letter to a fraud relative 2016

5/25/16, Wed., Dear cuz l,

I don’t know why I haven’t received any contributing donation to my UniverseRescue-attempt blogsite from you, but don’t  run go telling Stormville that you’ve heard from me like j seems to do, please, like to see what she can get in exchange for the information, they only cause me problems and i’m 1/2-dead from the usual “slug pneumonia” i’m always getting here.

I looked up, images of Paleontologist Malcolm McKenna and this photo of his son Bruce McKenna, screenwriter, popped up and he looks like LAF Jr’s spitting-image “real-child,” and when I looked up Bruce McKenna images there was 1 that looked like you. Let me hear if you can find that. We were in an entire fraudulent family, those 4 really living “real lives” elsewhere, etc. I’m alone with all kinds of details on this, this the 1st i’d found odd on LAF Jr. I hope you and whoever else are all okay! Temporary address: kf, c/o bethany women’s etc 20005


5 June 2016, Dear Lou, I hope you got my 1st letter and already replied, but my luck is so bad I figure I should send you the few other ways to try to get in touch with me also, because my situation is so bad. Kathy Foshay, — DO NOT GO TO THIS OR ANY OF THESE OTHER ADDRESSES FOR ME BECAUSE THE SYSTEM-GOONS HAVE ALWAYS GOT IT COVERED TO KEEP CONTACTS AWAY FROM ME, NOT ANY NORMAL PEOPLE AROUND ME EVER, ETC.,  Bethany Women’s Center, 1333 N Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005 IGNORE THE ADDRESS, REALLY, My cell phone and email are ALSO NOT ANY GOOD TO ANY NORMAL PERSON EVER AND THE PHONE’S LONG DEFUNCT ON TOP OF BEING SOME SABOTAGE NUMBER I’D BEEN TRICK-SET UP WITH, LIKE IT’S HOOKED TO WHERE THE CIRCUS AND SUPERMARKETS AND FOOD STORAGE ARE ONLY OUT AT THAT CROSSROAD, DON’T TRY FINDING ME TILL I FIND SOME SAFETY (443) 630-4914 and kathyfoshay2@gmail.com. (the women’s center) takes messages for us homeless females, (202) 555-5555.”//”= new paragraph// I’ve been in like an isolation-vacuum for years where I’ve written hundreds of letters but the only mail I ever get is from “Thunderville.” like that’s the sole person I’m allowed communication with but there’s nothing legitimate about that person and all kinds of terrible things and I’m kept totally alone with this situation, like underground-slave surrounded so that I’m in a vacuum. I.e., be careful but try to get some help to me. For just $20 for bus fares and photocopies I’d probably be able to rent a decent apartment where you’d be able to visit but without any help I might be about to lose the housing-voucher altogether, and this homelessness is always making me deathly-ill out here.// I barely know you so I don’t want to write about anything that would jeopardize you, but there are illegitimately-made Foshay offspring-descendants all over the place here getting that Revelation-Armageddon sneaked through. That McKenna business is the 1st time I’ve noticed anything odd from the Syracuse part of it, but that’s a big one. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that subject, and I’d like to look into it more, — especially because of the paleontologist. Since I got that “slug-pneumonia” all my days have been being wasted with this “shuttle-syndrome” that’s real similar to what I was doing here since 2005 and I’m afraid it’s headed to making me deathly-ill again, where it would take nothing but $20 to help me get out of this but the system blocks everything I try to do. I just got a voicemail message about the shelter here that I’m trying to get into, but today is Sunday and it wasn’t there yesterday and they must’ve called Friday. My phone always acts strange like that, is why I hadn’t sent the # in the 1st letter, and then the email has been similar and unless there’s a chance that I’ll hear from you this response to my shelter-bed request is likely to fall apart also, and I’m just getting sicker by the day from the underground-curses syndrome that’s always all over me. I’ve been figuring alot of the system out but I’m alone and it’s dangerous. Last  November the system had me hit by a car, for instance. For instance, I finally thought about it enough and got a thought on what the dig-deal “Power” business at Niagara Falls might be and I would love to explain what I can about it on my little blogsite but without any money I can’t even get to a library computer, so’m blabbing to you a little bit, but the subjects are so controversial that I don’t know you well enough to volunteer the URL. It just goes on and on.//I recall that when I was a kid I’d visited you all and got taken to a Methodist church on Sunday, being generally told that I’d be able to figure this out when I was older and what I’ve figured out is that the whole thing is all mentally-ill sadistic crime, but additionally now I’m realizing that my Armageddon-problems seem to largely be coming from those Jesus-descendants! that all these centuries of insane torture have forced them into the insanity-paradigm. Then this shelter I’m trying to get into is at the top of a Lutheran church and the whole set is very controversial, — but there isn’t anywhere else.// I’m having a tiny suspicion that the Thunderville might be closely related to Luther, that they’re generally offspring-descendants of this guy named Rene d’Anjou, d. 1480, that the “Renaissance” was really “Rene’s sons'” being underground-made and spread all around and all underground and locking up people still. Then Luther had a partner named Philip Melanchthon and I’m trying to see if that might be the smile and lips that LAF Jr.’d inherited, like I think that that physicist Richard Feynmann and a few other people who seem super-nice but I think have been big con-artists all along had had. Since 2007 I’ve been praying that any responsibly-behaving adult to assist me a little could get the planet rescued from this total extinction the sneak underground has got us headed for, but the system abuses me for tricking normal people into death traps, so please be careful and with these pages. I hope everyone’s okay and you’ll write back to me asap. Love, Kathy