2 April 2016

Chief Judge John P. Morrissey

District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County

191 East Jefferson Street

Rockville, MD 20850-2325

Citation No: 00SK0D47

2 April 2016

Dear Judge,

I’m nervouse because my worse-troubles started a year ago on this fraud-parent’s 83rd now, birthday. It’s an indescribable horror how the guy sneak-terrorizes, and this place I’m in is probably tantamount to “French Connection” local headquarters, and I’m starting to notice a Halloween-like spook-curses atmosphere. At 6 a.m. now they’ve got some kind of a delivery with the sister coming down and not speaking to me but opening the front door and speaking to the fraud-parent’s probably biological-offspring and giving her keys or the set of keys and now I notice that the — is sitting as so to be “not doing anything” -unusual affect all the Autists and helpers use but appears to be staring directly at me and then they lower eyelids or move eyeballs slaightly, (adjust them,) and feign to have been sleeping or pray/preying, mind elsewhere. The “delivery” maybe is the arrival of the painter, which now I can – might – think is an improvement in safety-conditions but I’m always naive and it might be LURE-connected, to where these 2 guys spread the concept that it’s okay here

(page 2, 4/2, Sat.)

and there’s nothing untoward about me. I didn’t recognize the guy as he’d nearly run into me with a pile of boxes but he’s the same “type” or looks as “The Hospitalist” photograph and as the Director Msgnr. of this inter-connected Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and as the “figure #2” standing next to Tony Fuca in that “French Connection” photograph and as the early psychiatrist Kurt Schneider (d. 1967,) (and probably his partner philosopher Karl Jaspers that Im not too familiar with) who appears to have been a generational-slave to Emil Kraepelin, and to the unknown late Vernon Rice who’d allegedly died in 1854 as a NY Post drama critic but I suspect had gone to Paris and Marseilles and taken-on the identity of what then was the boss of that “French Connection” ritual-scam, M. Jean Jehan, who is said to have passed naturally later in Corsica, and I guess many others. * The type appears to be close-relation to the “John Carroll-type” and its many slave-operatives, generationally-enslaved system-builswea. (I think those include the late DC Mayor Marion Barry.)

The Royal Dutch Shell oil-corporation is very important to this and is what I was trying to get to on p. 2 of 7 yesterday, at the bottom.

If you’ve been to the Basilica of the NSIC and seen the big Altarpiece, “Christ in Majesty” there you’d notice that there are around 10 or 12 small figures around at the bottom of the figure. (this is incorrect, 2017-note, that i went and checked and there are only about 4)

These figures look like the “Jesus” gnerationally-

  • Also George “Believe It Or Not” /S. Dillon Ripley of the Smithsonian Mall.

(page 3, 4/2)

enslaved types and are likely connected to the Shell company. I think this “Christ In Majesty” might represent Wernher von Braun and that he might be from this “Archangel St. Michael” type which might be from more recent history. For instance I’ll copy here the mealtime prayer the sistrs and residents say 6-3 times a day: Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle, be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray, and do thou, O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the other evil spirits who prowl around the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen

I read that this was written by or written for Leo XIII around 1883 but I can’t get any information on that pope yet, but Wernher von Brraun had come from the northern Europe Prussian area where alot of the rest of these 10,000 details come from and the Royal Dutch Shell co. and The Hague and Ghent and old Cracow all are, so I’m thinking that DC’s Basilica’s “Christ in Majesty,” painted around 1955-59 by a “John Carroll-type,” also like the present Msgnr., was representing the “space venture” that the rockets from all the petroleum-horror were leading to super-power for for the Basicilica-types, with of course “Mister Teresa” out there working (cum?) a saint to “care for” the poor, that the small “Jesus-like” figures these represent some of the human-savrifice for the “goo”

(page 4)

petroleum to make that rocket-fuel, and my point is that the Autists with the enslaved St. Michael and all the “Jesus-Jews” and other types of generationally-enslaved people expending everything to get the Autists up to claim space’s riches for the Autists now make like none of that ever happened, and it’s the same thing with their extinction of the dinosaurs by smashing the baby-eggs so now dinosaurs weren’t born and they are never going to admit that they are incorrect about space even though it’s been done – severything-for-them-obvious and they aren’t going to, like Mister Teresa’s type (and Mr. S’s type,) will never admit that their “war without end” against the other people has been incorrect and has us on the verge of the death of the Earth after these other local solar-system planets hav all already been unable to evolve, have died-off from tryng because these Autists, due to the help of their strong-arm “Neanderthal” -buddies like in the fraud-family that I’ve been in and is currently killing me for the past 2 or 4 years of this and right all on top of me that i don’t know how i’ll make it to the court date, the Autist leadership which i think is way under the Tuva-area, is never going to relent and quit having people pursuied to death until all is gone, the Earth left like crumbled-garbage spinning the same as that “Asteroid Belt” old broken planet because you can’t grow life

page 5

into a situation that’s only going to torture and kill it. Maybe the things that let me be relentlessly tortured tell themselves that it’s scientifically too late to put off Earth’s demise so there’s no sense in letting me get out of this LURE-collection of people for death. Another petroleum-subject point is that i think los angeles’ “La Brea Tar Pits”  alleged decapitated dire wolf skeletons might actually be the bodies of the small-sized Autists. Im out of paper now but i’m totally alone with all this and this place is going a few different new spoooky things so i can’t do anything except try to keep this communication-attempt link going.

I ws terrified of the fraud-parent, am, and now this “real-child” of its is performing all over and saying that it loves all the changes around here, to one of the 2 Co-workers that are here now, with the breakfast ordeal about to start and that “real-child” all in charge of the food and anything else that goes on here as this gets worse daily. Because the LURE won’t let me do anything but this all these years.)=? Now it crowded me and touched me on the back and i


(…and i got this “hyseria-syndrome” and blabbed about my Rev. problem-set – “crazy-sounding” to the strangers all the time i only get stranded around.)

12:30 p.m., (3 lines short now so crowding the words.) Big game-change with an unmentioned kids’ party here for about 2 hours for which they’d been preparing yesterday without letting me in on this sudden activity all over the place and i’d overheard someone mention something peculiarly-connected but it’s so much verbiage to an anonymous stranger, everything a “void in a vacuum” for decades of these types of torture-tricks now. i didn’t sleep in the new setting last night and today i looked over it and these people do all these unfathomable “signs” and rituals and curses for my “type” (anybody “normal”) and blessings i’d guess for themselves, the whole thing based on this recitation of certain words/syllables, especially the “Confession” and Communion parts, in exchange for human meat, is (like) the deal for the Autists and Autist-psychopaths. For 23 years I’ve been trying to get across that advantage of al the accumulated research-findings should be taken now and re-assess the situation and set aside the things of the way we got here and update them to include the realistic findings, that that above for instance amounts to parasitism and that winds up in destroying until there’s nothing left. This seems so simplistic to me.

I’m out of paper and it’s 36 hours till mail-time anyway.

(page 7= regular 81/2×11 w snyder/oberth on back, p.8)

4/4/16 should be a better day I’m praying as the psychopaths

are doing the “exact same” things they were doing to me at

the 425 2nd St., NW, Federal-City Shelter from 2005-15,

that torturing me in all — actually they’ve got me more

or less in “like” a mostly locke-in prison with a

“real child” of the fraud-parent and are doing all the

same modi operandi as at the shelter, like right now a

bag of garbage was left on the floor outside of the

trash-can and when i picked it up to point it out to

one of the “cast-members” of this “show” or “Armageddon-

making Show” all sneaky around me my little water

bottle fell off the top of it and all kinds of the

ritual “signs” and word-tricks and “holidays” for which

the LURE “show” is always twice as bad to me than on

24/7 regular days, that making a joke of me is how

the Bible-prophecies are effected, and i guess that the

toy-soldier pawn people or anyone who hears about

these letters i write get told that they aren’t

allowed to help me because like i’d mentioned

(and got mailed?,) I’m surrounded by all these nice-

seeming ladies but have like not a single

human-level moment, and this “writing”

gets turned to trash-complaints in place of real

(p.8 of 8, 6 notebook and 1 2-sided regular paper)  sideways snyder/oberth obit picture/ 4/2 morrissey

subjects, same as all my years at the bottom-of-the-

barrel shelter near the Capitol. I realize that the same

as there these letters will only get twisted to nothing

for me, just the system’s profits and eventual

demise of nobody’s planet. If i can make it to

the April 25th 8:30 a.m. time could you quietly arrange

for anyone to

please buy this

$25 Amazon

gift card from

me because that

would be a big

help to me – which

the Armageddon-

joke is of course

to not-help me,


I found a real good example that i can’t afford to make

photocopies for at the joke-racial problem-gimmick that

involves the fraud-parent and it’s probable real-child here

that’s constantly terrorizing me so that i can’t do anything

except sit and do this vs. losing my mind (like right now)

and it involves this “Mitch Snyder/Hermann Oberth” person

that I’ll start the next letter about, had meant to describe here. Foshay


(on the bent-over flap of the legal-size page:

The 11/4/15 jotto:

“Stormville” is my nickname for the fraud-parent I have and for the look-like-him offspring-descendants of this huge “nation” of them, then “Stormville-type” would be one’s that are only similar, etc.

“the bushes” is that they were doing topiary-style gardening, trimming those bushes along Howard Avenue into a flat-topped design: (example of before and after)

and I recognized that that was a ritual for the brain-eaters, brain-ingestors, narcotics-crimes of the worlst.