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lettter to Pres. Obama_ 2009.pdf

with the little Pilgrim’s detail-picture in there the text reads:

President Obama, Office of the President, The White House, (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW,) Washington, DC (20050?) May 14, 2009 (not mailed till August 19th because I really had no postage and couldn’t walk to the only place they’d accept hand-delivery,) Dear President Obama,

(arrow left) This genotype invented the global-system and is going to take us to TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION because they want the planet for themselves and that is an idiotic idea they won’t let go of. With two kinds of boyfriends they learned to mass-reproduce themselves by getting ovaries. They wrote this millennial “Revelation-entertainment” LURE that I’m at the bottom of. The whole anthropophagy-system was for their ulterior motive of this Plan. They invent-created the Rockefeller dynasty and royalty families all to tie up the earth for themselves and kept people brainwashed in dungeons to turn out descended-brains that would be easily manipulated and useful to this Plan. World war number three is designed to get rid of their allies after this LURE has gotten rid of the “remnant” of normal brains.

I can describe the system from three different ways:

1- chronologically from the wrong turn to go east over Beringia prehistorically,

2- from that 14332 van Eyck polyptych and the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela,

3- from the 1987-89 “incident” problem to Ms. Brawley in New York.

I need a sober responsible autonomous adult to all over Washington and mentally-merge the contents and tell me what more they need explained. Nothing the system says is true because they’ve been covering up for confusion since the wrong turn and the joke is that it’s, I’m, not a joke but how a small brain-damaged people slip the world’s most-publicized mass-murder Plan through. Memorial Day weekend is the worst invisible-torture time for me as they have the tourist season opened with regular and transient crews to entrap me for their LURE-uses. Now that I have preponderance of and irrefutable evidence of my assurances I will try again to communicate with this F.B.I. office on 4th Street, N.W>, and I’ll try to hand-deliver some background-material to the U.S. Marshals Service in attempt to get some witness-protection as I know that these system pyramid-tops are going to gratuitously throw eternity away for everyone and all evolved biology merely to cover up some personal problems of their own and blame nature for their injuries rather than taking personal responsibility and modernly allowing them to be fixed before their Plan finishes us all off. Respectfully, Kathleen J. Foshay

#189, lettter to Pres. Obama 2014 for 2009 Pilgrim picture example

lettter to Pres. Obama_ 2009.pdf, this is the Pilgrim little picture that I’d taken from the original letter below.