Briseis to St. Augustine’s City of God,-81.3180938,15.75z (map of St. Augustine, FL.)

Sunshine Bus Company System Map for Greater St. Augustine, Florida (copyright themselves I’d guess but i’m trying to magnify and their site doesn’t so i’ve borrowed it, which i don’t think is any problem because i’m trying to learn to use their buses.

 uan Ponce de Leon, c. 1470, Santervas de Campos, Castile, Spain, -July 1521, Havana

(based on the Iliad, book XIX, verses 282-302, I’m trying to get across that Briseis was amongst all killers, that we’re a very cautious and timid “type” of people; more at the bottom of this file.) File:John Flaxman - Briseis taken Iliad.jpg

Briseis taken to Achilles. Illustration by John Flaxman for Pope’s translation of The Iliad, 1805, to Wikipedia from

File:Nikolay Ge 002.jpegNicolay Ge, (1831-1894,) Achilles Lamenting the Death of Patroclus, 1855, National Arts Museum of the Republic of Belarus, source photograther:, Wikipedia, PD for age.

File:Julien Michel Gué Briséis.JPGFrançais : Julien-Michel Gué, Briséis rendue à Achille découvre dans sa tente le corps de Patrocle, 1815, Bordeaux, musée des Beaux-Arts, contributed to Wikimedia by VladoubidoOo, 2014.

(See also similar Leon Cogniet, 1794-1880, Briseis Mourns/Mourning Patrokels.)

More and more it seems like this type of people I am came from that slave-girl Briseis in the Homer account of the Trojan “war.” And I can’t stand the cold weather much anymore so I’m going to try to get to Florida and because I like archaeology the thought of the town/city of St. Augustine occurred to me and that’s the place where Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth was/is supposed to be, they have a big park there, and Ponce de Leon’s picture is of this “Jomon” type of people so I figure his “Fountain of Youth” was really about looking for a place where his group could “grow” babies into people, is what they were really looking for, and that’s my difficulty is that around 500 years later it’s Kathy Foshay that they’ve been living off of to make their personal dreams come true, so I thought I’d try going to the FOY park to see if the owners would be interested in assisting me to business manage because I’m just totally covered with all these FOY-making parasites all over my every anything anymore more than the Armageddon against the normals usual, I wouldn’t be able to get any sort of income-circulation going, these steal everything all day long every day and back all my life, and it seems they’d been doing about the same to the Sabin sisters all along in their lives and before that they’d likely come from Queen Victoria’s stolen ovae and on back to the so-called Trojan war, that I’m really thinking we came from that passed-around enslaved-girl who was more or less the cause of the loss of the conflict for the invaded normals, and we keep getting used as that sort of war strategy. But St. Augustine has all kinds of other things besides Ponce de Leon going on there, bringing up St. Augustine of Hippo so I’m having to look into that and it’s looking like the Autist-Jomon-buddies war had been going on back in Augustine’s time, the normal people likely getting tricked off of those cliffs there in Hippo in Numidia and thereabouts, the Punic Wars likely being about punishing the normals. It seems that the Autists and Jomon felt it was unfair that other people had food and clothes and houses and families and they didn’t so they took everything because the other people were selfish. My long experience with trying to figure all this “magic” out long ago showed me that there isn’t anything that pleases these Autists, and now I see it’s with the “Jomon” or type with those “pointy cheeks” I call them, as well, except to have everything for themselves and the others gone except for slaves that do everything for them because they’re developmentally disabled, the brain damage I’m finally tracing this to, that it’s under that main big scar called the Sylvian fissure on the left side of our brains and probably goes into the corpus callosum and the ventricle under there got damaged, by an infection from improper healing I figure way back when the early people had first forced their way over Beringia, then recuperated in dinosaur nests but took to killing the young in “zealous” competition for the hallucinogen-laced babymash food from the adult dinosaur, which the humans were getting lip-fed by.

The (Jomon also) person who founded the town, Pedro Menendez, 1519-74, might have tried to set it up in the style described in St. Augustine’s big book, The City of God, over a thousand pages, and that’s called the Old Town there, where I might learn something about how to explain that Juan (Prince/) Ponce de Leon, (pounce of lion,) and Menendez likely were the Autist-buddy Jomon that I’m trying to explain about.

I’m guessing that the Trojan war-winners have just continued that going from town to town and that they’d worked their way to Africa and were killing and replacing the population with themselves in Augustine’s time but I’d have to start a study on that. There’s a big Basilica Cathedral in St. Augustine, the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine, and some homeless-assistance near there.

Then they also have a museum on Pirates, which the Jomon mostly seem to have been, most notably Harry Morgan (buccaneer really) who became governor of Jamaica around 1650-80, and they have a museum on medieval torture which seems largely with the “Ainu-Babar” nephew-type of the Jomon people, like in the housing project example of the Afghanistanis’ looking similar to the Puerto Ricans in the neighborhood I’d grown up in after the French Connection time:

Now the system put the computers out again and I lost a bunch of this typing that was winding up with that these “wars” they do have only been stealing, like they do the Armageddon-making by pretending that little me is some sort of a despised and infectious enemy and they steal my life all day long every day for decades specifically for the Armageddon. I’ mentioned that maybe there’s a direct connection from the rocket-making space race to the French Connection’s brain-serum trafficking and then ever since then all this to and off of me. I call what they’ve done invalidated by what I call “Catch-23,” that because they’ve done their world-takeover by this parasitism onto and off of me that it isn’t really their anything except not getting caught because the normal people are defenseless against psychoto-pschopaths who want to eat and get high and be rich off of you, all the normal people are defenseless since that invasion they call the Trojan war. That “Trojan” is likely their made-up word for that the people had thrown their Neanderthal buddies out, and that started the revenge, because, just like the dinosaurs, the normal people can’t continuously be victimized without catching on eventually, etc., that I have to sign off now and my nice write-up on this is gone. Last time they cut the computers off a file had gotten saved as a draft so I’ll look around for that. I’d mentioned that I lifted this outline from Wikipedia’s write-up on the The City of God book, where Augustine is talking about how bad the other type of people are and I figure it’s all contorted Autist b.s. that Augustine’s work is about really, that he might have even been thinking of the “Ghent Altarpiece’s” Jomon “God” Character, like in that The Parasitism file’s first illustration or so I think it is.

16 Dec., I noticed a mention of “Fulk of France” somewhere and it reminded me of this c.900 Fulk the Red that I just looked up here on the search-engine and I’m wondering if those hadn’t come into Europe from the invasion of Africa and across to around the Rock of Gibraltar which you can see from Morocco and then up into France to be that line of Fulk family, and perhaps a big part of this TPE situation comes from that group. There were a couple other small things to mention, one that FOY is like the near to Fulk St/e. Foy character that I’m always connecting to having authored the book of Revelation, and FOY is how they in St. Augustine, Florida abbreviate Fountain of Youth and with all that medieval torture subject I was thinking St/e. Foy was attached to that, then over to the Americas with this persistent “Consortium.” That film of Eddie Foy and the 7 Little Foys believe it or not does have a same connection to that southern France Conques St/e. Foy, me writing it male/female because that’s how they do the people-making business, getting ovaries and fertilizing them with ejaculate they get from each other and put onto the ovae, etc., then also, with the Stooges, their first big manager was Ted Healy who recalls the looks of Mr. Eddie Foy to myself offhand, like similar types or what. Trying to type some old papers now. — (here’s the outline of the city of god book/plan:)

Part I (Books I–X): a polemical critique of Roman religion and philosophy, corresponding to the Earthly City

Book I–V: A critique of pagan religion Book I: a criticism of the pagans who attribute the sack of Rome to Christianity despite being saved by taking refuge in Christian churches. The book also explains good and bad things happen to righteous and wicked people alike, and it consoles the women violated in the recent calamity. Book II: a proof that because of the worship of the pagan gods, Rome suffered the greatest calamity of all, that is, moral corruption. Book III: a proof that the pagan gods failed to save Rome numerous times in the past from worldly disasters, such as the sack of Rome by the Gauls. Book IV: a proof that the power and long duration of the Roman empire was due not to the pagan gods but to the Christian God. Book V: a refutation of the doctrine of fate and an explanation of the Christian doctrine of free will and its consistency with God’s omniscience. The book proves that Rome’s dominion was due to the virtue of the Romans and explains the true happiness of the Christian emperors. Book VI–X: A critique of pagan philosophy Book VI: a refutation of the assertion that the pagan gods are to be worshipped for eternal life (rather than temporal benefits). Augustine claimed that even the esteemed pagan theologist Varro held the gods in contempt. Book VII: a demonstration that eternal life is not granted by Janus, Jupiter, Saturn, and other select gods. Book VIII: an argument against the Platonists and their natural theology, which Augustine views as the closest approximation of Christian truth, and a refutation of Apuleius‘ insistence of the worship of demons as mediators between God and man. Book IX: a proof that all demons are evil and that only Christ can provide man with eternal happiness. Book X: a teaching that the good angels wish that God alone is worshipped and a proof that no sacrifice can lead to purification except that of Christ.

Part II (Books XI–XXII): discussion on the City of God and its relationship to the Earthly City – Books XI–XIV: the origins of the two cities -Book XI: the origins of the two cities from the separation of the good and bad angels, and a detailed analysis of Genesis 1. Book XII: answers to why some angels are good and others bad, and a close examination of the creation of man. Book XIII: teaching that death originated as a penalty for Adam’s sin. Book XIV: teachings on the original sin as the cause for future lust and shame as a just punishment for lust. Books XV–XVIII: the history or progress of the two cities, including foundational theological principles about Jews. Book XV: an analysis of the events in Genesis between the time of Cain and Abel to the time of the flood. Book XVI: the progress of the two cities from Noah to Abraham, and the progress of the heavenly city from Abraham to the kings of Israel. Book XVII: the history of the city of God from Samuel to David and to Christ, and Christological interpretations of the prophecies in Kings and Psalms. Book XVIII: the parallel history of the earthly and heavenly cities from Abraham to the end. Doctrine of Witness, that Jews received prophecy predicting Jesus, and that Jews are dispersed among the nations to provide independent testimony of the Hebrew Scriptures. Books XIX–XXII: the deserved destinies of the two cities. Book XIX: the end of the two cities, and the happiness of the people of Christ. Book XX: the prophecies of the Last Judgment in the Old and New Testaments. Book XXI: the eternal punishment for the city of the devil. Book XXII: the eternal happiness for the saints and explanations of the resurrection of the body. (outline on the St. Augustine’s “City of God.”)

(the Trojans are welcomed to Sparta but steal Helen, leads to the 10 year war….)  the Iliad account by Homer, book XIX, verses 280-302 are Briseis’ main part. …then too I have to worry that “bris” is a word for circumcision and I don’t ever know all these years what’s going on underneath. — out of time again, just trying to explain what I’d said above, that Briseis was a slave amongst all psychopaths and I think (Queen Victoria and then) Florence Sabin and then I had come from that Briseis type.

briseis in book 19 — Her husband and three brothers and I don’t know what had happened to her city/town, and then given to achilles then taken to that Agamemnon (that I think represents the Neanderthals,) and then that’s what led to the ploy to re-attack Troy, that then Achilles refused to fight anymore because the girl was gone, so then Patrolclos, to my opinion, faked his death, and that caused Achilles to become so angry that he’d killed and killed Hector, and then that gets even more sad and it was the whole loss of this “war” that I’m sure was an invasion of the PaleoAmericans under the label of “Myrmidons,” ants. I have to sign off again now.

Image result for charles l. steward, von braun

(Prince Charles wasn’t born till 1948, but I can’t find any other pictures yet of this counterintelligence officer Charles L. Stewart, who passed a few years back after being a career lawyer in downtown New York, that Wernher von Braun’s group had turned themselves into in May 1945.)

12/22/17, I’m trying to get a better write-up on those lines from the Iliad, which I am about nobody else is any expert on because the whole thing is really this hallucino-system, the brain-eaters’, propaganda. I guess it’s some cover-story or hallucino-boys’ re-enactment according to the Autist-boys like Patrolcos’ telling the new — I’m being too hallucino-thrashed and bashed and didn’t open this blogsite to complain about the parasites but to describe how the pieces could be picked up from if they ever let the planet go from this sucking they do.

I’d written along the right side of this pdf I’d sent yesterday that it’s from Stephen Mitchell’s translation, his copyright, published by Simon & Schuster in 2011. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if it was just republished the cited year from an earlier original publication and I haven’t looked at the Iliad books in awhile and don’t recall the details and then had only read the whole thing once or had plowed through it just on the g.p. that it’s famous and I’m pretty sure that that little Patroclos character had “played dead,” as I’m realizing with the famous Lascaux picture too now:File:Lascaux 01.jpgfrom I, Peter80, Wikimedia Commons.

Having given the only image of a human in the Lascaux cave paintings alot of thought over the decades I’m pretty sure now that that is teaching how to do a LURE, to trick the animal to walking over to see what the body laying there is about and then striking from behind. It’s said that those are it’s entrails coming out of itself from the spears’ striking the mammoth, but whatever that blob in the back is I really think the painting is teaching how to play dead in order to trick the animal into approaching, and that that’s the strategy with this Iliad’s Patroclos character, that he and his Myrmidon countrymen were the invasion of the Paleo-Americans, and they’d picked up that Achilles character from wherever based on the oral-sucking obsession of the Autists. Achilles maybe was and maybe wasn’t a “Jomon” but most of the Iliad’s characters do appear to be the same as the Jomon, and Agamemnon and his brother Menelaus seem to me to likely be these “Neanderthal” partners that then were all in this “fraud-family” that I’d been told were my family and were actually all involved in this underworld and its “French Connection” scam for this brain-drugs obsession of the Autists, Jomon and their various then partners, this “Consortium” that I have all over me and I’m tracing it to being from this “Briseis” prisoner of war type of a females. The big thing I guess is how she says there that she will never stop mourning Patroclos’ death but I’m saying Patroclos was just playing dead, and that trick is how the Trojans had then been demolished and they were only the normal and unsuspecting victims of that invasion and the Autists-Consortium just goes from town to town doing that all these centuries/millennia, sucking up everything they can get and moving on to the next place when the’ve gotten all the food they can see. — The line-numbers didn’t get through in that photo of the page I just sent and are necessary for trying to keep track of the material in those big works, like the Bible too. It’s about line #300 I think, the line-numbers got cut off and the citation of copyright Stephen Mitchell didn’t come out in the photo I’d sent that then this once is cropped from. I’m always too disorganized to be able to keep up with all this invisible-torture that then gets all these subjects jumbled up. Briseis says that she’ll never quit mourning him and that’s still put-onto my life, that we’re all cursed by those words said by the very torture-victim. She was surrounded by all those murderers’ raping her, and how can you expect that such a victim is supposed to be able to cope? She had to be nice as though she wasn’t afraid of them. They do these twisted-think generational-curses all of the time, the whole system is founded on these hallucino-things. I want them doing this to me today for instance to someday get “caught” and charged with planeticide but getting caught is their game, they HAVE TO pursue their world-takeover because otherwise people would hurt them for these 2 gazillion crimes they’ve committed so they just play not getting caught at any expense and they’re all over me doing that, like forcing me to complain-write today instead of being able to think straight about my real interests. (that’s this phony “eternal vow” trick-set i’ll try to explain better later, to cage people over mere syllables, etc.)

— also there’s that Patroclos, the Autist-figurehead, is as a congenital liar, inventing that gibberish to the traumatized lady while also “pimping for” his boyfriend Achilles. Achilles might have also been an Autist or from an earlier invasion’s hybrids from them, I haven’t studied this book beyond familiarization with it but I’m especially attracted to that “Ransom of Hector” pottery-piece that’s on the cover of one of the Iliad translations; I’ll try to get a photo of the picture to here.

These monsters are all “encrusting” me from the underworld and won’t let me type what I’m trying to do, keep disappearing the work like everything’s a joke. See that plate on the back of the wall with the jester-like face, those are the autusts’ having a joke maybe because that’s the Patroclos one on the far left, barely visible here but they keep disappearing what i’m typing so i have to give up, only mentioning that when this scene occurred patroclos was allegedly dead and that that death was the cause of “the wrath of achilles,” etc., and it’s all over me. the picture below is a big example, me only trying to explain that anything people did for trying to cope with the autists got turned against them, that they were insufferable and scream murder if you tried to get them to quit masturbating or running all over on your people by tying down a hand or leg, that this became their cause for revenge on the normals.

img 20170711 171840


img 20170705 205534

This is good for the Briseis subject because it’s little me on the right in the top picture in a big set up about 2 years before the french connection thing. i ran across the photo when i was using old encyclopedias to occupy this jail-like imprisonment to this invisible-torture, and the caption says that the little girl on the right is trying to steal the blocks and that bothered me and i noticed that that’s me they’re saying that about, and it’s part of this lifetime of being lied about but now i’m also reading Florence Sabin’s sisters replies to the letters and it’s both of those ladies seem to have been the Briseis type too, me not learning anything about Mary Sabin until I just got this new set of the old letters and the sisters seem alike, both spinster teachers, though I still have to check more on Mary yet. I think she rented an apartment in a house owned by a judge and I’m thinking that he was a brain-serum trafficking type, that both sisters’ set ups were part of how this global-system came to be what it is today and off of me then, and that this modus operandi of living off of the Briseis-type is just “Catch-23,” that it’s in-valid, invalid, and is leading to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION, the system types are just playing games around not getting caught for crimes and errors from nothing to do with us mortals in this time now. I have to leave it like that and sign off.

The area where Daytona Beach is located was once inhabited by the indigenous Timucuan Indians who lived in fortified villages. The Timucuas were nearly exterminated by contact with Europeans through war, enslavement and disease and became extinct as a racial entity through assimilation and attrition during the 18th century. The Seminole Indians, descendants of Creek Indians from Georgia and Alabama, frequented the area prior to the Second Seminole War.

A palisaded Timucua village

Daytona Beach – During the era of British rule of Florida between 1763 and 1783, the King’s Road passed through present-day Daytona Beach. The road extended from St. Augustine, the capital of East Florida, to Andrew Turnbull’s experimental colony in New Smyrna. In 1804 Samuel Williams received a land grant of 3,000 acres (12 km2) from the Spanish Crown, which had regained Florida from the British after the American Revolution. This land grant encompassed the area that would become Daytona Beach. Williams built a slave-labor-based plantation to grow cotton, rice and sugar cane. His son Samuel Hill Williams would abandon the plantation during the Second Seminole War, when the Seminoles burned it to the ground.

The area now known as the Daytona Beach Historical District was once the Orange Grove Plantation, a citrus and sugar cane plantation granted to Samuel Williams in 1787. The plantation was situated on the west bank of the tidal channel known as the Halifax River, 12 miles north of Mosquito Inlet. Williams was a British loyalist from North Carolina who fled to the Bahamas with his family until the Spanish reopened Florida to non-Spanish immigration. After his death in 1810, the plantation was run by his family until it was burned down in 1835. In 1871, Mathias Day, Jr. of Mansfield, Ohio, purchased the 3,200 acre tract of the former Orange Grove Plantation. He built a hotel around which the initial section of town arose. In 1872, due to financial troubles, Day lost title to his land; nonetheless, residents decided to name the city Daytona in his honor, and incorporated the town in 1876.[9] [10]

In 1886, the St. Johns & Halifax River Railway arrived in Daytona. The line would be purchased in 1889 by Henry M. Flagler, who made it part of his Florida East Coast Railway. The separate towns of Daytona, Daytona Beach, Kingston, and Seabreeze merged as “Daytona Beach” in 1926, at the urging of civic leader J.B. Kahn and others. By the 1920s, it was dubbed “The World’s Most Famous Beach”.

File:Cropped Statue of Saint Monica in Santa Monica California.jpgSt. Monica, (St. Augustine’s mother,) statue in Santa Monica, CA, PD by Jelson25, July 2009, Wikimedia.