ck Gustav Dore, Cervantes

File:Gustave Doré - Miguel de Cervantes - Don Quixote - Part 1 - Chapter 1 - Plate 1 "A world of disorderly notions, picked out of his books, crowded into his imagination".jpg1863, 1906 edition of Cervantes’ Don Quixote’s illustration by Gustave Dore, (1832-1883, ) Héliodore-Joseph Pisan (assistant, 1822-1890) PD from Wikimedia Commons. I’m putting this here because I’m so fraught to get these monsters off of me that during last night’s insomnia torture to make me weak for today’s LURE “abuse” to describe the least, it occurred to me that Cervantes had been in and lost one of his hands or arms in that Battle of Lepanto in 1571 and that perhaps his then becoming a writer is closely connected to Homer and The Iliad because the Battle of Lepanto was engineered by the “semi-mythical” I call it because there’s so very little information that what there is could-might be fabricated for all I can figure, character called Joseph Nasi that seems closely connected to this torture-abuse for the Armageddon to come true that’s long been going on off of me. Nasi is said to have been born in Lisbon, Portugal into a merchant-banking household-family or such and gone mostly to Amsterdam and then down through Europe, especially to Lyon, and then made his home in Istanbul, doing all kinds of international setting up, and then his big thing was this fiasco called the Battle of Lepanto, that I can’t draw enough attention to. There was some Briseis-like incident involving a girl whose ovaries were gotten through a trick-marriage and I keep saying that I suspect all this acting-crew came from the “people-breeding” off of those disembodied ovaries, raising people in like platoons that go around and figure how to (more or less) fulfill those Revelation prophecies. I tried to gather some illustrations, this being an example of what seems to me to be one of these “platoons” of the wrongfully “grown” from disembodied ovaries then people, like a “spawn” in the same age-group that didn’t have normal lives and so were doing this learning to LURE people by putting on “entertainments” that I suspect I had come from. The nude lady on the top of that arch is said to have represented or been Isabella d’Este, (of that da Vinci sketch.)

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I'm all alone with the real end of the world and always looking for assistance and no one's ever contacted me from the hundreds of letters I'd sent while at the big homeless shelter, 2nd and D Streets, NW, as though anyone that tries to contact me gets disappeared, my life used as a LURE-gimmick that goes to how that Armageddon prophecy in that book of Revelation has been being snuck-through, and this is sort of the bottom of the barrel of ideas for trying to find assistance, thinking I could get all my various writings on this in one place that letter-recipients could then look up if they're interested. That means I'd have to see if I can send my emails to here, how to do that. Wordpress said there is a way but it entails that spam would also get the email address. My time for now it up I guess. Working in this sitting position isn't healthy for me but I've always got to be doing something toward trying to get hold of someone to help me. It's like I'm a microcosm of the Earth or the human race and if someone could help me out of this torture then that'd be a start on trying to get the whole Earth out of this. 5/1/17, still all this, etc., same situation. (7/14/18 now....) Now it's 2019.
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