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30 August 2017

Dear Lerch, Early & Brewer,

It’s difficult for tiny me to describe everything that’s ever happened on Earth for how we’re in a dead end that lives off of sucking me invisibly so I’d started this blogsite and then got hit by the car and saw Mr. Neary in the courtroom and gave him the blogsite address and have been working on this every chance I get but the system really does this global-system world-takeover off of sucking off of little me and there are never any responsibly-behaving adults allowed anywhere near around me, my letters for help used for this underworld scam by which the planet-takeover has been being done especially this millennium. Mr. Neary has never made any communication with me and recently I’ve realized that the whole car-hit and 5 months of hospital/nursing care was all like a “hoax,” but I can’t deal with all this by my tiny self and am writing to ask if Lerch, Early would make an effort to be a sponsor of this real Universe Rescue attempt that little hoax-victim me has been all alone with, because all I have is ten dollars but that’s enough for bus fare to Bethesda if you could make a contribution in consideration of knowledge of this perpetrated hoax onto me or any other real reason, instead of me always being alone with this end of everybody’s planet-world. I’m trying to write to Procter & Gamble to ask them to sponsor me because that Cincinnati Insurance company, Cincinnati Financial it really is, is near them, but that brings in complications and I’m trying to keep this non-controversial and viable, where me being alone with this isn’t viable, is too difficult on me. I applied for age-62 social security and want to keep that quiet also as the system is anti-American to describe the least, the whole hoax-system everyone is under on earth. I’m supposed to receive a first check in 2 months and plan to use it to do library-research in Massachusetts and then quick find some way of surviving the winter, but it’s so bad for me alone out here that I don’t feel real sure that I can actually survive the 2 more months alone like this. Please glance over file #333 where I’m finally pulling together that alot of the global-system seems to come from a line of people from Kensington’s Brainard H. Warner, that he was a big real estate guy in Washington, etc., and is likely connected to the rocket fuel for the “space race” that showed that there’s no harvestible immediate riches for the underworld system but they won’t just admit to anything and quit, and then I’m finally realized that that big “Sylvian fissure” on the left side of our brains is actually the main scar from the prehistoric accident-set I’ve written hundreds of letters to everyone here that I could had caused the system-makers’ Autism-psychopathy that’s taking us to real TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. One of the first people I’d written to, in 2008, was the IG of the Treasury Department because this system can parasite-live off of what the planet had started with but when living off of everything runs out they’re only going to let or purposely cause the monetary-system to collapse because they aren’t for real, the system is from brain damaged people who just want everything and no one else around. Try to consider making it easy to contribute toward sponsoring my real effort so that I can take a bus out of here to do something useful and then come back in 2 months when the first check is supposed to be here because otherwise they might do another thing like the car-hit. I’d of course like to be able to find out how come the law group was switched from you to that Franklin & Prokopic, who also never then responded to my response to their notice of being involved in that, which car-hit didn’t even get reported to the police, I was a block south of the “Kathy Foshay” in the police report. I suspect the ambulance people had brought my purse to the other accident-site but I’m alone and can’t question anyone, don’t even have a stamp to use for writing to some bill-collector in Ohio, near Cincinnati, Dayton, for the ambulance in Kensington. I guess the system figured it would be too difficult for me to find the courtroom in Rockville or some similar problem would fade-away the whole crime, which is what the situation is, me just trying to survive each day, trying to find assistance really since 2005. The system really does come from brain-damaged descendants of dinosaur-extincters who are also going to leave us extinct and I’m trying to prevent that but am like a ghost-prisoner. The reading I want to do in Massachusetts might be helpful toward getting us all out of the extinction but the system is likely to make everything as difficult for me as all along. Try to find someone who’d like to make a simple donation or anything toward the Universe rescue-attempt so I could quit trying to beg-explain like this all day long every day in a vacuum like this and actually do some proactive defense of biology and Creation. Below is last week’s note to Mr. Neary. I’ll try to send you a regular email that you could reply through, later on this evening.

August 26, 2017, Mr. Neary, Apparently the entire thing was some sort of an underworld “hoax.” I finally got a copy of this police report in May and that wasn’t me that was hit there, I was a block south of there, and then I got a story that the driver had forgotten that he’d just changed insurance companies to Cincinnati and then that Bartley owns that vehicle but on page 2 here it says it was owned by Fleet Management. — “God help” me, now I notice it also says on page 2 that it was a pick-up truck that had hit “Kathleen Foshay,” and I’d been hit by an ordinary car, right under that “Antique Row” sign at Howard Avenue. Since I got the police report only this May I’ve been too swamped by this “Armageddon Program” to be able to respond yet to having received it, this is my first opportunity and all I’ve got is the pdfs on the business so far, that bothering me is how those book of Revelation “prophecies” have been being snuck-through and I’m totally alone like this and this car-hit was because of that.

You can see for yourself that everyone connected with this business of the car-hit has been a sham-character, that we have a sham legal field and all that medical business, everything, just a cover-up for that mentally ill people had had that book of Revelation written for themselves. In fact, if you’d noticed that I have a main problem because of that Bishop Shahan, d. 1932, that there are all kinds of people around that were “manufactured” from himself, there’s some little dark Hindu girl that’d just played a trick on me this week and yesterday I noticed that she has a resemblance to him also, that this deceptive-sneakiness is rampant everywhere and we’re going to extinction by this hoax off of defenseless me, where anyone could make a little effort to be human toward myself instead of this “Armageddon Program” like this being allowed to go on everyday toward this cover up. I think I wrote to you when I’d noticed last May that what’s called the Sylvian fissure or left-side lateral sulcus in our brains is actually a deep scar and I’m sure it’s from the Prehistory accident-set I’ve been trying to explain had led to the Autism-psychopathy that had extincted the dinosaurs and then had this cannibalism-system invented, and all this isn’t sustainable, rests on this deceptive parasiting, parasites eventually extincting their host victim and then themselves. Try to get someone to look into partnering with me on this real Universe rescue attempt because I can hardly get anything done living the way I do in this ghost-prisoner type homelessness. I applied for age 62 social security but have to wait 2 months and this is just horrible and always the same, never any attempt at any improvement toward getting the past told any reality about, the system just faking it like that courtroom scene I’d met you at. I’m going to try to work on filling out these materials. If anyone at Lerch, Early could assist me to get safely out of this Washington-area please try to get through this communication-blockade to successfully contact me, UniverseRescue.Attempt@gmail.com. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay, but please don’t mis-use me as the LURE that the sneak-Armageddon has long been being done by, which is what I guess happened with the hundreds of the paper letters for help I’d written in the decade before being shipped then out to Maryland. Typical for my type of difficulties I’d taken these photos during the recent eclipse and maybe that’s why the color is off a little, and the Lifeline cell phone camera is all new to me, had gotten it for being able to do jury duty in June but then I hadn’t been called.









#239, letter cincinnati insurance etc


car hit letter recipients

111915 car hit

car hit

car hit 111915
First a diagram drawn by me, then from the Police Report that the insurance company just sent me and then the two little search-engine maps from when I’d first gotten to Kensington and was being oriented, then the rest of the police report except for the names of the 3 witnesses, then that thing that I still have to write to about the ambulance and then the notice from the insurance company. That ambulance company’s bill collector is just north of Cincinnati. There must have been 2 ambulance, one for me on Howard and one for the girl in the Plyers Mill Road accident?

police report first page 111915 car hit

kensington car hit site again


#254, cincinnati insurance claim 2565036 111915 kathy foshay car hit kensington md

111915 car hit restitution sought by kathleen foshay please

#238, Car-hit, 39 pages

de gravelles

#247, from kathleen foshay for ms de gravelles hhs

kensington car hit site again

kensington howard and connecticut avenues maps

state attorney again

for andress cinfin about claim 2565036 kathy foshay

kathleen foshay comminication for assistance attempt please read

#242, 29 p pdf, Ms. De Gravelles, assistance for kathleen foshay please

#241, 2nd try kathy foshay (repeat?) = 58 p. pdf to Mr. Brown

kfoshay difficulty sending pls excuse if duplicate1 – 12p to housing


franklin and prokopic first, only? communication: F&P’s 1st 8 pages, #234, as-yet unread mail


#236, 19 p., F&P, 14 Feb. letter p.1



car hit misc letter starts

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#238, 39 oage start-attempt/letter-start attempt to Cincinnati Insurance, Franklin & Prokopic, Lerch, Early & Brewer, etc.pdf, 2/22/17, Wednesday, Ms. Chiarizia, I’m so plagued that I can’t pull a nice copy of a letter together, this “Armageddon Show”-LURE is all over me so that I can barely move to function, so let me try to type up the first letter I’d written to CinFin:

Greg Brown, Cincinnati Insurance

P.O. Box 872442

Montgomery Village, MD 20886

March 17, 2016


Dear Mr. Brown, Cincinnati Insurance Company,

Replying to your 1/28/16 registered letter to me about the 11/19/15 car accident, that I’m still in nursing care and it’s taken me this long to get out to a library-computer to learn a little about Cincinnati Insurance and the Bartley Corporation so that I can get a reply to you, this accident actually happening on Howard Avenue right after the turn off of Connecticut Avenue, that I don’t know why you have Plyers Mill Road there. There was also an envelope from some ambulance company that I was/am still afraid to open, that it looks like a bill for services and I haven’t been able to write yet to this new medical insurance company in Alabama that Medicaid gave me, I’ll do that next after this.

The car had actually only lightly tapped me as though it seemed the driver was mentally-cringing. I was a real wreck before the accident, please try to look up this new blog-/website I was just trying to start, URL: http://www.UniverseRescueKathyFoshayWordPressCom.WordPress.com

(page 2 of 5)  I’m completely serious about everything that I write and say and I’m totally alone with this disaster the Earth is in. I’m like a ghost-prisoner and year after year have been begging anybody in Washington to get me any sort of real Witness Protection as I’ve got all kinds of and drug-dependent “goons” all over me. That accident wasn’t really an accident but I’ve got the system constantly lying about me so that they could get me locked-away on phony “psychiatric” lies so please don’t also take advantage of my candidness and please be careful as I’m used for a LURE by all these different underground kinds of really dangerous and insane people groups, and this one now is probably the worst, do not send any unsuspecting people to try to contact me here please as I’m positive that this particular group was a big part of the post-WWII ways that caused things to today be on the brink of ruin for Earth, honestly, and it’s too much for me to try to blab-out to any stranger in any one sitting, so that’s why I’m trying to get this (cost-free) blog-website going but really, dangerously insane “goons” spy on my every moment and I’ve been lifetime-used as a LURE-gimmick behind my back all my life, now 60 years old, so please try to let only responsibly-behaving adults read any of this or see this address that I’m at currently.

I’ll put my immediate horror-problem on the next page but first mention that I’d written to a lady named Lisa in Cincinnati about all this last year, hoping maybe that accident was a response to that plea for help.

(page 3 of 5) (This was the usual “French Connection” in that Bronx basement photograph of the six males standing around the 3 suitcases with the black bags reputedly holding the heroin from Marseilles through Montreal to New York’s port and out to Brooklyn and then this batch here. I’m sure I sent you a copy of it in the 3-page letter by regular post and I use it all the time because it’s like my only piece of any terra-firma evidence to all this secret world global-system and its takeover of Earth, etc.)

notes that Hawkes was/is big generational-slave type; I used to play with those 3 suitcases (probably still in a police storage place somewhere,) that the address is 1171 Bryant Avenue, Bronx, NY, and that (Benjamin) Fitzgerald was a FEDERAL agent, and I don’t think that’s him.

This is the crux of my horror-life problem-set, finding this photograph in the 1969 “The French Connection” book by Robin Moore only in August 2014. Recognizing the suitcases I took a close look at the men’s faces and that one on the far right I believe is actually the guy that’s always claimed to be my parent but was really this underground “trickster” who perhaps has some unknown legitimacy for his actions but perhaps might be the worst sadist that’s ever sneak-lived, please.

(page 4 of 5)  Cincinnati Insurance Companies, really, I’m totally alone and surrounded by mass-reproduced “copies” or “offspring-descendants” of this fraud-parent I call this, much-beloved (for feeding the underground “bird” females and such off of this LURE, etc.,) guy who’s always been a terror over my tiny life, me leaving the Bronx in 1973 for the Army because there was no life for me under the guy’s roof and these last few years I’ve increasingly been noticing these “offspring-descendants” that have this fraud-parent’s face and the underground has made a whole “nation” of strange “slaves” or I don’t know what out of that guy and it’s basically sabotage to make the U.S. appear as though we’re a place — actually these are all over the world too — of terrible-type peoples.

Where this comes to your immediate situation is that somehow after the ambulance took me to the hospital from the light-ish tap that caused me to fall down on Howard Avenue, I woke up a week later, 11/26, all beaten-up and I think/suspect that my skull had been cracked and it seems the pattern or modus operandi of that fraud-parent and of these “orphan-type” copies of him, and I’ve been in Washington first trying to get protection and help to get apart-away from this LURE-abused of me but then also I’ve been able to have no income since 2005 except for occasional seasonal “gifts” of cash from this same fraudulent-parent guy so I’ve been trying to get on any Witness Protection stipend instead, to no avail.

(page 5 of 5)  Back to the impersonal whole-world aspect, that Mr. Tony Fuca in that “French Connection” photo of what had inspired that (phony) film, that Mr. Fuca is probably an underground-made “offspring-descendant” from the phony psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin (d. 1926) and this nursing facility I’m now stranded in is from probably a female offspring-descendant of monster-like psychopath Emil Kraepelin and if I try to say these things to anybody, I get threatened with “medication” and being locked-up for as though I’m crazy and this nightmare secret LURE that’s always been being run off of me will merely be continued to keep me from the normal human activity of trying to explain to any responsibly-behaving adult about that a small set of accidents in Prehistory have “snowballed” to be forcing the Earth, honestly, to what I’ve been calling TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION, all God’s creation turned destroyed into smithereens, honestly, and I’m totally alone with the most of it, the whole planet sneak-turned into a slave-prison because this 1 lost group had developed what I can explain is only Autism-psychopathy that we could yet get straightened out to salvage life, if just anybody would help tiny me. That “French Connection” whole thing is/was really about that the Autists and their strong-arm partners are actually brain-eaters. stay high on that under the ground, etc.

Cincinnati I’d looked up into about is the home of Procter & Gamble and General Electric’s CEO Jeff I. (Immelt?), and if you could get some donation to my Universe Rescue-attempt instead of calling me crazy you (and the sisters (there where I was,)) could have a profit-share.

Thanks, Kathy Foshay

2/22/17 again.  I don’t have any idea why Lerch, Early can’t handle this, to get me some simple settlement. A person can’t just let that someone gets into a car and hits people with them.

Quickly because of super-plaguing of me today, let me mention that the “Raising” 2 pictures on pages 16 and 17 are important to this, that that middle guy looks like one of the fraud-parent’s and the guy on the right, Jam Master Jay, Jason Mizell, was assassinated when I first went out to Queens in late October 2002, and then I was like-ritually mixed-up into the funeral cortege and such, and that type of “coincidence” follows me around all the time and there isn’t anything good going to come of modi operandi like this and I’ve never had any responsibly-behaving adult allowed near me for the purpose of pulling-off this which is laid out or summarized in that book of the Revelation with its Armageddon threats, that that was prehistoric-aged congenital Autism-psychopathy on serotonin that was making up all that Plan and it’s me stuck at the bottom now as how it’d worked out and there’s no future so I hope you too aren’t just playing around with and trying to profiteer off of this horror-LURE, etc. The only good thing about a Baltimore company is that maybe someone there would have learned about John Carroll, d. 1815, the Archbishop of Baltimore, he is super-important to how this global-system and Washington’s part in it had gotten hooked-up. That Charles Carroll of Carrollton I guess was his legal brother and was of the Autist type and the whole thing has become a huge disaster that’s going to break the planet unless I could just do my little library reading and interpreting thing I’ve been begging for for these many years of this now.

Page 13’s Mrs. (Pasquale, Patsy) Fuca has become extremely important to this also. I’d finally been able to try to look up about this jewel-theft Patsy, the Brooklyn part of this “French Connection” horror-scam about clear brain fluid camouflaged by the conspicuous heroin powder and bags was really what that was all ritual for, had been involved in and that’d led indirectly to recalling that French Dr. Rene Dubos might-could have been with this global-system scam and that has gone off into huge directions that now include that the new Chief Executive’s grandfather had used to live in the Bronx near that “French Connection” basement, circa 1900 and then that matches with all kinds of long-time subjects I’ve been working on, but it’s always that I’m in an isolation-vacuum. If you could please again write to me by regular mail to that BWC, Attn: Kathleen Foshay, address, I would be grateful to get some terra-firma communication in all this. I couldn’t yet check to see how that pink page from the local legal group had come out, about page 4 or 5, and I’ll try to straighten this out for sending to the other people soon, etc. Kathy Foshay

#254, Cincinnati Insurance, claim 2565036_ 111915_ Kathy Foshay car-hit_ Kensington_ MD (15 o.)  .pdf, this is here just as a back-up copy, I’ll delete it later, and would like to be able to delete all this stuff and the loose papers from that time-period by getting some simple settlement. God, “help” me,  that new S-Court nominee looks like the guy who said he’d hit me, seems to! The underworld-global-system just goes by doing controversies, like the Civil and Word Wars, and this is how they’re sneak-doing that Armageddon threat. Then there’s some new thing, about the “coincidence” of the Saban’s Power Rangers and this Florence Sabin. This morning more and more of these people mass-reproduced from her stolen/purloined ovae are starting to be realized by me. For example, I’ve been seeing girls that look like they might likely have come from ovae trick-robbed off of me and seeing how these poor “abortion-ovae” people are more or less system-raised to be like “orcs” in that Tolkein trilogy, and then I got this Gmail about that similar type that’s been being a “star” in this unprovable Armageddon Show/Program and it occurred to me that she could hypothetically come from a “combo-bombo” or Rene Dubos’ “donation” onto a Sabin ova and then another generation or two’s passing and be a product of that out here just smiling away and slipping around however they do and doing this underworld-business and, that’s a combination of Sabin’s brain into all these different orphan-abortion brainwashed workers for the system, and the say of course with all these others, that we’re all from aborted ovae anymore only with some “donors” it’s voluntary while people like Sabin or me would be horrified, like I am of the entire subject, etc. sign off! — back on, now the “worst” has happened, that I’ve lost my little hair comb and those are like the only medical help I have where I have to “comb the sound waves” off of my head all the time and without it this invisible torture just jumps up and down and jumps up and down to drive me out of my mind, which has like the ripple-effect out from this invisible way they sneak this Armageddon through to turbulence elsewhere, building to a crescendo pattern and exploding they do, so I’m always alone trying to damage-control and then little 10-cent type cheap comb is like all the difference in the world and for all this garbabe-torture this morning it’s slipped out of my pocket and seems “really” gone this time, as it seems to happen about three times a day. I’m supposed to go looking all over the ground outside and over at the drugstore, CVS, across the street now and lose this opportunity to get a little more done on that CSSP file.

— Also with Sabin, her middle name was Rena and the town of Reno was founded just before she was born and I suspect that the “underworld boys” gamble on things like say whether I’ll make it to a toilet in time or be able to complete some task before their bomb-trick hits me, etc., that this is all much worse than I can describe because it’s always all been done off of oblious unawares me, but, they say that Einstein said that God doesn’t gamble with the Universe, but this “Armageddon Show” is just all beneath description. The only or best or closest description I’ve had all these 23 years is that it’s like “s***-throw up,” like I’m held down and that is poured all over me all day long every day for decades now is how the prophecies have been getting pulled off.




mail not checked yet.pdf — #234, as-yet unchecked mail/read but it’s a problem now

, I just have so many “difficulties” word I use instead of “problems” that I’m afraid to look at this yet because if anything is bad news I don’t have anyone to talk with or ventilate to or anything, it just stays welled up inside of me walking around all alone with the real end of the planet like this. I sent this company but not any specific office an email just before 5 on Friday that I just got the envelope and it will take me a few days to open and look at whatever this is. This morning or last night only I finally put together that there’s a good chance I’m sitting literally in that prophesied bottomless pit-abyss, etc., out there at that former morgue, just now checking the search engine (“google” is a petroleum-like sound,) and learning that the D.C. General Hospital had been out there since 1846, and then only in 1941 that National Guard Armory got built and then 1961 the RFK Stadium all right there, plus some bizarre thing, but also the city jail is out there for how long now I’ll try to check on but the reason I’m thinking it might actually be the abyss, one of them, is some peculiar bio-waste project that runs Massachusetts Avenue at least from that #2 place I’d marked on the little bus map and then SE way out to where I am in that former-morgue, but it might run further NW up Massachusetts Avenue too. I can’t figure out the little write-up on it well or how to get more information on it yet but they’ve got a big tourist-like sign at the Metro stop that says they have a bio-project and I’ve jotted notes from the sign twice and can’t find them, but they have some series of vats the size of sixty bathtubs dotted down along Massachusetts Avenue and ending up somewhere around where I am but the spots where the vats actually are don’t seem to be marked as what they then are; I’ll try to get a look at the sign again, but everything else about the area is strange and this goes on and on. It seems like I’m maybe caught in some “war” between Standard and Shell oil people-groups from underworld doings, the fraud-family with maybe the Shell group and me from Standard’s group placed into it, as for no apparent reason I’d been born at NY Hospital right next door to what’s now Rockefeller University, had been the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research and I have the feeling that one of their old employees, Florence Sabin, that I might have come from her line of ova. The “Revelation” author might be with that Ghent Altarpiece group whose logo is the shell for that pilgrimage out to Santiago de Compostela and that that might have become Shell oil. It even relates a little to this reading on astronaut Young that I’m trying to do. He looks a little like oilman George H.W. Bush too but there’s some chance that he is a generational-slave to that Lake Baikal-area core of the global-system, which is unproveable the way the “magic” from all the brain-eating works. Or he might’ve been covered-up captured when he was shot down near Iwo Jima. I hope he and his wife are okay right now. – 30 –

#251, Claim #2566036, (previously sent to a science group: AAA (American Association of Anatomists,( – my summary attempt for CSSP, words to be added as I go along.) — print out this text but the pdf was transferred to Catogory- Science group letters

Mr. Andress, please be careful not to forward this material around. I’ll try to send an update soon but this is all I have for right now. I hope the pdf comes through okay and partial explications for the pages are below. Technical problems caused the insurance-part to get lost but I’m hoping you’d have someone interested in getting this made nice for the P&G company or some such, like looking at it in honor or acknowledgment of this Earth Day toward that purpose. I can’t explain right now because I’m on borrowed equipment. Please don’t forward the material. This is what I’d sent a science group last month but I don’t ever have contact with any “real” person, etc. for my difficulty-set. This partial-pdf is below this paragraph. Sincerely, K. Foshay — AAA- I sent you an email over the weekend but instead of “collected papers” I should have typed “selected letters” where I’m sure some nice volume could be made from the 12+ feet of them they have at Smith College, mostly from (Florence) Sabin to her sister Mary in Denver, said to have been daily. (Now I’m thinking that maybe her 1921-22 trip for the opening of the Rockefeller’s Peking Union Medical College might be a nice start, since it’d take me so long to select from the so many. 4/20/17) I’m still working on this description of what’s in the pdf but my personal situation is really the worst in the world and it”s getting particularly bad so I feel forced to try to get anyone to assist me. I hope I did send you that pdf cartoon that symbolizes what it’s like to bring my requests to the underneath-us, that this is all material I don’t like to let get around out of context, please let only someone mature see this material. I notice you’ve got the science editors there, and also I mention that going over whet the system did with Sabin’s work could get the elementary biology things back into reality-level, sort of real “Universe Rescue” attempt I’m trying to be real about buy I’m kept all covered-up about by this “Armageddon Program” exhibition on unworkable-with parasitism for nature-creation, etc. This is my only chance to try to send this before the weekend so try to overlook all the gaps in all these subjects. I’ll be trying to upgrade this write-up but mostly the system just keeps me in this “gutter-circus” abuse of all my time.

CSSP, summary part 1.pdf, page 1 is the circa 1933 photo of Sabin and her staff at the RIMR. When I saw the picture and the expression on her face I’d immediately thought that she was my “egg-mother,” biological ovae I’d come from, me inheriting that same feeling as she was expressing and I don’t think anyone but me could read her letters to her sister with any interest or understanding like I would love to get up there to the library at Smith College to try to do, right away because I’m getting old and everything’s unhealthy and horrible out here for me, etc., thinking it could do some Earth-good because otherwise this sneaky system that we’re in is really going to break this planet before they’d quit parasiting, they simply have some prehistoric-descended mere developmental disability that modern people could get straightened out but we live in their faked-up world right now, plus they’re getting their “Armageddon” done off of poor teeny little old Kathy Foshay’s being lifetime-plagued and possibly it really is a continuation of the lifetime-plague on Sabin. On page 5 below I put a picture of Edwin Drake, the petroleum-father, and he and the Sabin males look so similarly that they were likely some family together somehow, all then in Vermont together, so that I’ve got her Drake-looking Sabin family and then I’ve got modern-similar as with the “Man In Oriental Costume” on that same page and now I just found this “Everyday Man” 26-foot statue down here outside the Natl. Portrait Gallery, e.g. There was also some similar connection between Q. Victoria and Louis Napoleon, Napoleon III I think he was but he was one of these generational-slave #2 types, the Jesus father and son types I’ve been phrasing this “type” of human, etc.

page 2-  is this new realization that this “fraud-family” I’d been raised by had lived on Bathgate Avenue in the Bronx till 1939 and had likely owed the butcher a little money and wound up being plagued forever-excuse off of that, really, is how I’ve wound up in this situation, born 1955 at the hospital next to the RIMR and then up to that “French Connection” location in the Bronx. When I came (back) to Washington in 2005 I owed the cafe around the corner first 6 cents and then another 30 or 36 cents and a whirlwind pushed the fact out of my mind and I never got back and the guy moved and now he’s moved again, up to Bethesda where then I was in the hospital for 11 weeks because of the car-hit. The guy by the way looks like the Jack Parsons-type, like Parsons from the founding of the rocket fuel Jet Propulsion Laboratory at CalTech, sort of a cult-figure for rocket science aficiandos, and like Hank/Henry Daly that the main police station here was named after, and like, of course, Hermann Oberth, who’d likely bio-parented them and’d been descended from the #2 gen-slaves from the “Ghent Altarpiece” days, everything always “It’s a Small World After All”  -mentality connected.

page 3- This is 26 feet tall outside the Portrait Gallery at 7th and G Streets, NW, here, me just seeing it recently. Jonathan Borofsky’s the sculpter. It’s of the same “Cor-Ten Steel” that the CHICAGO PICASSO is made from, that latter’s looking to me like what had happened in Prehistory when the errantly-trekking to find the source of the sun’s trip as it seems to “rise” up off of the ground way far away somewhere had wound up collapsing into dinosaurs’ nests in North America I figure, where they rested and got fed the dinosaurs’ babies’ food which was mashed flowers and toads and mushroom types of mouth-fed stuff like burds do with worms to their newborns but there’d been hallucinogens evolving here, not in the Old World so much but here, where the dinosaurs were learning how to fly, and these humans landed into the nests and got “dependent” on the hallucinogens, there being some big deal that hallucinogens aren’t addictive so the users aren’t addicts, but their whole system is dependent on the hallucinogens, the state of mind that the hallucinogens give, and without that high the state doesn’t exist anymore, and we’re going to be left not only extinct but also leaving Earth as swirling garbage like that “Asteroid Belt” was probably a planet that’d gotten broken, perhaps in being used for tilting Earth so the lost little buggers could get enough sun to be able to stay alive. But their damages incurred by the trip are everywhere. — I think Borofsky calls these “Everyman” or Everyday Man, and they’re numbered, this one’s being 3277541. -It, he, has pins in his top of his head, about 12 of hem, like needles sticking in I’d guess, representing some way there seems to be for getting brain fluid out for narcotics uses for the Autists.

page 4- That’s St. Acasio but I can’t find that name listed anywhere else yet, found it in that Smithsonian Folk Lure Festival annual booklet for back when Stewart Udall’s wife had worked on that and I was trying to research him, !, and then there’s the usual “Man In Oriental Costume” portrait (at the National Gallery of Art on Constitution and 6th, NW, but it was, all, donated by Andrew Mellon, 1934, to Washington and Mellon is in this gen-slave #2 type group and this winds up seeming “French Connection”-connected: His son-in-law was Harry Anslinger, the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics at the time of the French Connection business, and in that same time period Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy had JFK build a house, “Wexford” next-door to Andrew Mellon’s son Paul and Paul’s wife “Bunny” Mellon. This gets involved and it was all while the Autist-system believed that they’d soon be owning the riches of space, it was all pre-July 1969 moon-landing and physically seeing and touching that there aren’t any big riches for mortals out there. The other picture might even have been the excuse for getting me car-hit possibly; it’s a close-up of the portrait and it had slipped out of my papers while I was talking with one of these of the many “plants” all around me and only because I’m nervous of plant-types around me when I’d seen anything slip out of my papers to be exposed to a plant’s eyes I’d quick-tucked it back in and the movement could be percepted as being surreptitious but the girl had been given many pages of this writing I do and wasn’t interested but shouldn’t have thought anything odd of the picture, just of how quickly I’d swept it back into my pile, and then I’ve been putting together that weird bit about that I’d woken up in ICU with the staff in that scene about the TV-news story that I’d jotted a little about here about two months ago. Now I’m commenting next to that picture,  “Care-worn eyes or comfortably-profiteering? expression, but you can see right below there…

page 5- that Edwin Drake, the father of petroleum (in the U.S., Pennsylvania’s Titusville Oil Region,) has the same type of eye-look, that they’re likely close-related, and then again there’s that portrait that I use as my example-description of where this “Armageddon Program” seems to come from in general, but that I think it’s done by them as being “magiician-” slaves, etc., and then the “St. Christopher” of the 1432 “Ghent Altarpiece” where I figure that that little boy behind him is from the Autists’ group and is misleading the captives, and they’re on their way out to the cliffs of Spain, Santiago de Compostela, as the main destination there, most likely going through Conques, France, where that Sainte Foy business comes from, which even hooks into the Scientology aspect of this, as L. Ron Hubbard’s “Doomed Planet” cover looks like a grown-bigger Saint/e Foy, holding those vials of the drug, which thinking about it might be like those meters the Dianetics uses. The “Doomed Planet” cover is safely still up on this Menu here I’m pretty sure, but I have to print it out in color and then do enlargements of just that one corner to use it as an illustration here. And also there’s the whole “Shell Oil” aspect as the scallop-shell from being a souvenir/sign of the pilgrimage out to La Finestre, Santiago de Compostela, became that logo. Also “The Birth of Venus” painting is likely connected to that logo.

page 6- about the Rockefeller-money hayday here, then to Jan. 1978 when I’d moved to San Francisco after the Army and there was the assassination of the Mayor George Moscone with Harvey Milk, councilmember and someone else getting killed in that rage-rampage, and immediately after that big Guyana Jonestown Massacre of the religious sect from San Francisco.  Pastor Jim Jones.

page 7- the regular 1962 “French Connection” photo I’d found in the 1969 Robin Moore book by that name only in 2014 but luckily or I’d never have guessed about all this “clear” brain-serum narcotic global- real economy. Also, WWI had been started by a member of then’s “Black Hand Society” and I suspect it’s the same “conspiracy” of “magicians” that are really the generational-slaves stuck with all this prison-Earth horror.

page 8- putting the pages like this it seems easier to see that that might really be Lenny Bruce there with that fraud-parent. Bruce had just gotten out of that first First Amendment problem I think, been acquitted. I’m trying to keep track of his Carnegie Hall dates, figuring if he was doing “devil’s deals” in rewards for things like taking this fraud-photograph as though he was Tony Fuca like the fraud-parent is posed as though being the agent Ben Fitzgerald. Then there are very-framed pictures of generational-slave #2 types behind that little photo of Bruce’s friend Berton. Then that word-quote attributed to Bruce I like but couldn’t find it;  t’s attributed to his daughter Kitty’s book on him, more like a big magazine, and I looked but couldn’t find the words anywhere in the little time I’d had with it. “…I am one of the huge cornerstones in the second tower of Babel that we of Satan’s growing army are building” and so was/is my fraud-parent! Underneath the Bronx there this whole “hip-hop” generation was invented, etc., and that’s how things have gotten so way off that they can’t be seen, that this thing is so vast and permeated now. Then they landed a camera on the moon in June 1966, able to see that it’s barren there, and Bruce “o.d’d.” two months later allegedly as all the Autists and friends started covering up for that their underground-takeover was based on the false belief that they’d have riches galore, which comes up in that Tiffany’s picture, page after next.

page 9- That probably is really Tony Fuca and doesn’t look the same as in the photo the fraud-parent is in.

page 10- the Tiffany’s break-in, 1958. So far I think it was a ritual for breaking through the sound barrier/ozone layer and grabbing those star-diamonds. Then Patsy Fuca (first in the line-up above,) robbed Cartier’s in 1961 I think it was, but it’s a strange little story, real peculiar, with one of the guy’s dying the next year in the Bronx, where he’d lived on Bainbridge Avenue, with some odd and misspelled name, Kingdom Norman maybe. And Tish (Letitia) Baldrige left working for Tiffany’s then to go be on Mrs. Kennedy’s staff in the White House, and I’m realizing now that Mrs. Kennedy was REAL peculiar, like more of a “black-haired Autist-family” person that Mrs. JFK, that she was probably extremely annoyed at his interest in blonde-haired women like Monroe and Mary Pinchot Meyer, and it’s possible that as an Autist you don’t even have to do any curses or anything but just think to yourself that you’re unhappy about someone’s behavior and wish they weren’t around anymore and the “magicians,” generational-slaves, might overhear and start acting on fulfilling your wish.  Back in that time period “LSD” wasn’t illegal and lots of rich people were given free samples as the system thought they’d soon be owning space and there was nothing wrong with “eating brains” or the serum from them, etc. Then I’d just looked up images of the late Elizabeth Edwards and she looks, born 1949, like she might could have come from Ms. Onassis’ ovae. I’d known a girl that Ms. Edwards reminded me of, so the girl might have been from in there somewhere maybe, is how I’d noticed Edwards only after she’d passed, in 2010, but Mr. Edwards is like a huge Autist real figurehead to all this. In 1999 I think, they’d installed a huge overhead wall-sculpture at the Basilica, “Universal Call to Holiness,” were “the Virgin Mary” looks like him and so does also on the tympanum at Conques, France where that St. Foy is/was.

page 11- is Mrs. Fuca and Robin Moore pictured working on her “Mafia Wife” book. I’ve got some excerpt up here in this blogsite somewhere still I hope, of her reaction to spending a typical “Xmas” at the Fuca’s relatives’. I have to try to figure out the location because it’s in the Lower East Side and that’s where the Jews that opened that Bathgate Avenue Market in the Bronx had come from, and locating that area more specifically could be a big help in getting all this straightened out. “The whole cannibalism-system.” Yeah. But of course then they never be quiet about how necessary meat is but they never mention that in their brain somewhere is inherited-guilt from the ancestors’ having (maliciously) accidentally extincted the dinosaurs by smashing their babies’ eggs so there wouldn’t be competition for the food-mash, all hallucinogens mixed in it so the dinosaurs could learn to fly, transporting us easily through the ozone layer “sound barrier” and on. Mrs. Fuca and Mr. Moore are hugely important for the reason that I’m starting to think they might be a type of people made from “donations” from Dr. Rene Dubos of the RIMR and then his own Environmental Center, up by Tiffany’s owner in Garrison and over on the Connecticut border. I’m held up waiting to try to find that group picture in Avery’s lab for getting the name of Dubos’ partner, as they both might have been super-mass-reproduced for this. I noticed this because there’s an odd stereotype that seems connected to this “Armageddon Program/Show” that’s similar maybe to Mrs. Fuca, might have come from someone like her and they might have come from Rene for the purpose of molding a stereotype from him but they have, it seems, some bizarre total disregard for normal-world, like holocausting people is some natural everyday or okay thing, so I’m thinking that Rene might have been molded from the “Jesus type,” that my findings on David the Psalmist had led to, to be used to these things, as it’s just getting worse and worse with realizing how this Autism won’t let go nearly 50 years after they saw that there’s nothing in space for mortals, they just blithely go along anyhow and then this with the “Dianetics,” there’s this whole “Mission Earth: Doomed Planet” last of the ten-book series where it seems like Hubbard’s group might have gone into this thing where they HAVE TO get off of Earth because it’s (now) so messed up and so that’s justifying nevertheless continuing with this turning people into petroleum-oil, for fueling the futile Mars-type ventures. There isn’t any outer space for those psychopaths. They killed all what was evolving way back long ago, and it isn’t for mortals anyway. Etc.

page 12- Robin Moore (not his regular name, but he’d passed in 2005 or 2009 and I can’t recall it right now,) had previously, 1968 I think, written that “Green Berets” book where John Wayne was in the film and I haven’t located a copy of it yet but the way things seem to have been I’d guess that it was more about cleaning-up after the clearing of all the normal natives from Asia that was what was really going on, where the Siam Chakri set had been doing the big work in their area and other “royalty” doing wherever they were and that was largely done but there probably wasn’t anything but the Autists’ takeover that was why anyone was over there about the Green Berets business, etc.

page 13- that’s me standing there in a “trick”-taken photo, trying to teach that (passive-aggressive) little girl how to play checkers in some strange room I’d been directed to and a guy on a tour like for a newspaper asked if he could take a picture and I’d said yes but didn’t realize I was okaying a close-up, had thought that I’d just happen to be in one of the room with a bunch of kids in it. When this torture’d started and I had nothing to do and no money I’d found I could get old encyclopedia volumes for a quarter each so I’d broken them up into the separate articles and’d come across and recognized this one.

page 14- then that’s where we’d moved to on Nov. 1, 1963 and I’d left for the Army Oct. 1973. Massoud and his friend Masood are like a couple of guys that had lived nearby with the one that looks like Massoud becoming my first boyfriend, toward the end of sixth grade I think that that was and it hadn’t last long probably. We had about nothing in common and I couldn’t figure out why he’d bothered “liking” me but it was all this ritual paradigm of just doing things because they have “magic” omen significances to the system “magicians,” like Massoud was of the generational-slave #2 type, killed around 2001 I think, where the 13-year old kid’s name was Cesar (or Caesar) Romero and it was significant for the Armageddon purpose of “siezing” Romeo-guys that liked anything about me, is the LURE-scam, from way back then. Any normal guys that get attracted to me get “shadowed” by the fraud-parent’s type and all these associated kin-types, has been the main gimmick, along with off of all the writing-for-help that I’ve done. I’m out of time for today now.

page 15- this is mostly a place-holder for that “leash” picture of Lynndie England on one end and the prisoner “Gus” on the other. That whole Abu Grahib scandal was one of these “ripple-effect” “magic”-tricks that go on all the time around me. Largely that “leash” or tie-down strap or whatever, as it really does have a purpose like I’ve used them for nurse’s aide work where it helps in moving a bedridden person to a chair and such but of course it goes around the arms and chest area and in the Abu Grahib case it’d slipped and that guy in this “pyramid” photo had given the one end to Pfc England and told her to hold it and took that picture, but for me it’s become this horror inability to walk, like a harness whereby I’m “invisibly” hauling this Armageddon Program around anywhere I try walking to, an enormous but not really real medical problem. There’s more to this too but I’ll try to get back to it. Most of those things on this menu here are subjects I’m meaning to get back to and fill in the gaps for too.

page 16- is similar with alot going on to it to get back to. It seems possible to me that Mr. Valenti might have “come from” that judge, Sarah T. Hughes, there in a brown sweater with multi-colored polka dots, and she might have come from Johannes Winkler of the VfR, the circa-1928 Rocket-makers group that more or less appears to have become the whole start of the way to the moon and whatever they’re doing nowadays. I’d guess that Winkler was a generational-slave #1 type, me saying #1 solely because I guess at that their slavery had actually pre-dated the next generational-slaves’ type. Then there’s the new thing of starting to realize that Mrs. Kennedy wasn’t as innocent as she’d appeared, me noticing lately that she’d had JFK buy property next to where Andrew Mellon’s son was living, and Andrew Mellon is where that “generational-slave #2” type’s “Man In Oriental Costume” portrait painting we’ve had here since 1934 had come from, which is what looks to me like what directs all the “Armageddon Program/Show” and that “French Connection” whole real nightmare on my life, about the brain-serum narcotic business or industry that it now is.

page 17- I think that that C.S. Lewis is from this “Vajiravudh” or very similar type that the fraud-parent had come from, but the main thing here is that Aldous Huxley and his writings are very important to all this that we’ve got now and also that the whole Huxley family is too.

page 18- that’s some approximation of this Bathgate Avenue Market-Bronx Zoo-area “fraud-family” I’d come from’s main “donors,” like some orc- or baboon- making industry the system’s been running off of them, creating like a false population out here mostly of a type that thinks that it’s inheriting this country or planet but would be “scripted” to be blown away, etc. Armageddon.

page 19- is more about that but all mixed into the Dept. of Justice, that the NY Murder Inc. group seem to have slid into that with the Vajiravudh-type/s, with the one looking like the fraud-parent but he said that that isn’t him so it probably really isn’t because I’ve seen someone or two people scooting around here who do seem to look exactly like that first figure of “Gerald Shur.” Then page 20 is missing because of all these everyday-type problems I have with technology.

page 22- is trying to point out how Mrs. Oswald is from that Vajiravudh. I’ve got the addresses where she’d lived in the Bronx with Lee (Harvey) around 1953 and will try to get them typed in. A.J. Liebling was the husband of that book’s author and was of that Vajiravudh or similar to Mrs. Oswald type and so was A.M. Rosenthal who’d then made that business with Ms. Kitty Genovese into the big news story, and that then had a longtime girlfriend, Katherine Balfour I think was the name, who looked just like Kitty Genovese, like she’d gone into an assumed name there.

page 23-  this is a big deal that would take more than a minute or two, and

page 24- is just to show how difficult it is to recognize the same “stereotype” if they’re just “diversified” into a slightly darker skin-shade color, that you don’t recognize the same face as it has a darker dye-coloration, even though they’re the same and you know the face well, it just looks all unrecognizable then.

page 25- is a light-shaded example of the fraud-parent’s “offspring-descendants” I’ve been calling this “everyday phenomenon” of this bizarre world-way we live in of the mass-reproduced from disembodied ovaries people, etc.

page 26- is just to point out at any chance this massive Siam problem. I have no idea about the other countries but clearly “the King and I” were clearing the natives in that area and replacing them with system-made people, population.

page 27- Chulalongkorn and Nicholas II of Russia and Aldous and Leonard Huxley’s father Leonard Huxley look to all be from old Peter Paul Rubens’ line, with Chulalongkorn as the father of Siamese photography as an example of how much work has gone into this turning the world around but I’m trying to explain that that was under the misled misconception that there was no Autism involved, that the Autism is “invisible” and those generational-slave #2 captives like Rubens, and Capt. John Smith who’d found this Potomac area here same thing, had had no much choice but to believe whatever the Autist-psychopath decapitators felt like saying, and we’re still in that position of that going along with the captors, while, assumably, hoping that buidling all these schools and hospitals would eventually get the captors to normalize but that has not happened and we’ve still got the problems, but, Chulalongkorn was one of history’s main workers for the Autist captors, and his wife has got some descendants around me nowadays, in that fraud-family and out to everywhere.

page 28- this is real important to be filled in but I have to get some mature adult to speak with about it, can’t just blab and blab to myself here about real things. It’s sort of connected to about Oswald in the Bronx too, for the small-world Plan. Then Bleuler is there only about being from that type of person.

page 29-33 is the usual August 2016 summary to Maryland write-up I try to use to describe all this by; adding page 34 to the back of one of those letters as nothing’s been done.

page 35-37 are about this big “Shahan” stereotype difficulty I’ve got, seeing one just yesterday morning and then a horror afternoon happened, that seeing one is just before real bad things happen, like the car-hit. That little “anger-management” cartoon seems a coincidence so I’d added it recently but today realize that it’s an illustration of what’s been going on here all these years as I’ve been writing these- type letters since 2005 plus some at the beginning of the millennium also, and now it’s also becoming “clear” to me that this is all connected to my 1978 experiences, which were all this same French Connection/Armageddon whole lifetime business all behind my back using me for their LUREs of the innocent and normal humans. Etc.

page 38- is the 3/17/14 flyer-write-up I’d made and then, a Shahan and some wacko forced-ambulance trip to Howard University Hospital because of a dead louse/lice allegedly on my shirt one morning, and then it’s been all these ill-health curses since then too, as it became increasingly clear, that in 1794 John Carroll had helped set up this Autist, Carroll being a slave, and they just started digging all under here ever since and that’s this Armageddon all over me this millennium as though it’s okay for the “big boys” and the hidden Autists-enclave to use my life this way, etc. Time’s up again and I’ll try to sign back on to finish this part up, etc.

page 39- John Carroll, 1735-1815, Archbishop of Baltimore and probably progenerator of Obadiah B. Brown and many others and later L. Ron Hubbard, all “religious workers” slave to the Autists and Autists-system. In September-October 2014 I’d suddenly noticed former-Mayor Marion Barry here through books on other subjects that led me to reading on him and I noticed that he was likely also one of John Carroll’s descendants, and he died in November. It seems like that’s related to this sudden noticing of him, comparing him to Socrates in that Somebody has to stay with these Autist-pyromaniac kids, they can’t just be left to be roaming and setting house fires, and the like.

page 40- I don’t know how I left off the attribution: the photos are from US Magazine, November 7, 2016, page 40. I’d noticed the page because of a magazine cover at a supermarket around that time period where the actor is starting to perhaps evolve to the looks of a character in this that’s like the “Doomed Planet” by L. Ron Hubbard human figure in the chair-throne, holding like the 2 vials of the St/e. Foy figure that I think the book of Revelation had started from, then gathering the gospel-author works and letters and the whole thing into this Bible, etc. But I do try to keep track of all the copyright business. There’s always some fair use of materials in the regular books and so probably also the magazines, and in my case this has always all been all super-life and death emergency business problem I’m alone with that I’m pretty sure that about anything I do is within the fair use parameters, etc. It’s a whole subject into itself but I was suprised that the US Magazine and date attribution wasn’t here, and also the leader of the group looks alot like Luther’s friend Philip Melanchthon, and then there’s all kinds of other inter-connections with the religions-business and as I’m realizing about this 1978 set up difficulty into all this too.

page 41- as long as Dianetics is coming up I should mention that I suspect that that Mormon Temple at Nauvoo (gone now) I think might have been where Ronald Reagan’s ancestors had built and been living when this roaming Joseph Smith et al. came around and did the things they do to take over places. He might have been tolerated because of this “Line of Demarcation” clause that the natives of a place shouldn’t be murdered but allowed to live still.

page 42- is right in the World Book Encyclopedia; John Carroll’s type as Dr. Pinel, and in that painting I think it’s him trying to prevent the Autists from taking the old guy to the kitchen for being dinner and drugs.

page 43- that there’s a whole world of goings-on that turned this situation into this TPE that I’m always trying to get assistance toward averting, with the Autists oblivious to anything but their own desires.

page 44- example of Autists, and I have to sign off again.

(L. Ron Hubbard was some “offspring-descendant” of this same John Carroll Archbishop of Baltimore who’d been the main slave-worker captive in setting up the whole “Roman” church system here, the Catholic business, and Hubbard was just doing a continuation of that but it’s all then modernly-linked to the rocket fuel petroleum-horror, oil-from humans horror industry. Poor little me. Additionally I’m so full of all this horror all by myself that I’d snapped at some staff-person that she’s a drug addict, is why she really does some little ritually-annoying thing when I just happen to be there, so now all the drug-lovers are also like in a union against me in addition to the usual union-work working against me in these places all the “Armageddon Program” time, exerting a little extra effort to make things difficult for me.

#247. from Kathleen Foshay for Ms. De Gravelles, HHS Ombudsperson, MCMD, pdf- 77 p.,  transferred to Category- car-hit except for the typed text.

Ms. DeGravelles, I don’t have any way to find out if you’ve read this. My situation is getting worse and worse. Please read the typed explication for the illustrations then at the start of this pdf . I have to get out of this homeless shelter for my own personal health reasons of not enough air circulation where I’m sleeping usual syndrome in addition to all the real-world end this system we’re in is really bringing the planet to situation, where I’ve always been unable to find any assistance as the way this “Armageddon-making Program” gimmick the book of Revelation has actually been being done by goes. I’ve been a victim more or less like this since 1962. That “French Connection” scam is about the same as then this new “‘clear’ false religion.” I can’t guess how much if any of my material you’ve looked over but I’ve always got more and more, just realizing this 1978-Scientology-connected trick I’d fallen into these past few days or so. There’s a shelter called “Helping Hands” on Homers Lane or Road near you that might find a space for me if I could get any assistance, and this Cincinnati Insurance company is wanting me to have a fiduciary before they would restitute me for that accident on Connecticut and Howard Avenues just south of your location, Holiday Park. As soon as I’d gotten the mail from them while at the Kensington Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in March 2016 I thought we could do an easy settlement and I could use the fund to go up to do something useful (in Smith College’s library they have the unread and voluminous papers of a key figure in how medicine and science go so bizarre to the point they’re at today, her picture on page 28 of this pdf and maybe I could send you a (new) page-numbered one if you’d like,) and it could be done very reasonably, $100 for bus fare, there’s a nearby hotel for $80 a night till I could rent a bed and breakfast room at a slightly further distance, and the like,) but it’s looking like I’m just a ghost-prisoner and the incident never happened except for all the medical expanses and other fees that other people got off of this scam, and that the system “magicians” only want to use my letters on it as the same Armageddon-making Program that they’ve been doing for decades, by which the underworld’s been increasingly taking over the Earth. Earth Day is coming up; I’m trying to find some science-types to help me but the system-goons won’t let anyone through and it’s hopeless in this town for me. I put the “Autist savages” illustration way low and now I realize I didn’t even finish describing what all these pages are trying to illustrate. I’m working on the descriptions for the “CSSP” and it’s part 2 files, and I guess I’ll have to try starting over with a nice one for this atttempt to ask Procter and Gamble about some interest in this, as I’m all alone with how this global-underworld system is really going to force the planet to be destroyed because it’s just from this Autism problem we could get straightened out easily in modern days now, etc. Please try to look into this Helping Hands or other shelter I could stay at till I can find a fiduciary or this insurance company otherwise gets some settlement, — plus I don’t have any safe address where readers could send income-donations toward my own support in trying to get something started with repair-work for re-gained eternity for us and non-sadism for the eternal universe, etc., all unnecessary horror being perpetrated onto forever these “boys” are really going through with, and people who’d like to support a universe rescue attempt haven’t got any way to reach me, that could go along with getting a fiduciary into this. I have to send this to you/your office now because I won’t be able to use a computer for a few days again this week, but I can try to call you from that day center that isn’t secure, and hope everything is okay. I don’t even know if these pdfs make it through email intact, noticing that some to myself haven’tt, not good with the technology, etc. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay

from Kathleen Foshay for Ms. De Gravelles_ HHS .pdf


#242, Assistance for Kathleen Foshay, please, 29 p. pdf and kvfd letter typed

Assistance for Kathleen Foshay_ please .pdf

Kensington Volunteer Fire Department

10620 Connecticut Avenue, Station #5

Kensington, MD 20895

August 3, 2015

Dear KVFD,

I’m homeless and was just moved into a Safe Haven group-home property at 4015 Plyers Mill Road behind you and it’s only a short matter of time till an ambulance is phony-called for this phonied-up “COPD” difficulty breathing problem I’ve got so I’m trying to write to you in hope that some intervention can be gotten to me, for many reasons. I just wrote to Mayor Fosselman that Kensington could become the town that rescued the Universe from the endless sadism of Earth’s loss by anyone’s working with me a little instead of this obvious set up to medically “railroad” me.

This picture here, also enlarged on the next page, is from the 1961-62 real-life “French Connection” narcotics-smuggling scam, where really it had ended there in that Bronx basement, me recognizing that the guy on the far right is my fraudulent-parent, posed as NY narcotics agent Ben Fitzgerald.

(p.2) French Connection Enlargement with:

I was in the 1st grade than and used to play with and use those suitcases and under the area I realize now were generational-slaves, manipulating toward fulfilling those Armageddon prophecy-threats, at the back of the Bibles, Rev. 16:16, that whole book or chapter. The narcotics economy goes to that.

(p. 3 of 5)  All my life I was raised to be a moron and used toward fulfilling the Armageddon and I’ve caught on little by little and have written hundreds of letters to people and groups in Washington these past 10 years but my work’s been dismissed as being of “schizophrenia” and I’m finally figuring out how the psychiatric industry was rigged to help with the Armageddon-fulfilling but I’m totally ignored and set right behind you in a quiet little house that’s going to be like an Amityville-horror to me, (the 5 a.m. fire alarm today and frequently so far for example,) as the means of covering-up that lifetime-harassing little me is how the Biblical and the underground global-system have thrived, but they are covering-up too that they’re taking the human race and planet Earth to TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION, that there’s nothing legitimate about this system with its cars and photography and computers, everything is secret-slavery done to placate the system-making people because they have, what I figure is, as-yet unrecognized Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy with hallucinogen-dependence from an accident-set in Prehistory that could be straightened out and set behind the human race merely by talking about it. But they’re disappearing the only person who can explain about it, their slave-system is all doing so.

(p. 4 of 5)  KVFD could ward-off or prophylactically prevent WWIII by doing anything to work with me a little to keep me from falling ill in this unassuming-seeming little trap house so that I could survive to disseminate all this library-book type information I’ve been collecting since 2005 on how the system was put together by people with Autism-psychopathy, etc. A little thing like a cot or lounge chair I could use in the backyard would save my life as the trick here is that with this (underground-done) bizarre breathing disorder I was given a bed here in a corner where there’s no window or fresh air-circulation so that I’ve been waking in a deathly-ill condition and this will be ignored till the set up is rigged to call an ambulance because of that same “every-day” torture, to suddenly straight-facedly make a big deal of it that I’m deathly-ill when I’d said all along that I’m too sick to sleep in that area. So with a cot I could rest outside during the day and manage like that for awhile while trying to interest Mayor Fosselman and the Psychology Dept. at American University in giving a chance to telling the reality about our global-system. My work was all thrown away by that 2nd & D, NW, homeless shelter while I was phony-hospitalized in 2014 but I’ve written a bunch of these different descriptive letters again since then and those could be compiled into a book or website, me having stayed away from computers because of the Armageddon LURE’s controversiality gimmick, but the situation is so desperate now that I’ll try a website, if anyone would help, as my first attempt just vanished into Google. The flyer on the next page is an example hand-out. kathyfoshay2@gmail.com (nothing I have seems secure from these “fraud-parent offspring-descendant” and other goons, don’t even try to get in touch with me unless you’re real secure because that’s how the system’s been getting names of people to plague to disappearance all along as a major gimmick, intimidating people in widening circles from wherever I’ve been.) Then a 7/22/15 “My name is Kathy Foshay, I’ve never been in Maryland before, flyer is the fifth page of that letter.

Then I put a page with 3 illustrations of “Neanderthal-type” males of the fraud-family types, the note reading: Examples of the “Bronx Zoo-area fraud-family Neanderthals” the system’s mass-proliferated, left to right:

1= my French Connection narcotics-scam fraud-parent type in general,

2= his older brother, deceased now, the type from Katonah then,

3= their older brother, deceased now, the Yorktown type.

They had an elder brother that went to Syracuse (NY) to live that’s less easily describable yet by me. Each of those guys had a wife and ostensible children and all those reproductive parts appear to have been used toward inventing a faux-population that we’re in as an Armageddon-strategy for the system under the other side of the planet, with all these characters’ despising me as a “tattle-tale” maybe, is why they uniformly seem to do that.

The next page is side-by-side Bishop Shahan (d. 1932 locally,) with the English Aleister Crowley, self-proclaimed “666.” I think it’s obvious that they’re closely related, brothers or bio-parent and -offspring or such, as how this book of Revelation is being worked out over the generations, then the other offspring-descendants of the local famous bishop were running around Montgomery County with the fraud-parent’s offspring-copies and this accident wound up happened to me and I’ve had no one to even speak with about any of this, but this is how those book of Revelation world-takeover threat-prophecies are being carried out in real life and it’s headed for no good. These are guys who’ve just been sneak-beating up anyone they can get away with dragging into the secret undergrounds, similar to me getting hit by that car.

#241, Kathy Foshay about the 11/19/15 car-hit, claim #2565036, a 58-p pdf and letter to Mr. Brown

Greg Brown, Cincinnati Insurance

P.O. Box 87242

Montgomery Village, MD 20886

March 1, 2017


Dear Mr. Brown, I’d guess you know this Baltimore Franklin & Prokopik group had reached me about this business but they haven’t said or done anything and I have the impression it’s just more trouble-creation for myself for the double-reason of making the “Armageddon Show” script out of this behnd-my-back underworld controversy around my situation, that it seems like it just gives an excuse for new stereotype-characters to participate in arguing about how it doesn’t matter what I say that I’m not going to get anything, but it’s difficult for me to put into words how this ruse “show” works because that’s they like playing into the script’s hands. They always argue cartoon-style on, God help me, whether Kathy Foshay should or shouldn’t be allowed to try to uh “save” the planet earth and humanity,  but it’s really a double-entendre gimmick that the system means to allow me to feed the system-bums, the “world” of the Autists and all their developmentally disabled and Neanderthal and hallucinogen-abusing drug-buddies, and the whole thing is too ridiculous even to be able to discuss unless someone has alot of the background on all this “Revelation” horror, etc. It’d gone on for years and then I started noticing these “fraud-parent copies” around and they started underworld-shadow making me ill and I ran into that “French Connection” 1962 photo in 2014 but wound up keep getting ill and hospitalized for no actual reasons, “magic” -made problems for me, and I wound up in Kensington and got this idea that I could start a quiet blogsite based on trying to explain spirit-development because the universe is going to be left alone for eternity with the smithereens of ruined Earth because these system-people are just all different kinds of developmental disabilitied “Autists” and there won’t be any Earth left out of what they’ve been pulling off of doing this “show” to me all these years, etc., and I got hit by that car and nobody has had a human word to say to me before or since that, I’m just stranded here in this same Armageddon disaster and it would take nearly nothing to get me out of this. The last picture on this pdf if of Dr. Florence Sabin and for a hundred dollars I could get up to where her old papers are in a library in Massachusetts and I could start reading toward trying to explain all how the tricks that got the world into this disaster were pulled off through doing these similar “show” tricks to her back a hundred years ago. She knew all the medical-science people like Einstein for example and I’m sure I could do alot of good trying to explain the whole thing using her life as an example, if I could get some sort of assistance from absolutely anyone on Earth, that’s all it might take. I spend every day in this worsening Inferno-being-built here under me situation that’s just unreal-sounding but I’ve been here nearly the whole millennium and this night-shelter I’m at has been constantly inhabited since back to 1846 and there’s some big whole secret world disaster under this town, that I’ve been explaining bits and pieces of as I can all this past year in these letters, about the Colombia mix-up that’s led to all this with the invisible narcotics. I can’t keep writing these things down to non-responding people like this. Maybe I found an address for someone helpful in Montgomery County that I’ll be able to try soon but I’ll have to explain all this to her from scratch and I barely get a chance near a computer like this. Please try to use the same address that the F&P lady had managed to get through to me on but I don’t like to write it down here because of my major problem of being used as a trick trap-LURE, that I’m always used behind my back for tricking people to disappearance so please look up the address on that 2nd letter to me from F&P, that they wrote ATTN: Kathleen Foshay with the place’s name and address on it and that managed to get through to me, please try to use that address for getting a letter through to me on how we can get a settlement to me. It seems like there weren’t ever any police on the scene where I was hit, that that Officer Chan was at some “parallel-world accident” on the next street up that worked as a cover-up for what was being done to me. I never saw any police, just an ambulance pulled up and argued with me about turning over my purse, then in the courtroom that guy said he was the one that had hit me but I hadn’t actually seen his face through the windshield or anything to be able to be sure that that really was the same person, but try to get some sort of assistance to me because this Armageddon is doom for the Earth, is this system of DD parasites and it’s got no future you can tell because it’s been working off of by doing like this to me for my whole life, like the system people are just bonkers, Earth has no real future unless this gets back on track, etc. Kathy Foshay

2nd try_ Kathy Foshay .pdf

#239, letter to Cincinnati Insurance, etc., from Kathleen Foshay, claim number 2565036, 11/19/15, 55 p. pdf; letter_ Cincinnati Insurance_ etc. .pdf

Enclosed please find 55 pages to try to illustrate my and the world’s situation as best I can right now regarding this car-hit of myself on November 19, 2015, in Kensington, Maryland:

1- Subpoena received in February for the April court date.

2- letter from Cincinnati Insurance received at the same time. I’d typed a copy of my reply to Ms. Chiarizia but I’d have to re-type it now because I hardly know how to navigate on this blogsite. I’d replied to Mr. (Greg) Brown on 3/17/16, 5 pages, and included the URL for this blogsite at the bottom of the first page, on account of innuendo that I’d perhaps jumped in front of the car, which is ridiculous.

3- After the court date, which was cancelled for re-wording of the citation ostensibly, and during which I’d give this blogsite-URL to the Asst. State Prosecutor Ms. Iten Naguib and the defendant’s lawyer Mr. Neary, then this list of D.C. Resources was all Silver Spring gave me and that Crisis Center at (240) 777-4000, is still likely where I’ll wind up as I have to get out of this same Armageddon Show/Armageddon-making Show that’s how my being in Maryland and the car-hit had come about.

4- The May 9, 2016 attempt to register with this WLCH, where the girl just smiled confidently and smiled and the other staff told me that the girl was the only one that could handle problems from Maryland, and they just “sugared” me off till I was too bogged by this invisible-warfare underworld “Armageddon Show” again to be able to keep calling and calling about this.

5- The 4/27/16 re-registering with Housing here, which had  been delayed because of the November car-hit. I’m just all defrauded, it’s a global-system game to cheat me of everything. I’ll explain more about this later but mention now that it probably costs the taxpayers more to have me kept at that night-shelter I’ve been in than if they’d let me rent that apartment that I’d found on the way to the court date, and the same smiling and smiling knowing that by myself I’d just be steamrolled and would be defrauded had ensued.

6, 7- I just got these notes from Ms. Chiarizia but I should have crossed-out the name of that person here that she’d mentioned on both the noticed. That person is a standard participant in this unprovable “show” off of me and I guess that when the two ladies had talked this one introduced herself to the ladies at the daytime women’s center and when she was finished I asked her that I’ve known her from Catholic Charities but when did she go to N Street, and she’d replied that she’d started there in March, coming there from the night shelter run by Catholic Charites to the day center I would have to try to get a bed through only just before I got there. I wrote Ms. Chiarizia that my main difficulty is that because I’m all invaded by these underworld “shadow” Armageddon-making thugs, goons, I don’t have any safe mailing address for voluntary donations to the real-life Universe Rescue-attempt or to even just myself if anyone wanted to, that that’s the main “Armageddon Show” gimmick is using me as a LURE-bait and “disappearing” any normal people who respond, and this goes back to like 1964 because of this bizarre-horror fraud-relatives science-fiction-like problem that I’m all alone with, etc.

8- a map of where I’m at, all these years usually at that 9th and G Streets, NW, main library, the MLK, which is closing next week now. The #4 place was the night-shelter run by Catholic Charities and then some similar other group that I was in from 2005-15, when I’d become too ill to be there and going to the library anymore; #2 is the day-shelter and #3 is the night-shelter I’ve been in since getting out of nursing care and then being unable to find any assistance and now this invisible-underworld “Armageddon Show” is way out of control for me again any longer, like to make me too ill to be able to function any longer soon, plus the threats and such are escalating from all these long-time and new “show” participants.

9, 10, 11- Pages 1, 2 and 4 from the 12/19/15 30-page letter I’d written trying to protest all that treatment all over me from that bizarre-style veterans group, and then it ran to nearly 600 pages as I had nothing else I could do at that hospital and I tried to explain all this Armageddon-business but I haven’t been able to get it typed or anything, all my life always just falls apart as this underworld-system relentlessly lives off of bothering me! That photo on page 1, they’ve had a character similar to the veterans-one I’d censored out because they’re so scary, a whole stereotype that crowded onto the bus I took to the court date and show up unspeakingly now and then and one works at this day center. Plus that photo seems to have been a curse onto RFK, like the system-people were especially making a trick by putting that picture into a Life magazine issue with a cover story on RFK and then a photo of Audrey Hepburn doing that twist dance with her husband Mel Ferrar. Hepburn played that Holly Golightly character I think in that “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” film that then also comes into this “French Connection” whole business.

12- an enlargemt of that “French Connection” photo on p. 4. Those heroin bags look like “black hands” and it was some deal with an Austrian Black Hand Society that had led to that assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and thence to what because WWI. The picture was taken in 1962 and I’d used to play with those 3 suitcases, is how I’d come to notice that that’s my “fraud-parent” problem I’ve got and all the pieces sort of fell into place that that photo was a ritual for good luck for the brain-serum selling industry. There’s alot to say about this but I have to move along. When I got (tricked out) to Kensington I’d found a book that showed what that “Ben Fitzgerald” looked like and it took me about a month to be sure that I hadn’t made an identification-error, the 2 guys just look a little similar if they’re in the same clothes for the photos.

13- I just wanted to include the picture of Mrs. Fuca’s husband there, Patsy/Pasquale, of the Brooklyn end of that heroin deal and then the previous jewel robbery/-ies. That said to be Tony Fuca of the Bronx end of storing the heroin doesn’t really look like the same Tony Fuca as in the previous picture, with my fraud-parent in it.

14- That’s Mrs. Barbara Fuca, Patsy’s wife and the “French Connection” author Robin Moore (1925-2008) working on a book from her perspective, “Mafia Wife,” published maybe 1979 and also by Little, Brown in Boston who I still haven’t written to that I use this photo for most of these emergency-letters for assistance that I’ve been writing since finding in in August 2014. This is largely what I’m trying to work on now and it’s extremely important. After 2 years of trying to find some time and ability I was finally able to try to look up for new stories about that diamond-theft that Mrs. Fuca had mentioned in her book but I guess I’d read somewhere else that it was Tiffany’s and not Cartier’s and I’d wound up looking up Tiffany’s and it seems to make all this other of the “French Connection” business so that I think it’s likely that the same “magicians” if not Patsy Fuca were involved in both the robberiess. The torture wouldn’t let me do anything then and so I’d just sat and read that “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” 1950 novella by Truman Capote and I was mulling if Mrs. Fuca could have been a model for Holly Golightly because the books ends that she’d been an accomplice in narcotics-trafficking and such. While looking at her picture to think if she fits the novel’s description I’d noticed that she and Mr. Moore actually do look like say brother and sister and I recalled the Rockefeller Institute’s Rene Dubos because both he and the new owner of Tiffany’s had had dealings in the same town, Garrison, NY, and from the photo in the 1946 Current Biography I’d had the idea that Dr. Dubos had been doing basement-laboratory “growing” of people, and it hit me that he’s been way-mass-reproduced and people like Fuca and Moore and many others might come from Rene, so that’s what I’m trying to look into now but there’s an aspect that somehow he’d become misanthropic for “others” than his own kind of the growths and there really are may be millions of his “offspring-descendants” around because when I’d received this letter from the Baltimore law firm Franklin & Prokopic recently I was “covered” by this odd stereotype that like Mrs. Fuca I’m recognizing might come from Rene, and do this “show” all the time. There’s a factor that Rene had had a black-haired mass-reproducing partner whose name I can’t find right now and am looking for. Years ago I’d checked and it looked like he’d wound up living and working in California with maybe no further contact. I call Dr. Dubos “Rene” because I have difficulty with the pronunciation and it got easier to think of it that way.

15- I’m also trying to get to a copy of Mr. Moore’s book “The Green Berets” because I’m thinking there was something peculiar about all his work. Also the narcotics from the Marseilles “French Connection” were actually likely to have come from Colombia where then so much other had, part of the scam going back to the “Revelation” -writing days.

16- This is about the connection to Siam that I’ve written lots about but don’t think I have even a page on here, plus that that generational-slave #2 stereotype is/was very active in all of this.

17- These are photocopies from the 2002 book on the Federal Witness Protection Program, called “WITSEC,” where the one picture ostensibly said to be Mr. Shur an early founder of that looks like but probably is only similar to and mocked-up with that background to look like the fraud-parent and his house, and the second picture actually looks like the Murder Inc., boss Albert Anastasia 18, 19 and 20 are connected to that part of all this.

21- that Mrs. Oswald looked alot like my fraud-parent, that they were somehow related, and the boy Lee (Harvey) had lived in the Bronx and around the Zoo all through 1953, that that seems related to all this. Also it’s so bizarre or bad that I suspect that the fraud-parent had been the one in Dallas to pull the trigger on JFK the year after that “French Connection” photo, that they were a conspiracy of criminals with this Autism and their brain-narcotic friends who’d believed that they’d soon be rich from reaching space and then they settled for just whatever the moon had and it’s just rock and dust and they covered-up that they were expecting more the same modus operandi as they’d destroyed all incriminating paperwork that they thought they’d taken over the planet till they found out it’s bigger than they’d thought by Magellen’s work that it’s ball-shaped, is round, not flat, same Autists, like the Mr. Tony Fuca, going around the world high on “eating brains” and figuring ways to get rid of all the normal males, the “others” to the Autism. While in the hospital I’d written to the fraud-parent and wrote that I didn’t recall seeing him around during all that funeral-business and asked if he’d possibly been in Dallas and haven’t actually heard back because of not having a mailing-address all this time yet, am always looking for one:

22, 23, this guy in the middle really looks like he’s likely one of the fraud-parent’s fertilizations, born an orphan in Hollis, Qieens and I can’t find the birthdate right now. I’ve tried a little to reach him but there doesn’t seem to be much way to do so and the photos on Google look mostly like entirely different people. They’re most famous for the song “Walk This Way,” which seems like a LURE-song to me, misleading  people to “disappearance”  places. I included the bad photocopy because it illustrates how when the color-dye is super-dark people’s genotypes are nearly unrecognizable. The guy on the right, Jam Master Jay Jason Mizell, was assassinated and the same time that I’d tried moving to Queens and I’d gotten mixed up in the funeral cortege and such as a big then part of all these years of this Armagedon-making by hounding my every moment for many years now. The one that looks like the fraud-parent, in the middle there, was likely a big unprovable “show” character as I’d then spent all of 2003 having temporary job-tricks played on me in Queens and then in Brooklyn, which was hooked-up to that Abu Grahib scandal, where all that got blamed on the little girl that looked alot like me, same modus operandi.

24- On November 1, 1963 that fraud-family of 4 that I was in, me born 1955, had moved out to that Baychester Project in the Bronx and these LURES seem to have gone on all the time.

25- The fraud-parent had 3 older brothers who all seem to have had a part in this mass-reproduction of people from disembodied ovae business that’s going to wind us up in TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. I’ll have to explain the 3 there soon. The worst maybe is the type on the right, where that illustration is from a 1939-book cover to that “George and Lenny” story by John Steinbeck, “Of Mice and Men,” me using it because the Autists like the little-sized George character there had hooked up with the “Neanderthal” buddies for trying to run the normal ,”others” people off of the planet via the cliffs.

pp. 26-30, a summary I’d tried to write for the Maryland State Attorney but they seem to have just like “stonewalled” me that nobody’s replied to any of my letters, and then 31 is a little sign I’d made to try to make it more clear.

32 and 33- are about this big Montgomery County character that comes from the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception here on Michigan Avenue, NE. 33 is trying to make it clear that he and the self-proclaimed “666” character look like close relatives, probably are very. It perhaps has to do with the convoluted nature of this whole imprisonment-slavery system that I’m having to try to find someone to work on this too with me I guess.

34- 3/17/`4 flyer example, that these hospitalizations for invented reasons pretty much began with my circulating that one.

35- Baltimore’s Archbishop John Carroll (1735-1815) is largely how all this Christianity had gotten hooked up here, keeping his prisoner to having to do that for the Autist “brother” of his, fraud-brother, Charles Carroll of Carrollton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence but that’s because they’d had plans for making here, and the whole world, everything, their own. After all the “Catholic” hooking-up by Carroll then it looks like Obadiah B. Brown was an “offspring-descendant” of his who’d lived and worked that same area just south of the library I’ve spent most of my time in since 2005, 2000, the other photos expressing that the late Mayor Barry was likely also some big descendant and used for setting here up. page 36 trying to express that Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard was another of Carroll’s “offspring-descendants,” hooking that means of the food-system up for more modern Autists. Page 37 is trying to show that just like I’m goon-covered to be used toward the Armageddon all this time so was Mayor Barry. That guy on the lower-right and upper-left there is just a nice-clothes wearing modern Aitist similar to the type that’d claimed the nice tropical climates for their kind, page 38. This is why I’ve come to believe after most of the millennium here so far that this place is run by underworld “savages,” really, that that’s just what it’s like and “District of Columbia” is really “Colombia,” hooked-up by the various “brain juice” abusers or addicts back to probably Jefferson’s day but then Madison and Polk, where in 1846 there’d been some agreement with Colombia, I think the users in each of the 50 states sneak-send the normal people that they don’t like to here for ways of disappearing those to be figured out.

39, 40 and 41 are about how the energy-obsession comes from the error of going over Beringia prematurely in Prehistory, leading then to all of the difficulties/problems in the world, etc.

42 and 43 are all I’ve got ready yet on this oil-petroleum error that the system had gotten into as a way of covering-up all the dead bodies of their victims. This is so bad at the night-shelter I’m at that I’m thinking it’s the actual Inferno site. Maybe that 9/11/01 flight 93 had been scheduled to crash into there and that was cancelled but it seems like it’d be a good place for such a conflagration, that it just seems so so evil out there. Since I’d gotten here in 2000 this “Armageddon Show” seems to more or less tell anyone anything derogatory that I might jot down about themselves so that they’ll likely have some hostility-ritual going on there to greet me with there tonight, is the way that that’s been working, like one isn’t allowed one’s own thoughts.

44, 45, 46 and 47 are a copy of my letter in early August 2015 to the Kensington Volunteer Fire Department, except that the “French Connection” main photo page on p.2 isn’t there right not, the usual things I say about that. The KVFD is at Connecticul Avenue and Plyers Mill Road, but the car-hit was the block south from there.

49- is a recent letter to the Bethesda/Kensington police because that re-wording never seems to have gotten done, the whole thing an underworld-mob hit fraud operation, all kinds of the little and large tricks.

50- This “Man In Oriental Costume” portrain in the National Gallery of Art donated by Andrew Mellon around 1932, the type, seems to run this “Armageddon Show.” I call them generational-slave #2 type.

51- I think I’d gotten that mailed as my last attempt to try to reach Mr. or Mrs. Obama. I’m so bad off I was hoping one of them would try to reach me through this easy for them BWC day shelter address.

52- that’s a really good description of the spirit situation, that they just aren’t liked at all by the system-people.

53- I have to work-up how when these new generational-slave #2 captives were on the scene the previous millennia of trying to deal with the Autists wasn’t easily explainable, but we have all medical and educational resources now and shouldn’t be throwing them away just to keep this old problem of the Autism-making injury covered up.

54ish, that like we’d had “post-modern” now they’re even calling what we’re in “post-truth” and that does seem to be true. Nothing about this car-hit on top of all the “Revelation” is okay. “Post-reality” is just a step away from the TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION I’ve been writing to all these Washington people about but the place is like a toilet bowl that just keeps flushing whatever they don’t want away, coming from an old savage enclave that goes back to around 1794.

55- this is the simplest explanation for the whole thing, that black hair is like a medical sign and symptom that something is wrong, that there were bruises to babies heads from the first trip over Beringia that hadn’t healed properly, then the “science”” reproduction keeps putting those genes back together and such. I’ve run out of time now and usually think it’d be best for myself to get these things off as soon as I can. I’m going to try writing to the Procter & Gamble company because this about not any settlement for me is a big “Armageddon Show” controversy-gimmick that the system works up as much as they can for big crescendo bombings to follow them, etc. Please try getting someone to let me know if this even reaches you okay, with both the 55 pdf pages and the typing getting through mechanically at least, as sometimes they’ve seemed to be blank pdfs but nobody ever communicated with to let me know about anything, I just live in an isolation-vacuum and now this is getting super-scary because of big possible connections between the fraud-parents “offspring-descendants” and “Neanderthal” family of all those similar types and this new Administration from Queens. Please try getting a note through to me like Franklin & Prokopik had managed, by address;

Bethany Women’s Center

Attn: Kathleen Foshay

1333 N Street, NW


#236, Franklin & Prokopic, CinFin Insurance, 19-page pdf, I’ll type in the 3-page letter soon, etc.


#286, State’s attorney attempt again, 26 pages, Jury Duty summons

Jury Duty summons.pdf, Dear State’s Attorney’s office,

Per the April 26, 2016 court summons I never heard from your office again, about the new date that was to be set for the re-wording the citation by the police officer. I don’t want you to forget about this business but I can’t get the pdf to come out well and don’t have time to fiddle with it right now so am sending these 2 pieces as a reminder that I got hit by a car in Kensington and just got the copy of the police report and am still trying to get some assistance. The other pdf has about 10 other pages besides these but about 15 didn’t get through at all yet. If you click on the highlighted “kathyfoshay” instead of the “Read more” highlight it should give you a whole copy of the blogsite I’m working on and trying to get an income through even though I’m the most unfortunate person that’s ever lived, all alone with that that sneaky system like’s played this car-hit as a hoax onto me for instance, is really (really) taking us to TOTAL PLANET-EARTH EXTINCTION off of using me as a gimmick and I’m always entirely alone with the whole eternal loss of our planet and species — but I did find specific evidence of the brain damage that I’m saying caused the development of the New World “Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” that invaded the Old World and just goes around sneak-taking over everywhere, that what is called the “Sylvian fissure” or left-side lateral sulcus is, obvious to me, the scar from the hole in the brain caused by freeze burns to infants’ heads during early people’s premature forcing their way over Beringia. I’m working on trying to get this explained and getting myself some fund somehow and I’ll try to get back to you about any sort of assistance for myself but I think I’m nearly out of time for today. The 2 pdfs are nearly the same except that the last page of this one is this Jury Duty summons for week after next and I don’t have any cash for buying a few pieces of clothes or being able to be inconspicuously-destitute like I am with this real end-of-the-world the system is making off of abusing me like with this car-hit business. Please try to get people to look into my blogsite and prepare to get some donation to it to me toward my survival out here alone like this with everything. Then the page before that is the little map of Washington and I’m still at the shelters marked 2 and 3 but their main library has closed so I’ve been mostly using the one marked 5 there on the map toward the Navy Yard area in the southeast. Above that, page 24 on this pdf but supposed to be page 49, is the 1933 photo of the lady Dr. Florence Sabin whose papers I think it might do the world alot of good for me to go up to Smith College and read and interpret, as she seems to have been a or the predecessor of this Armageddon-making “Program” or show or exhibition that then became this most-unfortunate situation that I’m in, but, this Kensington car-hit was some major hoax that I’m just now realizing about so I don’t have time to think about it too much, that there must have been 2 car-hits at the same time. I didn’t include the 3 witnesses names and addresses in this blogsite-pdf, and I’m just getting this sunk in but hope you could get some state attorney to look into what happened to me there, where I was hit on Howard Avenue but the police report says I was hit at Plyers Mill Road, etc. The ambulance people or their bill collector might have some further information, like which Kathy Foshay did they pick up, etc. The ambulance that picked me up, if you will, had forced me to give them my purse before they lifted me up in the stretcher, and that might be where the other accident name came from. Maybe the witnesses saw the Howard Avenue scene. Try to get someone to keep in touch with me as I have the worst situation in the world. I’ll try to put better descriptions on the other pdf, but it really should be all in one piece as a pdf or it’s a big waste of typing time. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay

#287, for State Attorney, 36 p. ending with Carroll

36 pages, ends with John Carroll.pdf, Page 1 and 2 are the usual court summons and letter from the insurance company that I’ve sent on this and page 3 is the first page of the police report that I finally received. But that says the car-hit/accident occurred at Connecticut Avenue and Plyers Mill Road. Page 4 is my drawing of the area and attempt to show that Howard Avenue, where I was hit by a car, is 1 block south from the Plyers Mill Road written-site. Then I put 2 maps from the search-engine that the homeless shelter receptionist had given me when I’d first gotten to the shelter on Plyers Mill Road in July. Pages 7 and 8 are pages 2 and 3 or 2 and 4 from the police report, and then an inquiry from the ambulance company’s Ohio bill collector office Page 10 is just a quick-summary of the first month’s charges at Suburban Hospital, but not an official document. Page 11 is what I wrote while in the hospital and being worried to death more or less by some of the horror-people that’re all around me as regards all this underworld problem I and the planet and all have really got. The letter turned out to be over 500 pages I’d jotted on as many aspects of all this as I could during the time till I left Suburban on Feb. 10th for the Kensington Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for 30 days but to stay longer I would have had to become a Maryland resident and apply for early Social Security and I didn’t want to do that. I think I become eligible for regular this summer but it still isn’t a great idea in my overall global-underworld situation to do that and I’m trying to make an income from this blogsite instead. Page 12 is that hoax legal assistance that never returned my calls or emails same as your office hasn’t. Pages 13-18 are that summarizing letter I’ve included in these pdfs many times, but then I added a page to show that Bishop Shahan (d. 1932, ret’d from CUA to Holy Cross Academy,) and the self-proclaimed “666” from Chapter 13 of the Revelation book at the back of the Bibles look alike, as though biologically-related and likely were. Page 20 strikes me (never any puns in these emergency-always writings I have to do,) as looking like that Bishop, and one of the ones that look like him had been there where the car-hit occurred on the 4th of November doing some bizarre ritual with a bunch of workguys, and that one or a similar one I’d seen on the morning of the 19th and they were and are generally around, alot of the firepeople here, ambulance drivers especially it seems, have that same “Shahan” -type face, plus it seems it might come from the 1492 Borgia Pope Alexander VI, and I’m lately thinking that the Pilgrim boy in the post just below these pdfs on the blogsite, from 1432’s Ghent Altarpiece, lower-right panel, might have been the Bishop’s ancestor, and people like the astronaut Alan Shepard (d. 1992 or thereabouts I think, 1998 maybe,) and one of the search-engine founding partners look like him, too, etc. Page 21 is trying to start explaining this “fraud-family” from the Bronx that I’d come from, left there in 1973 but now am seeing the male fraud-parent’s face all over the place all the time, since 2010 here and all over Kensington then and now it’s like all the fraud-relatives and old neighbors’ faces joining what appears to be a whole regular dynasty. There’s a pdf on the 1929 Minneapolis Foshay Tower building in post #206, if you use the Search box on the left-hand side under where I explain that I don’t have an address yet and it’s dangerous to try to reach me anyway, 1 or 2 page-jumps down the Search box is and the #206 or whatever would get you there except the pdf’s don’t work that way, you’d have to manually page-back the blogrolls and it isn’t important, it’s dwarfed by the tall new buildings but the name is maybe still lit up on all 4 sides of the building. I think it stands for being defrauded, and maybe the owner, a Wilbur Foshay, looks something like Brainard Warner of Kensington, that type or a bio-offspring of his or such. I have 6 pages on that and then a drawing-diagram of the place they’d moved to in 1963 after that “French Connection” business. Page 30 is important to understanding the fraud-family, that back in the Great Depression then, after that Foshay Tower had flopped, then I suspect that these people who happened to have that same name might have owed a little money to the butcher on Bathgate Avenue there where they lived, moving in 1939 to the north Bronx but forgetting or neglecting to pay some piddly-seeming few cents on a butcher bill and so became this “Watergate/Bathgate” making this “dynasty” -seeming mass-proliferation of those people, that I was then in when I was born in 1955 and taken to that “French Connection” neighborhood and thought things were normal prety much until this millennial business started and it’s still getting worse. Page 32 I couldn’t get into the pdf at all so it’s right under there on the blogsite but the little black and white picture under Edwin Drake on page 33 is the main point of the page, the way that kid in the back, the odd little “Pilgrim” is with and looking at that large figure, then it gets just a little complicated for unawares of everything me to explain, that that line of people became all these system-people like Drake and now I’m learning that Alexander Graham Bell was all over here in Washington and just about 2 blocks from that day-shelter I’ve been stranded here using for the past year now. I’ve run out of time for doing this and after the John Carroll page the pages — are all pages I’ve been sending you except that the one of a diagram with the Sylvian fissure I’m saying is a big fat scar in our brains now didn’t get into this pdf. I hope you will get anyone to start looking into this Universe rescue-attempt attempt I’m trying to make and could use some survival-funds toward. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay

#300, letter on car-hit

#300, letter to Allison De Gravelles, Ombudsman Office, re: State Attorney, about Citation #00SK0D47, from Kathleen Foshay

Dear HHS, Ms. De Gravelles, I’d sent this yesterday but not specifying Ms. De Gravelles as everything is always hectic for me. Please look this over in terms of getting me a safe shelter space like at the place on Homer Place or Street that I’d mentioned the last time I’d had a chance to write, or about maybe finding a way to get a little donation to the Universe Rescue-attempt’s going up to do some useful library-research at Smith College real soon. I don’t have a contact-way yet but will be trying to send you some updated letter in a week or so. After making the same error due to lack of time last night then I’d made this note to the Bethesday-Kensington police about this business of the Nov. 2015 car-hit:

Dear Police Dept., I hope anyone has been following these communication-attempts on my part about my being hit by a car on 11/19/15, under that Antique/s Row sign at Howard Avenue just off of Connecticut Avenue near the homeless shelter I’d been staying at since that July on Plyers Mill Road. Like below, I just got this 5-page copy of the Police Report and it has my name for an accident at the same time but one block north, as though there was a big hoax-operation going on. It would be a little complicated for someone not familiar with the letters I’d previously sent but see if you can find anyone interested in the subject of getting some donation gathered so I could work on the real real attempt to get the planet et al out of this situation that the car-hit was really all about. I don’t have any much contact-info, a new cell phone number that I can’t really put onto this blogsite because I’m really used as a trick for getting innocent normal people involved and I don’t want any innocent normal people getting involved so I’m just contacting as few people as possible. I didn’t include the report page with the witnesses name on it, page 4 of 5 I think it is. To look at this within the whole blogsite click on where it says kathyfoshay instead of the Read more highlighted letters, and click on this pdf for the police report; the pdf at the bottom has the names of the people I’ve usually been sending letters about this to, just recently seeing that there were 2 different accidents or some such…

State Attorney again .pdf

June 25, 2017

Dear State Attorney’s Office,

I’m writing to remind you that I haven’t heard anything back from you and I still have all the same difficulties as my previous requests for information on this had brought up, etc. I recently just received the Police Report and the email/gmail, enclosed on page 9 of this pdf, from the Cincinnati Insurance company and it looks as though the entire incident was a faked-hoax onto me.

The big new thing is that what I’ve been trying to describe about that the system has “Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” that’s going to take us to TOTAL PLANET-EARTH EXTINCTION and is doing so off of using me as an Armageddon Program-girmmick is that I’ve found evidence of that prehistoric-days’ brain injury in the part of our brains called the Sylvian fissure, that it’s really a big scar.

I have no more time on computer but I don’t want you to forget about me so I’m sending this now and will try to be back in touch soon because I’m hoping someone out there by you could get some sort of donations for my Universe Rescue attempt, and if you press where it’s highlighted “kathyfoshay” right under the opening line of the email and above the “Read More” highlight then you could get a whole copy of this blogsite and notice the improvement that having the photo-able camera is starting to make, toward me getting somewhere with this.Sincerely, Kathy Foshay

PDF contents,  page 1 of 38= the copy I just got of the 11/19/15 Police Report on the incident of a car hitting me in Kensington, page 1 of its 5, but that was not me there, I was one block south of that Plyers Mill Road site, me hit while crossing Howard Avenue and the car turning right from Connecticut onto Howard Avenues.  Page 2 I put the subpoena I’d received to show up in court on April 25, 2016. Page 3 is the letter from Cincinnati Insurance.  — I haven’t any idea how those thin horizontal lines through the middle of the pages got into there! There’s even one through this drawing of the incident-site that I’d made, on page 4, and then 5 and 6 are Google maps the receptionist at the Safe Haven homeless shelter had given me when I’d gotten there in July, expecting to be there for 6 months.  My page 7 is page 2 of the Police Report. Page 8 is their 3rd page with me listed as the pedestrian, and I don’t know how they got my name as being in that accident, I was down at Howard Avenue, etc. The little sticker fell off of page 9, which I’d finally just been able to make a print-out of for inclusion as the Police Report doesn’t mention Cincinnati Insurance but says the driver at the Connecticut and Plyers Mill Road site had Selective Insurance Company coverage so on receiving a copy of this Police Report finally I asked the Cincinnati insurance company how it is that they’re involved in this either and this was the response. Page 10 is a notice of the beginning of the bill for Suburban Hospital. I’ve not received any copy of my medical chart because of this virtual total destitution I’ve been in, not bus to go to Suburban to get their “My Chart” file on me available to myself, which they can’t do by letter they’d responded when I’d been unable to open the computerized copy, so I’d still like to get up there and get that straightened out, but that $109,000 was only a notice of the first half of my time there. Page 11 is that I’d tried getting assistance from the local legal clinic and they’d just evaded or “gooned” me, shined me on, as this whole thing appears to have been a big underworld hoax, underworld-mob-style hoax. Pages 12 through 16 are the usual letter-copy I include for summarizing my situation in August 2016, and I’ll type the pages here:

first page, 8/8/16  usual summary letter

State Attorney’s Office

50 Maryland Avenue, 5th floor

Rockville, MD 20850

(240) 777-7323


August 8, 2016

Re: Citation Ns: 00SK0D47, State of Maryland vs. Bartley, James Doyle


State Attorney’s Office,

I was hit by a car in Kensington on 11/19/15 and received 2 letters from The Cincinnati Insurance Companies and a subpoena to be at 191 East Jefferson Street District Court on 4/25/16 for State vs. Bartley but the State Prosecutor Ms. Jennifer Harrison and her Asst. Itel Naguib said that the wording in the charge had to be changed from stop to yield, for a pedestrian, me being the predestrian, and to call them to find out the new court date but on 7/20 Ms. Harrison left a message saying she was no longer with the District Court and to just send a letter to the 5th floor regarding (this and) my request for a Witness Protection. I hope you will send me something/anything by return mail.

I have the worst situation; the system lifetime-using me as an unawares LURE-bait for what is bringing gratuitous TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. I’m finally realizing that Columbia and Colombia are mixed up in this District, that had tricked me out to Maryland.

Page 2, 8/8/16 lelter- substitute page.

That is a slightly different photographed page than the one I wrote for this letter, which has the quote by Lenny Bruce (1925-1966,) that, We are living in a degenerate, debauched society, … And I am one of the huge cornerstones in the second tower of Babel that we of Satan’s growing army are building. (from “Divine Madness,” by J. Kotter, 2006. The quote’s attrbuted to Kitty Bruce but I couldn’t find it in the only book she’d released on her parent Mr. Bruce.)

I’d written that, “I used to play with those (3) “French Connection” suitcases. Figure #6 is my double-life “fraud-parent” and figure #1 has the high-functioning Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy I’ve written hundreds of letters explainging is taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION, like Lenny Bruce.”

This substituted copy of the same photograph here has the explication, “Tony Fuca, marked with the “1,” is a great example of the high-functioning Autism-psychopathy. Their main base is on the other side of the planet, around the old Republic of Tannu Tuva, the Great Altai mountains, or thereabouts, this global-system rigged by this generational-slavery system. Some of those slaves were under that building, 1171 Bryant Avenue near Home Street in the Bronx, which must be very close to where I’d lived then with #6 and Mrs. F. on Longfellow Avenue near P.S. 66 where I was in 1st grade. Lee Harvey Oswald had lived near there not long before I was born.”

Page 3, 8/8/16 letter

Here I’d penned in, … and phony psychiatrist (d. 1926,) Kraepelin and female-impersonating “Mister Teresa” or set of them, all from the same line.

Bishop Thomas Shahan, d. 1932, rector of Catholic University and founder of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, and Catholic Charities’ co-founder, Page 4.

My fraud-parent must have been an underground skull-cracker all along and that “French Connection” incident a ritual to disguise trafficking of “LSD: brain-serum behind the conspicuous powders. The underground generational-slave system used reproductive matter from all different people in that Bronx birth-family I’m from but especially from that fraud-parent, that creates like a “faux-population” front out here, covering up what reality is like. In Kensington those “offspring-descendants” or “real children” of the fraud-parent virtual stranger were as running around with similar people from (this) Bishop Shahan and one of the “tricks” played on me was a ritual that led to the car-hit and I’ve been “like-incarcerated” since: 1st — that skips the accident-part, that I have no one to talk to about in all this time. There are alot of parallels to that 1987 scandal around the NY girl named Tawana Brawley, – and then Ms. Harrison and Ms. Naguib in court looked like 2 of the people who worked down the street from that area, near where the fraud-parent is. I went from a light “tap” that only caused me to fall down on 11/19/15 to waking on 11/26 all beat up and only thankful that my mental faculties seemed intact, or okay. I spent 11 weeks in Suburban Hospital, a month in Kensington Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, then 6 weeks with “Mother” Teresa’s group here,

This is a substitute because I lost the picture of page 5, that has a little copy of this logo-type picture in the left upper corner. Page 5 of 5, 8/8/16 summary letter.

and now have been stranded in a shelter also run by Catholic Charities, which had also run for 5 years the (2nd and D Sts., NW,) shelter I ws stuck in from 2005-2015, till running it ws transferred to some other peculiar group, as this “Armageddon Show” has been being run off of me behind my back my whole unawares life. I’ve run out of time for finishing this letter properly and I can’t really afford to mail it yet either. I put this illustration on this page because Mr. Bartley’s Cincinnati Insurance Companies had sent me some mail early on and it’s possible the car-hit came from a letter I’d sent some bill-collector in Cincinnati and maybe Procter and Gamble was trying to find a way to look into what I’m trying to get across in the hundreds of letters I’ve written to people about this Prehistoric-descended Autism’s bringing us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. I can only try to get a more specific address or name of a person to address this business to from Ms. Harrison for right now! Sincerely, Kathy Foshay, email address included.

June 24-25, 2017 again, page 17 is a picture of Bishop Shahan next to a picture of Aleister Crowley, the self-proclaimed “666” person prophesied at the end of Chapter 13 in the book of the Revelation/s, that I’d looked into the parallels between the 2 figures and figure there’s some real close relation between the Bishop and Mr. 666, 1875-1914, and 1857-1932 for the Bishop, who’d been retired at Holy Cross Academy when I think it was still part of Washington, DC and not yet part of Montgomery County.  I think it’s possible Mr. Crowley might have been an “offspring-descendant” of the Bishop, a bio-pater-son relationship. Mr. Crowley had spent some time living on or around the Hudson River for awhile that seemed to have no particular purpose and I thought it was possible they might have had meetings during that time, maybe around 1910. Mr. Crowley was maybe indirectly involved in the formation of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory near or with CalTech in that one of its founders was one of his “magic” disciples. Page 18 is a cartoon example of what happens to a guy whose unawares-of-the-underground spouse requests something he has to then ask the underworld for, and now I’ve noticed that the picture does resemble the Bishop’s type and I’m using it for an illustration of what’s been happening to recipients of these hundreds of letters I’d been writing on all this since 2005. Also, now that I have this new Lifeline smartphone cell phone I’m noticing that the search-engine company is on Amphitheater Way in California, and for a long time I’ve noticed that the founders look like “offspring-descendants” of the bishop and of a painter that had worked on this Basilica here next to Catholic University; the “Page-Brin search-engine” I call it because it’s name reminds me of the petroleum-horror-situation we’ve inherited from the Autism-psychopathy’s having its way all over the planet.

shahan lafayette2

shahan lafayette1

shahan lafayette

img 20170720 073344
img 20170720 073158
img 20170720 073548
img 20170720 073720
(The Marquis de Lafayette is a new resemblance I just noticed.)

Page 19 is about the older generation of this Bronx Zoo-area fraud-family I’d grown up with, that probably all of the 4 brothers were big ejaculation-donors,

and page 20

7th and G Sts., NW, Everyman # %%%%%%%, by Borofsky, Joseph

— I messed this up, have to come back to trying to insert the photos after-the-posting. —

goes on to try to explain my finding that that’s because of the situation during the Great Depression and all of this underworld food-system that we’ve inherited, that the fraud-family was living there somewhere on Bathgate Avenue until 1939 and I figure, due to other details of course, that they’d owed a few pennies or some such to a butcher when they’d moved to the north Bronx and the debts are never paid off, with page 21 being a picture of a new outdoor sculpture outside the National Portrait Gallery at 7th and G Sts., NW, where it’s obvious-to-me of an Hasid, a religious type that’s big in New York and I’ve had quite a bit of contact around in all these Armageddon “Show” or Program years. It’s by Joseph Borofsky and is called Everyman #_______, 3-million something, Borofsky numbering how many copies of this same outline figure he’s made or some such. I think of it as representing my “Merchant of Venice” problem, where the pound of flesh isn’t ever sufficient because then behind them, I figure, is the whole Autists-system, of developmentally disabled hallucinogen-loving Autist psychopaths who can’t ever get enough, so their slaves such the general populace for feeding the hidden Autists, and I’m saying we’re in advanced times and have to deal with it realistically, etc. Page 22 is the copy of the “French Connection” photo that I’d included in the original letter, including it here to try to link the “Merchant of Venice” from the Bathgate Market in the Bronx days to the 1962 narcotics-scam.

Similarly page 23 is trying to link the guy in the 2 pictures of Mayor Barry here with the “Tony Fuca” on the far left in the French Connection photo.

Now I’ve got a copy of Pearl Bailey’s photo with her from one of these local tourist signboards and I’m thinking it’s possible that the person in the French Connection picture was Ms. Bailey”s husband, drummer Lou Bellson, and that maybe the guy in the pictures with Barry was an “offspring-descendant” or bio-son of Mr. Bellson’s, who might have been the “Tony Fuca” with my fraud-parent in that ritually-rigged photo for disguising that the narcotics is really “invisible” brain-serum they’re dealing in.

Pages 24 and 25 are my little map-attempts to show how some early people was obsessed with figuring out how to reach the sun and I’m sure that nature tried everything possible to keep them from walking north and east but the people perhaps were “spoiled,” that nature had been too delighted with the early humans and did everything for them but when they also wanted to reach the shiny sun nature couldn’t explain that it never does touch earth and you can’t reach it, and the early people eventually got sickly and it became this congenital developmental disability but in modern times there are plenty of things that could be done to get that straightened out but the system won’t let anyone do anything to prevent their forging ahead with this world-takeover old concept. Page 26 I’m using for trying to describe that after the developmentally disableds had become New World plant-drugs dependent on those hallucinogens they’d found their way to the Old World and began all these “difficulties” that are going to wind up in Earth’s extinction. The short “boy” on the far right I’m saying is an adult Autist who’d faked his death in order to get that war started, and the war-mongering goes on every day because of the nature of Autism, which I’ll get to with the illustration of the Sylvian fissure below. Page 27 is the main illustration I use I guess, that the guy in the red cloak I figure are generational-slave people of the Autists and the boy in the middle of the crowd is the Autist, me saying that he misled the enslaved people to thinking all kinds of things because the Autism includes what I call “dyslexia of thinking” or “congenital lying” and such. Page 28 is the only illustration I’ve been able to find to try to point out that the good-climate places in the New World were claimed by and for the Autist people, with that “Rider on the White Horse” quote from Rev. 19 I think also descriptive of themselves, that the developmental disability led to all kinds of circus-style entertainments like for babysitting and teaching them at the same time, and trying to damage-control the psychopathy and its love of brain-eating or brain-ingesting. Page 29 is trying to illustrate that the 14,000 mile walk between decent climates in the Old and New Worlds led to the obsession with speed and its need for energy-power for going faster and faster.

Page 30 says that They make Autism seem like it’s a mystery-puzzle when it’s really that black hair is the obvious sign and symptom that there’s anger and confusion from the prehistoric mix-up in getting lost by wilfully crossing Beringia into the New World in futile attempt to catch the seemingly “rising” morning sun.

Page 31 is an enlargement from the Encyclopedia Britannica of the left side of our brains in general and I’m saying that that “Sylvian fissure,” a.k.a. the left-side lateral sulcus, is actually a big scar from that prehistoric accident-set from prematurely crossing Beringia in that futile attempt to catch the sun, that newborns had been inadvertently laid in and got like freeze-burns into their brains from the unanticipated being snowed-in way up north, that the holes closed over the millennia but left that “fissure” and that under that scar is all severed circuits, brain paths that got cut off and we got all this language that we have now in place of what our expeced abilities had been, and many etc’s. for this massive subject. All the neurologists are either Autists their own selves or slaves who can’t tell the truth, that that scar is like a big white elephant in all our brains now, and the Autism goes round and round in a circle and never gets anywhere, is the dead-end situation we’re in. Page 32 is a little example of asymmetry of our brains from the World Book Encyclopedia, and that our pre-stamped postcards right now seem symbolic for what a brain looks like, as the obsession is everywhere and I’m trying to explain that I’d gotten involved in this because of that fraud-family’s involvement in the obsession for getting high off of brain. Page 33 is about the Rockefellers, that Rockefeller, Sr. had been seen as owning this Capital and below that that there’s a 1978 connection between my moving out to San Francisco and the 3rd JD Rockefeller’s big donation to the town right after I got there, and then the assassination of Mayor Moscone and Councilmember Harvey Milk and the Jonestown, Guyana massacre of a bunch of religious-followers from San Francisco later that year, as I’m trapped in this Armageddon-making “Program.” Page 34 is trying to point out that “the Father of the Petroleum Industry” Edwin Drake and the “Man In Oriental Costume” portrait figure in the National Gallery of Art on the Smithsonian Mall look like the large figure in the red cloak that I’m saying, guessing, had been misled by the Autists via that innocent-appearing boy “Pilgrim” in that old Ghent Altarpiece big artwork, that that’s just a detail of. Page 35 is about my big desire to go read the letters of that Florence Sabin who’d worked for the Rockefellers’ medical-science lab, that she was so boring that she wrote to her sister in Denver every night even though her sister doesn’t seem to have cared much for her is my impression, but I think she would have revealed all kinds of things to her sister. When the Cincinnati Insurance had contacted me I thought I’d be getting some settlement and could use the money to go up to the college where her letters are kept so I’ve been planning on this and things only get worse so that what she might have explained to her sister about all that medical-science business and what she was “invisible warfare” going through like a predecessor to this on me might assist in explaining the whole world’s way out of this coming nothingness it’s headed for by all this Autists’-system as with the computers and telephones and cars and rockets and covering-up that it’s all paid for by the underworld cannibalism rackets, etc. I think her letters might explain enough of the background-games with the hindsight-retrospective that I would have while reading her materials up at Smith College, and then there are a bunch of her letters to her Johns Hopkins mentor’s wife back down in Baltimore that could likely shed further light on how we could untangle to be able to back out of this gross mis-step, etc., that I feel it’s very important that I try to get that done, not that it would be a pleasure-trip or any such thing, just that the planet hasn’t got any way out of this system we’re in and it is all all messed up, is all founded on the results of imperfectly-healed brain damage exacerbated by hallucinogen-dependence, is Autism-repetition for self-thinking, is blindness to the large perspective of what this planet and people are like, etc.

Page 36 is trying to explain that I think that the model for the “Man In Oriental Costume” big portrait here at the National Gallery of Art and donate-given by Andrew Mellon, whose son-in-law was the chief of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics at the time of that “French Connection” that is still all over my personal situation, had had a line of “offspring-descendants” from this fertilizing and growing people from disembodied-ovaries business, that had become Mr. Bailey of the big circus and my finding that he must have spent a lot of time going through the Bronx, probably dealt with the emerging Bronx Zoo quite a bit also, and I just think he was heavily involved in the system-making, and this on me has been similar to circus-think patterns. I think that Mr. Bailey had had a lot to do with then the circumstances that got the Bathgate Avenue and then that I’d gotten into that, and that he’d been functioning as a generational-slave in whatever underworld business he’d been working on. Page 37 is the usual map trying to show my situation of being stranded in these underworld-run locations and it’s very bad with the one location closed down so that I’m just going back and forth every day between the two other main locations, back and forth along Massachusetts Avenue every day stranded like this where I can’t really sit in the midst of psycho-world and describe what I can only guess they might actually altogether all be doing down there, but it gets worse and worse with my realizations of this people-into-petroleum profits industry, and now with the computer-world added to that since I got the new cell phone “smartphone.” Alexander Graham Bell had lived just off of Massachusetts near where I’ve been and was also a big operator in getting us to this point, if you could look over some of the materials I’ve been gathering, that his telephone has become our computer age but it’s all linked to his type/s’ generational-slavery that they perhaps evolved into being left running everything and can’t get out of that, if they wanted to, etc., that I’m trying to get assistance since 2005 when I’d amassed enough evidence on all this Revelation and Autism-prehistory to begin seeking assistance here and instead there was this car-hit and it would be like nothing for just a little cash somehow and I could go sit in a boring library and do a world of good from there instead of being stranded in this gutter-circus of more or less the same thing every day, the system living off of my being used as a LURE for their petroleum and brain-serum and human meat and I can’t guess what other interests, that this is all based on long-ago brain-injury that hasn’t been able to get straightened out, etc. The last page is this new sign I’d written for Please get Kathy Foshay out of Washington and up to Smith College where she could read and interpret Dr. Florence Sabin’s letters toward getting the human race out of this sneaky secret dead-end slave-built situation. I’ll try to send another update but am hoping some of you would find some place to get a little donation together for me toward this real attempt toward getting eternity out of this dead-end we’re in. And here’s the usual sign I’d sent last year:

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