Kathleen J. Foshay
UniverseRescue.Attempt@gmail.com; text or voicemail to (202) 459-8618

Re: Permission on Diego Rivera portrait of Edsel Ford

Photocopy of Edsel Ford portrait from
Diego Rivera’s My Art, My Life: Autobiography, with Gladys March, Dover, Dover Pubs., 1960.

Dear Bank of Mexico,

I only speak English. I’m trying to get a Permission on use of this 1932 portrait by Sr. Rivera of Edsel Ford; please see the attached page, but the Detroit Institute of Art wrote me that the copyright had gone back to Sr. Rivera:

Dear Kathleen J. Foshay,

The Detroit Institute of Arts received your letter on April 22. Thank you for your inquiry.

The portrait of Edsel B. Ford by Diego Rivera (DIA number 77.5) is still under copyright. If you would like to use the image on your blog, you should contact the Artists Rights Society (ARS) in New York: https://www.arsny.com/requests

Also, we do not have details regarding the painting itself. You might want to look at the following books: Downs, Linda. Diego Rivera: The Detroit Industry Murals. New York: Detroit Institute of Arts in Association with W.W. Norton, 1999. Rosenthal, Mark. Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo in Detroit. Detroit: Detroit Institute of Arts. 2015.

— Then I wrote to the Artists Rights Society and they haven’t replied, probably because they don’t know anything about rights on this painting. Edsel Ford had left it to Mrs. Edsel Ford and she’d left it to the Detroit Institute of Art, back in the 1970s I think. I don’t think the copyright could revert back to Sr. Rivera or that anyone would care if I used the image for an example of the type or Stereotype of Mr. E. Ford on my blog, there being few depictions of himself and this one being particularly nice and also useful about what he was like. I don’t want any difficulties with anyone so I’m writing to ask if you are aware of any legalities around this DIA painting, it being on display on their second floor but I can’t get to Detroit to take a photograph of it myself.

Sincerely, Kathy Foshay: UniverseRescueKathyFoshayWordPressCom.wordpress.com













































About kathyfoshay

I'm all alone with the real end of the world and always looking for assistance and no one's ever contacted me from the hundreds of letters I'd sent while at the big homeless shelter, 2nd and D Streets, NW, as though anyone that tries to contact me gets disappeared, my life used as a LURE-gimmick that goes to how that Armageddon prophecy in that book of Revelation has been being snuck-through, and this is sort of the bottom of the barrel of ideas for trying to find assistance, thinking I could get all my various writings on this in one place that letter-recipients could then look up if they're interested. That means I'd have to see if I can send my emails to here, how to do that. Wordpress said there is a way but it entails that spam would also get the email address. My time for now it up I guess. Working in this sitting position isn't healthy for me but I've always got to be doing something toward trying to get hold of someone to help me. It's like I'm a microcosm of the Earth or the human race and if someone could help me out of this torture then that'd be a start on trying to get the whole Earth out of this. 5/1/17, still all this, etc., same situation. (7/14/18 now....) Now it's 2019.
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