The System’s Prehistoric Origin The Prehistoric Origins of Our System’s Problems:

This is the basis of everything I’m trying to explain but I can’t get to it yet, trying to explain that in the early walking days of man the sun must have appeared to come up off of the ground in the distance and some early people got “OCD,” obsessive compulsive, to catch that warm light-bringer and they wouldn’t quit walking east even when it led them up into Siberia and then across Beringia into Alaska, and in all that trekking there were injuries, probably when newborns were laid down in the snow during emergencies, getting what I call “freezer burns” to certain spots and when the people finally got to some normal climate they were exhausted and fell into a pattern of using the nests of dinosaurs to sleep in and those dinosaurs would, like birds, bring food to the nests for the young and the food must have been like mashed hallucinogen-laced flowered plants and toads. The humans never got out of the nests, became parasitic on and jealous of the young of the dinosaurs, smashing the eggs so they’d get more of the hallucinogen-laced food, eventually leading to the extinction of the dinosaurs. They’d also made “games” of running the megafauna off of the Pacific and other cliffs, like that big cliff-drop that no one ever really talks about east of the Grand Canyon, the Mogollon Rim.
When they found their way back to the Old World they cliff-ran the people and went into the so-called “Trojan War” beginning of all these wars we’ve always had, and it’s just these unrecognized Paleo-American people who’d accidentally forced their way over Beringia and nature couldn’t keep them back, nature not having tangible hands. I have to quit now, and I just got this employment-assignment that starts in 2 days, good luck about this to poor little me, and I’ll try to keep filling in all of this space and time material on how we got into this real-life TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION disaster that not only are we in but they’ve been running this world-takeover scam off of using me as a gimmick all my life that I have to also try to explain, 60 years old now and hope this employment goes okay because I’ve been about penniless for ten years and most of my life so far. More later I hope. (Kathy Foshay) (post #3, 2015)

I have to try to straighten everything out, but I think the above is what I’m trying to put here and this below is when I found the file was somehow missing and I panickedly through this together:

Image result for son rise book cover autism miracle boy imagesMr. Raun: This file and most everything is a disaster for me yet because I’m totally alone with what I call everything, all of space and time and my life always falling apart out here. The little pdf above is a little more organized that I’ve been able to get whatever this is below here. Please see the MENU’s WARNING file and the the Category: the Brain Damage. I was lucky to find out about your book. It’s very nice-seeming from my brief scan of it but it’s a nearly completely different topic than any of this Revelation-writing Armageddon threats-reality everywhere that’s bringing us to the future’s total planet extinction that is what I’m alone with, so I didn’t spend much time on it, it’s just nice that people are trying to work with kids and that’s the sort of material I should be working on instead of trying to get attention to that the real-bad brain damage is running the planet, the global-system. I saw you at that New School in downtown New York in I guess it was 2004 but maybe it was 2005, something about volunteer opportunities, and I didn’t believe it was really you, from the pictures in the The Miracle Continues book. I forget the name of the little Hispanic boy, haven’t seen a copy of those books in a long time and don’t think I’ve seen the 3rd one that’s mentioned in your bibliography, by Mr. Kaufman, “Bear.” Also please note that, just learning on Monday, help us, how to do copy-pasting on these computers, I’d found some “Universe” -type photo and pasted that experimentally on the front page and thought to try to find that little Son Rise picture and then pasted that there also just for the experiment-learning how to do such the simple thing, and then I’d put it in the below that, “You Were Wrong,” Merchant of Venice, Peter Paul Rubens, etc., big file, where there’s a little mention of Mr. Kaufman’s’ perhaps being from that sort, was always my impression, and then I’d pasted it in an Autism file somewhere not too far down the blogroll, the Amazon Autists file I’m still not gotten very far with, and maybe somewhere with the excerpts from Barron’s book, “There’s a Boy In Here.” All this is to say that poor little me got dumped on literally with all the world’s difficulties and I’m writing letters since 2005 that the whole thing only comes down to childhood-Autism’s going amok, and the lost-in-the-New-World developmentally disabled people had gotten hooked on the New World’s psychotropic plants that the dinosaurs brought back to the nests as mash for the new hatchlings, the lost humans getting hooked on hallucinogens in that way and thence going to war against those baby eggs and their parent dinosaurs, is what’d happened to the planet’s main food source for ourselves and you can’t substitute people for that while denying also that it had ever occurred, and it’s all wrapped up in the brain but big top secret, that I’m alone with trying to get straightened out. If you felt safe I don’t even know how you could make a successful contact to me as my email seems to belong to the underworld, is how they’ve been riding off of me to get that old Armageddon promise-set fulfilled, there’s no description for how ridiculous it is and it’s taking the whole future extinct. Again, since 2005 I just write letters like this trying to find assistance and I never hear from anyone and the whole medical and legal and etc., field-set is all cover-up for this basic early misstep in development of an obscure group that became as Autist-warmongers, and live off of me via this horrendous “Armageddon Program” that the underworld has been running virtually all my life, I don’t know how you could get in touch with me if you wanted to but every day I try to reach anyone I can about getting a lifeline to me somehow, and you’re something of a big expert in the field that I’m talking about. I never even hear back if these “blogmails” reach anyone. Like I’d written in the email yesterday, try to get a reply on that just to let me hear if that was received, without necessarily mentioning the blogsite. And I’m trying to get to Massachusetts as soon as my first social security check arrives because I’d just turned 62, so maybe from there I could contact you again or if you feel safe you could try it, but this would be alot of reading material if you were interested in working with my material at all, the real universe rescue attempt part of all this situation. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay — below is some disorganized attempt to touch bases on all the subjects:

I found this thing or a copy of it. It had been in the top left-hard corner of the MENU all along and then that day that the whole MENU had disappeared it had shifted to the bottom, footer, Menu-area, but I found it as post #3 just now and will try to retype it up here soon, as it’s the mainstay of all that I’m trying to get across about, that making that too-early trip across Beringia, forcing their way against nature, had led to severe brain damage that we’ve all got to different degrees now, but the black hair is like a sign that the brain underneath has been bruised, and everyone’s assiduously ignoring that because the brain damage is Autism-psychopathy and while longlost in the New World after forcing their way over Beringia they’d camped in dinosaur nests and got dependent on the hallucinogen-laced baby mash the adults brought back to the nests for the hatchlings, and millennia later, after invading the Old World, they didn’t have the New World psychotropics anymore and took to eating brain in place of the various kinds of plants they weren’t supposed to have gotten at, so that they’ve developed this global-system as their decapitation-system for their procurement of the hallucinogens they’d been too premature to be getting to but had, in futile pursuit of catching the sun before it seems to rise up off of the ground in the mornings, that nature couldn’t explain that it doesn’t work that way, the earth and the sun don’t actually ever be together, don’t touch, you can’t get to the sun from here, so they did that space-race off of turning humans to petroleum-gasoline-rocket fuel and, same as the cover-up about the obvious black hair, they’ve covered up that the space-race had been their pursuit of mining-riches, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds hadn’t worked out, stars aren’t diamonds, the moon isn’t silver or cheese they could eat, just forget it and — just quit bothering other people but the black hair is from the developmental disability of the damage to the brain and they can’t do that full range of thinking, so they’re parasites all over Kathy Foshay’s whole life, I’m always in this “emergency” and then the double-emergency of that I’d grown up with all these strangers called “family” and they were mostly criminally-insane passing for normal various system-approved types and now there’s this whole industry of them like weapons along with the rest of the system-types against me just attempting to have my own life where I could do Shareware-style or anything explaining about that the Autists had done this book of Revelation and it’s been being played-out off of bothering me, as though I’m the character in that Chapter 12 therein, as though it’s okay to suck and use my life for getting those prophecy-threats done for what only turn out to be developmentally disabled and psychopathic hallucinogen-dependent stranger-invaders who won’t quit suck-bothering other people.

— I’m finally getting caught up and look for the most-important file on the Autism and it’s gone so I look similarly for the gist of the French Connection problem file and it also is gone. I don’t know what else might be missing, it’s terribly upsetting to be totally alone and find these horrors, and that’s on top of that I’m totally alone with the real end of the real end that these system-goons are enjoying. I’m going to try to re-create those and whatever other files are missing but I’d noticed they’d put some junky-stuff in the prominent positions, and I haven’t yet figured out how to move the file-positions around, that it’s just been haphazard except it’d seemed nice that WordPress had put the Prehistoric Origin file so easily in sight, then I messed around, but it’s these goons, that I’m how they’ve been sneak-pulling off that “crap” that’s at the back of the Bibles. It’s all of space and time that I’m alone with trying to explain against this system of “lies and doo-doo,” and it appears I’ve got goons subtly sabotaging the good files and subbing the odd-sounding ones to prominence, sabotaging the whole real business.

These paragraph-spaces take up too much room as I have to explain alot in a little space that strangers would give attention to me in. There are 2 main subjects:

1- The system comes from an obscure people with what I call Prehistoric-descended Autism Psychopathy with dependence on hallucinogens from other people, the physical brains of ourselves they “eat” or “run” into their veins and stay high and that’s what our system is dictated from.

2- Little me got “Brave New World” trick-put into a bizarre Bronx household, told that strangers were my family and they turn out to be that sort of system-approved hallucinogen-dependent types, that I’d unknowingly grown up surrounded by people high on other people’s brains and body-meat for food, and the whole petroleum/oil aspect of this global-system we’re in. That sort of people may be largely where ruining my work on this blogsite is largely from, I haven’t any real idea, like when I’d gotten hit by a car nearly 2 years ago, that everything is anonymous and I don’t know the “prime-mover” behind doing that to me but the fraud-family might have been the most of that and was certainly largely involved in that whole sort of a massacre onto me, and therefore rippling out to all the normal world. I have alot to try to straighten out in this blogsite and only get a little bit of time on computer because the system despises me, is how they do the Armageddon-making off of me back to most of my life but especially since 1992-93 and then most of this millennium here in Washington. 7/3117, k. foshay, trying to get the Beringia picture into this because it’s big to the Prehistory-situation that caused the brain damage that caused the Autism and the brain-eating and all the murder-love.

8/1/17, continued. I have alot to catch up on, not sure what’s missing and changed around to make all this look like it’s just gobbledy-gook I’m writing and trying to get assistance about, everything is really really really bad, the system, it’s just that “lies and doo-doo” by brain-damaged brain-eaters and whatever these “generational-slaves” are. Today I’m starting to consider that it’s simply that the Autists, like the little Ghent Altarpiece Pilgrim-boy that’s connected to the Flemish Charles the Bold time-and-place, had, while brain-eating, discovered that ejaculating onto/into dead bodies could “grow” people, and that however it happened they got that other people to as go into business in growing people, — and the concept likely comes from the guilt-complex from having killed the Old World peoples by “wild Indian”-style cliff-running, cliff-pushing, bulldozing people off of cliffs because normal people can’t conceive that someone would really “behave” like that and we’re always taken unaware, “like taking candy from a baby” they’ve been clearing the Earth of “the others” who aren’t their family-tribe, and they got connected to this kind “Merchant of Venice” and went into business growing and selling people for food and drugs and petroleum-making.

I have no idea what of all what I’ve been repeating since 2005 is apparent to any reader of this that could nearly fit into one standard long-winded sentence, that some group of “spoiled” early humans had also wanted to “catch” the sun-ball like when it seems to lift off of the ground in the mornings, catch it before it gets too high in the sky, and nature couldn’t explain to them that life doesn’t work that way and they would’t cease and desist in efforts to reach the sun and walked north and east over Beringia and eventually newborns had been laid down in the snow and developed “freeze burns” through the skull and into the brain-matter. A few months ago, in May maybe, I finally noticed this “Sylvian fissure” in our brains and it’s probably the main scar from those freezer-burn “holes'” healing. There was alot of severed-circuit brain-damage and they go round and round in circles without getting far in thought-production, sort of like wake up, eat, get high, have sex, be entertained and sleep and wake up and eat or get high, some variation there probably of which comes first most days or in general, they do the same patters, waking and getting high and eating and going head-hunting and getting high and eating and in general being entertained. And this system, this is barely describable, that they seem to constantly “live-work” as being ejaculators for the people-growing for the cannibalism-system. Nobody requires any specialists in that, in ejaculating. They were “mentially-ill, mentally-retarded” invaders that everyone ran from, they couldn’t get the females well enough and so now they have their own ejaculation-system and females who don’t have any choice because nothing else is allowed. This is just always disgusting around me, that I’ve been at the bottom of how this system is doing its takeover since that “French Connection”  that had actually ended in the Bronx, in 1962, when I was 6 years old, and that fraud-parent had been in with the Autists. Let me include the 1962 photo I mostly use for trying to describe this, that I’d only just found in 2014:

img 20170712 180851

img 20170704 090239

In this one I’d added all those

copies of the face that I guess now belongs to one of the fraud-parent’s actual “offspring-descendant/bio-offspring,” sort of getting carried away and making that collage in 2014 in an effort to describe how I’ve been inundated out here with seeing that guy’s face all over, only in 2014 realizing he’d always been involved in the underground-narcotics of the secret “brain-eating” and skull-cracking, and I’ve been in this “Armageddon Program/Show” secret way they’ve been getting all the “other people” or “normals” disappeared for this takeover that’s now everywhere. They buy everyone off like in that “Godfather” set of films, that nobody can refuse the underworld. But it comes from these “Autists” who’d gotten the (secret) brain-damage from the Prehistory error of forcing their way over Beringia, then in the New World they’d, I figure, camped in dinosaur nests and eaten the dinosaur babies’ hallucinogen-laced baby mash food the dinosaurs brought back to the nests for the young, and they never felt like getting out and started breaking the dinosaur eggs so that eventually there weren’t anymore young as competition for the food but the food for the whole planet had gone extinct so the Autists have gone into the cannibalism by growing people to fill all their needs.