Julius Martov, 1873 Constantinople – 1923 Baden

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English: The Menshevik Julius Martov, in a photograph taken in Petrograd in 1917.
Español: El político menchevique Yuli Martov, retratado en Petrogrado en 1917.
Source The image has been widely reproduced in historical studies of the Russian Revolution.


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after 1902 in Paris, from spartacus-educational dot com: After escaping Leon Trotsky met Natalia Sedova. He divorced Alexandra and married Natalia. They joined the Social Democratic Party and moved to Paris where they associated with LeninGeorge PlekhanovPavel AxelrodVera Zasulich and Julius Martov and became involved in producing the journal Iskra. Natalia recalled: “The autumn of 1902 was marked by frequent lectures in the Russian colony in Paris. The Iskra group, to which I belonged, saw first Martov, and then Lenin. A war was being fought against the “Economists” and the Socialist-Revolutionists.” (11)

circa 1906 trotsky escaped to helsinki where lenin and martov were and they went to london; trotsky moved to vienna, wwI he went to zurich, paris, deported to spain 1916;

Trotsky arrived in New York on 13th January, 1917 and worked with Nikolai Bukharin and Alexandra Kollontai in publishing the revolutionary newspaper Novy Mir (New World). Kollontai, a former Menshevik, had become “one of Lenin’s most fanatical adherents.” On the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II, Trotsky wrote: “We are the witnesses of the beginning of the second Russian revolution. Let us hope that many of us will be its participants.” (80) [1905 was the first i think] — he was detained then for a month in halifax.


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