Leon Trotsky – – 1940, Mexico

1522 Vyse near 172nd St./164th

2 sons, … The day he arrived, Trotsky visited the New York Public Library with a Russian editor, Nicolai Bukharin. The next day he began writing for Bukharin’s East Village newspaper, Novy Mir. While lecturing in New York, Trotsky discussed politics with Alexandra Kolontay, an expatriate Bolshevik and free-love advocate who informed on Trotsky in letters to Lenin. He also met Eugene V. Debs, the five-time Socialist candidate for president, whom he described as ”a sincere revolutionary.” Trotsky had been in New York only a month when revolutionary uprisings began in Petrograd. Soon the red flag was flying over the Winter Palace. Trotsky was anxious to return home and bought his family tickets on the first available ship. On the eve of their departure in March, Trotsky’s younger son, Sergei, who was 8 or 9, went for a walk. He was curious about whether First Street existed, and while searching for it, became lost. Sergei was found by the police, who played checkers with him at a station house until Trotsky’s wife showed up.

trotsky and stalin had been in competition for succeeding lenin and stalin exiled him.

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