheeler, and I’ve got to write to this group about using a few of their illustrations, I think these are Washington state people whose publisher is near Atlanta but I always have to check and re-check, my notes get lost. The book’s title is God Is Disgusted With You, by Mark Russell, 2013 with a bunch of Wheeler’s illustrations and there are about 4 of them I try to use toward illustrating this real situation. When I’d first found this little synopsis of the 66 Bible books each I’d read something that was brilliant but when I went back I couldn’t find it again anywhere and so I didn’t get around to reading much more of it, but have their summary of the book of Rev. and it is probably pretty good, and it might even be on here somewhere in one of these long pdfs, where I’d pasted the little paragraphs onto one sheet of paper with the whole thing. Now I’m thinking it’d be useful to use the cover illustration but it’s all in black with a barely discernible line-drawing of a big hand, Big Hand, coming down out of a cloud and flicking a human, like, get lost. That’s how bad these people around me anymore seem to be! And I’ve been more or less saying this for 24 years now, that there isn’t only the various mortal underground problem-people but we’ve got to figure what is and isn’t viable for nature to be able to work with, that nature can’t create life to be living in these victim sadism situations. (5/12/17 now.)

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#156, George and Lenny-type old London cartoon drawing illustration

#94, painting, Reymerswaele, (illustration Autism-psychopathy type with buddy-type)

this one is missing right now.