LURE horror ……………….

(9/22/17, I think it’s sub-human for humans to trick-LURE humans.)

Millions and Millions and Millions (8/30/2016) — I don’t know how to express the size/seriousness of this LURE I keep trying to get someone anyone to help me to get out of being used as bait-gimmick for, that the fast food hamburgers rise was connected to using me for this starting around 1964 and it’s been going on most of the time since then in one way or another and they’ve changed the population by sneak-isolating and -killing the normal people and now everyone around me at least seems to be like a product-growth that belongs to some owner or corporation or another, “Brave New World,” and I can’t get anybody to go over this material with me and they’re doing the tourist-season/season on tourists -run off of leaving me all alone like this, but it’s looking like it might be headed for even worse in that I realized last night/this morning that when Catholic Charities left running the 2nd and D Streets, NW, little side-shelter that I’d been stranded in to some similar group in Dec. 2010, that they’d come to and set up this even worse location that I’m now like totally-stranded in outside of having worse happen to me and this LURE like if I complain too much about it like I’m doing now in even trying to explain even this much about all this “Book of Revelation” being played-out onto real-life by putting me into this bizarre Bronx Zoo-area group called a family but really a bunch of different lines of people. I’m finally realizing these “cousins-once-removed” that were attached into, like adopted kids, onto then the fraud-parent-siblings, sic, where the boy looks like maybe a cross between Barnum and Bailey’s James A. Bailey and Mr. Trump nowadays and the girl I’m realizing might have been an “offspring-descendant plant” from that “Brave New World” phony … author Aldous Huxley, as one of my college teachers and the Clown-boy who’d told me this garbage-story that seems to have been about this book of revelations problem but was a hoax on the boy, etc., were. (Technical problem.) … I wrote to this town’s inspector general about as much of this as one can cover in a first letter or so, about possibly getting “protective custody” for me. I’ve been asking the so-called judge and now the state attorney about nothing’s being done about that guy that’d hit me with the car last November about getting some sort of witness protection for me and now the term of protective custody finally occurred to me and it would be like a block and a half from the morgue-shelter to the town jail but it’d be uphill out of that “place prepared” horror-area, could be a big improvement except that some care would have to be taken in that the fraud-parent’s offspring-descendants are all over the area as “security” paid and unpaid and in adult protective services and the police force and all over wherever I go like the library-clerk at this place has been switched to one of them that sits right in front of this little 15-minute express-use area. so there’d need to be some care about bothering to keep me separated somewhat while still being a “free citizen” to go to the store and libraries and keep doing what I do, which, the point I’d gotten up to is that now they’re changing police chiefs and the new interim might be TOO nice and be just the type that this “Armageddon Show” gimmick was meant to catch and disappear from anger at all the ludicrousness of bothering a nice nobody little person like me that works like crazy — as one could see even with this God help me actual “Universe Rescue” thing I’m alone with trying to get done, that I’m not hurting anyone by just trying to reach medical personnel about the Autism actual only problem and getting all this straightened out, but how nice this really is versus the “show” and trapping the normals to disappearance is the point. Time to go again….