Why This Architecture? Mendelsohn

Why This Architecture? a poem by Erich Mendelsohn circa 1926, found in the Thomas Levenson biography, “Einstein in Berlin,” 2003, pages 232-33. I’m putting it here because it’s disappeared on me twice and I’m so glad to have been able to locate a copy of it again:

Think back just one hundred years:

Crinoline and wigs

Tallow light and spinning wheels

General stores and craftsmen’s guilds

Then think of us, now, think of what

surrounds you:

Bare knees and a sporty ‘do

Radio and film

Automobile and airplane

Specialty shops and department stores.

Don’t think they’re superficialities–

the deeper meaning is in them.

(Die litarische Welt, 9 March 1928)

(Levenson’s copy is a little annotated or paraphrased and I don’t recall this part specifically and will be trying to find it in the Oskar Beyer book on Mendelsohn, “Letters of an Architect,” but here’s from Levenson’s:)

Certainly man remains man and the heavens are broad as ever

But the world around you is enormously alive, cities of millions, skyscrapers, eight-hour flights from Moscow to Berlin.

Only one who has no rhythm in the body–

do not think of jazz, be serious–

does not understand the metallic swing of the machine, the humming of propellers, the enormous new vitality that stimulates, blesses, and makes us creative.

To disavow our life is self-deception, is miserable and cowardly…. Therefore be brave, be smart. Grab life by the hair, right where its best heart beats, in the middle of life, the middle of technology, traffic and trade. Accept it as it is….

— Kathy thinks his group is still disavowing its unspecified way of life that the/their new architecture represents, that we live in an everything’s-a-secret and disinformation world, but then also the part about grabbing life by the hair; these invisible-torture monsters, — the phrase had been to grab life by the forelock I recall having read, because that’s where this torture is always invisibly grabbing me, the front of my hair. It isn’t just that they’re “riding on” me, it’s most noticeable when they are trying to hunt to catch or to LURE people, at those times, like right now in fact, I notice this being grabbed by the hair/by the forelock. Mendelsohn was one of the secret-keepers that his group (Autists) believed they’d soon be ruling Earth from Mars. I’m always trying to gather information on him for showing how we’ve gotten into this situation of actually being headed for extinction, and I’ll put this poem up on the sidebar under that photo that’s allegedly of Mendelsohn allegedly out in San Francisco or near there I guess. Likely most of the material on him is at the Getty Library. His wife Luise was extremely influential also. They’d had alot to do with turning Palestine into Israel but I don’t have enough information and ability to describe what the busy-busy “way of lifers” had all wrought. — The same book, page 393, has evidence that a physicist named Albert Michelson had worked out at what then Mendelsohn had claimed he’d had built, that “Einstein Tower” in Potsdam and I think they stumbled on that mostly as an excuse for trying to use telescopes for voyeuring on Kaiser Wilhem II’s daughter Princess Viktoria Luise, that this “Armageddon Show/Program/-making” says I’m jealous of a (probable) descendant of, as a secret cover-story for these decades of torture. The Autists have always been “jealous” and then project their traits onto others. This recalls that opening line of “It’s getting late” to this “Limitless” novel, me trying to figure all these worldwide various things and that this “art piece” is linked to this millennial “show” off of me, mulling what “late” might be about from the publishing underworld, as I’m treated like I’m invisible walking-dead non-existence, worries me that “the boys voted” that nothing I do matters because I should have been dead long ago, like likely for that “jealousy” crime/sin or the torture for it. Since I’m going on about Mendelsohn I should include a picture of his “Einstein Tower” but I’ll try to make a file, he doesn’t specifically fit into this “Limitless” book subject of the extra-serotonin dependents that I can figure so far even though it’s really obvious.