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I’ve only seen one Comment and I’d had to quick delete it because I couldn’t get to a computer and it seemed real spooky through the cellphone and I didn’t want other readers getting spooked and now I can’t yet find the URL it’d come from but  I’ll find it eventually to see what the Comment might have been about, from a site that started Coin-bit… but had a long URL after that.

This is testing to see if I can figure out how to get that alongside-text phenomenon going regularly. This isn’t it.

LIMITLESS is here finally

I’m trying to describe that the Willendorf/Victoria/Florence Sabin/Kathy Foshay type/s of people have been victimized to this situation by the Edwin Drake/Merchant of Venice general type, perhaps victims victimizing others or whatever the exact details are that the whole thing is rotten and headed for extinction eventually of everything and this is my situation within that and if this modern or advanced or “learned” times could assist me out of my personal victimization so that I could function to do what I’m/I’ve been trying to do in explaining that the system comes from some sort of a “difficulty” so that we could work our way out of that “difficulty,” the brain-damage, then perhaps WE as a planet-biological start could get ourself out of the extinction ancestors had accidentally fallen into, and forget this using me for fulfilling those old “Armageddon” or other also world-ownership/-takeover threat-promises because the whole thing is just from the brain damage and will wind up extincting the biology-start that could branch out to populate that whole empty, crime-site now, Universe.

I figure it’s likely that my “type” came from a kidnap-victim of the Old World peoples by the Autists and their slaves, however exactly the Edwin Drake type of people came to be, that I think they came from a secluded island, were “discovered” by the trekking Autists and set to war against the Old World peoples, grabbing female specimens to rob of their ovaries for this mass-reproduction underworld way of taking over Earth.

p. 27, Raymond Loewy, https://universerescuekathyfoshaywordpresscom.wordpress.com/categories/books/the-dark-fields-limitless-novel-film-tv-show/raymond-loewy/


I’m messing everything up by trying to experiment with the widgets too much. I’d left it real nice yesterday and came back and whoosh and it was all gone and back to how it had been, on that top front-page menu, I’d had it semi-organized and will be continuing to work on it, and I don’t think this new one underneath here is much use, that I’m creating alot of confusion where this is all dead-serious, and the confusion makes the TPE-problem subject seem like some sort of a gimmick where it’s the opposite of anything trivial. I’m always searching for a contact but that’s the system’s gimmick, to do an underworld exhibition of oblivious me out here and it’s a marathon of any made-up thing toward getting the Revelation prophecies fulfilled for what I’ve come to believe is only a case of biology gone amok from childhood Autism that became this obsessed psychopathy to own the everything they see, own the planet, own the sun and stars, forget about it, it’s just unweaned-babyishness, the whole planet guided by brain-damaged and then brain-eating and then brain-tampering people afflicted with prehistoric-descended congenital brain damage that I call Autism-psychopathy with hallucinogen-dependence. I only have twelve more minutes on a computer for today and I’ve made a mess by experimenting and getting lost with how to make these menus nice. I want one with all the posts on it for under the “Older Posts” big blue button there, so you could see what’s available without having to keep hitting the Older Posts button, so I’ll be working on that God hope with my time tomorrow. (8/5/17) — I can’t yet figure out how to get rid of this extra menu of the posts that’s here down on the bottom also but I’ll find how to delete that soon.

I don’t think either posting or reading the Comments I’ve just been finding

is necessarily any safer than any other way of trying to contact me or assist with this UniverseRescue real-life attempt, that’s become an anti-system negativity and even “Extinction Explained” anymore. These “spam” so far pieces are down at the bottom of this sidebar for the time being (1/28/19) — 1/30, now they’ve switched to that all the comments are from some “proxy” companies that of course, being a ghost-prisoner all these years, I’m not familiar with and figure it’s more of the TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION underworld-Jomon Autists’-system, global-system made-up scam, so I’m having to delete the few normal-seeming comments that seemed to be starting to come in in that it’s only “games with mass-reproduced Babars” that the Jomon had created, etc., going to extinction games mind-playing onto me.

The parasites seem to be glomming all over this blog, the Armageddon Program monster-underworld bums and fraud-family horror types all ambushing me from different angles at the same time. They’re playing with this Comments section because of some error I think/thought I’d made with compromising this blogsite’s security by 2 pieces of mail I’d sent out accidentally with some of the “php” background program coding on it. I’d thought Mr. Marcom’s Comment here was cute and I was going to keep it in this space but now my Comments section/s in the background are all peculiar for me to be able to try to figure out while trying to re-arrange the blog right now and run go get the oxygen tank-exchange delivery done this afternoon and other odds and ends of confusions for myself as though their breaking the planet is some nonexistant trivial matter that I just make up because I haven’t anything better to do in this horror-civilzation the psychoto-psychopaths have developed for themselves. Now under here was supposed to be the little gravatar and Comment link to the guy’s website:

I Do Not Know Who This Lance Marcom Guy Is and that blog of his hasn’t had any new material since 2017 and I can’t figure out why. His father was a magician so I’m thinking the site might be some sort of a diabolical trick because it cuts off like he’d been “disappeared” more than a year ago, me finding it in April 2018 but not realizing there isn’t current material, you just start reading where he says he’s going to write something every day and he had from about 2014-17. It seems a nice site if you like contemporary old material or old contemporary material or guys who just seem to have passed away mysteriously.