Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech, from a potential visitor to Smith’s library

Clarke School .pdf,  Dear Clarke Schools,

I’ve sent 2 of these blogsite-emails to your Alumni but think that the site has improved enough with the new pictures that somebody by you might care to look into my finding that Mr. Bell’s work had a great impact on the global-system’s creation toward fulfillment of that Revelation work and that it was authored by people with what I call Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy whose desire to possess everything on earth ihas us headed to total planet extinction, Mr. Bell being of a big type of generational-slaves for themselves. Here’s the copy of my communication-attempts to anyone in your alumni, because I’m trying to get up to Northampton to read some potentially-useful letters stored in their library:

June 26, 2017, Dear Clarke Schools’ Alumni, I’d sent a message but think I forgot to mention that if you click-on the highlighted “kathyfoshay” right under this first line instead of the usual Read more highlighted place to click-onto it calls up I think a copy of the whole blogsite, and I hope someone by you will try that and see if there would be any interest in all this that I’m trying to get across. Please see the just-started little file on Alexander Graham Bell, post #305, as everything seems to be inter-connecting to his work. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay

Dear Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech,

I have the worst situation in the world, it seems like Alexander Graham Bell had had some involvement, and I’m trying to get to read the papers of a lady who’d come to Smith College back in 1890, so I’m thinking it might be useful to try to contact you regarding Bell’s involvement and then maybe you’d like to assist me. My situation is that the system has been lifetime-abusing me toward completion of that Revelation-Armageddon promise/threat and I’ve been writing letters here all millennium that that will bring TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION but it turns out that the system has been getting the prophecies filled by using my asking for assistance as a “LURE” for entrapping innocent, normal people, so that I have to be careful with these letters. I suddenly realize that Bell had lived here during the 1880s, just 2 blocks from where I’ve been spending my days this past year, and was all over the town as well, and in the enclosed pdf I’m trying to show that he’d come from a troubled people who were probably generationally-enslaved by the system, and then about my personal predicament with that his people seem to have in turn enslaved this peculiar “fraud-family” that I’d been born into and grew up with, starting in 1955, me a homeless 61-year old female. I think that my predecessor to this misfortune of being invisible-warfaredly enslaved to slaves of the system was a lady named Florence Sabin, 1870-1954, and that my trying to read her papers in Smith’s library and interpret them could go a long way toward untangling all this disaster that the human race is actually in. She has about 12 feet of them there but most of them are letters to her sister in Denver, who’d also gone to Smith, and they might be real simple and informal even though her work was complex, at Johns Hopkins’ Anatomy department and then at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research until about 1944, and then she moved back to Denver and worked in Public Health, but she was like the hoax-dupe of the world, a major laughingstock and unawares “magic” underworld exhibition, and then I inherited all the invisible-warfare they’d learned how to do off of practicing on her, that I think I could get this straightened out from the information in her letters, in a nice way for the good of all. The first picture in the pdf to help me try to explain this for your interests is from a kiddie book on Bell, with his little diagram of the early-telephone set up. I tried to make an enlargement of his page and it didn’t come out correctly and I have nearly no funds so I can’t “play around” with copy machines yet, with page 2 as the example of what happened, only because the system knows what I’m going to have to try to do next and the copy machine’s paper was fiddled with so that it came out sideways and I don’t have money to waste and hope you can understand that my materials are all on a shoestring-budget.  But you can see that his diagram looks odd like it’s his face there that’s hooked up, is my point. I’m writing to this Alumni email address because these subjects aren’t for children, and I guess Bell really was using his own brain in getting all this “magic”-like communication-ways situation that we have now with computers as following from that set up.

Page 3 is a corner of the huge “Ghent Altarpiece” polyptych set of painting panels, this being the Pilgrims panel on the lower right. My finding is that that one little non-bearded Pilgrim-boy had what I call Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy by which he’d misled the large-sized figure in the red cloak, who then looks like possibly the ancestor of Bell, and I’m thinking he might really have been some direct ancestor of Bell. There’s alot more to each of the pages than I can type about all at once so I’ll be covering the material as best I can. I’ll type the content of page 4 because my handwriting is difficult, an old letter to the local food stamp office:

4/8/14, Re: Food Stamps Re-Certification (letter copied here:) Dear Food Stamps, Last appointment I’d mentioned finding Mrs. Jack “General Electric” Welch’s allegorical 1992 novel, “Judgment Call,” believing that it shows that her ancestors had made an error 600+ years ago in mistaking this type of boy (arrow pointing to the little Pilgrim-boy’s detail-portrait,) an invader with Paleo-American Autism-psychopathy and dependence on wrongful-narcotic hallucinogens as being normal and native to Asia and Europe, and assisting them in their underdog-wars against all others complained against, when Mrs. Welch’s ancestors were first taken captive, circa 700 A.D. They invented the stock market and underground-system and this Revelation-Armageddon “Play-show” script that’s all over me, necessitating the food stamps while I try to get the government to work with instead of against me. I am trying to write to the Secretary of Commerce because I believe it’s Ms. Penny Pritzker, whose Chicago family owns the Hyatt hotels that have flanked my shelter-to-library walk every day, and this could get straightened out instead of leaving us in TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION. but now I have a related bizarre new problem. For this Play-show way to make Armageddon I’d been, in 1955, put into a nuclear family with a wrongful-narcotic psychopath at its head. I left his house in 1973 but it looks like he was always underground-trading sperm donations for the wrongful-hallucinogens and now there are like thousands of his “real” offspring all over, like an Armageddon army who despise and have nothing in common with my ways of thinking, — even a priest at St. Mary’s on 5th and G Sts.! No one is interested in the whole Earth’s extinction and this problem of mine is seen as being only amusing because this army is all “food chain donations,” and there’s nobody to take any of this responsibly. I hope you’ll continue my food stamps. (Sincerely, K. Foshay)

Page 5 is a little collage to show that Edwin L. Drake, “the Father of the Petroleum Industry,” the figure in the red cloak, and on the left, the portrait called “Man In Oriental Costume,” all look like they’re of the same type. The portrait is here at the National Gallery of Art on the Smithsonian Mall and I use it all the time to try to describe that this “Armageddon-making Program” or “show” or clandestine exhibition of me seems to be directed by that type of a person as being a “magician,” and now it’s clear that Mr. Bell looks of the same type of the person, as does then page 6’s figure, paleontologist Jack Horner. In 2015 I’d had a surprise opportunity to be able to look up things by computer, usually too impoverished and invisibly-tortured by all this unprovable “show” to be able to use any, and I looked on the search-engine for information on Dr. Horner, who’s said to be the inspiration for the paleontologist in the Jurassic Park film but I haven’t had a chance to see that yet, and all I could find were pictures of someone else said to be Dr. Horner, as though there’s been some identity-switch. I haven’t had a chance to check on it again since then but will probably try to do so soon now that the subject’s able to come up a little. It’s my belief that the Prehistoric-descended Autism comes from an errant premature trip across Beringia into the New World and that then the “lost” early people had inadvertantly extincted the dinosaurs, which had been meant for our diet, by breaking their babies’ eggs, so that this paleontology subject is important to all what I’m trying to get across about that “everything is broken.” On page 31 I’ll get to the point that recently I’d finally noticed that there’s something on our brains that is actually a big scar from a healed “hole in the head” from freezer burns to infants’ heads during that first and errant trip across Beringia, that led to all our problems and developmental disabilities and our eventual or soon extinction if we don’t deal with the reality of this brain damage from the errant early trip across Beringia, instead of everything’s being kept covered up like it is, etc. Page 7 is again the “Man in Oriental Costume,” originally called “The Turk” and said to be done by someone in Rembrandt’s classes, and there I was trying to write to the Barnum and Bailey and Ringling Bros. Circus’ owner and pointing out the resemblance between Mr. Bailey and this type of people that I think direct this “Revelation-Armageddon” toward completion. Mr. (James Anthony) Bailey must have driven through the Bronx alot because his circus work was mainly in Manhattan and he wound up buying property in Mt. Vernon just north of the Bronx, so I guess he’d commuted alot. Information on him’s been difficult to get but he and the Zoo probably had alot of business together, then in 1955 I’d started living a short distance from the Bronx Zoo and I think Mr. Bailey had been a generational-slave who’d helped to set up alot of the system that we have everywhere today, toward the Armageddon for the Autist-people. The “Iliad” picture has its page number, 7a, right next to where Hector is laying on the floor, killed by Achilles sitting up there for (allegedly) having killed the boy, Patroclos, who that actually then is standing there above and to the right of Hector’s head. It’s a big subject and the 7b page also is, included because Hector and then the large “tree” figure in the background of 7b standing next to the lady-tree figure, seem also of this “Mr. Bell” type of people. I included 7b because I’m trying to prepare for writing to Procter & Gamble about sponsoring or making a donation to this Universe Rescue-attempt. Page 8 is about that area of the Bronx in the 1930s, that this “fraud-family” had been living on Bathgate Avenue there in the 1930s and I suspect that when they’d moved to the north Bronx in 1939 they’d overlooked to pay some tiny bill to the local butcher and that led to this “Merchant of Venice” pursuit after the reproductive matters from that “fraud-family” group that I’d wound up into. Page 9 I’ve dubbed the “Merchant of Venice;” it’s some new artwork they’d put up outside of this Smithsonian Institution National Portrait Gallery that’s up at 7th and F to G Streets, NW here, in the Chinatown part of this town, is 26 feet high, made by Joseph Borofsky and is called Everyman or Every Man, and has a number, like a tatoo-number, of six digits, representing that Borofsky keeps making copies of this general outline or silhouette. To me it’s obviously a Hasid and hence very similar to the “Man in Oriental Costume” that I figure this Armageddon-Program is “magic” -directed by. Page 10 is an old painting and that writing is that I’d put it in some letter I’d written a couple of years ago. All my letters before 2014 were lost to me. The underworld is likely sitting on them even though I was told all my belongings were thrown away, because last year I’d then seen something that I’d similarly lost back in 2001, and really it had just been filched to the underworld; a pair of shoes, they’ve had them all this time, so I figure it’s likely they’d similarly kept the work, a duffel-bag sized load of it, they said they’d thrown away, when this abducting me by ambulances to hospitals had started, in 2014 then. This painting here is by the Polish Jan Matejko, of Queen Jadwiga and her treasurer Dmitry of Goray. Behind them are a bunch of little people-figures. They’re in the Wawel Castle of the late King Casimir III the Great. I figure King Casimir is like the “father” in the Jesus-family, more or more or less, that Casimir was the prime mover in doing this “people-manufacturing” and Ghent Altarpiece and Plan for getting their sort of people out of the generational-slavery if that isn’t all incorrect on my part, meaning that I could be mistaken and perhaps they were just the prime-movers in wanting to take over the planet, for all I can really be sure of, but I’ve long assumed that there’s some good reason to everything and to this type’s involvement, but I’ve also thought everyone else seems nice too. It’s possible that those little people are what you get from early experiments with this “growing people” industry, that that is why they are small-sized. The discrepancy is that I always think of the Autists as being small-sized to begin with, not that that comes from the experimenting and turn out from something you shouldn’t be doing in the first place but that they “always” were small-sized since the early error of going across Beringia, that that had led to sickliness and malnourishment but also then to the hallucinogen-dependence, which would probably get you thin people who don’t care so much about food as the getting high. In this painting it seems obvious to me that Jadwiga’s ovaries are what the subject mostly is. I think that’s an ancestor of the “fraud-parent’s” type at the very top of the stairs. I couldn’t find a good copy of that area when I’d looked for one briefly on computer through the search-engine. Then page 11 is what I’d written as I was recovering from the car-hit and started getting walloped by problems from that group I’m referring to there, my letter trying to protest and getting assistance against that and I haven’t gotten any sort of a response to anything in all these years. The figure of Mr. Fuca there is like those little figures to the left there on the Jadwiga painting, those small-sized people, maybe a combo-bombo from figure 1 and 3 for instance. Pages 12 to 16 are the 5-page summary of all this that I’d written last summer as I was trying to get some restitution or recompense, forget the exact word they use, from the car-hit, which I just found out was some far worse hoax than it had appeared to be. That second page of the 5-page summary is the “French Connection” photograph I’d only found in 2014 that explains why I’d had such a “crappy” childhood, that the guy I’d thought was my parent was really some underworld character always high on that secret narcotic that that incident was really about, that the white powder “heroin” was a cover-over for the see-throughness of brain serum that is really the narcotic of narcotics, so to try to explain all this while this nerve-wracking racket is always going on in this library and in my head and today was really terrible and I have alot to do that I’m trying to get caught up to. After the letter page 17 is trying to point out that this local bishop, died 1932 as a real big bigwig around here, appears to be closely related to the self-proclaimed “666” character, Aleister Crowley. I’ll go to the search-engine and get his birth and death years: 1875-1947, Leamington he was born in and died in England somewhere also. Shahan was 1857-1932. It says he was born in Manchester, New Hampshire but it was in Connecticut that he was working when he’d heard about a “job” and transferred to here. I think he was in Hartford but I don’t want to quit and go trying to find that somewhere right now. It comes up because the Connecticut River also goes through where Smith College is I think, and waterways were the main system-travelways till the railroads and then the asphalt roads everywhere somehow, me figuring the asphalt comes from petroleum, and there are paved roads all over the place made from that somehow. The point is that I think it’s possible Crowley was an “offspring-descendant” made from Shahan’s “matter.” That’s a big conclusion to jump to because there’s no telling where all these stereotype-origins’ really all were, but I think that’s a specific good chance somehow, having spent some time on reading on and by Crowley and whatever I could find on/of Shahan. Nothing specific about their ever being in the same place as though they’d been likely to have met in person but Crowley had spent alot of time just hanging around on the Hudson River at one point, that there might have been rendevous. I don’t know what the plural of rendevous might be. Page 18 is really what it’s been like probably all these years as I’ve been writing all these pitiful “TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION” if someone doesn’t do something about this system-abuse of tiny hard-working me, and I never guessed that these “goons” were living off of me writing these letters but that’s sort of what it seemed like must’ve been going on after years of this pattern, that I write these and the unsuspecting normal and forced person tries approaching the underground for some leniency toward being allowed to contact me and that leads to a personal Armageddon for each of the normal inquirers, that, no, now ask again and we’ll kill you and we’re extorting you in your meantime now, pay up, pay up with bodies of people or pay up with cash but pay up, and the system’s gotten rich all these sneak-years like this. Page 19 is the “fraud-family” goons, examples of what they were like, along with the “666” world of them, first there’s this type that “intercepts” my correspondence-contact attempts. The picture-examples are of 3 of the 4 of the generation that was/is older than me and then these fraud-cousin generation people, that all of these former-Bronx “fraud-family” people’s reproductive matters seem to have been used for this Bathgate/Watergate alternative contingency plan the system “magicians” went into when it turned out that the space race hadn’t yielded the anticipated riches at all, and they owed money. The system had fast-talked people into lending them money based on expected riches that didn’t work out and couldn’t pay back let alone support this unsustainable secret food-system underworld, so it went into mass-manufacturing these fraud-family people toward financing the system, sort of a situation I’m in I guess. That there’s an example of the fraud-parent and then a brother that appears to have been descended from Edwin Stanton and the one on the right is likely even the worst of the 4, worse than the Siam-heir fraud-parent or what maybe. I’ve been trying to explain for years that the base of the system is this “Of Mice and Men’s” George and Lenny partnership-friendship. Then that little “Pilgrim” boy on the Ghent Altarpiece seems to me to be like the George-Autist part of the George and Lenny duo exccept that the Pilgrim isn’t telling the big red-cloaked figure the truth about the nature of that partnership, seems to me to be the crux of the whole system-problem-dilemma. George and Lenny “love” each other and voyeur on females and are just great party-brothers together. It’s like Achilles and Patroclos too, Achilles and Lenny are the muscle and Patroclos and George are the Autist-brain-ideas of the system-making. These “Lenny” types are all over me like the “Thundervilles” but are less noticeable by me because I hadn’t paid that much attention to the older generation to notice that this was going to be the end of the planet Earth off of their doings. I would guess that the military, coming back from WWII had led to alot of the “donation”-begetting that went into making many many “copies” of the Lenny-like fraud-uncle. It’s a big big problem as they seem as inscrutably insane as the “Thunderville.” I’m all alone with all this’s being all around my every day’s any moment too. Page 20 is from the book on the Federal Witness Protection/Security Program, by Pete Earley, 2002, called “WITSEC” and I’m trying to point out that both those photos are said to be of Mr. Gerald Shur who’d been the main early worker in that program’s getting put together, that I think I should have been on all along and in learning about it I could then see that that first picture looks just like the fraud-parent, though he’d assured that that isn’t him, and the second picture is just of someone else, probably Mr. Shur, but I’d noticed that it looks just like the 1959 newspaper photo of Murder, Inc. boss Albert Anastasia when he’d been said to be assassinated in a barber’s chair in New York, and that Anastasia had only been born in 1903, with then that second photo there taken after his retirement and being given an award by Janet Reno as the Attorney General in the 1990s. That’s also a big stereotype I’ve seen around. Similar is the next page, Mrs. Oswald, Lee “Harvey’s” mother, looks just like the fraud-parent, are somehow or another the same family, as with some writer named A.J. Leibling I think it is, who was married to or going with the writer of that book on Mrs. Oswald. (I have a suspicion that the fraud-parent was possibly somehow in Dallas during the JFK assassination, and a small file, #235, on Lee Oswald’s addresses in the Bronx around 1953 when he was 13 years old, Marguerite’s taking him there and then back to Texas a year and a half later, but the kid’d spent alot of time at the Bronx Zoo and on the subways and was really unfortunate, and then I’d grown up, unaware of it then, right near the Bronx Zoo. Page 22 is really complex. That guy on the right was murder/assassinated right when I’d gotten to Queens in October 2002, and I’d gotten a little “mixed” into his funeral proceedings twice. Years later I realize that the guy in the middle is likely one of the “fraud-parent’s’ offspring-descendants,” has that face, and had grown up about a 20-minute walk from where the new Administration here had grown up and lived in Queens, very close neighbors. So I’m nervous about that, and there’s a big other connection, that comes up on page 29 here. Page 23 is a slightly better copy of the “French Connection” photo. If it isn’t clear, a big film was phony-made off of that narcotics-scam and the scam had actually ended up right near where I was in first grade and those suitcases are ones I’d played with, been tricked into playing with and saying dumb little things, mostly that the suitcases didn’t “make sense,” which turns out to be drug-slang for this brain-serum industry, “sense,” brain. That’s the fraud-parent on the far right. The photo was taken in 1962 and published in 1969 and then the film won Academy Awards and I didn’t see this book until 2014 and recognized the suitcases and then noticed that that’s the fraud-parent and Mr. Fuca’s building there’s address is on the other side of the elementary school I was going to from where the fraud-family apartment was/is, etc. Page 24 goes into this “Mr. Tony Fuca” business, that it looks just like Lenny Bruce and is a big “high-functioning Autist-psychopath” Armageddon-making army stereotype peripatetic all over the place pushing to make this system more real than reality, that’s going to blow reality to nothing rather than just cease and give it up that they secretly want anything and everything all to themselves and only some slaves of theirs around besides themselves on this earth, with all the females of their choice to themselves. I think they figure that the regular Autist-psychopaths’ takeover work will be inherited by themselves because they’re better than the regular Autist-psychopaths for whom the takeover is actually being done so they help with it but do so as “forced-slaves,” not for their own takeover. The big thing I want to do is to do this “smartphone tutorial” so I can work the new cell phone’s camera and get a picture of one of these guys that was the husband of the entertainer Pearl Bailey, that’s on a tourist signboard just a few blocks from here. His name is Louis Bellson, a drummer, and he’d passed (allegedly) in about 2007 I think, his widow some big physicist so I have to watch out for inadvertant libel/slander-blabbing of course. In fact that might even be Bellson in these pictures with Washington’s big mayor Marion Barry, 2nd from left in the first row in the top photo and in the middle in the bottom photo. Page 25 is my general example of the Autists except that the main system-base is under Siber-Mongolia and not in their South American area of live-business. Page 26 is supposed to have another religions-subject picture with it, this one on the Scientology/Dianetics subject, but I just have little bits of mentions of these for the time being that I can think of right now, while trying to get to the end of this file right off. Page 27 is a 1933 photo of the lady whose letters to her sister are up at Smith College that I want to get read, from while she was working for the Rockefellers in New York, with the next page being first an old cartoon of John D. Rockefeller like he runs Washington for his Standard Oil company and the bottom one of his eldest grandson in 1978 right after I’d moved to San Francisco and then the guy on the far right was assassinated, which happened right when so did that Jonestown, Guyana big massacre by that Rev. Jim Jones of his followers, mostly from San Francisco. Page 29 is the Siamese railroad-cartoon, drawn by that Rama VI, Vajiravudh that perhaps the fraud-parent had actually been descended from after a bunch of intrigues of faked-death and transfer to Italy and then New York and according to this concept of mine then to the Bronx and that Bathgate Avenue area. The point is that the big character and then Dr. Bleuler in the photo under there are a generational-slave type, and there’s a big connection to modern goings-on to this subject, that I have to find an adult to speak with about. Bleuler invented or coined both the words Autism and schizophrenia, and I’m saying they were both twisted out of recognition to what he’d used them for. Page 30 is the black and white copy of this sign I try to use for explaining that the Autism is actually very simple and it’s “signed” as in sign and symptom by that the hair comes or came out black, signifies that something is amiss underneath, that we’d merely deal with as babies are raised, watch out for the trouble-times and spots and get over them and the babies would be increasingly healthy, toward a future, re-gained eternity for this dead-ended right now planet. To me “Autism” is like an umbrella-term that encompasses about all of life’s medical and social problems so that hearing problems would be included in that they come from the original damage’s improper ways of having healed as well as it has, slightly differently in the different people who’d lived to pass on their genes, etc. Then page 31 is the big “discovery” of the Sylvian fissure that I’d just made a month or so ago but haven’t been able to further look into a bit yet. I’m sure that that Sylvian fissure, a.k.a. the left-side lateral sulcus, is a (big) scar from the healed hole made into the brain of newborns during the errant early trip/s across Beringia in Prehistory, that babies had gotten like freeze burns into their brains, all those nerves deadened and it healed leaving that big scar but the circuits were/are severed and we’ve adapted but there’s this “Autism” of like going round and round in a circle instead of their normal circuitry we’d been developing. Pages 32 and 33 are my little write-up on how I figure that had gone and that today the Autism is based up northeast of the Afghanistan we’ve been in so much lately, that that’s because the system is LURING to itself. There’s a little bit there about Henry Hudson also, finding the northern seas way into the Americas. I don’t recall offhand, I think I’d read that he and Captain John Smith had been at least slightly acquainted, with John Smith being the one who’d discovered this Potomac area here that I’m in, that I’d like to check into those two’s ever meeting a little better, that there was a big crew of those system-workers back then, Charles I of England at like the head of them, King James of the Bible said to be his father I think, the red-headed King James to the black-haired Charles I? Page 34 is a collage of this “Energy” article picture from a The Atlantic magazine around 2014 and I taped the little map picture to the bottom trying to explain that the obsession with speed comes from that it’s minimally a 14,000-mile walk from okay-climate in Asia to okay-climate in North America and in Prehistory there’s no telling how long that would have taken, a lifetime or 2 to walk that far without a map! and that led to obsession to make that trip more and more quickly, leading up to the airplanes and the Autism won’t pause and re-assess the global-situation, that they should let go of other people, which is the first subject to all of this, that they never got their hands off of other people, were needy developmentally disabled people but that was a long time ago and now it’s become like the other way around where the normal people are nearly gone while the Autists won’t alter their ways and leave the others, like myself as the “millennial program” show-example specifically, 24 years I’ve been begging, just show that you know that people have to be able to live and function without being slaves to the secret underground you’ve obviously got going on, — big scary subject because I am totally alone, don’t have a friend to visit me in a hospital if this system ambulance-abducts me on some phony excuse or another, and without any friend to come visit you and help you sign yourself out these places won’t let go of you, really. I think I only got out of being phony-abducted like that in 2014 for phony excuse onto my health because by some fluke my Medicaid hadn’t been renewed so the hospital couldn’t charge so they let me go. I’m in a horrible position here. Speaking of which, I’d seen a doctor in 2009 who looked like Mr. “Watson come quick” Bell’s assistant there on the next page, and that seems to be a big “magician” system-stereotype all around too forcing this phony system to “victory” in taking over the planet for itself. Page 36 is again related to Bell, that I’ve been dealing with this King David subject and now am noticing that Mr. Bell’s wife Mabel likely came from the boy in that David portrait, with Goliath’s head down there on the right but that’s a “flipped” picture where the actual painting, by Tanzio da Varallo, has Goliath on the left. I will try to get a copy of a partner-painting to this one, a different version with the same 2 faces by Tanzio, which you could find by asking the search-engine to find (images of) David and Goliath, Tanzio da Varallo, and it’s real gory, the other version being where he’s holding up Goliath’s severed head. I found a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Bell on the search-engine where she’s in the David-like position, and she is perhaps descended from that model for that portrait and I think, since they’d lived only 2 blocks from where I’ve been daytime-stranded for the past year, that there are alot of descendants of hers around that are in this area, that I’m trying to get out of but have been kept like destitute and in these Catholic Charities shelters, Catholic Charities being started by people like that Bishop Shahan, whose offspring-descendants are also all around here, lots of mass-reproduction stereotypes and little “normal life” for me, as being in this millennial “program.” Page 37 is a local bus map I was using for trying to show the people north of here how I’ve been stranded waiting for the new court date about the car that’d hit me in 2015, but now I just learned that the whole thing is some (big) hoax and I’m too inundated to be able to look into it further and do all these other things I have to do and the main thing is always trying to get some assistance for myself. Reading Florence Sabin’s letters would be likely to shed alot of light on all this phony “magic” as Bell’s type was all over her and then I’ve got this “Merchant of Venice” like on page 9 and this other picture, in post #123, a tiny-size of the large-sized red cloak figure from the Ghent Altarpiece, page 3 in this pdf, and everybody’s got the Petroleum-figurehead as a part of their lives now, etc. Page 38 is a sign I made trying to spur some real-time interest in getting me out of here and to where I could do some real-time adult-level actual good productivity, whereas nobody else would be likely to ever bother trying to read and figure out Sabin’s business and letters to her sister, and there isn’t any guessing how much good I might could find through those. Then page 39 is that I got called for Jury Duty and I’m extremely nervous because 2017 is like dubbed or consecrated to being the year of robbing me blind, it seems, that since the car-hit and returning to Washington everything disappears that had seemed potentially helpful to me and the 2 weeks of Jury Duty could pay me forty dollars for each day worked but they might also just say that there isn’t any work, is what will likely happen to me, thus leaving me stranded here like this, is why I’m always having to contact anyone I can but I’ve distributed hundreds of letters and flyer hand-outs all around here since 2005 and there’s never anything but this LURE-abuse, like, again right now, that I’ll have to switch to the “Log” file on the Menu on this blogsite to describe what this circus is doing to me now, it’s always like that James A. Bailey, Barnum and Bailey, that he’d been a slave hooking up this global-system and then I got stuck into this circus-way that the book of Revelation is getting its “promise” fulfilled. But they really can’t do that off of being parasites off of me all my life, for instance, that the Plan just should get re-assessed. I might be able to try to get around to writing to the local Volta school up around here, over Georgetown, but Washington doesn’t seem to be able to do too much about not being in the system. My view is that the system networks out from underneath Siber-Mongolia. Then they made a major base in South America/Colombia area and that has control over here but the entire system is clandestine and comes from people with this prehistoric days’ unrecognized head injury, brain injury to infacts, that we could get straightened out nowadays but there isn’t anybody but me working on it. All the system’s fields like medicine and law and business and education and housing seem to have been created for taking care of the Autist people and the “others” can just die off while they flourish themselves. Most of the medical people are familiar with the asymmetry of the brain and that it seems peculiar but nobody is saying anything about that and it’s never going to get fixed while the Autism-system has got itself all covered-up secret to only themselves and their slave-world “magician” types, like Mr. Bell. I can’t fill in all the pieces I’d like to but hope that someone would see this as a starting place toward getting everything out in the open and straightened out, and that’s the way that all the tears would be wiped away, per the Revelation promises. I don’t have any contact information yet. I’d hope that people at Clarke would responsibly circulate this URL toward finding someone that the system wouldn’t mind letting inconspicuously assist me with any of all of this so I can get out of my personal predicament and see what I can find that might assist in Florence Sabin’s letters up at Smith and then down at Johns Hopkins near here, and I’ll post some contact info, but it really isn’t safe to try to contact me because of this “fraud-family” and the big LURE set of the problems I’m sitting in, that people that would like to try to contact me wind up getting contacted, like in that cartoon on page 18 or worse. Soon I’m going to try to get photos up onto the front screen toward making the blogsite more enjoyable. If there’s any emergency contact really required I occasionally get a chance to check email at, but wouldn’t want any lone person to make any contact-attempt as it’s been many years since I’ve heard from anybody, like 2 or 3 decades probably, that as soon as anyone friendly-minded toward me gets near the system intervenes so that I’m always along, don’t even try until we see if I can make another contact or someone notices that contact info has been posted on the blogsite. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay,  July 1 note,  Jury Duty was that they didn’t have any trials for me to serve in, and everything’s still the same. Hoping that someone by you might be interested in these materials.