Dianne Feinstein, 1933 SF –

ck documentary, 1998, a hole in the head, abt trepanning fad or some such, directed by eli kabillio


medium dot com slash stanford-magazine/dianne-feinstein-profile-4e42c215c227

Bertram Feinstein’s (1914 Winnipeg – April 15, 1978 sf) brother = dr. george l.

. newspapers dot com slash clip/24196435/bertram_feinstein_hubby/

last year someone (messineo708) clip-donated this from feb 8 1979, sf sunday examiner and chronicle, california living page 7, by gerald adams, photography from orvis it looks like/Fran Ortiz maybe, called In Dianne’s Life, that she was then the president of the board of supervisors, 36yo, and her husband was 55, the photo showing him in an operating room, controlling a pt’s arm movement by electrodes to her brain. associate chief of surgery at mt. zion hospital.

rbt mendelsohn is a family friend and a colleague on the board of supervisors.

mt zion’s neurological inst, colleague grant lewis, burton wise (this is difficult print to try to read) benjamin liber, w. watson alberts, elwood w. wright jr., gerhardt von benin/bonin? bomin, a neuroanatomist

stereotaxic surgery

arm electronically moved by the person in the control room; surgery by remote control, electrode implants bk to the room, … and it says it’s continued on the next page that isn’t in this clipping, but this is what I was suspecting, that there was something peculiar about Dr. Feinstein, and in retrospect that she was parallel to my being there and then in washington this millennium. These retarded animals are all over me, designing “shows” around whatever I might be trying to do each day, etc.

jwa dot org slash encyclopedia slash article slash feinstein-dianne

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