p.311, neuropsychopharma

p. 311, “Limitless,” “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”…

“Kids, do not try this at home.”

“Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”… — James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) as a young man;


and this should be the link to his biography on YouTube, which I haven’t actually seen yet, me suspecting that he was a “Limitless” -believer. (It must have gotten lost. — It looks like You Tube has 10 videos on James Clerk Maxwell.)

“Kids, do not try this at home.”

(enlarged image of p. 311 already deleted now though, and I’ll move Maxwell’s soon also:) I’ll delete this big copy soon. Don’t twist or take out of context any of my words to system-code but I’d “cracked up” when I read this in my 2nd reading of the book now and couldn’t go back to reading until I shared it with someone and I’m (otherwise) in a surrounded-isolation so I shared it with here as I only generally can, etc. It says that he thought up that he could study neurology. I couldn’t take that swear-word out of there, block it out with something before sending this again maybe if I get a chance, etc. Then the next paragraph goes, “What would there be to stop me from making my own MDT? There had been plenty of underground chemists in the old LSD days, people who had sidestepped the need to cultivate supply sources in the medical or pharmaceutical communities by setting up their own labs in bathrooms and basements all around the country. — Then it goes on about that a bit and he buys a bunch of books but then it’s the finale and he doesn’t get to read anything after all but when I’d read that paragraph I couldn’t quit laughing, which is dangerous because the invisible torture always does some sort of a retaliation if I ever laugh or momentarily feel positive or good about anything so I’d had to find a way to quit laughing and sent that here and then continued to the end of the novel. If you could make it at home we wouldn’t be in this system. In fact there used to be all kinds of “medical” drug-plants evolving but the Autists scarf everything for themselves. If you try to find out how to make LSD all the books tell you is that almost anyone could make themselves a set up with a few things from a chemical supply store but when you keep reading there’s not any follow-up except all that “ergot” mold business and that’s a dead end, that the only way to “make” LSD is what the “fraud-parent” and the underworld have all been busy doing, slaughtering people in order to get our skulls and then, forgive this mishmash but I guess it’s like the “Nutcracker Suite” that they do at the holiday time, that that’s really about that you have to break people’s skulls open, Bang, Bang Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, to get at the inside of the skull for the “LSD-25/MDT-48” and whatever all the other slangs for the brain-derived “drugs,” narcotics, all that industry where the “growers” look at us like we’re “doll” capsules carrying the drug in our heads, etc., are. I’ll move this to somewhere else but I thought that that was the best part of the book. At some other point the Gennady character asks about what the content of the pills is, where it comes from. I’m trying to figure if the “Russian” stands for a Kennedy or maybe Neal Cassady or what, because Gennady is so un-Russian sounding, but I’m always trying to stress that I think the system comes from under Mongol-Siberia, “-Cyberia.”