March 29, 2016, 16 pages

Chief Judge John P. Morrissey

District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County

191 East Jefferson Street

Rockville, MD 20850-2325

Citation No: 00SK0D47

29 March 2016

Dear Judge Morrissey,

This paper is my only witness

to this “Armageddon.” Now, after this horror-pattern from those pages 3 and 4 of

the 3/24 letter that a mailman probably hasn’t even picked up from here yet, someone has had some television DVD screen installed here, that being watched instead of the usual 10 a.m. Rosary-prayer group. Also they’vee got a guy that looks like the important stereotype on the next page painting one room after the other and in the room between me and the TV now.

Try to suffice it to allegorize for the planet’s situation that famous Mother Teresa (d. 1997,) was likely a son of the identity-thief Dr. Emil Kraepelin, d. 1926.

If I get a few dollars for photocopies and time to get to the downtown D.C. MLK Jr. library or such I could find a picture of the “1st” Dr. Emil Kraepelin, and German and European history’s problems could get brought up, where the 2nd Emil Kraepelin must have had underground strong-arm-types, (like Dr. Otto von Gudden,) doing the modus operandi of trapping the normal men underground like one-by-one and torturing them with the threat of death if they didn’t comply, and when their Hitler-takeover the world plot fell through they went into the phony-psychiatry and this

(continued back of page 2) page 2 of 16=the Hospitalist

p3 of 16:

Mother Teresa scam, stealing the identity of Sr. Teresa, the Albanian former Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhui, a teaching nun in Calcutta for about 18 years, and going into this Missionaries of Charity business permitted by Pope Pius XII, who was, like most of the popes, actually a prisoner to all these sneaked tactics. Like I said, the 3/28 letter, it just goes on and on with the reality obehind the surface of the world history “stories” that get dispersed, and this “verbiage” that goes with them, that the Autists will/would filibuster the Earth to its death, rambling on about the “freewill” subject until they’re the last things left and then they’d expire too, satisfied, and the planet left to crumble if it wasn’t already blasted apart, whereas they’ve spent everything possible in searching for “intelligent life” elsewhere and there is nothing except the biology here on Eearth and we were expected to grow and disseminate biology out to the other planets in endless combinations of company and stimulation, etc., for God, real God, not the underground strongarm partners or the Autist-psychopath “guards” over food supplies or whatever, the insanity-confusion….

Researching the recent-history activities of this person Mother Teresa could branch out to unravel the whole network and history of the “brain-eaters.” Their propaganda includes that their “LSD: or hallucinogen-use is not addictive so taht’s always another word-use problem for me. About Dr. Kanner on the next page, there’s also a theme with Napoleon.

page 4, autist and kanner pic

page 5 on back: that I haven’t library-book or Google-researched yet 00 might even be in the ancestry of that first Dr. Emil Kraepelin and who I think might have looked like Kensington, MD’s founder Brainard Warner. Also, please, Maryland was named for Henrietta Maria and I see ladies descended from Henrietta Maria quite a bit and one of them was/is really scary. There’s that big portrait in the Constitution Avenue, NW, National Gallery of Art of Henrietta Maria and the Dwarf Jeffrey Hudson and that symbolizes what I’m afraid the system has planned for me with this way of sneak-doing the Armageddon-making off of me as they have been doing for many years and downtown there steady since 2005, that my big fear is being “locked up for crazy” and shipped to the Veterans Administration hospital on the Hudson River, across from West Point and practically on the Rockefellers estate-set, etc.

The “French Connection” book photocopy on the next page hadn’t come out perfectly and now I notice that Mr. Fuca on the far-left looks closely related to this (so-called) Mother Teresa, and to Emil Kraepelin the identity-thief. And to that “Patrocles” from the Trojan “Iliad” story’s illustration, which is called “The Ransom of Hector,” i usually point out Hector there, killed, under that table or chaise. My point is always trying to get made that the same “Hector” line of people was nowadays also in the further basement of the underground underneath this “French Connection” table, doing the ritual  “magic” for effecting this narcotics, the “brain-juice” -economy’s takeover.

page 6= French Connection photo double-page

page 7=

In the 2009 letter to new-President Obama in 2009 I’m trying to explain that the PPilgrim” boy in the detail from the Ghent Altarpiece multi-piece old painting had caused the pictured captives, like on the next page’s 2014 letter, to be misled, because the boy had this Paleo-American “Prehistoric-descended Autism” and Autism-psychopathy with hallucinogen- “-dependence,” or really just drug-addiction, that has fouled the whole world. Judge, I cannot say, George Stephanopoulos is the same way, because I’d likely get worse than ritually hit by a car. My life is valuable because the real Creator is going to lose the whole of biological-Creation of this Earth-planet and I have no one to speak with and can’t take canges, as like this 11/19/15, etc. r. S. was very close, his office connected to the new president’s, who I’d been “Armageddon Show” -conned into making and sending a disk to the White House’s new Administration and that incident appers to be connected to the stories behind my back here, with a Co-worker volunteer named Chelsea at my Admissions interview for instance. If I could I’d check what the MLK library has on its shelves about interactions between the Clinton Administration and Mother Teresa, (God help me,) the brain-scarfer I think she really was. St. Charles Borromeo was probably in her ancestry, and him descended from the Pope Clement VII, whose Raphael portrait titled (Pope) Leo X with the Two Cardinals I often use as an illustration

(i haven’t any idea what this note is here for at the page bottom:

Sanary to Paris 1835

1786, Dinwiddie Co

1866, W. Point

page 8=2009 letter to pres obama and on back=

page 9 of 16,

for all this, and it’s hypothetically or theoretically possible that that line had even come, as with Mr. S., from this “Pilgrim” boy, who I always come down to as having had misled that type like now in the Feb. 2014 updated letter on the next page. Here is where I’d been trying to research the public utilities and had noticed Mr. Jack Welch* of G.E. and then that his wife had written a novel in 1992 that I believe is all allegorical for those “Ghent Altarpiece-type” captives’ experience in being misled by this “Pilgrim” -boy type, because they look so innovent and young that you figure they can’t be to blame for too much, as symbolized by the character Manuel in the novel, “Judgment Call.” I only got to briefly so far, no copies in any libraries nice then, but the character of the Homicide detective, Sgt. O. is all I recall (Teddy Wasynski or some such,) is likely to be allegory for this people’s experience with the line that my fraud-parent is from. “This people,” the captives of that painting-set for illustration-instance, I (alone) claim, figure, had been on Japan and the islands were invaded (post-Trojan days) by the Autists and their strong-arm buddy-boyfriend “Neanderthals,” who’d been earlier “discovered” by the Autist trekkers from the New World. I would like to get a copy of this book and explain all this allegory I find in it. Petroleum “goo” comes up.

*Archbishop of Baltimore and DC’s John Carroll, d. 1815,  big slave-type like “the Hospitalist.”

(3/21/16, thursday) page 10 of 16 = the 2014 legal-sized letter to Obama

page 11= inside, on the back of the pocket of the 2014 letter to Obama, and on the back of page 2 of this–

Judge Morrissey,

This “Ghent Altarpiece” and the 1992 “Judgment Call” novel are too big 2 subjects for me to be able to be clear about while all this confusion from the homelessness is going on, separately and together they branch out into all kinds of important things to try to get mentioned and I can’t do justice to them right now if ever.

During my day out yesterday I was able to get this photocopy of my “jotto” note on this peculiar ritual that had obvious-to-me led to the car problem. It’s obvious to me that this 11/19/15 incident was really for covering-up about the Revelation-Armageddon’s longtime abuse of myself so that all these subjects are all interconnected and trying to describve them to a stranger is nearly impossible. I was also able to find the picture of Mother Teresa and make the collage on the back page and gave a copy to the Sister-in-charge here but that was right after this “scene” that mentioned the word Pentagon over and over — which is also a big subject for what I’m only personally trying to get brought up, that those “Ghent Altarpiece” -depicted people/captives are still, to my guesses, still captive, barricade-entrapped way under around the Tuvan-area, Great Altai, with no responsibly-behaving adult around anywhere in this “global-system” right now, and, if



(this was 6-8pm 3/31/16, thurs

Judge Morrissey, I not only have the usual problem of being in a Mother Teresa charity house but they’ve been performing 2 of what I call the “Stormville-types,” people that don’t obviously have the graud-parent’s features but are likely to be some kind of hybrids off of that reproductive matter, and one of thie ladies is really insane and trying to “drive me crazy” as part of the cover-up for all the lifetime of LURES done off of me and that this is how the book of Revelation has been being effected. Today in her Ivory Coast patois or accent she’d muttered that she’s going to be a witness, and that this is a nursing home not an office, due to all this letter-writing both to you because I have no resources against what looks like this continued railroad of myself toward that “locekd-up for crazy” continuance of and cover-up for all this killling people that gets and has been done, all unprovably unless anyone was ever consistant with keeping track of all these tricks that are played all over me, that this is how they’re pulling off the book of Revelation’s Armageddon prophecies.

I notice that the driver’s insurance company is named for Cincinnati and that Procter & Gamble is Cincinnati’s main company and they have people in nearly every country, but Ivory soap of course

Testing-kathy — I keyboarded that during some created-difficulty with the internet at the Rosedale but the pages weren’t marked and then this next one is oddly-maked, crossed out halfway down or what

Please help me to find a safe, sane place. p. 14 of 16

1 April, Judge, they have 2 of the Storville-types here, that do’t obviously look like (Mr. Frauday) the fraud-parent but likely are from this “nation” made off of him for the underground “brain-eating” Autist-psychopaths, and there was a crisis last night over these sneak-Armageddon tactics, but I can’t explain the 10,000 details quickly enough.

Alfred Nobel was a “Ghent Alarpiece” captive to the Autists and before his death, besides the Prizes legacy, he’d written a play called “Nemesis” based on the late-Renbaissance phony-family named Cenci where the daughter despised the sadistic phony-parent and that is his, Nobel’s, suggestion for how to set off the dynmite for the Armageddon chain-reaction and that is what my life is used for and now I’m still stranded in this phony-religion “Mother Teresa” charity house being locked-in with one of the “Stormville” -types that appears to me to have the fraud-parent’s type of insanity, like being sandwiched between the “French Connection” Mr. Fuca/Mother Teresa on the left and “Stormville” on the right-hand side, and there is no way normal people can win against the nonstop Autist-paychopaths and their trained strongarms and the “magic”-doing enslaved “Ghent Altarpiece” types invisibly working under and over the scenes.

… used for, and now I’m still stranded between Mr. Fuca and Mr. F, between Mother/Mister Teresa’s charity house and these “descendants” of Mr. F.

God help me I do this letter-writing begging for assistance and the “maic” just gets it trashed. I’m in the same position as when I was 6 years old.

That “hero-in,” pulverized normal people or only their bones, was only a cover for the “brain-liquid” LSD industry which was still legal in 1962 and covered-over by the Albert Hofmann “ergot-mold” story. The drug-addicts have destroyed most of the world and I’m surrounded by them undernerath here and using me as a LURE — and more crisis strted by this insane-Stormville to me, born in the Ivory Coast.

(page 15- back of the Mother T collage- (Obviously I can only try to start the next letter to you to try to keep my sanity and life here. KFoshay)

p11 of 16 3/28/16-4/1 letter to judge morrissey-the 2 messy pages

p12 of 16 = my transcription of 11/14/15, Wed. 1:30 p.m. jotto notes.

p13 of 16= the photocopy of the jotto

p14 of 16, the April 1 emergency note in the notebook still

“Please help me to find a safe, sane place–

p15 of 16 = on the reverse here, and page 16 of 16 = the Mother Teresa/Emil Kraepelin collage,

the reverse being this that i’ll try to take a photo of i guess somehow, all disorganized and lethargic-seeming or unable to get much done, trouble lifting my arms to do anything sort of a bizarre “magic” all over me, this p15 or 16 being that with the 2 little pictures, oberth and the turk, but then i guess i’d used these pages maybe as draft off of which i’d made the mailed copy/-ies, because there’s all crossed-out type marks on alot of these pages, this bottom-half of this one:

3/31/16, Thurs., Judge Morrissey,

My day out was yesterday and i got thee 3 photocopies toward trying to illustrate to make more clear this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION that I’m at the bottom of, trying to get it averted; the Mother Teresa collage on the back, these 2 “Ghent Altarpiece” generational-slave types, and the “jotto” of a ritual around me about 2 weeks before the 11/19/15 incident I’ve, thankfully, been subpoenaed for, having thought nobody’d noticed it. The blue-underlined words “the bushes” is because that is brain-narcotics related.

(the 2 pictures side by side here on this hand-copy at least)

The lamb and flag here (up arrow l ) represent the “Ghent Altarpiece,” this from a July 1990 Washington Post obituary-article on Mitch Snyder of the Federal-City Shelter (crossed out, for homeless people at 425 2nd St., NW, DC, where I’d been since 2005 with this Revelation-Armageddon LURE all over myself as a gimmick,) but to me the drawing looks more like Snyder’s likely actual biological-parent Hermann Oberth, who’d passed the year before, who was the main person behind getting us/the Autists up and out into space, mentoring Wernher von Braun who might be the Autists’ modwern-day descended Michael Archangel by the way, and the “Man In Oriental Costume/the Turk, portrait from the National Gallery, gallery 48, is my image of this “”show’s” director. -30-

then some found-elsewhere note also, 3/29/16, Tues., at the bottom of the back of the 1st page to Judge Morrissey, on the bottom of the 11/30/15 Cincinnati Ins. Co’s. notice to me, because I ws tortured from 5-7 this morning w the usual big-kill signs and affect to it,

3/29/16, Tues., Judge, All I can ever do is start another letter to the same person, hoping they’re keeping track of all the details and no one has since I started this in 2005, plus a 5-1/4″ floppy “Inaugural” disk to new-Pres. Clinton, all my work twisted to this kill and replace holocaust of normal people, Americans — and this “Armageddon Show” here is so racial. The sisters leave me with 2 I guess of the fraud-parent’s “offspring-descendant” types, one real insane but for HUNGRY strangers they seem like lifesavers for cannibal-feeding the Autists. The confusion on pages 3 and 4 of the 3/24 letter was the LURE-scam started….kf