Disputation St. Catherine

11/27, from Wikimedia Commons, Pinturicchio’s The Disputation of St. Catherine, painted on the Borgia Apartment walls in the Vatican, circa when Alexander VI started as pope there, in 1492, the main figure figured to be his daughter Lucrezia. I’m sticking it here real quick because it’s a public domain copy due to its age as opposed to the close-up that I’ve used where I have to track down that book I’d gotten it from way across town now I think:

File:Pinturicchio - St Catherine's Disputation - WGA17820.jpg

From a book called The Artist, the Philosopher, the Soldier, approximately.

but I’m thinking Lucrezia looks like or brings to my mind Juan Ponce de Leon, and to coordinate the dates of their lives isn’t easy for me and I have to sign off right now too, but I’m wondering if with the new “fountain of youth” made from disembodied ovaries if Lucrezia and Juan weren’t close-related biologically.


File:The Dispute between St Catherine of Alexandria and the Philosophers 1775.jpg

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The Dispute between St Catherine of Alexandria and the Philosophers, by Johann Lucas Kracker1775.




2004 book by john freely about jem, in that big white turban, and it seems he might have died in the vatican in 1495 by the borgia pope’s poisoning him, the body returned to constantinople in 1499, but he’d been in exile because when mehmet died in 1481 he and brother beyezet had fought for a year and jem had lost and gone into exile and it was lousy in france and then the vatican, sort of a pawn/prisoner he’d become and an alcoholic, writing poems and playing chess with his pet monkey. the duke of ferrara was active at the same period.

beyazit etc. knights of st. john

google books maybe has an all different look at the books that they call snippets, i can’t figure it out. you search and they show about four lines where in this case ferrara is requested. a snipped mentions that the duke of ferrara and cardinal giuliano della rovere and then lodovico il moro the regent of milan all greeted charles viii it looks like

beyazit paid 40000 gold ducats per year for jem’s room and board

hero3a dot com slash=/2012/12/jem-sultan-by-john-freely/

hero 3rd age com is all on turkey= check

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