#28, 4/1, 4/3/16 scribbles

4/1/16, friday, from all my experience * – “they” that i came to call this “show,” follow under me and devestate kill from under wherever i go and it’s as though i’m supposed to feel responsible for the murder. — now the insane monster is all over near me, as it’s snack — stop disturbing my life, i say as it now goes from wheeling 1 of the lady’s (sic) to in front of where i am and loud-mouths pointed right at my skull about strutting singsong-nothing so i move and it starts singing the anti-american or american-murdering singsong about how it’s a free country (to steal) by these artificially-bred monsters.) – then i’d moved to the other side of the murderer’s room it has been given the run of everything — and it came over here and turned on  a music dvd and distributed bags of potato chips and some cookies where except that the sisters were given these utz chips-bags, otherwise it’s always looks like the food comes from its hands instead of tt iot’s just a chose to distribute the snack. Now it’s telling me i’d better pay for a hotel — and i have no idea what else “the Jew/Armageddon-making “stupid animals all over my skull” have planned for this underground travelling hospital-circus for the Jew’s purposes, it’s so disgusting.



4/1/16 2:15 p.m., friday, * I was trying to say that i know from experience that all my letters are only twisted to the evil, and i guess the torture “gripped” my brain and twisted it to the negativity as i was trying to try to think what i could do besides just writing to this guy again.




(back 12?)

death-like silence that this trap really only is, prison-like silence. i call the fraud-parent, trying always to figure this from God’s perspective think this to myself about the “realistic” view of all this “down here” — look at all this paper-waste because this insane-girl monster is pursuing this – putsch – to drive me insane for the court-business. i hope she’ll go disappear to upstairs like usual so that i can “breathe easier,” but i’m trying to get mentioned that the sound of that voice sickens and scares me and it knows that and struts around like a jabbering monster that i’m imprisoned with, going (illeg) around “her,” not kathy-me, first thing this morning jangling this bell that seems connected to the decaptiation-industry, “ting,” word. so i’m subjected to this act.

2 p.m., it’s just 1 prison-horror “scene” after another, now 2 kids outside the bathroom then joined by an adult all walking toward the window-direction like as to ask a phony-question, some script curse-ritual to do with this horror-person all over my skull. All directed by “The Jew” Armageddon Show — 1 disgusting – discuss ting – talk about beheading, all day long every day since that nicholas berg nightmare news-story in 2004, right after the connected to this-Armageddon Abu Grahib scandal.



(back 7)

4/3/16, Sunday noon and the animals are molesting my private parts and i’d rather be dead. that’s how these bums “inherited” all the big buildings as they molest-chased everybody to jumping off of cliffs, the cliffs of europe and wherever else. get off of me show-off bums. they’re just super-disgusting today and i’ve done everything i can to cope but it’s too important to show power over my prisoner-self. the day was designed to drive me insane with the breakfast and whirlinjg-dervish but then additionally the Divine Mercy extravaganza andthen on and on and i’d escapted into that “new room” and they sent a Co-Worker to do a “magic” ritual by pretending to be looking through drawers for anything….



(back 10)

4/3/16 Sunday, s.o.s. now the animal “show” is molesting me as shitshow usual and i wish they’d all die for this because i know it’s about NOTHING, it’s always the s.o.s.-feces-garbage wall all all over me from 5 or 6 o’clock and now it’s noon and i’d coped until about 11 it was an overload — i want to look through my papers for an illustration and for something else and they started, continued to move their remote-control  vermin to do this “magic” ritual for molesting me and tt knee-jerk psychology-reaction little bby little always causes me to become hysterical for this to cease and it’s always this “show” for decades now and they should just die for being show-offs. they always do this but now i’m locked-up in this shithole-prison with the real-life bowel movement Jews-party off of having show-offs off of this imprisonment with monsters and drone-strangers only and it’s always this way except worse imprisonment and forced “chapel”