Wernher von Braun’s friend

German rocket engineer Wernher von Braun, center, surrenders to the U.S. Army in Ruette, Bavaria, on May 2, 1945. Pictured, from left, are U.S. Counterintelligence Corps agent Charles Stewart; Dr. Herbert Axster, wartime chief of staff at Peenemunde missile base; Dieter Huzel, assistant to von Braun; Wernher von Braun; Wernher’s younger brother, Magnus von Braun; and engineer Hans Lindenberg.

Courtesy of NASA — This is the only copy I could find, (except for the Pinterest site which I don’t understand the rights on yet,) this from the Encyclopedia of Alabama.org. I think Stewart is super-important to the last  70 years or what, that I’ve frequently seen peculiar guys that look like him, me meaning boys that look like the characters named Rob or Robbie from the original Mickey Mouse Show and then that My Three Sons with Fred MacMurray sitcom, and then one in my Army training school class that I’d flunked out of, to be a psychology tech, and here in 2009 when I was trying to write to the then-chief executive about all this and at odd times like that. This Counterintelligence officer had gone on to become a lawyer in Manhattan and I’d be trying to learn if he and von Braun had continued their friendship.
(my point here is that the guys that look like Stewart that I’ve noticed like skulking around my life seem like some of the worst operatives for this whole Revelation-Armageddon-TPE end, like they don’t have any scruples, have that Autism or Autism-psychopathy itself, that they seem to relaxedly and mildly just be experts on system-everything, forwarding this all along from key “intelligence” positions from their friendship-start with the rocket-group. This is libel/slander territory, as is the problem with Michael K. Deaver, where the guys seem like upstanding citizens “not doing anything.” In fact I’m, always afraid to use the word “wondering,” if Stewart’s “disseminations-offsprings,” one of them, might not have been the “Catholic Charities” director expert on the DC homeless shelter that I was in from 2205-15, them leaving in 2010 but when I got to Kensington, MD the same guy was then in charge of a “Zero 2016” program on homeless Veterans. I’d have to give his name. Finding photos of him on the Internet is difficult because they seem to have replaced the person with the name to some entirely-different-looking type of a guy. I took a good look at him at one of the homelessness meetings of the DC government in 2006 maybe 2007 and he looked alot like that singer Jackson Browne. Does Stewart look at all like that, could a “disseminated-human” from Stewart have turned out to be that singer, in which case also the “sire” or the homelessness “expert” that was over this to me from 2005-10 and then was in the paperwork up in Maryland as being over the veterans program, me being a veteran, regular Army 1973-76, a nominal veteran but classified as being such in these homelessness-difficulty situations. — That’s the only photo I can find of Stewart. Browne was born in Heidelberg from a serviceman’s family in 1948. Don Agrati was both the Mickey Mouse Club and the son on My Three Sons, born 1944 in California. For awhile I was wondering about David Eisenhower’s being connected with this type.)