Apotheosis of Washington

#174, The Apotheosis of Washington

The Apotheosis of Washington.pdf, this is the main image of this painting that’s on the inside of the dome of the Capitol building, what you would see if you were there and looked all the way up to the very top; by Constantine Brumidi about 1863. Like sky-lit.

The scene down here by the bottom, like at 6 o’clock, 5:30, that’s about Ceres and her daughter, the grain goddess, and I suspect that she’s really an American, that there’s alot of mix-up to all this, because she’s holding a pineapple and those are native to the Americas. The boy with his back to us is what I call an Autist and he wants to take the reins from Ceres and drive the cart himself and I think that that has alot to do with how we got into this TPE mess. This was painted during the Civil War. I’ll try to cover more on this but the artist Brumide is alot like that Civil War Secretary of War Edwin Stanton who looks to be an ancestor of one of my fraud-relatives in all this Armageddon Program now.

Drake/Vulcan of the apotheosis

#175, The Apotheosis of Washington, on book cover

The Apotheosis of Washington.pdf, this is the book cover of the main book on Brumidi that I know about so far, published by the GPO. He died right where the main library at 9th and G Streets, NW is, the “MLK” at 901 G Street, NW. Brumidi passed in one of the 2 houses owned by his wife right there, 911 or 921 G Street, NW. I’d guess he sunk a lot of his pay for the Capitol work into the houses’ basements. Everything was replaced by the library and some church next door that’s now attached to a manufactory association.


mostly duplicated now below:

yhe apotheosis of washington2

yhe apotheosis of washington1

yhe apotheosis of washington

vulcan of the apotheosis

I have alot of work to do to make a page for this, it’s the painting inside the Capitol’s done so that you look straight up about 150 feet to see it and some of it is real interesting so I should try to pull a file together for it but only have these few pdfs so far.

This was Constantino Brumidi’s son,  Brumidi’s being the main artist-painter of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., plus he’d lived, and passed, there where in the 1960s the main library had been built at 9th and G Streets, NW, his wife had owned 2 property-lots and houses on them there, 911 and 921 maybe. A lady named Murdock wrote a good book on his work with a little personal info and I think a copy of his altarpiece painting at the North Capitol Street St. Aloysius Church on Charles Borromeo, who’s a major figure in all this how the system got this way, and a saint like the Mother/Mister Teresa/Theresa.

This file doesn’t work, a picture of Brumidi’s son Laurence, 1860-1919, that I’m trying to keep track of because this whole part of history is peculiar.  https://universerescuekathyfoshaywordpresscom.wordpress.com/2017/03/02/brumidis-son/ I’ll try finding it and reinserting it later.

Also there should be a file on Luigi Persico’s work on/around the Capitol, so I’m condensing about the misplaced pdf of his big pediment to here for now:

Luigi Persico, circa 1825, Capitol autist artist

(This was Persico’s “Genius of America” with the 3 females on the pediment of the Capitol building, Liberty, Justice, and Hope or some such, but I think they translate to being a LURE-trick representation that then I’m stuck into the Hope-stereotype of, — pdf missing right now.)