I’m so sorry to learn that Ms. Sullivan of the Digital Imaging Project of most of the world’s best architecture had passed last year.

Twin Towers seen from the Brooklyn Bridge; photographed by Mary Ann Sullivan, Digital Imaging Project, Bluffton University, Ohio.

Seagram Building’s lobby; photograph by Mary Ann Sullivan, Digital Imaging Project, Bluffton University, Ohio.











1 June 2019, Saturday

I guess Ms. Sullivan will have to go under Architecture under where the Art section is under the Subjects on the Navigation bar. I’d gone looking to see if she’d visited Palestrina, Italy and there might be a photograph of the mosaic on her Digital Imaging Project website but there isn’t, and then I saw that she’d passed, when I’d gone back to look for some detail on the attribution, how to put it. I hadn’t seen any sign that her health had any difficulties when she’d been so helpful to me that May, me learning of the Conques Tourism link on the St/e. Foy, which seems to me to be a great part of where all this “Limitless” of the brain-eating and “Revelation” scam had come from, been disseminated from, so that now I don’t think I could or should even inquire as to if she’d looked into this site, the UniverseRescueetc. here, that it could bring “the Jomons'” attention to how to get closed down her whole “open source” I guess it might be called, Digital Imaging great Project she’d been doing when I’d run across it last year. On a 1st of anything, today being a first of a month for instance, the “Jomon” go “ape” to ruin it, to ruin a start of an anything for anyone in the normal world that they can get hold of I guess, that they’re just toilet-battering me all over and around, today being their designated-type 1st of the summer season also, for here at this library, they’ve got some Ulysses-type Explore the World summer theme going on, like a Puff the Magic Dragon-ride affect for the “kids.” There are so many bad things going on that I can’t keep track let alone try to describe them individually, but here with Ms. Sullivan is the sort of a real subject, if my noticing her Project, architecture Project, had had anything to do with that unexpected demise. She’d seemed extremely healthy and vigorous, doing all that work, after job-retirement. The word “bluff” is one of the horror-words to this “Jomon” Jomon-Autists’ system, that a bluff is like a big cliff and they’ve always been cliff-pushers as how they’ve been doing this world-takeover and then the Armageddon I’m specifically put under for being a similar “bluff” gimmick for their ways, modi opernadi, then bluff-ton is a word I’d be doubly afraid of and so mentioning Ms. Sullivan’s Project is/was difficult for me too, bringing up that word or phrase, bluff-ton, because then in addition I’ve got all these now-planted Armageddon-operatives all over me. They’ve set up a new one that I’d just come close on trying to ask him what it is that he’s doing here, some table set up by the library’s front door, but when I went in that direction again there was a big planted character yakking it up with him, like the “Jomon” moving their pieces all around all around me all the time it especially is like today, like double the invisible-torture set of a regular day it is on any “holiday” or a first or last of an anything, a weekend, just any excuse-gimmick these parasites all ride on. I should/will have to try to check to see what she’d done up in the Netherlands, if she’d been in Ghent and gotten any photos, as also there’s the subject that besides all the mass-reproductions of the Michelangelo-HImkillangels character there’s also occurring to me alot to mention that that character in the low left-front-center of the Ghent Altarpiece was probably Dracula I, the pater of the son-Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, and those must have been mass-reproduced to be the many with the straight, black hair that I see all the time, have slithering around me for this petroleum-LURE. Besides all the petroleum they’d made in Romania, Transylvania, there’s the possibility that the obsession with producing that might have been way-Prehistory inspired by the LaBrea tar pits right near Hollywood and Santa Monica, and Pasadena, coming up on my mind maybe because I have to look up Pomona sometime today. This untitled 50′ sculpture by Picasso set up in Daley Plaza in Chicago is surely a huge “ritual,” part of a big ritual-set for making “cancelled-out” that the dinosaur extinctions had been done more or less wilfully, malicious vandalism of breaking the baby-eggs of the dinosaurs so there wouldn’t be competition for the plant-drugs they were all getting fed, the “lost” humans and the baby dinosaurs sitting relaxing in the nests as the adults brought back the food-mash, etc., scenario I’ve been trying to describe for two decades now on how we’d gotten into this parasite-necessitated extinction-direction we’re in, and Ms. Sullivan just happened to have this good one of it and I can’t even recall if I’d found this on her site last year as well as the Conques material, which I don’t think I have any of her Conques material on here except her link to their link on St/e. Foy. Then just last month like “out of nowhere” I ran across that the Conques St/e. Foy was an offshoot of the Burgundy St/e. Foy church in what’s called in French Selestat but in German it’s a town spelled I think Schlesstadt, that I have to go back and re-find the material on. Things have just turned worse, them bringing in another planted-type character, one that is or looks like one that had done some sort of a sneak-attack scene on me here about 2 months ago, conspicuously doing a scene of loudly throwing papers all around the 6-person computer desk now, plopping down to start finding a way to make trouble for me is how this Armageddon Program always goes. Maybe it’s because I’d started mentioning the guy in the lobby, me trying to figure what the Armageddon Program murder-use of himself is, that I’m planning to mention that perhaps it’s that he’s a “type” like the guy who was Marvin Gaye’s partner, and he’s done way lots of other things, a big biographer too I think maybe he is, in the writing of Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” song, a guy named Richie maybe, I was planning to look that up too today but I’ve got at least 20 of these big and interconnected subjects that are all started but I have to get a permission here by writing for one to that source and a permission there for writing — and finally I just now got this Interlibrary Loan copy of Marvel Comic’s graphic novel on Homer’s The Iliad, and that is always a dangerous subject, anything about that or Abu Ghraib or anything to do with that side of the world this beast “Jomon” all over me goes “ape” about, like it’s trying to brew up WWIII off of little nobody me all the time this has been being like and they don’t do anything but re-pursue this Armageddon-making off of me each time I wake up, even before that, it’s just nothing but disgusting, so they’ve known that the book is there, me waiting for it for quite awhile considering the little clues from this computer-way of being able to request materials that this particular public-library-set, Houston’s library-system, doesn’t specifically have, that they got this book and another one I’d requested is due also, from Harris County’s library-set, a branch just 7 miles away but — there’s the date, it had reached to here on Thursday only, after I’d inquired I guess and then I didn’t inquire yesterday, not caring to “bug” anyone. Marvel and all the other illustrations-oriented places seem to be especially big on their copyright rights so I’ll have to try to be especially careful with this. I’ve got the address for Marvel Comics in my wallet, waiting for this, and last year I’d more or less gotten a permission from the text writer, Roy Thomas, but I hadn’t figured what exactly I wanted to use from this graphic novel for an illustration on “all this,” the entire situation, that that “Iliad” etc. “war” subject was all about this invasion by the “long-lost” in the Americas and dinosaur-extincting, to my 26 years on trying to figure out all this Armageddon-Revelation business I’m trapped into, people with the Autism, and now it looks like they’d “hooked up with” the island-bound similarly long-isolated “Jomon” people and (with or without other friend-groups) had attacked the normal Old World-resident people of some particular area or another. I generally always figure it was Istanbul/Constantinople but I’m going to try to check on what “the siege of Bangkok” was today also with a mind to that that might have been the actual “war” site, most of the rest all being this slithery-sneaky way that I’m trying to describe might have been what the “Palestrina mosaic” or Nile mosaic they call it so much that I don’t think it’s got anything to do with Egypt necessarily, might have been perpetrated, me also having to find that “Triumph of Caesar” because it looks like a furtherance of the theme from the Domenichino “St. Nilus Meeting the Emperor Otto” which then I’d gotten the Emperor Otto running up to Poland, as the place I’m actually at right now in all this “work” I’m trying to get done here while being inundated invisibly and unprovably by the underground insane people’s mass-murder system that’s bringing all of biology to gone-garbage.

(the rest of this is toward the bottom of the file called C.A.R.P.: C.A.R.P.

I actually got a normal Permission on this photo, of (left to right,) Eric Mendelsohn, Walter Peterhans (check if that’s Peterhaus,) Ludwig K. Hilberseimer whose photograph this had been and it’s with his papers that this is from, and then Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, all meeting in Chicago circa 1940. It’s courtesy first from the Exploring Chicago Collections website but then they refer you to the big Architecture archives and their specifics I’m less sure on, where the Permission officially, through an email, had come from, the Ryerson and Burnham Archive I think is their title, and I guess they’re at the Art Institute but their title there I’m not as sure about.














This is my big find, and then it’s been 10 years to be able to use it, that Mendelsohn and Mies had been friends, (Mendelsohn being like my “nemesis” for his part in all this global-situation we’re in now, heading to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION,) and then that the later photo of Mies look like a different person so for most of this decade I’d been under the feeling that Mendelsohn had “disappeared the real Mies,” but then I’ve been noticing that the Mies photographs maybe look more like he’d participated in that identity-switch “trick” for these Armageddon purposes of their group, because it’s turning out that Mies is part of this “Shahan-666 type” that comes from the Ghent Altarpiece and is all over the place in their then takeover of this country, but maybe that’s controversial to put it that way, as they’re super-dangerous monsters like all over me like right now as with that 2015 car-hit time, their stereotype and whatever that fraud-parent that I’d gotten’s stereotype, the both stereotypes’ being all over me then and right now, 6/6/19. Everything about Mendelsohn and Mies was about this world-takeover or Revelation-Armageddon scam that these insane people have long been and are still pursuing and doing it right off of me for like the past 60 years; etc.