to Trusted Health Plan

page 2 only of the 5, 3/18/16, to trusted health plan,

I’m completely legitimate but can’t explain enough of these 10,000 details in any one sitting to strangers; i’ll try to send you an update if i get any good news. i’m going to be trying to upload the 600 pages in longhand i’d done while in suburban hospital plus my letters-for-help from before the accident, what i’d put together from my 30 days at the kinsington nursing and rehab center and then the massive load that i’m leaving in this charity nursing facility but please don’t give this address for me, around loosely, because i’m at the bottom of a planet-destroying LURE and now amongst LURE-people who don’t know what they’re doing or any of what I’m trying to explain about, that this is like a “top-secret” dangerous place; don’t try to help me but please keep the “crazy” rumors off of me.

The next page is the only esample of my world-destroying real-life 1061-62 “French Connection” photo i’ve got so i include it here, because tt figure #6 is actually this bizarre fraudulent-parent that’s still a plague over my life, described in the “Science Fiction” file on the blog-/website. The figure #1 has the Autistm-psychopathy I’ve written hundreds of letters to groups in washington about and have a new huge amount of evidence on from these past few months, and figure #2 is described on the next page after. When I’d written that flyer in October i hadn’t realized that that Lynndie-girl had tatooes all up both arms, i’m sure she must have been tricked into getting those also. the 4 little pictures of the #3 type of generational-slaves that i only know much about so far– (illeg) now i’m learning from here, putting together, that they’re madonna-cult figures also! i can’t describe all what i’ve learned about the system to Trusted Health Plan here yet, just please thank you and don’t illeg. hewn me by these “craziness” rumors as

they’re also been that April-May 2015 WHC hospital-horror; i’d also like to upload about that. kathy foshay