Mary Surratt, -1865

#122, Mary Surratt, hanged 1865 for the “Lincoln Conspiracy” moving to the stereotypes section.

Mary Surratt’s ovary/-ies were likely used to mass-reproduce victim-people specific for this Armageddon,  based on having hung her for allegedly contributing to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, which happened right across the street and in a little bit from the main library which’d just closed down here that I’ve been going to most of this millennium, that that’s the trouble-area that the Autism had camped in long ago, and they got hold of Mrs. Surratt’s hanged body, etc. that I’ll try to get back to but wanted to get this mentioned somewhere as being a big factor in all this Armageddon nowadays.

and then there are the 13 copies of her pictures and the “Squabbling” over the one egg/ovary set.

img 20170626 163728


at H and 6th Sts., NW.

img 20170626 163737

Mrs. Surratt’s old house

DC Tour sign outside of

img 20170626 1647361

img 20170626 1637561

img 20170626 163710

img 20170626 164718

img 20170626 164317

img 20170626 164257

img 20170626 164736

I’ll try to get back and sort thee out later.

At twenty minutes to when I have to leave by 3 p.m. this Shaw library branch is pulling like a closing-the -show for today disgusto scene with some regular character they’ve taken to always using as though an Armageddon Program attachment to me, and their overhead shrill noise has been going on all this time and trying to get shriekier, so now this clown did some little standard hallucino-trick and the library underworld is going to do destructo- script off of this nonexistent crap they’re inventing for their own murder/holocaust purposes, 9/10/17, Thursday