Mead L. Bricker – c. 1886 Youngstown – 1964 Royal Oak MI

d. 1/29/1964 nyt obit w photo that looks nothing like Junior, then an ad with alot of faces like more like mr. david’s type maybe, worked ford 1904-1950

Hupp Corp. and a federal place

senate dot gov slash  /artandhistory/history/common/image/TrumanHarryS_FordBomberPlant dot htm == this odd photo and a few more at that address

John Milledge

The Truman committee on inspection of a Ford bomber plant at Willow Run, Michigan. Left to right: Senator Harley Kilgore, Senator Harold Burton, Senator Harry Truman, Senator Homer Ferguson, Edsel Ford, Bricker, and Senator Joseph Ball.
credit: Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.


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