The Ashio mine has been in existence at least since 1600 when it belonged to the Tokugawa shogunate. At that time it produced about 1,500 tons annually, although this declined when the mine was closed in 1800. It became privately owned in 1871 following the industrialisation initiated by the Meiji restoration. By 1877 it became the property of Furukawa Ichibei, and by the 1880s production had increased dramatically, reaching 4,090 tons by 1885, 78 per cent of the total output of the Furukawa mines and 39 percent of Japan’s copper production.

The Ashio mine was shut down in 1973.

The Besshi copper mine (別子銅山 Besshi dōzan) was a rich source of copper in NiihamaEhime PrefectureJapan. The deposits were discovered in 1690, and copper mining began in the following year. From then until the closing of the mine in 1973, Besshi produced about 700,000 tons of copper, and contributed to Japan’s trade and modernization. The Sumitomo family managed the mine, which helped build the Sumitomo zaibatsu. The Dōzan River was named after the copper mine.

The Minetopia Besshi theme park uses some of the mine’s facilities.

The Shimokawa Copper MineShimokawa, HokkaidoJapan is polymetal mine particularly rich in copper. Its main ore minerals were chalcopyritepyrrhotitepyrite and sphalerite.

The ore body was formed at diabase intrusion into the sedimentary slate layer.[2]. The formation of ore have started at mid-ocean ridge and was very prolonged, with several zones of different composition attributed to changing ambient conditions are discernible across ore body.[3]


Poly-metallic ore deposits on Shimokawa mine site were first surveyed in 1933, and large scale mining have started in 1941. After the construction of railway in 1942, the mine gradually rose in prominence, especially after been designated as strategic resource in 1944, despite the setback of flotation ore enrichment plant been burned down in 1946.

== on Hokkaido

ck copper dot org and wiki: copper extraction

ck wiki, the mistress of copper mountain, ural mountains


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