Nearby this wall-design starts and goes around the corner onto 7th St., NW, and I always think it represents that the real reason Mrs. Surratt had been hanged was that greedy guys wanted her ovaries and what they found was that she only had one, the other already gone, and that then they’d squabbled over the one, seeing who could “grow” the most number of people from it.

And now we’re all living on the curse that came with all that over stealing her ovary, really, that the system had premeditated the whole desire for her ovary by bringing that fancy singer to perform in Washington, Adelina Patti I think was her name and she was also with a group of good looking, sexy sisters, and the system spread notice of how much Mrs. Surratt was from Patti’s type of people, that they had alot in common, that real sexpots and singers could be grown from getting “eggs” from Mrs. Surratt and that might be how that whole “conspiracy theory” had been fabricated and they gorily hanged her and, surprise, she already had an ovary gone. That was all around that area across from the main library here that they just closed down for about three years, that Ford’s Theatre area down 19th Street, NW, all premeditated scam for getting this part of the world sabotaged, like, what are you really going to grow with “eggs” from an innocent lady that you hounded to death just to get her ovaries in order to grow yourselves “fancy ladies” for little or no cost to yourselves, you’re going to get a curse for behavior like that and we’ve all inherited that old plan for how to get that book of revelation world-takeover accomplished and I’d been stranded using that library there for 10 years and now there’s not even that anymore, just constant deterioration. The words on the signboard are a quote from whoever that then-president or such politician was, I’ll fill it in better when I pin it down better, that her house was, The nest in which the egg was hatched,” the egg-idea of the conspiracy to kill Lincoln. From the look of the way the picture’s set up I’d guess they’d fertilized her egg by “specimens” from those guys, who were friends of her son and some such. The whole past is a real mess as the system’s been gearing life toward this world-takeover because it comes from a wrong-headed idea by people with that Autism-psychopathy from the Prehistory accident-set that’d left an early people’s babies with big brain damage like holes in the head that’ve healed but left the left-side lateral sulcus or Sylvian fissure as the big scar sign on the long-ago big hole from head injury from way-premature errant crossing of Beringia and walking into all the snow-season and getting lost and making mistakes, like then this one of setting up Mrs. Surratt to seem to have get-rich-quick idea ovaries to be wrongfully taken in order to get the States cursed for the world-takeover for Autist people long way under the other side of the planet, who still can’t comprehend because the brain damage was organic, like a mechanical problem they can’t control by themselves and require modern outside assistance for getting us all out of this dead-end system slave-created for themselves.

6/30, it’s that the squabblers were 2 of the main church-groups here, the church across from the now-library with the big “charity” group that I’m like the book of revelation-ghost prisoner to and then the big church on north capitol that started as some jesuit school, and still is a jesuit school, that those 2 groups  were system-people the system was scripting for the squabbling, everything the system does a farce like that, working with inside-characters to begin with, where even mrs. surratt’s type seems like a system-type to me more or less, like a helper-victim system-type maybe. I’ve somehow got it in my head that that type, that I call “Babars” from that Emperor of India role that they’d done for instance, that they’d originated as unfortunate rape-births from the Autists’ invasion onto Japan where the generational-slaves then and their females were separated, the Autists raping the ladies and the little “Babars” as the unwitting victim-babies then and the captive uncle-slaves incorporated the happy little innocent unfortunates into being useful as system-go-betweens between the captives and the Autists and the Autists’ friends, the Neanderthals. I think that that’s where Mrs. Surratt’s type of people had originated from and then she was planted for this big role in the undoing of this side of the planet. It even seems to connect to this car-hit on me. The car-hit was right near a big-name supermarket and a “Shahan” and a big crew had done some bizarre horror-ritual there near the car-hit site on Nov. 4th, a Wednesday, then I got hit at the same spot the 2 weeks later and it was the same supermarket where the January 2011 Gabrielle Giffords Congressperson massacre had happened, where 11 or 14 people were killed, by a kid who’s possibly a descended-person from that ovary of Mrs. Surratt, that all this is tied together but it gets even worse and I’m right in the middle of it so that it’s dangerous to try to “talk” about it when I’m totally alone and stranded and surrounded and practically have no hope of getting out of this horror-situation. I don’t hear a peep on anything I write but they’re starting to do world-wide computer viruses, and still i can’t get an adult just to discuss anything with me, not a comment on all these comment-areas on this blogsite i had a chance to try to look into yesterday and check them and there’s just nothing, like the blogsite doesn’t exist. Yesterday I gave the new email-attempt to 2 people and I think I’d sent the phone number to one person last week and it occurred to me now that I’m just in the same situation of I’m just not going to get any responses, like a void in a vacuum this Armageddon-sneak through is. Mrs. Surratt’s son, I think his name was John, it occurs that he looked alot like Gabrielle Giffords, and Giffords looks alot like the figurehead associated with this homeless dayshelter I go to for lack of there’s being anywhere else I can get to, being this “magic” ghost-prisonment situation host-victim, etc., for how difficult the system makes everything into. Looks so much like her and everything is so sneaky as I’m trying to learn about Bell now that it seems like that Arizona accident, with a Mrs. Surratt-type perpetrator-innocent because he was underage, was a trick and out here I’d actually met the massacre-victim but posing as this figurehead and then switched around again, as they raise look-alike spawns of people from donated ovaries and mostly live underground, laughing and criticizing at the people up here, and disappearing us so that I haven’t any normal responses to all the emails I’ve sent out with pieces of and then the whole thing lately anymore of this blogsite. So yesterday the charity-group from the nightshelter and the charity-group from the dayshelter seemed to have a big day as the “magic” -system knows I have to get around to mentioning about Mrs. Surratt sometime soon and I’d taken the photos and the whole event centered around that library-area I’ve been in since 2005 and at the beginning of the millennium. All I do is scrounge my brain, increasingly since 2008, for how I can get hold of anyone who’d be “normal-reacting” to hearing that this is how the book of revelation is being pulled off and it’s going to end up one way or another in the Earth and human race’s demise, like the by fire or by ice, one way or another this isn’t going toward nature’s way of eternity for everything, of outward growth, looking for someone who’d like to get that straightened out just on the g.p., and that’s the gimmick is that then the system has Activity of preventing the person from being able to reach me, torturing and thinly-veiledly threatening, throwing around their power-weight, etc., parasiting off of whatever I try to do to get me and the future out of this mess. Worse, this is just happenstance that I’m still in one piece and making efforts, that the Armageddon-thinking is so unnatural and so against the direction of life that I only happened to slip through cracks, and they’ve still got me all covered and i’m not even trying to do anything but be a good neutral party trying to get this straightened out simply. So I’ll return to my fretting but now all these files didn’t come through this morning and the amount of effort and time to re-do it all just is a big set-back for me, trying to find a useful way — always a big difficulty for me, that now the rough end of a month is mostly over with but the weekend LURE starts now and then leads into the “holiday” on Tuesday, which means that from here till Wednesday it’s like a red-alert because of the LURE-gimmick abuse of myself on top of the general use of victimizing and all, that this system runs off of. That’s why I’m trying to put up that “Merchant of Venice” post, because I’ve like run out of excuse-making for why this goes on and on with the victimizing little me. Today the invisible-torture started by “insomnia” waking me at 4 a.m. and that’s always so that my brain will feel tired and i’ll be easily manipulable for the brain-tampering to make me feel “hot” and angry at them, for then their kill-excuses to the LURED victims. Sign off.

DC Tour sign outside of

Mrs. Surratt’s old house

at H and 6th Sts., NW.

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img 20170704 110231

The minor who’d perpetrated the January 2011 attack on Congressperson Gabrielle Giffords and constituents in Tucson, Jared Loughner, I think he’d looked alot like perhaps descended from Mrs. Surratt’s ovae, might have literally been descended from those. About thirteen people died in that attack that’d appeared to have happened not for any reason. Ms. Giffords might look a whole lot like Mabel Bell, Alexander Graham Bell’s wife.