King Family



maxine thomas ret’d in early 1930s,  corona, ca


luise, m. alvino rey, live in sandy, ut, dau liza rey butler houston symphony harp

alyce, – i think she’s the one m. to actor robert clarke, sons cam, ric and lex = here i can’t figure it out, ric de azevedo’s the son of alyce king and sydney de azevedo d. age 37, 1915 brooklyn – 1953 hohokus nj, formerly in charge of the foreign dept. of captiol records in hollywood, so that she’d had 2 husbands but there isn’t anything about what he’d passed of.

[deseret article] ALYCE CLARKE, a member of the original trio. Married actor Robert J. Clarke and now lives in North Hollywood. Lex, a son by the late Sydney de Azevedo, is well-known musician and composer. Another son, Ric de Azevedo, is an assistant director with Warner Brothers.> DONNA CONKLING married James Conkling, former president of Columbia Records and director of Voice of America. They live in Los Angeles. Son Christopher is a writer.

donna, ck alyce golda driggs; lex and ric are de azevedo, cam is clarke

yvonne’s vonnie (burch) green dau tina cole w first husband buddy cole = volney, dau cathy


marilyn smith, l.a., m. kent, dau jen staves

Eventually three of his daughters – Maxine, Luise and Alyce – got on the air at an Oakland radio station, using their father’s middle name “King.”

Donna, Yvonne and Marilyn would later sing at different times with the group.

— horace heidt, It was with Heidt – in San Francisco, Chicago and New York – that the King Sisters started their rise to stardom. Eventually, it was Heidt’s guitarist, Alvino Rey, who married Luise and formed his own band.

brothers wm king jr and karleton are deceased.

[deseret news 1989]

dana country man dot com:

In 1957, Alyce King arranged a meeting between the King Sisters and their old friend, Glen Wallichs, who had been one of the co-founders of Capitol Records. They played him a tape from several CBS radio shows they had done, and he loved their new sound. “Glen said the problem would be that the A&R people at Capitol probably wouldn’t bother to give the tape a listen,” says Yvonne King, “because they already thought they knew our work and they wouldn’t even give us a chance. So what he did was take the tape in to Capitol, and told them that he’d just discovered a new group, and then he played them that tape. Of course, what happened was that the people at Capitol went nuts over the tape and wanted to sign us right up!”

One of the first projects Capitol had for the King Sisters was a 1957 album of Hawaiian songs, ‘Aloha‘, which also featured Alvino Rey on Hawaiian guitar. At the time, there was a renewed interest in Hawaiian and ‘exotic’ music, and the album still stands up well today. The following year, their Imagination album was nominated for a Grammy©. (By coincidence, Donna King’s husband, Jim Conkling, a former Columbia Records and Warner Brothers Records president, had been named as the first chairman for the newly formed National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, and was pivotal in the creation of the Grammy© Awards.)

… After some scuffling around New York City, they ended up at the Rustic Cabin, a cozy nightclub and restaurant in Englewood, New Jersey, where a skinny Italian kid named Frank Sinatra had been discovered just a few months earlier. The Kings and the Rey band rented a large gangster-owned house near the Rustic Cabin that they communally shared and affectionately nicknamed ‘Chateau D’Crock.’ “It belonged to some bootleg king’, said Alvino Rey in a 1967 interview. “The guys in the band were making only thirty-five dollars a week, and the Sisters and I were getting only thirty, so to save the commuting money to New York, most of us lived there.” The band stayed at the Rustic Cabin for nine months, and it was during their stay there in 1939 that Alyce and Donna met their future husbands, Syd De Azevedo and Jim Conkling, respectively. (After De Azevedo passed away unexpectedly, Alyce’s second marriage was to Robert Clarke, whose work as a film director, writer and actor has produced such sci-fi cult classics as She-Monster and Beyond The Time Barrier.)

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