Cellphone sends to be sorted

Oct 13, the screen went nuts like tt file was too long. He said the bread was 25 cents or a small loaf for 13 cents and I picked the 13 cent one for the more change left over for me. That is likely to have caused the dog bark-attack and lifetime of this subsequent horror, the whole sendg me to the store w the dollar a sabotage set-up, really, ms. foshay seemg to always be playg “tricks” back then.Oct. 14, Monday, Columbus’ day I didn’t think WD be gd for forayg and I was barely able to get out of here, then, tryg to lk into tt shelter I was able to check them on the social “f” media and then somehow make it into my own file/acct there, find something “You may know some of these people” or notifications, and somehow in there was my fraud-sibling’s name and I clicked it and there’s a file, like w the new grandbaby’s picture, and I paged down to like 2010 and a note says she was gg to visit mandi in Tucson. I went bk to my file and tried to — maybe this came first, a little mixed, tt I can’t type+in any keys, to update my phone number first but then later I ntcd tt the mouse worked but not any keyboard input, logged out but I can’t type in Universe Rescue either so I logged off and decided to just log into the terminal to double check and it was just normal again. I went bk to the socmed abt tt shelter and then tried to retrace how’d come a cross the fraud-sibling’s name and when I found it I mistakenly clicked to accept the friend request and instead it sent a friend request to tt file. I know she didn’t hv one w tt name in 2010, but maybe she’d changed the name, but it’s weird, where for instance the photos of me I’d uploaded by this cellphone and seen then uploaded aren’t there, but I can’t check now BC there isn’t the internet now/right now. While I was DG tt there’s some new stereotype around tt my be connected to the “magically” nonworking keyboard. Then there’s a big “trip” where the fraud-sibling’s doesn’t really look recognizably like herself, and she looks like the same difference in the photo tt came up to the fraud-cousin Dawn’s name; I’d thought maybe Dawn had been identity replaced. The 2 “new” looks look like the same type of difference maybe. it puts me thinkg tt maybe they go underground to deliver breast milk and tt’s how they got the similar totally different from themselves looks, but I came bk here and can’t check it till I get more time in a library and tomorrow I hv to take a bus up to tt shelter’s address, not any answer to the telephone number last year or now the same.
10/17, Thursday, tt one’s led by a church led by a Samuel Samuel-type! Now tomorrow I have to try another one — finally, the weather forecast, = back to normal and all weekend, sunny. I was really suffering and didn’t know if’d still be cold tomorrow morning for leaving early to try to do tt. I was so messed up by the ltl trip on Tuesday tt yesterday I can’t do anything but grocery shop — something happened yesterday TT I’m supposed to mention-write up abt and I can’t recall what it is, just a bombardment of one thing and its interconnections after another. I that I already had to jot abt tt “Louie” the grocery guy bs and then there was yet some other subject and then this “npr” business came up this morning,… Leaving here w the Louie bs already delayed I barely got out of here around one pm and — now I recall… typical boring jew-torture of me but relevant.
= Add, incident at the Kroger. it’s too tedious to bother with this 1-finger typing but it’s also real life-threat I must type, how retarded this Armageddon off of me is. Then they pulled my urine out abt half a block from here in the way back, then there was a story on the radio abt Brooklyn Hasid’s during a parade through boropark so., then I left the radio on, 4th night I think, w tricks each previous night, and I roused/was roused, and heard the usual talkshow sounds but it seemed like a voice had a little slight impediment like it seemed Mel Weinberg, Abscam, had had when I was able to watch tt 1981 60 Minutes interview with Mike Wallace in some unnamed I think bar somewhere. I’ll have to re-skim tt Con Men chapter on it again but I can only barely get anything done still so far and the cold’s gg to be intolerable. I that, how can he HV tt same impediment, or type if voice, as Weinberg, and maybe it comes from Samuel Samuel, was a trait he’d had and it’s passed down as a signifier. Then I attached the whole thing to the whole npr and the pieces seem to fall into (tt) place, like, Nasty-Nasi’s Nationals, Natl public radio, Natl Kathy-haters, etc. Then I’m trying to recall — 7th to 6th on Mass. Avenue? the exact streets they’d been and moved to, was tt the old Smithsonian bldg on north capitol or just near there, to (thence) what’s become of their old space, all new construction all over and under the areas while I was there, the power-pullers.
so I started this because I had to hear the weather before sleeping bc I can’t stand a cold morning but it’s Friday and I HV to ck the last 2 possibilities, only able to make one trip at a time though BC of not knowing the toilet situations, can’t trust to take chances. Yesterday I didn’t HV to piss BC they’d forced me to use kroger’s’ but these monsters are always dg a “show,” …. Seemed real full of hate for me/my type/color, yesterday. The weather had bn fine, and then they did some decapitation horror silent screen scene, then I’d done to Stanaker branch and then Church’s fried chicken — then I think it’d rained during the early morning and then it was cold and cloudy through to a little sun started this afternoon. Then things will be normal but death-world is waiting to lunge, for real, not any anthropomorphizing. I heard someone called an anthrozoologist instead if anthropozoologist. I miss BG able to hear the news and talk but tt “public radio” must be misleading. it was like not any difference from 1995-2000 when I’d listened to it alot, ghost-prisoner on the floor, to now. Riskg censure for opinion, it seems obvious in retrospective tt they’re “inferno-culture” or -people, with normals or innocents sprinkled to cover, that they’re busy in tt paradigm and not anything good to do with what I think reality is like. Secret-nepotism culture.
Then I switched to the listeners supported station I hadn’t been able to hear BC they were always DG the pledge-drive and there was a normal-type mix of other things and my mind got bent to figuring contactg them and the guy sd tt to all the non-supporters listening Damn you! and so I don’t really want any part of tt sttn either now! There’s only some few choices on a.m. He’d just done an odd scene tt I can’t figure it was real or scripted, where his partner had said tt once you support the sttn you’ll never listen to it again and he’d had intervened so tt she repeated it TT you”ll never listen to it the same way agn.Maybe 2 minutes later he SD tt damn, tt it seemed maybe too coincidental to not be some routine, talk abt saying something all wrong….
19 Oct. Some peculiar business on the “s.m.,” as I try to non-çontroversially refer to the social media main one, the fb. I’d come across something I’d mistaken for BG a friend-request from the fraud-sibling and I clicked-on and it sent a fruend-request to her, abt 4 days ago, maybe last Tuesday. This morning now I got a cellphone Message with a Facebook link tt I can’t see till I finally made it to the library, turned on the cellphone and then clicked it from their wifi, and then it was some uncharacteristic and scary-seeming thing so tt I’d had to call the s
m. up on the library terminal where then instead there was like a relative flood of odds and ends sent as messages or what, w the scary-type vigilante-like warn-threat style one referred to but I didn’t see it again, like a convoluted-Nasi type trick direction to HV the pawn send tt in hope of agitsting-up some violence-script onto real life off of poor ltl me out here all alone and unknown, pawn-pawn. Then there was some segue into “the fraud-niece” since I’ll be trying to send these to the blog soon and shouldn’t use her real name, 39 years tomorrow she’ll be. This segue is TT she’s married and maybe they’re living w the fraud-sister, who’s probably married, and the other niece not too far away. Separately I’d then tried to look up cousin Dawn and this time there were “messages” tt she’d died….In 2015 I that she’d bn identity-thefted, maybe holocausted and replaced, tt the photo didn’t match the girl I’d known but now tt’s similar to the ones for the fraud-sibling, like a same paradigm or trick or whatever, and Dawn lives in Florida! so I that I’d try the s.m. file for her again and now it has “posts” mourning her passing…. In 2015 I never got the chance to inquire or it was ignored when I did ask the Jew’s delight fraud-cousine about Dawn, didn’t then get the chance to inquire abt tt photograph tt lkd nothing like Dawn. Dawn and her brother were adopted by the Foshay tt I’m thinkg mt HV bn a sibling of Mel Weinberg, Abscam. I used to see what I figured were lookalikes of her brother quite a bit but it seemed I’d see him like crossing my path when there was the pornography “show” LURE being done, it got real creepy and when it dawned in me tt tt my be Mark and not a lookalike then I never saw him again.
So, I’d mailed like 3 cards in one for the “fraud-niece’s” 39th and then this peculiar thing with spotting the fraud-sibling’s name in this list of strangers I’ve always only gotten from the s.m. tt resulted in this deluge — and when I got on the bus this morning “they,” this Armageddon Program, had the little girl tt lks like the fraud-niece as a kid on the bus near where I like to sit. An ova from the girl. Then the one photo tt showed her face lkd like she’d lkd, maybe the response to my “daring” card-writing for her to get in touch with me BC I’m curious what she lks like. My fraud-sibling is scary and WD recall the curiosity killed the cat phrase and i’– screen berserk again


Oct. 4, 2019, Fridày 9pm, the jew and the LURE dog-animals are gg to start molestg me as soon as I lay down to try to sleep, causing me to automatically think tt I wish they were all dead over and over….11 Oct., 10a, another weekend to destroy for the LURE-parasites. This’s internet went on last weekend and off this morning There’s an unexpected thunderstorm and I can’t ck the weather to see if I’ll be able to get to a library, that w the free bus transfer maybe the stanaker is less bad than this closer branch I’d been trying to figure. yesterday I had all this gibbledy-gook in my head and ready to try huntg and peckg it out but by the time I got back here and settled it was too late to try sttg in on it. w the rain now and not any search-engine I shd try to give the same a try now. I think there were 3 parts to it.
It comes from that I found a copy, somehow, of the 1981 60 Minutes news show interview of Abscam’s Mel Weinberg by Mike Wallace (b. 1918 I think.) I’d also read the chapter on it at the library but don’t recall any reason for doing the interview in a bar’s being given in either. They sat right at the bar, not at a table in one. I don’t know where the bar was/is, either, had just felt lucky to find a copy bc CBS costs six dollars a month, some free trial deal I’d actually gone ahead and agreed to but then got turned down for, and I don’t think i’d found this on the You Tube either but then somewhere’d had it so I’d watched anxious tt it my disappear from BG able to see the whole thing, my usual nervous state. The rain seems over with now and if my tortoise-like self doesn’t get dressed now I’ll be late for doing this w the 9 or 10 fingers instead of just this 1.
11:30a, it turned into (the) choreographed weather-drama. Someone as bad off as me hasn’t any business foraying out without knowing the forecast, plus it’s a cold and nasty skin-feel, is why. I could re-write tt instead of showing mt slow think-process out. I’ve bn caught in so much rain and wind this year tt it’s like a malevolent dare affect to this. Before tt I was thinking I could put on my tights to keep my legs warm enough to brave it. It isn’t gg to warm up BC the sun’s unlikely till maybe 5p — only bc the weather forecast is off. — Hard to believe but no one can or dies just look it up for over the telephone. I could try the Radio app on this cellphone. — 1st thing I heard was talk about the weather but it wasn’t a news forecast, I can’t find any news station or report. There’s only one “classic rock” station and I seem stuck w hoping to find out when they do news/weather bc tt other sttn’s dg a pledge drive, world of pledge drives. Oddly, I can use both tt and this app, but the cold is unnerving, the rain delayed for days, me figuring the rain would start off the temperature change and this is lousy, and I’ll feel worse if it turns pleasant after all after I’ve lost this day too. Then it’s likely the Ginsberg-diablos wanted me to find the Radio app so they can start bossing those stations around.
1:45p, there’s the sun now, starting to peek w blue sky bits, would have been great to have gotten to the library, just opened at 1p and would be a lovely leaving there at 5, but if I’d gone out the weather might have targeted me, get me rained on, into the cold library and then no sun at 5p, a whole standard drsaster I never know when I’ll be ambushed by.
2:25, 25 seconds of weather report, stay cold today, tomorrow 73, Sunday 80 degrees. Last week’s been all nineties, and this is the sudden for me beginning of the killing winter, not any single positive thing in my life. Is it scarier to still be here or to be anywhere else. At least I know for today.
midnight; 54 degrees and the s***+show is killing me.
12 Oct, 10am, the parasites have maliciously become unbearable when I’m then on the toilet and can’t try to scratch or bat them away from the sides of my head. — turng in the radio spp now I’m hearing this abt “Turkey” invading… hallucino-“trendg” for abt me.
Oct. 13, 10a, a big factor in this desire to move out of this room-situation is that it’s window faces west and it’s too cold till about 1pm, in the winter and as with yesterday and today, where I just don’t want to get out of bed, and I already did all these survival-here things last year and am too exhausted to go through the same things again this year. I found one more shelters possibility and will telephone in hope tt they hv a vcmail message in about 3 hours or so, me in such unreal bad shape for any any form of assistance/human-style contact. I usually go out on Sundays but suspect I’ll be too “lazy” to make it out, my hopes now only on this new possible place for me, everything else just horrible. I don’t have anything else to do, it being too cold for much besides trying to go back to sleep. I’d had a teeny progress w trying to reduce this paperwork so’ll likely try to start tt agn. I’d bought a cooked chicken yesterday but it’s bag fell open and messed up how it should be unpackaged so I have to get it done properly before I can go out, which is like a big project of soup-preparing it before being able to leave it here like it is now. big boredom. and not sunshine yet, and I’d heard something abt rain maybe tomorrow. 11a, now some sun. I can’t bl I can’t figure anything I can do. it’s too early to shower and then’d be coming bk to this cold room.
Besides the Turkey bs there was a murder/double shooting at Sierra Vista’s Transit Center that’s pretty obviously connected to this, one of the involved’s last name being Normand, like my Army friend’s, and then the computer time was up. Also then makes it seem the Sikh deputy here might be somehow this trendg-way connected. Sandeep Dahliwal, hallucino-trending terrorism. — I requested a copy of tt Receptor book by the same Limitless Alan Glynn author, long wait of 10 days or 2 weeks now, nothing to look forward to gg on otherwise, drudge work of trying to catch up with tt satanism-petroleum bs and the odds and ends since then. I’m trying to figure where mike Wallace, and David Rockefeller, had come from. There’s some big lie in that Detroit Industry murals set around tt figure tt lks like Junior Rockefeller but is called ML Bricks but is Mead Bricker, d. 1964. Maybe Bricker was Rivera’s type….
12:30p, really nice outside now, tt it’s nearly always healthier for me to leave here, get out into the big air. I’m starting to move around a ltl bit, shd be pleasant abt 2pm. I HV to clear this table in order to try doing paper-lessening. — speaking of Turkey, this rent-clerk here seems to hv gotten a chihuahua, like the province east if sierra vista’s Sonora…. I realize I’m DG it wrong by obsessing on the only egg in my basket of possibilities, like good things happen when you’re busy, not when you’re brooding, but I’ll give the telephone-attempt till around 2 to give ‘them” time for Sunday lunch. The system must have been the same “ours-only” and hunting pattern/s about the telephone as with now’s computers. — “M.L.Bricke”= milliliter brick = “ice,” = brain-chemical “harvesting,” I’m sure of it, just not why the face was changed. It’s what they’re doing here under me, and that Broadway/Manchester health clinic, the rituals of burying those big translucent plastic containers, brick-stack -looking things. SS had given me a ms. bricher clerk. not too different from — winemaking in tt I can’t figure how they do it for those quantities, sin to compare but similar infeasibility. tt’s what the mural-set’s about. Then there’s another portrait tt’s dubious attributn too, and TT abt the mechanical-looking dog. Rivera is mentioned on p.153 of the “Limitless” novel. — there wasn’t any answer when I’d called this place from the hospital last year, and their website doesn’t work. — Now there wasn’t even a telephone ring, nothing.
The fraud-parent’s peculiar looks my (even) come from Rivera but I don’t recall much drawing or any paintg. His Katonah-brother might HV come from Brumidi, and liked to do paint by number paintg. The fraud-parent’s work in Signals might have involved some drawing schematics. Seems he”d used graph paper alot. i can’t think of much useful to do with myself, can’t BL how bad-off this bg stranded here is.
11p, can’t bl what bad shape I’ll be in tomorrow. it’ll be rainy plus it’s tt Columbus day so I don’t feel like foraying abt these few shelter places also, tt I figure I’ll only try to get to the ususal not too late, them not opening till noon, me not able to stay till 8 anymore. — never tht of it before but I guess the 2 stores on Longfellow Avenue had been real important. I somehow think tt paying money negates a personal relation — then agn ms. foshay, fraud-mom, who had said we were like adopted strangers, did send me to buy grocery items on credit, from Louie, a staircase-#1 type I’ve never given a tht to. the other store then was the candy store, probably cigarettes too, and the coke/Pepsi etc. store. there I guess the guy was the tall curly black-haired stereotype type, me only noticing him once but thinking abt it BC one of those black dogs I think it was had scared me in the doorway there one day. so I never tht of those 2 guys till this morning, tt they my hv had roles in all this personal horror, as there’s a staircase#1 type like at the head if this street all the time and come to think of it the guys opposite at tt Vasquez windshield place are tt other stereotype, which had conspicuously come up in 1999 too…. From 1960 Longfellow Avenue to 2019 here and now, same type stores at the head of the street I’m in, the staircase one likely the same as w tt cabbage patch doll effigy outside where then the dig bit me now, same 2 stereotypes and likely as though tt’s some hallucino-world significance. I’d think I owed him some candy money. one time ms. foshay gave me say a dollar to go buy milk and bread and said I CD keep the change for candy and Louie said the bread was say 25 and 13 ce—


New thing, copied from the cellphone files instead of gmailed to here:

10/20/19, Sunday, woke w this bad tht tt the similarity btwn the 2 fraud-family s.m. photographs is/mt be tt they’re of “offspring-descendants” made with repro-matter from what I call the staircase #1 stereotype, tt the underworld has set them up to perform-act the front of BG the underworld/real world #1 leaders, as a hoax by which the Armageddon/world+takeover’s bn BG perpetrated. That fluorescent paintg of rabbi loew and the golem, maybe the golem’s face lks like one of them. Napoleon II Plon-Plon is the oldest one I can think of, and oc (of course) tt Matejko paintg of Jadwiga. Then I stayed awake BC I think it’d be gd to take the bus ride out to where tt other possibility is, — $70 a week for a cot with a black church, but it seems like the world has become like a sneaky murder free-for-all and therefore dumb to move to a strange anywhere around this energy capital. They’ve got 2 of the characters yakking loudly like they’re still high from last night, performg outside the window but luckily it’s indistinct BC of the combinatn of the fan and the radio. I don’t like to go out on Sunday mornings but by the time I got there and found the bus stop bk the other way to downtown agn the library’s already HV opened at 1pm so I’ll HV to make the effort to leave here now.

9a.m., jew, turn the parasites off, turn off the act outside this window, please.
7pm, the day wasn’t too bad but these things on my head seem desirous of making any kind of trouble whatsoever, like they had a guy go into a whirly abt the cia right near me, just anything for controversy, and then there was another weird-scary s.m. “link from” then the fraud-siblinh’s name but this seems like a ginsberg-fraud-cousine LURE-scam trick anymore, maybe directing this hoax to be played, etc. Then I’d pit together tt tt Louie grocery store trick’d bn used to curse me tt I can’t be trusted w money and during the army was the only time I’ve ever had any. Rosalie deckert must’ve bn teachg ms. foshay all tt weird crap to get me cursed so they’d always HV victim-meat (and “drugs” thereby BG the main “point,”) off of my ovae.
9:20p, the animals woke me after 1/2 an he’s sleep and are hysteria-molestg me now. naturally I wish I CD kill them, it BG Sunday not and I therefore realize they’re gg to be DG murder-LURE off of my lack of sleep and all this pain to my skull. I hate you garbages, get off of me.
10:15, I got a note written to mail asking abt the motel in sv’s rates. I’d taken the bus north to see where tt life center is and I think they’d had a katonah-foshay-type, like Mel Weinberg, posed out front but I hadn’t gotten off the bus, just trying to figure food and library logistics. then I got off the bus at the main library and the signs abt the 3rd floors BG closed aren’t there, maybe’d gone while I was gone all September, but the atmosphere scared me from trying to check on the book I want to check something in, maybe 2 of them on tt floor, so I’d just looked at the Cybill Shepherd, and can write tt note too now maybe, and then used a computer, and TT cleared my head a bit except I hadn’t even found today’s list of things to do. I recalled to try to dump, email to the blog, all these drafts to get rid of them from the cellphone, but then they’re still taking up the same amount of room under Sent instead of Draft files anyway now… — I can’t figure the envelopes on a note to HarperCollins for trying to reach her by, like would HV to buy one bc’m tired of tt cursed envelopes note and can’t use it for askg then to forward a ltl-sized new envelop to her, don’t want to sound especially weird, WD like to get a little note, but every time I go to the p.o.– the last time the clerk put food in her mouth and then scratched her armpit before handg me bk tt “triple-card” I’d had to check the weight on before mailing it, so they’ll just do something creepy when I try to buy one #10 stamped enceope tt I CD then put the ltl envelope into, unless I CD think of some other way of warbg abt tt slug-pneumonia curse BC tt is how these hallucinogen in ala HV bn making kill-excuses, just anything off of me, tt I can’t trust to use those, these “Ginsbergs” WD spread tt bio-killer. — I don’t even know if tt ginsberg-ira levin stereotype at the Ring library the other day is with tt place or had come from doing this torture to me and had gone up there to create a silent screen false image tt I “work” with this world’s most torture onto myself! There was a peculiar feeling abt them when I was in the hospital p (after) the dogbite, like a b.s. job connected to tt at the baystate hospital in Springfield, mass. — i’.m supposed to be focusg on jess today and keep havg the feelg tt tt odd photo of “mf” is somehow really jess….
21 Oct. these ginsberg-leeches are killg me, 10;30a.m.
5:30pm, all this invisibles torture is gg on and I just lost my last pen so I can’t make notes as self-defense so am trying this against all this viciousness-ambush, one mise en place/scene after another all day — now the errand monthly trip to the VA pharmacy…
10/23, Wed., 10p, horrified tt there’s bn not any improvement and winter’s hovering. they my be DG a “magic” trick of keeping a freezer under me in the mornings, as I’m sure they’d followed me around w in NY as a hatred or sado- heehaw. This room doesn’t get any sunshine till p 1pm and it’s really uncomfortable each morning and will soon be a problem of conscience over turning on the room heater just so I can eat a breakfast, get dressed and get out of here instead of this feeling frozen and unable to move b.s. Then the peculiar situation with getting sent these “links” tt don’t seem to HV anything to do with anything with me from this “fraud-sibling foshay,” and never anything personal or useful or real-seeming, but the devil-jew knows how bad I’d like contact with the fraud-niece so I’d suffer through this but am real suspicious of what it’s “ritually” for, what the bum-system under the brain-eaters is really DG, is pursuing this whole LURE-use of me, quest to do tt off of me regardless of all else, w lots of those fraud-parent types around again. it’s as though when I didn’t use the address they went into this passg and askg fraud-sibling for money and when tt didn’t work they’ve launched into somehow ambushg via the social media by all these peculiar photos and allusions but not any normal English to me.
10/24, toilet-face terror, thus Ginsberg a monster lounging on my left shoulder, glancg over at some offhand thought I’d had, feces-monster die.
7:30pm, now I hv to lk at the mail, 2 pcs., I’d had to go pick up at the VA, setting this cellphone to myself up in lieu of human company. The parasites are all over me inside and out so bad I’m (also) afraid to set up the radio, which I require for tomorrow’s weather forecast. I actually did find 2 numbers for tt over the telephone, Natl weather service and some company called telecompute or some such. I want to go ck tt other shelter possibility, hv to.
— Just sort of like standard junk mail the system can generate for an ulterior motive if they want and it’s caused me a relatively huge amount of difficulty bc I went from picking up the mail to the pharmacy to pick up the monthly med. and it wasn’t there and I really didn’t bl tt cd be possible and the clerk sttd blaring at me, the new prescribing doctor’s name bg Blair, get it…. She sd I cd get it tomorrow after noon. I took a bus to the branch library tt’s supposed to hv the memoir/autobiography by Mia Farrow and checked my copy of the list of the libraries here to see what time they open on Thursdays and it says they are closed for repairs from a storm or hurricane and I looked for their front door and they’d reopened, I have to get an updated list, but my relief at seeing they were functioning is a good example of his mostly the only “good luck” I hv is when something bad hadn’t happened after all, I was worrying for nothing. So I located the book and it wd be great use in a psycho-history for disentangling how the system/inferno-system built itself, from prehistory to now. — Her big thing seems to be tt “polio” she’d bn sequestered for a long time bc of when she was 9. She mentioned a far away feeling tt reminded me of the Planet Trillophon but I was skimming and don’t know if tt was limited to the sickness-event, tt I figure was all underground done, her then taken from home in Beverly Hills to L.A.GHospital and then kept apart, — only Hal Roach’s daughter cd kp up sneak-contact, them maybe still bg friends. By the time I’d sttd the front of the bk I’d already CKD the bk and thereby’d gotten a good summary tt the daughter had spoken up bk when she was 7 years old, me thinkg it was some recent newsbc of the brother’s recent bk on the subject in general abt other people. Then I read the beginning and then she went fast to starting Peyton Place, meeting, gg w and marrying Sinatra, then I think the rote divorce came before her Boston I think sister, sister in Boston, got her involved in transcendental meditatn and trip to India, and then I had to leave the library. next I’ll look up Andre Previn. I think he was a pianist/composer, them married for a good while and i’d read some of tt abt her and that 3rd marriage.


10/25/19, Friday; it’s raining so I’m having trouble getting to tt last shelter possibility, then a library, then to the VA again for tt Olodaterol. [They also call it Stiolto.] Odd name, and so was the prescriber and then the dogbite aftermath tried to force all other prescriptions onto me, and I know these retarded animals will pull on the torture invisible harness-like ropes on my ribs if what I hv runs out before I get the refill so I hv to do tt agn today, though I did just get today’s dose. What I’m doing is still trying to get a weather report, listening all night and there isn’t much news on this a.m. radio, except tt npr and maybe TT one tt’s sd to damn — there was the weather, same report as last night. I my not be able to make it to the shelter for waitg for the rain to quit and requiring the “contact” with my sanity of keeping the blog, otherwise it’s like fliatg and wallowing in quicksand, just nothing anywhere. The libraries open in 2 hours but it’d take me longer than tt to get to tt Turning Point Center… on Jacquelyn drive, with the torture doing a scene last night with one of those stereotypes here and now getting excited tt I mention tt.

10p, it seems like “they’re” dg the torture where there’s some sort of freezing coming up from underneath, I under the floor if this raised on concrete blocks bungalow somehow, now, w this new vibrating noise like from a refrigerator’s humming — which recalls those “electric-cold” winters in Washington, like it’s freezing coming up from the concrete, somehow, unnatural cold. All the devil-types start to”revel” maybe is the word, when it turns cold BC now they get life and death power, their “world” of the underground does, over the normals, and it’s so hard to BL tt even in Houston this horror lasts for 6 months. When I turned the window fan off around just a week ago I started hearing this new loud vibrating building noise, it goes on and off throughout the night, and seemed particularly blatant just now when I finally got in and then’s been on and off again about twice more, like reveling in this new power, and I noticed tt the bottoms of my feet are like BG freezes even though I just got in from the cold and this is normal compared to tt out there, abt 51 degrees the radio’s SD it’d be gg down to.
11:30p it’s way colder here compared to the hallway, tt this seems — get off of me creep jew — like a ritual “trick’ for the ” French Connection’s” “ice-” making, this big loud new but unprovable refrigerator noise — like the him of the ice machine at the beginning and end of the “Limitless” novel, same type of noise and ritual supply-purpose. They seem to be doing it abt every five minutes for a minute. This room is cold on winter mornings BC it faces west but there isn’t reason for this much cold now just BC I’ve got the window open for fresh air a little. Maybe I shd step outside. I always hv these unnatural circumstances where I can’t simply ask and find out what the other rooms’ situations are, if any of the neighbors put their room heat on and tt’s why the hallway is so warm while it’s too cold here.
10/26, Sat., 10p., bored and cold and can’t sleep, nothing but this new contact-attempt w Mia Farrow/her daughter as anything to think about, and sure tt, besides the Ira Levin I guess Allen Ginsberg must be in the putsch there somewhere, in India or a buddy of woody Allen — who’d had a lawyer and someone else named Ginsberg in tt custody business, which may all hv bn the system’s ulterior motive in havg tt situation erupt, but of course I can’t do anything but wait till I can get to a library again. I should hv to do clothes wash Monday morning but I mt not, my get bk up to tt Jacquelyn Dr. possibility BC I hv to HV some idea abt this future before tt cold is all over me, killing cold. Just to stop by to say I’ll try to get bk — I really can’t though bc’s likely to rain on Tuesday, dumb not to do the wash on the sunny monday, BC it hasn’t bn done since August, still got tt dogbite blood on the sheet is how long since anything’s bn washed, the few main pieces hand washed once in the blue moon. tt lvs tomorrow’s trip to the dntn library as the only stimulatn coming up. if I’m stranded here for the winter I hv to buy a reading lamp and a bulb, 40watt, for it, deferring tt last year BC I didn’t want to stay here like this. I’m so stranded, like in sf and then in Washington, and then I’ve got tt the “fraud-parent” stereotype strangers all over and DG “tricks” like stepping on the wheels of my cart so I can’t move sort of rituals, tt there my even be some retributn if I CD manage to get to somewhere outside of whatever all this horror set up really is, what I’m really doing as though it can’t exist outside of their LURE trick…. I think their main LURE is for serotonin industry, those huge plastic containers I saw BG buried at magnolia and Broadway and at tt health clinic’s parkg lot on Manchester and Broadway bk after I’d moved here. so I think tt those psychoto-psychopathic orphans, one of them, my go to shoot me for what mt happen to their parasite selves if I go to tt different a place, locatn. they seem like tt “Abdul” maybe the name is, character in “The Kid” follow-up to the “Push” novel about Precious (Jones I think) by tt author named Sapphire, confused orphans turned psychopaths and purposely used for tt by the system bums, turned loose on the public for the useful terrorisms. there’ve bn 3 difficulties connected to the #40 bus tt GS up to tt area by those fraud-types, connected to the ltl cart, like what helps me to get around, so tt if tt Turng Point Center did work out, which is real unlikely for all the many variables, I’d worry tt one of those fraud-descendeds mt seek to put an end to my bg elsewhere than whatever this set up is, but if turning point turns me down I’ll hv to get a reading light BC this is too boring even already, at least I CD make some use if the increased number of hours (alone) in this room now, BC of havg to get here before dark and now bg unable to leave till it’s a little warm or sunny outdoors, and I’d hv to start turning on the heat so it’s warm enough to force myself awake and up earlier, tt it’s too cold to bother getting out of bed before eleven a.m. anymore already.
10/27, sun., 10:30pm, was abt to collapse for sleep when this other country music sttn started a top thirty countdown over an hour ago so I hv to find out what these contemporary hits are, nearly halfway through but it’ll go on till midnight. I can’t listen to the regular one BC the jew makes me so nervous abt normal ppl’s lack of safety from the “jew-sikh” or brain-eaters’ system and the other sttn had announced they were havg a nonstop (music, songs,) Sunday and I’d search-engined and there wasn’t anything abt them DG tt or havg a regular routine of such so I got nervous and am listening to the other one I’ve found so far. — It came up TT I don’t hv soap for the clothes wash and the supermarket didn’t hv a lightweight kind available so it lks like I won’t be able to do the wash and get it over with tomorrow unless I figure something tt wdn’t be too exciting for the jew, is of course the difficulty, tt buying the soap from the girls at the place would be like inviting a Rockefeller music hall productn and then the syllables tt I usually by Arial, a p&g product. it’d be less exciting if I got tt first and then inconspicuously brought it to the place, and the dollar store has little liquid bottles I can carry for the same price, but to go through the script-op of buying soap and then DG the wash and them using their restroom before I lv WD hv me in tatters somehow, turned into an armageddon-op by this torture every time, I hv to be real careful and slow, and forgot to get soap, leading to more bad till tt’s over with but I don’t know when, it’s all bad and bad timing and horrified and exhausted and barely healthy me. — Ten more of these songs to learn what they are to go, nine and a half. About 45 more minutes or so. So I think tt BG unable to do the clothes wash simply enough leaves me w tt it’s necessary to run up to tt Jacquelyn drive place to find out if there’s any hope in tt. Then another scary-bad thing via the social media where an obscure “fraud-relative,” Michael Ryan, looks instead of like I recall his looking like, looks like a fraud-parent type via my perspective of his social media photo — It seems tt it looks like maybe Michael might hv bn “killed and replaced.” That’s what it had seemed like abt Dawn too though, and now her site is saying she’d just passed recently, which seems like a part of the Infinite Jest on me, in tt I was due to try again to find dawn BC she lives in Florida. then also there’s a whole thing where now 39 year old jess is havg a baby, living in tt same Thunderville nowadays, according to what I only get to learn abt.
28 Oct., Monday 8pm, cd use a book now. Receptor still isn’t on the hold shelf. As soon as it’s over with I’m looking forward to the Wuthering Heights. Bad life I’ve got, it looks like Dylan Farrow might hv bn descended from Emily Bronte or her similar-looking sister Anne — isn’t TT a little too coincidental. But I don’t hv anything to read right now or a reading light. I found forty-watt bulbs at Kroger for 7 dollars! and I already figure tt I’d require 60-watts to read by, tt even the 8 dollar lamps tt only use 40 watts will be a mis-purchase tt I’d always regret having made considering the then inconveniences or worse, but I can’t stand BG Jere early and not havg anything to do, am real bored from all this lack of BG able to move, of BG ghost-prisoner with all this internal torture. I got out to tt turning point center and it lks nice but I can barely move and they had a fraud-cousine at the door ahead of me real peppy like the ms. kenyah (sic) character in (Dec.) 2005, meaning tt anything’d get twisted to tt agn, — and something else they just whisked out of my head…. There were also fraud-parent/relative — I recall now, tt as I stopped at the dntn library and then to use the ladies room before they closed at 5pm today, they had a girl barreling out of the ladies’ w a huge skull-decorated cart tt looked like the longtime/all tt decade+ character “Peaches.”

Oct. 28, the file had filled up there and went bonkers. I can only figure they hv a Halloween-costumed repetitn of the Peaches character BC they’re repeating tt arena-type of thus invisible and unprovable Armageddon Program, and another regular character/stereotype, the kind tt’s like the Spec. (Charles) Grander, “Pyramid Graner” of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, the boyfriend taking the photos of Lynndie and documenting those goings-on. Now I can describe tt he was doing tt per the “Planet Trllophon’s ‘Mr. Film'” self-replicating stereotype and Armageddon Program director type. Yesterday they’d associated the Grander character w the “Receptor” novel by havg the guy or one of the type sitting st tt Holds corner at closing.

9:30p., I just got a horrible that abt this Climate Change business, tryg to figure out what it is abt tt Jane Fonda had gotten arrested for recently. something i’d heard before I quit listeng to npr for BG Nasi-radio, recallg the 10+ years of walking past their big bldg and what came to feel like the “electric cold” as a phenomenon, I got the that tt maybe the CC protest is from ppl who know tt the system is melting the polar cap/s and TT tt conveniently forces northerners to accept the underground infernos as tt cold leaves the north pole and filters dn to become what seems like unreal cold to me anymore, tt it:s practically unlivable in Vermont and Massachusetts, etc., is horrible even down here — because those monsters want nice weather for swimming in Alaska and selling real estate there, the petroleum stereotypes do, I’d read abt a long time ago, 10 years ago.
29 Oct., 8a.m., — NPR seems to hv a monopoly on the news, from nothing but 30 seconds or a minute of morning traffic to seemingly everything, in the comparison. I’ve now got the weather forecast– and now 40-foot-wide tunnels under Washington engineering’s bg considered for here as solutn for flooding….
Somehow now I’ve found a/the Tom Joyner morning show, local traffic r now. They hv a “Majic” statn in Washington tt it’s on and I’d listened to in 2002, big surprise to find it now as all news without relief gets annoying too. my nerves are real bad today, I woke recalling tt there’d bn a scene, I’d mentioned here I guess, of a fraud-cousine type at the computer next to me yesterday, freaking abt the interception of ppl trying to get in touch with me… tt tt mt hv bn a ritual semiotic for. And there was a similar social-media trick with tt “Michael Ryan” was moved up to the home screen, where the photo is of the fraud-parent type face. That file has a bit abt a vacatn place in Greece where M. Foshay has also been ==?? Michael had looked like what I guess could be called a Ryan O’Neal or George Bush-43 type, a blond curly-haired kid and then I’d only seen him at his wedding and he’d seemed like evolved from tt and now 29 years later the photos lk like one of tt “Neanderthal” type or maybe exactly like one of these fraud-parent types tt I see versions if all the time, the system havg a new one of them like crawling on my window here lately to add to this “unhinging” of me tt they’re doing with making the stealing from this room obvious. BC I had to go see abt tt shelter-possibility and BC it’s also
Charles Klein Oct 29 1969, first internet communicate, UCLA to Stanford I think they said.
— BC it’s also… the same “paradigm” as with the computer security bs where I just get advised to change my password, here it will be to get the lock changed but the person is obviously directed from the underground, isn”t DG tt independently or wouldn’t hv taken the 2 little sugar packets, they were too inconspicuous to be able to notice, to find at all, must hv bn sought on purpose for the “ritual” meaning, to the underground. — The library opens at ten today and I have to stop for clothes was soap, then get tt done tomorrow BC the weather’s supposed then to change from rainy to real cold, on Thursday. Finally now I just heard tt the time-change is this coming weekend. I’d thought it must hv bn bk in September, but this tom Joyner just mentioned it, de-confusing me some teeny bit, unlike the time-changing, oc (of course.)
9pm, I hv to figure, now tt I got 2 fresh/umcursed envelopes,.how to proceed with trying to make the 2 contact-attempts, 1 to Cybill Shepherd through this other address for Harper Collins, and then I could only find an email address for the Doubleday publisher of Mia Farrow’s book, not any street address and Dylan’s book hasn’t been published till next year… So how I proceed I can’t figure out while I had the new envelopes at the library, where I hv to address and stamp the envelope before I can take the letter-writing too seriously. Then I leave the address neatly typed on a blog file so tt I can’t get the project started.
Dear harper Collins, etc. — I hate to carry these card-size large envelopes back and forth. I guess I’ll hv to triage by DG the dday email from here, even WO the exact address BC I can’t send from here anyway.
Then to the dogbite bs:


9/25/19, wed. pm, no word from the fraud-sibling, just the “passives aggressive” I call it, stonewall treatment. I’ll try looking for some substitute, tt I think the session was for rehearsing me for the big “the king is dead, long live the queen” Victoria’s “ascension” beatific smile set up pulled then at that housing authority interview-time the 2-3 days later, with the phony ltl blonde girl appearing to be ignored.

The only thing I accomplished was finding out that cabfare from Benson to Sierra Visits would be about $80, way inconsiderable, unconsiderable, unfortunately for me. It’s straight south from Benson; just a little bit more northwest and I’d be in Tucson but what could I do in Tucson, I’d just wind up “magic” sick again and be put through this horror intubate-extubate scam, which I might not be able to keep surviving, so I’m at the same loss for how to get me out if this horror-hole as before the dogbite only way worse off all around and altogether, like the awareness i’ve been being methodically stolen from tt I can’t do anything about. — The little dog from across the street was already out and about on its own when I got here a ltl bit earlier tonight, making me look wrong abt thinking he’d just been let out last night….If she’s doing this to me over a baby picture what would she be doing over the money she’d told me to just ask her for; it would seem that in reality that treatment would be pre-prepared for even worse sadism. It seems anymore like it’s just a joke to tell me to be expecting the photos. It seems like that ordinary girl is like a “satanist” in the way the 666-busuness has turned out to be smeared all over everything and as though it’s ordinary everyday normal real life to be acting like that.



Strange tt the Reply email address completely changed by the/this time I got around to sendg a room-rental response to Craig’s list, scary, with that only the time-posted really seems to have changed on the ad, from About a month ago when I saw it 2 days ago to today’s July 19, where they’ve always seemed to have some specific date like tt. Creepy sirens now, in addition to the other LURE filth “signs.”9/1, 11a.m., filthy jew directing these strange males, terrorizing me to leave here asap.
8pm, filth all day, me turning on the cellphone to make a note abt a possible bad trick I averted a couple of hours ago but haven’t had a chance to turn the cellphone back off again till now. I can’t guess abt tryg to survive tomorrow, seems impossible to be able to sit in the room, — it was feces torture I woke into today, making horror-terror nerves for what the jew will direct the pawns all around me to do next and through the many hours, what the jew is accumulating-up. the “wifi” started up again and I learned of to look up abt on Tuesday a 1580 sea captain called the swine, tt my be an ancestor of these Armageddon-monster “jews” on me.
9/2, Mon. “holiday” filthy jew filthy jew 4a.m.
11a.m., the parasites are startg their unsustainable s*** bc the weather gets too warm in this room, will be a vulnerability for attack soon so they’re getting into position for the eight hours they can turn into hell for me unless I go out into the heat through to the air conditioned buses and breezes and shade larger world.
9/12/19, wed., noon — I’m hoping talking to myself my help normalize how I’m feeling — my olodaterol lung prescription puffer is gone and the invisible-torturers will make me sick on that account, an s.o.p. with them, even though I just got out of 4-1/2 days in medebakey-va on account of a (big) dogbite, should be all healthy otherwise and I’m not, just the opposite. I have to try to eat bc’m too weak even to take out the garbage, and then have to call the pharmacy.

1:45pm, just unanswered-telephone ringing, wanting to ask them the process for a lost med. Of all my difficulties right now the potential worst one is lack of sleep and then having to do strange things like ride the buses all night, increasingly illl from these insomnia “tricks,” and then this bizarre lack of appetite.
10pm, “they’ seem really out to kill me. it’s been one retardo cheap distractn from the Joseph Henry conspiracy set after another, his surveying job around age 20 likely connected to Drske:’s 1859 oil discovery, etc. too sick to make notes.
,9.14, sat..ypileud

lilimh me.nu
lack pg nrraynomg on yjrtr.


Aug. 12, 10:50pm and the animals force-woke me, I could only have been asleep maybe 30 minutes.11:30p, something filthy the jew-director and its animal-pawns are perpetrating off of this horror-torture and I don’t feel like sleeping on the floor. There’s nothing worth doing this to me and there isn’t any point to it
either. They’re just wrecking my nerves psychologically for ruining me.

Aug. 13, 10:30pm, monsters.
Aug. 14. 12:30p, I wish they were dead whoever they are that’re doing this to me. That photographer for the NatGraph article, I found new sadism, allusion to tt this is a big inside joke amongst the gratuitously-manufactured bums.He made a Dec. I think 2009 blog-post tt said it was a follow-up on the July NG cover story so I looked tt up and it’s about Angkor, = anger, sneak-allusion to that I’m tortured like this right now, 3 different tortures just to begin with on my Helen Keller and not-there “‘magic’ hologram” self., plus the sleep deprivation, that this anger at the invisible and unprovable is used as the Armageddon anger-excuse, that underground anger at my anger out here is their murder of imnocents’ cover-excuse, how they get nice/normal people “disappeared. ” Raptured.”
My anger is normal reaction to being tortured and the photographer, the secondary one, and the author, omit to mention that that’s going on. Also the cheapness of the sham points to tt all tt archaeology is similarly made-up hoax by similar bum-boys.
That cheapness is how they got Sierra Vista sister-named to Mountain View of the computers, that a lady had lied about the vote on the name’s results and just said Sierra Vista was the voted-for name. She passed recently, Nola Walker, and maybe was a “fraud-parent type,” maybe from the Siamese Vajiravudh, d. 1925 allegedly. But the system had aligned the 2 towns tt way in 1956.
The omission of the tortured background to reality is everywhere but I’m finding it in the Planet Trillaphon piece and trying to point out that the narrator says that the girl’s boyfriend had killed her by driving drunk and in the subconscious correlation from racial memory or what’s deep in the brain that comes out in this example-piece, it’s not there that the ancestor of the narrator had been stalking and then run-chasing the couple to off of cliff ledges, the standard operating procedure, with today the sneak-continuation of the “Armageddon” tactics, aided by lied-to mentally I’ll and b.m.-obsessed Mr. Film of the story, giving him the murder-excuse by saying other people had cut his face instead of tt he’d done it himself, because something was wrong already, something inexplicable, probably from the first trip across Beringia.
Today they’d made angry weird can-stomping semiotics to tt they’d done a big-kill for petroleum a making. All kinds of crap like tt at me today, except while working on the blog, then it was as though normal.
In this Small World After All they’ve built I’m looking to see if NatGraph’s founder Hubbard wasn’t the ancestor of most of the Beatle-type musicians and notice John Lennon lived and was shot at the site of Ira Levin’s “Rosemary’s Baby” story where all his horror-stories seem to be parts of “Mr. Film’s” Armageddon Plan, Mr. Film and Levin and Allen Ginsberg and the author of the NatGraph article all being of what i figure were the old Jomon culture. tt tt’s mostly where all this torture to me comes from. There was a “Son of Rosemary” follow-up novel and tt’s real-life basis might be connected to the fraud-family I’m in, but none if them lived in upper or lower Manhattan as far as I know but the devil-baby theme is everywhere, work with the director-bum underground, etc. In trying to look up about the assassin MD Chapman, — in San Francisco around 1986 a guy was handing out self-made flyers saying and using illustrations tt it’d been the writer Stephen King who’d shot Lennon so I always have that Chapman-King resemblance or underground-“shadow” in mind and checked his photos too and it seemed a resemblance between King and the NatGraph “Wilma Neanderthal” photographer, where the AAAS had bought his/the second photographer’s photos, so that that’s 2 Small World correlations, with actually tt photographer working on a ritual for killing notice of my pleas for assistance, and I’m in this same situation all these years.
Probably the biggest aspect is that the modern female compared to the Neanderthal take-off on me is probably descended from the Raphael colleague of Michelangelo, and da Vinci. They might even be the modern happy Stepford Wives, there are so many of them everywhere. She possibly looks like the producer of that Limitless! film I try to use as an example, and they’re likely similar to the Grossman-employee I’m script-tortured about, the Armageddon Show jealousy-accusation basis for torturing me. The photo I think AAAS bought is where the 2 faces are side-by-side compared, then the photographer maybe made one for himself tt’s on the blog’s announcement of the sale where the faces are back of head to back of head.
I get tortured for homosexual Raphael’s jeàlousy of women, sneak-competition against normal women for the attention of desirable/other males. Now they are “better than” normal females, side-by-side winner. “Naturally” there are many many women with the male brain in a female lifetime now. Before I left Washington I was always seeing a morning news show where they had that dichotomy, a team of 2 females where one was, is, a female this lifetime — looks like Bruce as Caitlin Jenner now, but I mean where they’ve been homosexuals generationally and then work out as a beautiful a seeming female now, replacing the ordinary females, etc. Sophia Loren seems to me to be a descendant of Julius II for instance. Ponce de Leon is in the mix alot too, like Raphael’s type.

5;30am, the “Jomon” molest-forced me awake and then I guess reminded my brain of their curse-wishes “holiday” terrorism where the animals/Dr. Frankensteins wish what they want onto the victim, tt tt terrorizes me so bad tt I cdn’t allow myself to think of it and now as it invisible/unprovable gloamed over me I recalled some of yesterday’s curse-tricks and got terrorized I’d be stranded in this slaughters underground area and went to make a note on this file and the computer-tricks started and when I got back from the restroom they had the Y2K-logo photo in an email to send, me interpreting tt tt was their wish onto my generational millennium, further working the terror so that all I can think to do is try to figure how to get assistance out of here, this hole in Houston. The thought of “next” trying to reach a VA group in Sierra Vista occurred after I left the library and the cellphone search-engine is down right now but I’ll try to look into that when I get back there but, VA is both targeted by these vampires hiding behind my little self, like the system’s Joan of Arc scam this torture is, and is full of the system-stereotypes who might be dangerous. There’s the VA itself and then there are various groups around it. There’s one if those various groups groups that is probably working this current LURE. I wrote to their director and only got a mental health worker sending me emails, any such of which are terrorizing to me. The director seems to be of a stereotype that I figure is a “classic Autist” type. The head of VA seems to be a “staircase #1 type” and I’m like surrounded by those here and around the 2015 car-hit the bums had all perpetrated onto me, so there isn’t any point in looking for assistance there. They’re like that Korean that was in the news alot 2017-18. They’re up at the top of over the jomon-headed publishing group that has the copyright on the 4 books connected to this serotonin-trafficking and from one incident and now a little bit too, like hints or clues, I’d guess they do the distributions management, are major “connections” maybe between the under- and surface ground. Of Earth. — There was one of those staircase #1 types that had tried to kidnap me once and also maybe haunted the whole area of the Bronx


9/21/19, sat., 8:30a.m., they’re doing the unprovable goon-Romper Room, Dr. Blair coming and saying they’re bringing my meds, I she be out of here by ten, like a joke asking if I slept through the nght, then a lady saying she has my meds but she had all kinds if things other than the olodaterol and when I asked her her name a scene about she’d told me this morning it’s charity, she’s today’s nurse and the only thing I’ve got is they hadn’t yet erased one of the SW characters’ telephone extension #s or what it is, 22779, biju, back on more nday. if I hadn’t personally gone to the pharmacy myself yesterday to hear Monday or tuesday on the olodaterol i might be a wreck of uncertainties about leaving here right now, the play-act doc-character slipped away, me w pharmacy charity etc.11:30a-12pm, their’re forcing me out, claiming they have and are getting ready the med.
9pm, everything’s back to “normal” at the rented room, I don’t have time to describe except tt when I got here the people across the street were having a lovely-looking kids pool party, reminding me of similar last winter same spot with the cabbage patch doll….
9/22, Sunday 5:30pm. I managed to get a pizza delivered so I won’t starve overnight but I just took out a bag of trash and as I notice the back seems to have been flooded with garbage “sign language” including now a mattress thrown out there like just to make mess-appearance around me being here again, etc., there was one of those same type of the dogs that had bit me, watching me moving around, effecting terror of another/continued set up till I don’t come back here. Additionally the cellphone ntercet-service did its 3 weeks back on and just went off again.
9/23 Mon., 3pm, another blow, where NY ltl batteries purchased for the tiny fan as a back-up for the trip to Arizona are somehow gone also. Creepy ltl scary things like this keep invisibly and unprovably happening. I’m too messed up to be able to make it out of here today, having to go to the va pharmacy tomorrow so I’m trying to make it through on just yesterday’s pizza till tomorrow.
Since about the 20th the “magic” has been driving me nuts with this trick of putting moisture into my nostrils so that I have to constantly be trying to dry them, it’s like a feeling of tt drowning might start and in 2007-08 they connected it as though “waterboarding” torture.
9/24, Tues., 8pm, they didn’t have the medicine, made it sound like I could try again and go back on Thursday or Friday to check, adding some new character named Macy to this made-up anything sadism. Then they had one of those big “fraud-family types” that’d kept staring over at me and when I got back to the bungalow now a similar one doing a scene w this red car “they’ve,” the Armageddon Program has, been trying to upset me about as it slides in and out of this little area near this window here, to where it’s now one of those fraud gorilla”s types. nothing but feces and this jew-attachment. nothing but disgustingness BC tt fraud-sibling won’t just send tt ltl picture as a way for me to at least be trying to get in a start on climbing out of all this feces. I have this bad feeling tt my note from the hospital will be ignored just like all the rest this year.
I wish I could find someone tt CD call the fraud-sibling to inquire for me, and it’d be here overnight. in fact I’d HV to try the old phone number myself first. etc.
I’d gotten off of the bus to here right at dusk, trying to get here before dark and was about 15 minutes too late and when I got up Fennel street nearly to here a car pulled into the driveway across the street. just ahead of me and let their little dog out, along with the loud barking from the fenced 2 I’d just walked by, and then into this latest IG the fraud-family gorilla-frauds torture but I just realized a ltl more abt but it’s bad script horror.


chrono2 bits attempt

Wed. Sept.11th I was just exhausted by looking for the medicine and I can’t get out to get Thursday’s rent so I told Lee I’d slip it under his door when I got back late and I started toddling off and from across the street came 3 different households snarling dogs and their señoras, the one with the big German shepherd gg, no mussels, no muscles. I was thanking her like an idiot who thought she was telling the dog not to bother me, which wasn’t what she was doing.

then they sprang a melissae Jones psychiatrist trap on me at 4 pm including times 2 the question of whether I think anyone is after me, when the entire dogbite scam seems staged to prevent me being able to reach anyone after this year of work and TT the place isn’t cist effective, I started losing money each month and was thinking to try Arizona maybe TT past as day. then it’s the whole neighborhood of strangers
wishing me who knows how much evil these devils loungg on me might want, etc.
then maybe that was the day I can”t walk already, 4 hours to get to Broadway after the no muscles scene, and these “magicians” like the late Tamil tiger d. 2009 all over me, involved in that medication business I can’t really describe.

on the 16th was the oxygen delivery and when the guy called I asked him to bring me some of whatever type of fast food he’d normally get for his lunch! him then showing up with burger king and I drank the milkshake but I couldn’t eat the hamburger or fries and wound up asking Lee here to call me an ambulance= big big mistake….
while I was coming or not coming back from then that near-death intubate-extubate horror I had this same “jew/jomon” sitting in/on the left side of my skull calculating tt there’s tt “trust fund” I still have as a potential life-asset =??!

last time I was here I finally recalled I never get normal bed sleep and should try to do that.


chrono bits attempt

vicious vicious; I’ll try to kp track of some of this:one of the odd drs around the dogbite was Abby
she was so kind as to wake me at 6am so I could get to tt star of hope shelter early but there were somehow the usual and pharmacy delays. a transport boy dropped me at the almeda entrance and the women’s clinic got them to send another wheelchair to take me to the most but I think the joke was tt the boy was a fraud-parent product and the girl was of a purposely are traded stereotype they’d made from my ovae that seems to have been a running Armageddon Show goon-character and in this set she kept yelling at me to wheel the o2 tank correctly and kept running the chair too close to others’ behinds, walking like timed attachments to drive me insane and when I finally got outside I reached for me pen to make a note on tt “trick” farewell and the pen was gone, causing me to mutter negatively about hindus and look all around and retrace my steps only to find it one foot behind me. At the Star of Hope they had the main “Harry Morgan” Hindu female stereotype happily slipping out w a bunch of shopping bags and the interviewer was a hindu guy of maybe the màtching and “muscleman” stereotype and he told me definitely no bed for me but I could use the phone to call around fruitlessly. I was already having problem feeding myself well enough and after a bit at the stanaker library I was afraid to go to where the dogs were but did get there around 9pm and here goes one of the bitlets, that, looking up Magnolia St. from Broadway, it looked to me as though the 4 dogs had settled into sleeping in the middle of the road in what looked like a big black puddle of themselves, and for hours I couldn’t figure whether to call the police or a taxi, the police finally coming and saying tt the puddle was a big piece of wood– bark– get it, which went really well with that then I couldn’t turn around and also call them when I couldn’t find my “breathing medication” anywhere in the room the next morning, (attached to a hindu-style sleight of hand trick on the morning of the 5th,) and then somehow my can of coffee, 2 different kinds of sugar and the new bottle of ketchup were all obviously gone.


9/20/19, Friday, still in the hospital, I feel a little caught up and am trying, as usual, to figure what I can try to do about everything next. i’d come across the local mailbox and was able to quick-mail a page again about sending me the photos of the 1959/60 photo-set to the fraud-sibling… there isn’t any such real thing as excuse-cover ups for not doing that — now I recall that I’d wanted to include that it seems like her old “Spaghetti man” nightmare terrorist is likely moreorless the same as the “French Connection ‘Jomon'” as had followed me out of Longfellow Avenue in the Bronx, but I’m scared that all this bad luck and these hospitalizations come from trying to have contact with her, with the little photos the same as any other excuse for “the brain eaters/Jomon” to be being parasites off of me because of. These emails sometimes get truncated if they run too long but I wanted to mention I’d just described my friendless situation to this social worker, that there doesn’t seem to be any explanation for this situation, and that before that I’d found and called the voicemail/answering machine number for the rooming house, that I’d be there by Monday I hope with the rent that was due yesterday.

[I’m having to copy this below to some new communication-attempt area to the same Crime Victim Services dept. = to watch out that this is then a duplicate here:]

4th note from Kathy Foshay on Sept 4 dogbite incident:

On trying to figure all this bad luck where I can neither stay where I am nor go anywhere else I’m realizing that I’ve been unable to reach anyone about my difficulties with satanism, that church out of San Francisco,where I’d gone to live in 1978, unawaredly carrying these underworld parasites one, from the Bronx.

(on piximail, crime victim services, draft:

Incident#1153582-19, I think I found the address by computer-map, 7912 E. Magnolia Street, Houston 77012. The puppies were birthed in the spring, the mother disappeared, and they’ve just been growing and the skinniest one seemed particularly forceful with incessant barking each evening as I’d walked by there. I’m in the VA hospital and an e.r. doctor mentioned that the dog had to be observed, and I don’t know if or think they’d gotten the standard shots. Here’s hoping this reaches you. Kathy Foshay, Sept. 6


Incident number:1153582-19, Sept. 4, Kathy Foshay dog-bitten, 3rd note:

On Thu, Sep 19, 2019, 11:11 PM Kathleen Foshay <universerescue.attempt> wrote:

9/19/19, Victim Services, Everything has been terrible for me and my little life is falling apart and I don’t know any people in Houston to assist me. I was able to get out of the (VA) hospital from the bite treatment on Tues. 10th but then everything started going wrong and when I got to the rented room that’s near the dogs I found that the regular prescription I take for my lungs/breathing medication was gone. This puts me in the difficult position of having to think that someone at the rooming house might have been involved but the real point was that things kept snowballing down, because I don’t have transportation for to and from the bus stop, that I wound up having to ask the manager to call an ambulance for me on the 16th and then things REALLY got worse and I’m just stuck here again now and don’t have a way to contact the Magnolia Street Rooming House that I don’t want them to throw my things away, that I am trying to get there to pay the rent but I can’t stay there because of the dogs and haven’t been able to find any other type of shelter either, don’t know what I can best do yet. The expenses of all this so far seem to have quashed my idea of going to Fort Huachuca/AZ but I still think it’s what should be done one way or another. Any suggestions please let me hear from you. Sincerely, (http://www.UniverseRescue) Kathy Foshay (WordPressCom.WordPress.com)


Incident Number 1153582-19, Kathleen Foshay 4 Sept. 9pm dog-bite

On Fri, Sep 6, 2019, 10:06 AM Kathleen Foshay <universerescue.attempt> wrote:

Incident#1153582-19, I think I found the address by computer-map, 7912 E. Magnolia Street, Houston 77012. The puppies were birthed in the spring, the mother disappeared, and they’ve just been growing and the skinniest one seemed particularly forceful with incessant barking each evening as I’d walked by there. I’m in the VA hospital and an e.r. doctor mentioned that the dog had to be observed, and I don’t know if or think they’d gotten the standard shots. Here’s hoping this reaches you. Kathy Foshay, Sept. 6–I’ll try to attach a photo of the blood puddle, the dogs scattered aside.



Please disregard email just accidentally sent to you on Incident #1153582-19:

Dear Victim Services, I missent an email to you instead of to myself at my blog, trying to catch-up to organize, please just ignore it or send it back to me if simple to do that. I’m really still in a bad state from all that. When I got back from the hospital from the dogbite my (lung) medication was missing and everything went wrong, me spending about 3 days just looking for and expecting it to show up somewhere in that little room of mine and by the time I realized it wasn’t there anymore I’d gotten real sick and the timing was off on everything and I wound up back in the hospital again and am just now trying to pull these pieces of what had happened together a little more organizedly. If you’re interested I’m trying to get funds for getting myself to Arizona to try to reach the “military intelligence” and communications center there. Thanks: UniverseRescueKathyFoshayWordPressCom.wordpress.com

About kathyfoshay

I'm all alone with the real end of the world and always looking for assistance and no one's ever contacted me from the hundreds of letters I'd sent while at the big homeless shelter, 2nd and D Streets, NW, as though anyone that tries to contact me gets disappeared, my life used as a LURE-gimmick that goes to how that Armageddon prophecy in that book of Revelation has been being snuck-through, and this is sort of the bottom of the barrel of ideas for trying to find assistance, thinking I could get all my various writings on this in one place that letter-recipients could then look up if they're interested. That means I'd have to see if I can send my emails to here, how to do that. Wordpress said there is a way but it entails that spam would also get the email address. My time for now it up I guess. Working in this sitting position isn't healthy for me but I've always got to be doing something toward trying to get hold of someone to help me. It's like I'm a microcosm of the Earth or the human race and if someone could help me out of this torture then that'd be a start on trying to get the whole Earth out of this. 5/1/17, still all this, etc., same situation. (7/14/18 now....) Now it's 2019.
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