You Were Wrong, Part IV, Herman Melville et al.

You Were Wrong, Part IV, Herman “Moby Dick,” Melville, et al.


File:Herman Melville.jpgetching of Joseph O. Eaton painting of Herman Melville, (from Wikipedia which says that the LOC says there aren’t any known restrictions on publication of this picture.) Melville_ Moby Dick .pdf (important in this is that I’m suspecting/expecting that the title of Moby Dick was actually referring to buy more of the ick (of the dead, of the hydrocarbon goo we disintegrate into. I’ll have to check but that common slang word was likely invented later, part of a cover-story.)

Allan Melville, Herman and Allan’s pater, 1782 Boston -1832 Albany — I deleted this portrait picture after comparing it with this one of Channing’s — “Allan Melville” oil on canvas, Ezra Ames (1768, Framingham, MA -1836, Albany,), – Free for non commercial use; the copyright expired …  //below: 1810 by John Rubens Smith (1775 London-1849, NYC):

File:Allan Melville MET APS1063.jpg

( Portrait of Channing by Washinton Allston, 1811.) I guess they don’t look that much alike…. I’ll have to keep checking on this about Melville’s whole family’s being Unitarian, because that’s the church that’d moved to across from Florence Sabin around 40 years after Melville’d passed. James Bailey was from Detroit but traveled with the circuses alot. I’m trying to figure how Bailey and Melville were cohorts, I just suspect that. I’m tempted to put a picture of one of those gory-looking crucifixes because I’m getting more and more sure that it’s because they were developmentally disabled people who’d become brain-addicted, and both Melville and Bailey were from this type of people, family, that went all around the world trying to tie it up so their Autist-friends could be happy.

File:William Ellery Channing by Henry Cheever Pratt 1857.jpgWilliam Ellery Channing, 1780-1842, circa 1857 by Henry Cheever Pratt (Boston, 1803-88,) Brown University Portrait Collection, Providence, RI, from Wikimedia. (Age PD.) Rev. Channing comes up because he’d been the start of that church that had moved to across the street from Florence Sabin in 1932. She moved in 1936 I think, back to Denver, but I’m suspecting there’d been a LURE involved. Rev. Channing is very well-known, that he’s come up twice before in these attempts to trace this system to get it off of me that I’ve been doing all millennium, etc. It seems his sister, Lucy Channing Russell, Mrs. William Washington Russell’s wife, is said to have invited 40 people to her house to hear her brother preach when he was en route from Boston or Massachusetts to Baltimore, and that that was the start of the Unitarian church, that Herman Melville’s grandfather even I think was a member of, and Mr. and Mrs. Melville rented a pew at the third church-location, at Fourth Avenue (now Park Avenue South) and 20th Street, the Melvilles living at 26th St., just 6 blocks from their church, which in 1932 moved up to the Upper East Side across from where the letters I’m reading of Florence’s had been written from, and one of their clergy was or is a Melville scholar and Melville seems alot at the bottom of all this and the first chuch-site was the same as the modern World Trade Center bombing site so I’m “suspicious,” sort of a new thing for me, always only a little cynical before but suspicion seems a new “Armageddon Program” theme for me now I guess, that the 9/11/01 bombing hadn’t really been to cover-up the underground those people had been working on, going from there to a little over onto Broadway and then up to 20th St., but then there’s that big long time period, and one of their major members was in charge of that U.S. Steel company that’s often cited like the oil companies are, so I’m starting to think that the churches have been having themselves supported by underground digging for LURES for creating petroleum-oil companies for incomes more or less, the offshoots from oil, and maybe from restauranteering also, that there might be some too-convenient correlation between undergrounds and restaurant-income that I’d never noticed— The main subject is that on a wisp of some coincidence I’m thinking that Melville was involved in these “Jomon” world-takeover by LURING unsuspecting people to death machinations. Florence Sabin had lived at 80th Street and Lexington Avenue in New York (City) when some church had been built across the church and since then one of its clergy had taken an interest in Herman Melville, that’s all, and out of that I’m all “drowning” in all this about Melville now to look up because he seems to be even closely related to Alexander Graham and his father Alexander Melville Bell. If anyone could collect and compare these various dates it could be helpful but don’t forget Emperor Pedro of Brazil. And that’s how this real end of the real planet Earth is being “machinated,” by these people of long ago who thought it’d be no big deal for them to be the only types of people on earth, for their boyfriends’ sakes, for the Autist boys’ sakes. The new Jomon friends couldn’t understand that the Autists had severe congenital brain damage but this is the advanced times and these suckers all are living off of Kathy Foshay for most of my life. I’ve got evidence that these types have been sitting on important research so that nobody can get us out of this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. // change of subject,// Then that these pictures are here because I’m trying to look into that that Briseis character had been written to have come from “Mynes,” and offhand that’s said to be the south coast of (what’s now called) Turkey, around Adana. But I’m wondering if it might not have been that the Autists had stolen Cappadocia from the original diggers of it, that maybe those people were only digging it to try to put their belongings in a hidden storage for when these waves of invaders came over from Paleo-America, that they hadn’t dug-built that underground to live in but for storage away from the robbers, the takers of anything they can see, like each of my days is robbed away from my own self, etc. So I’m trying to look into that but also then “Sabin” is the other end of the Tiber River that then goes through Rome where I keep trying to explain that the Paleo-Americans had invaded and robbed the then-named Vatican, that perhaps Briseis and the so-called Trojan “war” might have been over that, or that it was the same pattern as in what is now called the country of Turkey. So I’ve been thinking that they’d robbed that place called Hagia or now Aya Sophia and then had the Sophia Smith college-area built as like “cancelling out” the theft in the way that this system does their own version of everything, they balance the books by giving what they want you to have for their own reasons, do that to me all the time, steal one thing and make up for it by giving me something of their own choosing for myself to have in place of the robbed whatever. This picture on the bottom might represent a Cappadocia underground so I’ll try to look up who that artist was and what his other work might have been like.* Also I’m trying to look into that I think the Jomon created all the “organized religions” but the main thing is that Melville I suspect was behind the oil/petroleum industries’ being created, was one of those behind getting that done. Those whales they’d been going after in large part for the oil from the whales, whale oil, that it’d had many uses, but it was wildly difficult and like everything else the system extincts everything so it was likely less easy to catch the whales, that turning people to petroleum sounds like a good idea to the system-people most apparently since it’s everywhere but always kept hidden because it’s so disgusting, like the brain-eating that makes people like Melville think they and their friends are superior to normal people, so it’s a big secret too, etc.

*Also the place in mid-Turkey called Catal Huyuk is likely important to all this, that I guess that someone had tried to give the Autists “medicine” to calm down their relentless hyperactivity to be parasites, that that’s what all those bulls’ heads represent, sit down and take this, but they never get enough and only turn on any nice people, which might have led to trying to dig underground storage facilities and then those got stolen also and became this worldwide underworld of turning people to that muck, because after they’d stolen the storage facility they didn’t know how to run what they’d stolen and they’d created that sort of a mess and turned doing that digging and killing into the worldwide industry that they plastics come from and Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne and I’d just read Longfellow also, all those New England Transcendentalists, they’d all vacationed around Melville’s Pittsfield, Massachusetts town, where he’d 1/2-lived all his life.

The Jomon brought their Autist friends’ fertilized ovae around the North Seas and into North America posing them as being Native Americans, all those black-haired peoples, and then Hiawatha and all kinds of those were around the Pittsfield/Albany area, then out to that Titusville, Pennsylvania area where Edwin Drake figured how to get the muck up and out for sale. Drake and the Sabin-family males were likely similar-looking but I don’t have any pictures of the Sabins yet. I think there were 7 or 14 of them in the first generation in Vermont that then fathered the generation that became Florence Sabin’s parent. I had seen some illustrations in a juvenile book but the book isn’t available anymore, and Drake and them looked alot like Melville and Bell -types, so that girls like me don’t suspect these people to be in that industry and trust them but they are really always busy doing I don’t know what about their addiction-sets and other types of friends, using us as unwitting slave-peoples for filling those ends.

*check Anglo-Persian Oil Company

12/27/17, got cut off after logging in and that always makes me nervous that there are — can’t think of the word, motives, ulterior motives, going on around me. This encrustation with the “directors” of the pawn-people all around me is horrifying, worse than usual because it seems like one of the “new shipments” of the Babar-Ainu boy types, that I keep trying to explain they were originated into the system’s psychotopsychopathy and don’t have anything normal in their heads, keep them away from me and they’re not even the worst ones by any means. I’m thinking too that they’re inured to sadism, from this torture museum that they have in St. Augustine. This statue of St. Monica in Santa Monica I’m wondering what the cliffs behind and around there are like, never having thought of cliff-pushing paradigm until trying to find an explanation for all this torture back around 1995, then I figured these are so bad that they must have been cliff-pushers in prehistory, as where they came from. They got rid of all the search-engine “tabs” of the things I’m trying to look up about today, since this finally really is the standard library time. I was told that they don’t require all those books anymore because everything’s on computer now but I hardly get any chance to look up things the way one does in regular libraries, to sit here and look for the material and then read it, so I was getting to that point just now. Looking up William Ellery Channing, (youth) hostels in Florida for low-cost places I might could stay, as these are really chasing me out of here like they can’t wait either to get to Florida or to see me try to do so, “the great escape” that that’d feel like after all these years stranded here, and other odds and ends I’ve always got some of to look up about.

Emerson (1803-82) In 1826, faced with poor health, Emerson went to seek a warmer climate. He first went to Charleston, South Carolina, but found the weather was still too cold.[23] He then went further south, to St. Augustine, Florida, where he took long walks on the beach and began writing poetry. While in St. Augustine he made the acquaintance of Prince Achille Murat, the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte. Murat was two years his senior; they became good friends and enjoyed one another’s company. The two engaged in enlightening discussions of religion, society, philosophy, and government. Emerson considered Murat an important figure in his intellectual education.[24]

While in St. Augustine, Emerson had his first experience of slavery. At one point, he attended a meeting of the Bible Society while a slave auction was taking place in the yard outside. He wrote, “One ear therefore heard the glad tidings of great joy, whilst the other was regaled with ‘Going, gentlemen, going!'”[25] …  He then went on to Paris, a “loud modern New York of a place”,[46] where he visited the Jardin des Plantes. He was greatly moved by the organization of plants according to Jussieu‘s system of classification, and the way all such objects were related and connected. As Robert D. Richardson says, “Emerson’s moment of insight into the interconnectedness of things in the Jardin des Plantes was a moment of almost visionary intensity that pointed him away from theology and toward science”.[47] Moving north to England, Emerson met William WordsworthSamuel Taylor Coleridge, and Thomas Carlyle. Carlyle in particular was a strong influence on him; Emerson would later serve as an unofficial literary agent in the United States for Carlyle, and in March 1835, he tried to persuade Carlyle to come to America to lecture.[48] The two maintained a correspondence until Carlyle’s death in 1881.[49]

Hahnemann (1755-1843) Monument detailFile:Ralph Waldo Emerson ca1857 retouched.jpgRalph Waldo Emerson circa 1857, retouched by User Scewing, 2009  The original can be viewed here: Ralph Waldo Emerson ca1857.jpg. Modifications made by Scewing. From Wikimedia.

I’m saying that the Samuel Hahnemann Monument near Alexander Graham Bell’s old residence near the day-shelter I’ve been at the past year and a half and had worked nearby in 2001 has this panel with 3 guys listening to Hahnemann lecture and Emerson looks alot like one of them plus now I’m reading that he was friendly with the Bonapartes and they’re a big part of this world-ownership/takeover business plus they were friends especially with Hahnemann’s wife or daughter, I forget which off hand, another well-known early homeopath. There are 2 figures behind this one that I’m saying is likely Emerson or someone closely related to Emerson and one of them looks like a normal-sized Abraham Lincoln, like an offspring-descendant from Lincoln or such maybe. I’ll try to find a better view of that panel but I haven’t been able to find anything yet, there was something I’d seen maybe but I’d run out of time for trying to get it read or saved to anywhere for later reading, on what the sculptor Charles Niehaus was sculpting, just that this is a panel of Hahnemann teaching and this figure I’ve been trying to place and Emerson and Hahnemann were likely in Paris at the same time, James Smithson and Alexander and Wilhelm von Humboldt’s having been together there too maybe previously, big “homeopathic” brain-eaters’ good time likely going on as they believed they were more smart because of the eating brains, etc., till I’m saying that the 1969 moon landing’s lack of expected riches of any kind for sure anymore showed that they are off-base with their self-beliefs and it’s time to re-assess because they’re really taking us to total extinction with their self-mass-reproducing brain-eater boys’ selves.

(Still checking on Thoreau (1817-62), poe (1809, boston, 1849 baltimore,) and chaplin (1889 walworth london 1977 switzerland, corsier sur vevey).

(Wikipedia on Sperm Whales, like “Moby Dick” was I think:) The brain is the largest known of any modern or extinct animal, weighing on average about 7.8 kilograms (17 lb),[53][54] more than five times heavier than a human’s, and has a volume of about 8,000 cm3.[55] Although larger brains generally correlate with higher intelligence, it is not the only factor. Elephants and dolphins also have larger brains than humans.[56] The sperm whale has a lower encephalization quotient than many other whale and dolphin species, lower than that of non-human anthropoid apes, and much lower than humans‘.[54][57] The sperm whale’s cerebrum is the largest in all mammalia, both in absolute and relative terms. The olfactory system is reduced, suggesting that the sperm whale has a poor sense of taste and smell. By contrast, the auditory system is enlarged. The pyramidal tract is poorly developed, reflecting the reduction of its limbs.[58]

Melville was interested in the big whale and James A. Bailey lavished to get Jumbo, the huge elephant, who passed in a train wreck near Bailey’s hometown of Detroit, me thinking that they were thinking about the large size of the brains, having that in common. I’m trying to check on Madison Square Gardens locations, where Bailey would have been working; think he didn’t partner with Barnum until 1881, but they did the circus at Madison Square Garden; I’ll have to try to check on that tomorrow.

1879-1925 at Madison Square, 26th Street and Madison Avenue, (to 1925-68, 8th Avenue between 49th and 50th Streets, to 8th Avenue and 31 to 33rd Sts.)

= it was about a block from where the Melvills had been living and Herman moved into there and passed in 1891, so that they were neighbors, him and James A. Bailey, for around 12 years. This is all just some huge brain-eat-dependent scam. Melvilles father, Allan Melvill/Melville, seems to have alot to do with all this. Broadway is practically door-to-door from his residence at 675 Broadway to the 1879 then Madison Square Garden just east of Broadway at the 26th Street near the Melville residence. I’m thinking that since the Dutch days and then King Charles of England that the Autists had just been having enslaved-people dig under wherever they were living or buying or renting property and they’d just move from one secret underground-dug place to the next one to do and that’s how all the undergrounds became so powerful now, centuries of the sneaky digging and moving around to strategic spots, making them strategic, is where my new suspicion of restaurants is coming from more or less, that those have traditionally just been over traditionally already-up undergrounds and the people-for-the-meat are “free” so the Autists could exchange those for money and little by little get well-to-do, along with then the major other industries off of our “human resources.” Then Melville’s son (Malcolm) had passed in (about) 1867 right after the Bronx’ Woodlawn Cemetery was opened, way toward the north border with Westchester County and Bailey’s then home later in Mt. Vernon. It was/is called The Knolls and makes me think of the Knolls near Schenectady, that they just seem to have dug under from one of their strategic points to a next, running then clear up to the Great Lakes. I have to sign off now and then check that place near Schenectady, where Admiral Rickover I think his name was had worked.

Giving to the poor (from Wikipedia on St. Ambrose) — Ambrose considered the poor not a distinct group of outsiders, but a part of the united, solidary people. Giving to the poor was not to be considered an act of generosity towards the fringes of society but a repayment of resources that God had originally bestowed on everyone equally and that the rich had usurped.[36]

— St. Ambrose was aquainted somehow with St. Augustine and his mother St. Monica and I came across this description, Ambrose being mostly from Milan which is the St. Charles Borromeo’s turf and that to me seems to be a high-functioning Autist, like maybe Ambrose had set up Milan for Charles Borromeo’s comforts.

It’s 3 p.m. and I’m trying to think what I’m most trying to get accomplished before this day is over and then I might not be able to get anything done tomorrow because there’s a spell of cold weather and this underground or what torture of myself gets like hysterical over weather, their death-system is dependent on difficulties, and they already turned on that my time is up, I’m trying to figure how to proceed because it’s still a little early to quit for today yet.

Restaurants owned and operated by the Delmonico family[10] (Wikipedia entry)

23 William StreetDecember 13, 1827 – December 16, 1835 (destroyed by fire)”Delmonico & Brother, confectioners” small cafe and pastry shop25 William StreetMarch, 1830 – December 16, 1835 (destroyed by fire)

“Delmonico & Brother, confectioners and Restaurant Francais”76 Broad Street February 23, 1836 – July 19, 1845, (destroyed by fire) 22 Broad Street 1865–1893

2 South William St.August, 1837 – July 10, 1890. Rebuilt and reopened July 7, 1891, closed 1917

“Delmonico’s Restaurant,” informally called “The Citadel.”25 Broadway June 1, 1846 – 1856 (Standard Oil’s building I think was 26 Broadway but way after the Civil War.)

The Delmonico Hotel Chambers Street and Broadway 1856 – October 26, 1876

East 14th Street and 5th Avenue April 9, 1862 – September 11, 1876

*Fifth Avenue and 26th St. September 11, 1876 – April 18, 1899Lobster a la Newberg invented here in 1876

112–114 Broadway near Pine St. October 26, 1876 – 1888

  • This one at Fifth and 26th Street was on the other side of Madison Square Garden from where Melville’d lived till he passed and is said to be in one of his stories but I think the author had erred there and in saying that Melville could see Madison Square Garden’s statue of Diana naked from his home and that statue wasn’t sculpted till slightly after Melville passed so maybe the author does or doesn’t know more about Melville. But he’d likely eaten at the Delmonico’s. And those other addresses are likely to be near places his father had lived and worked, an importer of linen from France I think he was. I hope Wikipedia doesn’t mind me just taking pieces to try to read and sort out here, changing their format from those bulky boxes to just print.

Then I guess the growth of the public transit system/s should be coordinated with the Melville’s whereabouts. (Check on the early days. The Delmonico brothers seem to be from the part of Switzerland that’s near to Italy and where Charles Borromeo was from….)

File:Delmonico's 1888.jpgDelmonico’s near Melville, corner of Fifth Avenue and 26th Street, near Broadway, NY, 1888, PD because of its age; Wikimedia.

Hard times in New York – the soup-house, no. 110 Centre Street, one of the number instituted by Commodore James Gordon Bennett, and Superintended by L. Delmonico. Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <;. About this Item: Summary, People receiving soup; Delmonico in right foreground. Created / Published 1873. Notes –  Illus. in: Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, v. 37 (1873), p. 429. –  Reference copy may be in LOT 4383 E. –  This record contains unverified, old data from caption card. –  Caption card tracings: Shelf. Medium 1 print : wood engraving. Call Number/Physical Location Illus. in AP2.L52 1873 (Case Y) [P&P] Repository Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA Digital Id cph 3b46044 // Library of Congress Online Catalog (850,136)Prints and Photographs Division (1,206,952) Format Photo, Print, DrawingLonghi may refer to: — from Wikipedia because the Del-Monico and Longhi family seem intermarried, working together. I’ll erase the ones that don’t seem to apply by Martino Longhi the Elder offhand seems to match this in Ticino.

I can’t find my list of things to look up for today, and it’s really really bad, the Consortium led by the robo-boys born into this hallucino-system’s doing the LURE because it’s a Friday and that of a “holiday” for the underworld types’ way of living. They’d had me so angry that it seemed like i couldn’t do anything except the complaint-writing about themselves which then gets me upset because it hasn’t anything to do with me and what I’m trying to have this blogsite for, etc., and then I’m preoccupied with this about Melville and the big restaurant and then the “nonexistant” Armageddon Program’s trick-playing while I’m trying to look up things, and I’m just thankful I’ll likely be able to get back to this tomorrow, on Saturday, 12/30.

— mention how the system-people seem to keep busy making sure their cover-ups stay secure. They seem to be doing that and ignoring the death of the planet in that way. This about the soup house in 1873 isn’t superverified yet, that Delmonico’s was involved in that but it does fit this “Armageddon Program” background in that homeless shelters seem to have been invented by that “Merchant of Venice-type” Joseph “Battle of Lepanto” Nasi, (circa 1520-1575.) that seems behind getting this system set up that I’m at the bottom of. I guess they were already starting with the disembodied “jewel” ovaries way of “growing” people and setting up shelters to give those mass-reproduced dependents places to sleep and then soup houses came along with that, while at the same time they could/can attract unawares people into their homeless’ shelters, seems to be the situation I’ve been in. Also I’m wondering if the foundation (and they’re still in business I think and it’s all touchy or controversial material,) if their original business hadn’t been more the narcotics, that one of the brothers was doing confections in Berne, Switzerland before agreeing to go to New York into business with his wine-merchant brother, John and Peter the Americanized spellings. — I’m just short of time for trying to get to compare a copy of their nephew Lorenzo’s picture with that of Albert Hoffman. I don’t think there are any public domain images of Albert Hofmann. The 2 guys seem to maybe look alike and I think Dr. Hoffman had worked and “discovered” LSD while in or near Berne.

12/30/17, Sat., — I think it was Basel, and don’t have a chance to check yet. Also there’s the bizarrely long route from Conques that might somehow have been made for some reason, paranoia to be too conspicuous by water routes maybe, up over that whole area of the Alps.

I want to get mentioned about 4 things, or 5 now. Yesterday I was trying to say that it’s like a phenomenon where these bums/this Consortium now I’m calling it, thrashes and bashes me all the way to the libraries but then they don’t make a peep while I’m actively reading or doing this typing. They seem to just sit all over me like sandbags generally but they don’t torture me and the phenomenon is that when I get up the torture resumes like nothing had happened, that it’s seemed to me that I didn’t get tortured while trying to read to learn to figure where they’d come from, that there was some respect for the reading but when I get up it’s like nothing had happened and they’re vile and about nothing but creating pollution again then. But when I tried to type that yesterday I somehow, as is also a pattern, never managed to reach what I’d been trying to type about, so that in thinking about that I’d neglected to mention that oddness it’s then come together that it’s part of the covering up that they spend all the time that they’re not actively being entertained in one way or another in, that they’re “respectful” of the book-reading or now on the internet because they’re just like it’s a job watching to see so they can cover up whatever “evidence” I could find or make out of what I read or that anyone else might be able to put together about. That’s all they do, cover their tracks and sit and be entertained, build they’re narcotics-begetting system, and they’ve been doing that “1984 Big Brother” and changing history off of sitting on me to an extreme extent all these years.

Similary I hadn’t gotten to this, and this is similar to that other quote that I haven’t yet gotten around to interpret-explaining, that’s next-door to the homeless shelter area I’d been in from 2005-15 that’s in the “About” section somewhere but undescribed yet:

Giving to the poor[edit] (from Wikipedia on St. Ambrose) — Ambrose considered the poor not a distinct group of outsiders, but a part of the united, solidary people. Giving to the poor was not to be considered an act of generosity towards the fringes of society but a repayment of resources that God had originally bestowed on everyone equally and that the rich had usurped.[36] — This is the “misled propaganda I’m always trying to get across about.

— This is the “misled” by the Autists propanda that I’m always trying to get across about. They went over (Beringia) to North America, got lost doing that, got sick with what became this congenital “Autism” that seems to come with congenital lying about everything, then the misled island-isolated lonely people loved having company and getting high with them so much that they believed the fabrications like that God had originally bestowed equally but that “the others” had usurped everything from the smaller-sized little black haired people, it was never remotely anything like that whatsoever, their ancestors had forced their way across Beringia despite what nature was able to do, like me trying to get through all the time similarly, that they just ignore everything except what they want, and they’d wanted the sun, to hold it, and they didn’t grow out of that and nature’s just been stuck with this “childhood Autism-psychopathy” ever since and they’re going to take the planet to extinction in keeping that covered up. “Somewhere in their memory,” I paraphrase the song I hadn’t heard of till that You Tube video recently, they know but refuse to own up to that everything’s a cover up. They “broke” the food for everyone, threw it away, extincted the food animals in North America for the whole future, and they won’t admit to that. Then their “champions” like St. Ambrose build this “New Jerusalem” of doing everything for them by feeding the normal people to them and Ambrose’s type get the brain to eat and stay high off of out of it, and all the high people want to just ignore reality and keep having the personal good times.

The 3rd thing I wanted to get mentioned was that all that complaint-writing their forcing me to do was supposed to yesterday get around to that John D. Rockefeller, Jr., “Junior,” or sometimes JDR2 I write his name as, must have had some part in creating this what I’ve been calling the “Babar boys,” Babar-Ainu, and lately the hallucino-robot boys.

There’s some big connection but they don’t look exactly like him so it’s been a little difficult to describe. It must have been after he’d passed that the fraud-parent that’s the “difficulty” for me, that whole “French Connection” subject, only had mentioned once that Junior was a mean cuss. I didn’t find anything unusual till that lookalike photograph with Wilhelm Wundt and there was a bit in the biography by Richard Fosdick, Dick Fosdick I think is the friend-writer’s name to recollection, that as a child Junior had had a little fun in teasing a cousin of his named Florence or some such, but I’ve not been able to trace the cousin Florence and think I’ll try it today because there could might be some connection between attitude toward the cousin and then the employee named Florence, but as these difficult days since the “ssfund” has been getting started in being received by me go along where it seems that the Babar-Ainu boys think they’re Francis Ford Director over the Armageddon Now Program over me and I’m getting more upset at these nonstop scenes my days have increasingly been becoming and this growing fear that this “busload” of parasites is going to follow my life along to the next place I’m trying to get to, that I’m becoming more upset, like that “God doesn’t gamble” with the Universe ascribed to Einstein phrase, that these bums seem not to care about anything except their immediate gratification intake of holocaust done off of use-abusing me, that I’m starting to think of them the same as the Rockefeller laboratory had mass-manufactured those pneumococci (by Oswald Avery most of that work was done I guess,) that they’d manufactured these “Babar boys” the same as the pneumococci. Also there was that big todo over that mural by Diego Rivera, that basically seemed to be about this brain-eating way to be high. It had gotten covered over but the “Ambrose” or Jomon or what phrase-labels I can use alone by myself, people’s rituals don’t care if it was painted over, it was there first, — they just think whatever they feel like thinking, and seemed to have wanted it to be censored.

The biographer’s name was Raymond Fosdick, 1956, and there’s no way to check that mention of a cousin named Florence that he’d liked to tease and I can’t find any Florence in their family anywhere. Now I’m trying to see if there’s coordination between the early subways and delmonico’s and the melville/channing families. I have to go without feeling that I’ve been accomplishing much, which is a shame for me because all i’ve got to walk into now is this acting business of these bizarre underworld “Babar boys'” choosing. All total strangers determining the thrashing and bashing I’ll get so they can accomplish whatever their secret goals are. The thrashing and bashing is mostly “invisible” fear of what’s going to happen to me next, me “secretly” trying to protect eternity from these diseases, that nature can’t do anything with them, they seem to hate spirits, god, nature, and just like their own selves and copies of their own selves, think they evolve people better than nature did. I’m trying to figure “the deal,” the story, the way it was, with those painters sandro botticelli and andreas mantegna viz then michelangelo, who seems to have been one of these Jomon in reality. They don’t seem to do much except figure how to stay high, developing these religions so them and their friends can do that.

12/31/17, borrowing from Wikipedia: The landing on the surface of the Moon occurred several seconds after 20:17:40 UTC on July 20, 1969,[78] at which time one of three 67-inch (1.7 m)-long probes attached to three of the Lunar Module’s four legs made contact with the surface, a panel light inside the LM lit up, and Aldrin called out, “Contact light.” Armstrong shut the engine off and said, “shutdown.” As the LM settled onto the surface, Aldrin said, “Okay. Engine stop”, then they both called out some post-landing checklist items. After a ten-second pause, Duke acknowledged the landing with, “We copy you down, Eagle.” Armstrong announced the landing to Mission Control and the world with the words, “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.” Aldrin and Armstrong celebrated with a brisk handshake and pat on the back before quickly returning to the checklist of tasks needed to ready the lunar module for liftoff from the Moon should an emergency unfold during the first moments on the lunar surface.[79][80][81] After Armstrong had confirmed touch-down, Duke re-acknowledged, and expressed the flight controllers’ anxiety: “Roger, Tranquility. We copy you on the ground. You got a bunch of guys about to turn blue. We’re breathing again. Thanks a lot.”[76] During the landing, Armstrong’s heart rate, at one point, reached 160 beats per minute, according to section 12-1 of the NASA Apollo 11 Mission Report.[82]

File:Aldrin Apollo 11.jpg

(Public domain photo.) This is here because the plastic for the helmet had come from Melville’s 1/2-hometown of Pittsfield, Mass. I’m pretty sure that’s Buzz Aldrin, the eagle has landed but I haven’t double- triple-checked that fact yet either. (Neil Armstrong.)

There was also a bit that it looked like Magnificent Desolation, a book title Aldrin later used in writing about it. I keep referring to this because, except for receiving and getting the rock samples to a lab this was definitive show that there isn’t anything there to get rich off of, the system-people started ducking their creditors and making cover-ups, going into the Godfather phase of making offers people can’t refuse, which is the modus operandi behind the system’s using me as a front for bothering people, gathering them and then betraying them with disappearances by the various means.