“lingo wingo dingo” I call the system-speak, and I have a difficulty with this about speculating that the one group of the system-people might come from prehistoric Japan, that I think they were the Jomon culture but I mistakenly refer to them routinely as being the Ainu people, who maybe were the “original Babars,” the terminology difficult because I’m just talking to myself without any back and forth foundation for anything. There are alot of words I try to detour around using and that makes too much “verbiage” instead of clear words but it’s part of being just like floating or sinking in quicksand. Big trouble words are:




and I’ll try to bring such to this file and maybe get somewhere with it one of these days.

and “nonstop” I’ve been hesitating to use anymore, where I’d always described this as being 24/7 nonstop invisible-torture.

“research,” they think means it’s about hunting someone to be food.

August 8, 2019; and it’s the same with the use of punctuation question marks and I can’t guess all what else.