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I’m going to try to combine post #294, The Neighborhood I’m in to here instead of losing the large-sized duck, but this place just said their printer is down so I couldn’t move the text also yet and they just sat down some new attachment-type to weigh me down, the dispiriting effect the “magic” underworld/satelite-workers know how to do or what, toward wasting my time away.



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from before the moon-landing, about 1966.


#294, Neighborhood I’m in (moved up to this page now)


This is too awful to be able to describe yesterday and today the combined groups sprang a surprise attack. I don’t know any normally-behaving person. The system has likely been using impostors of myself most of these years and at current. “Do not participate in s*-show” I call it, do not have anything to do with the sneak system, I am totally goon-surrounded. The brain-damaged brain-eating Autists live off of people’s being decomposed into petroleum, like “artistically” represented on this tourist signboard, really, do not participate in sneaking around behind my back. If you can’t contact me personally contacting one of the goons isn’t going to do anyone any good except the Autist-profiteers off of the decomposing people into petroleum-profits profiteers, with the helpers all given mean and brain-serum and on the lookout for victims and doing it off of me way far back, even to that 1962 photo with the suitcases I’d been tricked into playing with for this brain-serum industry that I guess feels superior to the petroleum-profiteers but they are all taking the earth to extinction because there’s no living with them, with the parasitisms in general and then altogether. I thought I’d try to “ventilate” like this into the Log, May-June 2017 on the front-screen Menu but I couldn’t call up any of those files from this new Lifeline cell phone so it isn’t going to do any “normal people” any good to have this WARNING in the Log I guess and I have to do it here. The “animals” nearly killed me from ganging up on with all this anxiety I have because the situation is real and they don’t comprehend anything except what the petroleum underworld tells them to comprehend, I do not exist for anyone except my little self and I can’t get away from these goons unless I can get the jury service pay and of course that’s the hoax, that’s how come I got the summons in the first place, to create that situation and now there are all these stranger-feeder groups, big groups of underworld-denizens with nothing to do better than to jump on board to drive me out of my mind while the driving is good, and that’s what’s been going on since I signed off yesterday, one ritual- and otherwise trick after another right till back here again now and I don’t have much time but should tomorrow.

I’m including this because the

“San Francisco Clown character” that had gotten me into this like Corporal Graner got Lynndie England into the Abu Grahib scandal had looked like the guy on the left who’s picture is in the area and I’ve had interconnected difficulties. The guy on the right just can’t be cropped out, songwriter Brian Jackson partner to Gil Scott-Heron there, died in NY in 2011 I think I Wiki-read yesterday, had used to live in this/that neighborhood by the day-shelter. Mostly the picture’s here because the guy in San Francisco was/is likely an offspring-descendant of Aldous “Brave New World/Ape and Essence/LSD-afficianado” Huxley.


This is a mural of St. Francis, and I can’t seem to separate it from this caption to the photo below: That’s there too. A little further afield,

— I keep forgetting to mention details that go to about the 10,000 in all this that I can hold in my head, that this lovely-seeming St. Francis perhaps is a LURE-gimmick, that you see that and it sort of cheers you up and you figure that things can’t be TOO bad, but after alot of time in that area now I’m really thinking that the innocent-seeming picture is misleading. In fact it’s “message” of what the figure is saying, and perhaps he’s speaking with real-God, maybe not, might be that he’s held captive, and so therefore might not anybody else also be captive then, as it seems that we’ve become Prison-planet. Then that dog is almost surely about being damned, that that’s how the system-people seem to think, dalmation/damnation, same rhymey thing to them; “code” I call it, a secret-language way, which is said to be usual to Autism, and Sean Barron’s memoir mentions language-games briefly. —

outside the Catholic Charities, across from the now-closed main library (the “MLK,” the Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Library,) is this copy of a statue by Tim Schmalz, 2005 I think but just installed here in February 2015 is this that I haven’t found a place for yet, the Homeless Jesus bench-statue,


img 20170626 171745
img 20170626 171805
img 20170626 171841
img 20170627 1148101
img 20170627 114739
img 20170627 114810
I hope it isn’t taken as libel-slander or blasphemy

or any such but I really feel like this is mainly a “petroleum-fetish.” It’s bronze that looks very dark like it’s mostly black, especially in the shade or at night you get that impression. It was installed during a time, Dec. or January and into March, when I’d learned to take this shuttle-bus for people who are homeless to get to the shelter after the library, at 6:30 p.m. they always pick up in that spot and I’d gone years and years without any idea that I could use that bus in the winter particularly and I finally caught on and started taking it and I’d noticed something like that a bench had been installed but I didn’t pay any attention because I’m always afraid of missing a bus so I just stood waiting by the curb and didn’t see this until I got back from Maryland and I think it’s a LURE for attracting the sort of people that could be disappeared into petroleum “abysses,” or bottomless-seeming pits, the way it was there where the homeless people, females mostly, waited for that bus, that in that particular location it just seemed that way. I haven’t found a spot for it yet so am just putting it here for the time being because it’s something that should be noticed, is really very striking in place there.

#224, Columbus Memorial, by Lorado Taft c. 1910, Union Statipn, is like me hauling this Armageddon “show”

img 20170622 085155

Columbus Memorial_ by Lorado Taft c_ 1910_ Union Statipn_ is like me hauling this Armageddon show .pdf That one little female figure is hauling this enormous fountain and a big bell attached to it, and all those guys on that thing there, and it’s like me being used to get their Armageddon-job done for themselves by riding off of me, and because they’re doing that being harnessed onto myself out here by their hallucino-methods, I can hardly walk. I walk about 20 feet and have to pause because there are invisible ropes or some such around the diaphragm just under my ribcage. It isn’t really ill health, it’s this unprovable “magic” that makes it seem as though I’m short of breath all the time, and this goes on year after year here and then through that spate of hospitalizations and it’s always the same, and they tug on me harder to hold me back more whenever they want to for their anonymous selves’ purposes. I don’t have time to stop and figure which copies to keep or discard and a picture of the whole sculpture would probably be good, not just this phallic-looking part that all the drivers look at all the time going up and down Massachusetts Avenue, toward the Union Station location of this. Lorado Taft I think had descended to looking like John Travolta. (Maybe from the Pehriska-Ruhpa line.)

img 20170622 085211
img 20170622 0851371
img 20170622 085153

I can’t figure out what this is yet. I’d started mentioning it in post #318 and think I should move that to here. It does not go way out into the town, it’s only on that “extension” of Massachusetts Avenue that is the driveway into the “Health Campus” that was longtime the Gallinger and other Psychopath units, as well as the former morgue that I’m in and the DC jail and juvenile jail-place, that it isn’t a “healthy” place to camp or anything, I’m just trying to figure it out and it’s named that way. It’s been nonstop inhabited since 1846 and I think I’d read back before that to around 1804.

img 20170706 182551

img 20170706 1830501

img 20170706 1830161

img 20170706 182641

When you/I see “standard” or

“Standard” anywhere the Rockefellers’ oil company comes to mind and so I suspect that there’s turning-people-to-oil/”petroleum” somehow involved in this. Trying to get information on anything is difficult for me and the only thing I’ve found so far is that in some years back when they started that it’d had some huge budget. It’s right where the homeless shelter is is how I notice this sign by the Metro station.

There’s some big roadwork project just finishing on Massachusetts Avenue NE to SE and I haven’t been able, as is usual for me, to find out what they’re doing, me thinking at first it might be linked to this but now it’s gotten real even creepier-feeling, I’m wondering if it’s like an underworld conveyor belt for some sort of transportation cars. (Dec. 19, 2017)

… if anyone has learned what they’ve been doing there for at least the last 2 months now please leave some comment if you feel secure with doing that.


SW DC tour soon

That’s an 1880 map it says somewhere on there, maybe just out of the picture. I don’t have any idea when they’d installed these tour signboards, maybe 2003, maybe 1980. I’d like to find or make a coordinated one of all the different places on all the different tours somehow, figure out how many of them and where they are altogether on the overall map of the whole town, how spread out they are.