Ninigret/Robin Cassacinamon, c. 1610

anonymousNative American Sachem wikidata:Q64515068
Anonymous (America, turn of the 17/18th century)
anonymous: Native American Sachem
Native American Sachem
Object type painting
Date 1681
Medium oil on canvas
Dimensions 84.1 × 76.5 cm (33.1 × 30.1 ″)
Accession number
Credit line Gift of Mr. Robert Winthrop
Notes For decades, this painting of a Native American sachem (chief or leader) was misidentified as a portrait of Niantic leader Ninigret II; recent scholarship indicates that the subject may be Robin Cassacinamon, an influential Pequot leader. Cassacinamon was known to have been a friend of the Winthrop family of Connecticut, through whom this painting descended. The tribe originally occupied the basin of the Pequot River (now Connecticut’s Thames River), but the artist generalizes the setting in an idyllic manner. The stylization of the landscape, along with classical pose of the sachem, suggests that the artist, although nominally trained, was familiar with European art.[1]
Source/Photographer 1. Unknown
2. Rhode Island School of Design, Museum of Art


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Robin Cassacinamon in a painting passed down in the Winthrop family and erroneously thought to be Ninigretfor many years (collection of Rhode Island School of Design Museum)[1]

Robin Cassacinamon (c.1620s-1692) was a Pequot Indian governor appointed by the United Colonies to govern Pequots in what is now south eastern Connecticut.

After the Pequot War of 1637, as a conquered Pequot, Cassacinamon was placed under the authority of English ally, Uncas, of the Mohegan tribe. In 1638 Roger Williams wrote the first writing referencing Robin Cassacinamon, when Cassacinamon went to the home of John Winthrop, Jr. in Fort Saybrook to become a servant and inquire about a Pequot woman who was a servant for the Winthrops and who Uncas hoped to marry. Eventually after living with the Winthrops for several years, Cassacinamon, learned English and was able to serve as a translator and he helped the Pequots in his town to request to be under English control rather than under Uncas. By 1655, Cassacinamon was appointed by the United Colonies as governor of the Pequots in two settlements, Nameaug (New London, Connecticut) and Noank (Groton, Connecticut). During King Philip’s War in the 1670s, along with Onecoand Harman Garrett, Robin Cassacinamon executed Canonchet, and Cassacinamon was commended for his service during the War.[2][3]


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