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The driver of that 1st called-ambulance, fire ambulance, looked the same as the CUA rector Bishop Shahan, d. 1932, that was increasingly around in this. They took me to Howard University Hospital and they acted like I was giving them a nuisance-complaint and i had to wait till it ws light out to be able to walk to the usual 9th and G library again, but i included a copy of that flyer with the paperwork they’d had me do. On April 24th they’d had the whole shelter transferred to the other side of the same 425 2nd Street, NW, Federal-City Shelter “CCNV” building and called an ambulance on me for swollen ankles and the fire-ambulance medics found my oxygen-rate to be low, which is the point of my going through this phony-hospitalizations business, especially as it’s being pulled again.

I’ve been a nurse’s aide on and off since 1974 and I’d never seen or heard of this oxygen-percentage business where the little clip-on finger-readers seem to be ubiquitous now and over the alleged low-count they’d forced me to George Washington University Hospital for 9 days for no real reason (and all my 9 years of this paperwork was thrown away while I was gone, was the real point of that whole stunt I’m sure.)

I think the system has developed this scam-obsession with claiming this low-oxygen count because it’s connected to the guilt complex and cover-up for the breaking of the ozone sel, that they are blaming normal people for health problems that are actually because the system guilt-co0nscience knows that the air isn’t wahat it’s supposed to be.