Slug-pneumonia “cold”….

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Oswald Avery, 1879- circa 1954, and here Rene Dubos:

#213, moved the pdf to the MENU’s “Slug-Pneumonia” file, as I realize now that he really probably was always doing that, and was only the “satirist/comedian” he was called because he was hanging around those “strip-club dives” because he was selling the brain-fluid narcotic, that saying that he was working as an emcee or what was a cover-excuse. — How to Talk Dirty.pdf; that mark on his chin is just a perforation in the bookcover.
I’m going to try to add the photo-illustrations of the guy-type sneezing, that I think that that’s all Bruce had really meant, that it was a big “yuk” to release the “slug-pneumonia” I call them,germs onto everybody. The system seems to especially do that when the people are locked-into a place they can’t get out of. It’s done under me all of the time and I’ve gotten that “cold” over 70 times and live in continuous fear of being sabotaged by it again. I think it comes from the Autists’ illnesses as they were always sickly from going back and forth across Beringia and through the water between Alaska and Siberia, and then they’d infect people all the time so they’d made something of an art later of doing this. I think it’s what was called “consumption” for awhile, that it’s gone by different labels over the centuries but it’s these strong cold-flu bugs and if you can’t get food you’ll die of it and you melt into becoming petroleum. It’s big business.