Botany — 1st They Extincted the Normal Drug Plants

 They extincted the normal drug-plants 1st.pdf  Previously I’d jotted: They seem to have damaged the botany all around the world that the subject is really made difficult to learn anything about, it purposely obfuscated. That Linnean I think it’s spelled maybe, business I couldn’t figure out why everything’s so complicated and I suspect that it’s to cover-up that they’ve been tearing-up the flora, besides also that they want to keep everything just to themselves. The botany makes the air. Those plants take in nitrogen and release oxygen is how it goes?

And now the dessication of that whole, like a wide scar on the Earth from the West Sahara desert clear through that Cappadocia area to the Gobi and northeast of there, area reminded me that I’m always trying to bring up that the planet’s Botany seems to have been all torn up and ruined and sabotaged for Earth’s purposes, by this “bizarre” system we’re in, that I’m now tracing to this “Consortium” that’s living off of running this global-system off of this victimization with me at the bottom of itself somehow, however that’d worked out to be this situation. I cannot “make head nor tail” of the botany books, and I think that’s because the subject has all been sabotaged, and the system overlooks that enormous scar on the earth like it’s nothing, as an example of how out of touch with reality whatever they are are, heading us toward gratuitous TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION as the only “cure” they’ll permit for their insanities. Then just getting to the library for today now I noticed this book and I might try to take a picture of this cover, will try to go do and send that now I guess: russell1russell , blame game, adam and eve shannon wheeler cartoon, I can’t, I have to wait a bit and get back, getting the signal that time isn’t being extended now and the cellphone has to turn on yet; I’ll try to send it and get back.


See where this book cover say “Mark Russell” right above l — there; that’s the guy that had written the “God Is Disappointed In You” book that its illustrator Shannon Wheeler drew this cartoon that illustrates what I’m trying to describe in this TPE-situation here on Earth where the “Counselor” would represent this “Jomon” race of people, the guy the Autists and the girl “normals” like myself, but I’m trying to explain that that’s her “normal” mate then in that basket next to her there, the “serpent” I guess that that is in the cartoon but in the real-life earth situation I’m alone in/with that’s what became of the “normal” males that were her normal male complement, family and mates, boyfriends, husbands, what’s become of the normal males as this “invisible warfare” has sneak-“disappeared” the “normals.” The caption reads that they both have to quit playing blame-game but when I tried to look up the owners of the copyright to the cartoon and also there is the chapter on the book of revelation and a few other cartoons that I can use as examples toward trying to try to get the earth all out of this TPE, the search-engine indicated that Mr. Russell had passed and the photos of Mr. Wheeler looked alot like the example in that book cover on L. Ron Hubbard’s “Doomed Planet” example I use because it looks alot like someone I’d known in a situation that was then connected to all this “Armageddon Show/Program” horror, so that I’d just backed off from using this cartoon till I could get a chance to write to the publishing group about getting in touch for a permission to use this which I do not have, but, this is just what I’m talking about about the “misleading” those “new people,” the Jomon now I’m tracing them to but have been referring to them as the “generational-slave #2” -type, the whole “You Were Wrong,” Merchant of Venice et al. 2 files being on this “Counselor” here type, and then the boy the “Autist” example, and I suspect that there they’re “arguing” over that the girl had tried to teach the boy by making like a writing-exercise book, In the beginning… sort of the thing and when the boy became unmanageably bringing his new “Neanderthal”-buddies to the girl’s house more or less the situation was out of control and he was asked to leave but demanded that he keep the book and an argument had ensued and that’s what’s being discussed in the office, who gets the book? And the argument “overlooks” the dead male family members there, the basket-now cases, and, I have to leave the library for the day right now too. Then the “Digging Dinosaurs” example is of this same “Counselor” -type and he’s dealing with the “rope” at his feet subject that’s come up with the Jomon pottery and the picture is clearly reminiscent of the “Ghent Altarpiece,” that rock behind him. Then under that I’ve got the quick example of the Babar that turn out to probably be the regular original Ainu people, a hybrid between the females of the Counselor’s Hokkaido type and the Autists. Sorry I have to turn this off now, have to make a post of it real quick too.

the Blame-game cartoon

Jack Horners "Digging Dinosaurs" book cover, 3-book set circa 2005