“Babar boys”

This one is out of order for the moment till I can get back to this subject, that Mr. Scaglia there on the right in this police-photo from the French Connection scam was/is one of this type that I call the “Babar boys.”


Author Michael Pye


8/21/17, Monday, I’m having a horrifying time out here and have been trying to fit in about this picture somewhere and the 2 are coming together now even though guys that look like Mr. Pye here don’t seem to have anything to do with my current situation. I’d gotten this photo-copy because that looks like the manager of the residential hotel I’d stayed in in San Francisco from (I think it was) May 1995 to October 2000, the management going to a relative of the first owner that looked like this but it’s been years since I’d found this author’s picture, in I think the fiction book called “The Drowning Room,” and I haven’t had any chance to address anything about this subject-set yet and I’m half losing my mind right now from all these “Armageddon-making tricks” I’m like lifetime-covered with and I don’t have anything. The only thing I “have” is that I ought to make some effort to be able to be outside to see if I can see anything of that solar eclipse around 2:40 this afternoon, an “appointment” to do that, and otherwise I’m just floating in garbage. I’m so in-garbage that I can’t pause from the typing to try to think who I maybe could try to reach by an email or some such. I have a phone call I’m supposed to make but I’m pretty sure that the guy has zero interest in anything I’m talking about because I’ve been trying to contact someone every day nearly since 2005 and there hasn’t been anybody so this guy is’n’t likely either. I’ve got crap all over me. In 2015, just before the car-hit I’d been able to get on computer and I’d tried to look-up Michael Pye for a permission for using this picture because it looks so “figurehead” typical for this what I call the “Babar” -type of people, generational-slave #3 I call them, and I’d like to ask the opinion of any of them of what’s going on that maybe they could assist me with this what I’m trying to do in getting the Autism/Autism-psychopathy discussed, but, what happened is that there were all different-looking types of people that might have been this author, as though it’s a shared-name or some such. I think he’s from Portugal and lives there and in New York, Portugal coming up with this old 1492 Line of Demarcation papal bull that I’m trying to explain that the Autists don’t change, they repeat and remain the same and persevere and wake up every day and resume being at war with the rest of the world. I could try to look Mr. Pye up again now but I hardly have any time for the search-engine looking up things; everything is always terrible for me in many different and unexplainable-to-strangers ways. Recently it occurred to me that the system is SO deceptive and full of lies that the guy pictured might actually be the guy who’d play-performed being the hotel’s manager; I’m not kidding. They guy’s wife was named Rainbo or Rainbow and they had a son named Joey. I was always leery of them because the first time I’d seen the guy there was one of these typical undescribably things that go on all over me. I was in that residential hotel room with this Armageddon problem all over me for five and a half years, just stranded there, and it’s part of all of this Armageddon/book of Revelation whole lifetime-abuse of me/French Connection to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION set. It’s all so inter-connected that it’s like only confusing to try to describe any one incident, that that would be taken out of the context of the many many thousands of creepy incidents, but I was always leery of Michael, the new manager’s name, and we had nearly not any contact. I only know his wife and son’s name because they’d put a holiday-card in my mailbox or under the room door one year. They started there in 1997 or 1998, the whole five years just a “vague, boring horror-blur” about just five and a half years of sitting in the room on welfare-dole payments that went to the room-rent. They were Hindu and I don’t celebrate that “Xmas” time of year so the card seemed a little odd and undesirable but it seemed like a friendly overture but then was never repeated. I had a problem with the room lock once and when he fixed it he’d said a big loud Shazamm! that I’d thought was creepy, making like the door lock was connected to magic or magic-show anything is the way it had “struck” me. This is really going nowhere good, but my life is so full of that same creepy sort of crap right this moment that I can’t think how to fix my blogsite or function any better, and Michael the manager and this author in fact do look the same has been occurring to me, and that “Drowning Room” title could even be involved, as this worldwide Armageddon takeover is a big deal, and the author is Portuguese and so is that old belief that dividing the New World between Spain and Portugal — Babars, are also a massive stereotype everywhere, was largely what I was thinking the author might get into discussing with me as that 2004 Abu Grahib incident was largely about a girl like me “framed” in a photo of having that leash-looking restraint/tie-down/cargo-strap on one of this that I call the “Babar” -type of people, as Mrs. Mary Surratt was a big big local person with that type of face and therefore ovary-eggs for it.

The whole time I was living in that San Francisco hotel I’d sit at the desk in the room and the “magic” constantly pounded my head with what seemed like a demolition ball, those big black balls on top of cranes that go back and forth to raze a building, maybe 8 times a minute, back and forth, while I sat there and tried to do things that were more or less like this, trying to make notes on whatever I’m going through and could learn about, and while I sat my head was invisibly-struck about 8 times a minute, I could never pin down the timing because I didn’t have a watch or clock with a second-hand or timer, could only guesstimate how many times a minute, what the frequency of it was, and now I figure that it might have come from “trance” -stare-thinking like that at my head or some such. When I’d rented the place and got settled and could see that things were “stranded” like this for me I’d started buying old encyclopedia volumes and tearing them apart for the separate articles and biographical pictures and putting say the different encyclopedias’ articles on Alexander Graham Bell together so that I’d wind up with a file folder on Bell that had some variety of illustrations of what he’d looked like, doing that as a way of trying to keep my sanity, as the invisible torture was at rest when they were doing that demolition-ball business to me, that that was like between-tortures respite. I’ve read that someone named Jimmy Wales had started the Wikipedia but I suspect that alot of the idea for it had come from this global-magic’s always watching whatever I was/am doing.

8/26/17, I should mention this belief that I have that’s connected to the whole “generational-slaves #2” -type belief-set, that I think that those #2 of the slave-types had been discovered and force-taken off of the Japanese islands, about 4 islands there and one or all of them I think that those “regular ‘magician’ -types” had originally somehow wound up developing in isolation on Japan and surprise-invasion discovery by the warmongers and taken into captivity up to the Siber-Mongolian area system hide-out, from whence they emanate to this day, according to me. My belief goes on into that probably generations later the generational-captives had chanced to get back to Japan and found that this “Babar” type of people had been growing up there off of the women forced to stay on the island with the invaders, that then this “Babar” type of the face had been created as like babies of the rape, and the generational-slave “uncles” then found use for them as being like go-betweens between the captors and themselves, and they’ve been the generational-slave #3 type. Often I suspect that Mr. “Junior” Rockefeller, Jr. must have had something to do with the mass-reproduction, but I can’t really pin it down because they don’t necessarily look anything like him. Alot of the kamikaze pilots of WWII did look just like Junior, were obviously made from him or his type back at the Autists’ base, where I figure they hold the hostage “seeds” behind the stereotyped people-lines.


Chandra Levy
Chandra Levy.jpg

Senior portrait of Chandra Levy
Born Chandra Ann Levy
April 14, 1977
ClevelandOhio, United States
Disappeared May 1, 2001 (aged 24)
Washington, D.C., United States
Body discovered May 22, 2002
Rock Creek Park, D.C.
Alma mater San Francisco State University
University of Southern California
Occupation Intern
Employer Federal Bureau of Prisons
Home town Modesto, California, United States
Parent(s) Robert and Susan Levy
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Chandra Ann Levy (April 14, 1977 –– c. May 1, 2001) was an American intern at the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington, D.C., who disappeared in May 2001. She was presumed murdered after her skeletal remains were found in Rock Creek Park in May 2002. The case attracted attention from the American news media for years.

The police investigation revealed she was having an affair with Congressman Gary Condit, a married Democrat then serving his fifth term representing California’s 18th congressional district, and a senior member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Condit was never named as a suspect by police and was eventually cleared of involvement. However, due to the cloud of suspicion raised by the intense media focus on the missing intern and the later revelation of the affair, Condit lost his bid for re-election in 2002.

On March 3, 2009, D.C. authorities obtained a warrant to arrest Ingmar Guandique, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador. He had been convicted of assaulting two other women in Rock Creek Park around the time of Levy’s disappearance. Prosecutors alleged that Guandique had attacked and tied up Levy in a remote area of the park and left her to die of dehydration or exposure. In November 2010 Guandique was convicted of murdering Levy; he was sentenced in February 2011 to 60 years in prison. In June 2015, Guandique was granted a new trial. On July 28, 2016, prosecutors announced that they would not proceed with the case against Guandique and would, instead, seek to have him deported.



(8/30/17) I (Kathy Foshay) had left San Francisco and gotten to Washington (DC) in late October 2000, and was here about 6 months when there was this big disappearance of this lady, intern, named Chandra Levy, her body not found for more than a year, police looking for her and news reports that whole time, then the news that her body was found in the big park here, and I’m saying that hearing her name all that year in the big hunt for herself was some system-trick to introduce that I had arrived with this “Hindu-Jewish magic” entertainment “show” for the underworld, way back then in early 2001 they were doing a “show/Program” this Armageddon show/Program, off of me and Ms. Levy’s disappearance had her name in the news all of the time, and then that “show” is still going on, 16 or 17 years later now, like Michael above here’s type and the “Merchant of Venice” -type were doing this “magic” exhibition of what a moron I am all through 2001. In April 2002 I started looking into going to New York because I couldn’t make any friends here and that October I’d left here and wound up back here in May 2005 due to “magic” -type peculiar difficulties that I have, and I’ve just been daily stranded here since while the system’s been doing historically I can’t guess what but it doesn’t seem improved in any way. And in May 2005 I’d wound up at that shelter-door smack next to the back door to the Bureau of Prisons that Levy’d been interning for when she’d disappeared.


The minor who’d perpetrated the January 2011 attack on Congressperson Gabrielle Giffords and constituents in Tucson, Jared Loughner, I think he’d looked alot like perhaps descended from Mrs. Surratt’s ovae, might have literally been descended from those. About thirteen people died in that attack that’d appeared to have happened not for any reason. Ms. Giffords might look a whole lot like Mabel Bell, Alexander Graham Bell’s wife.



(12/2017)The 3rd thing I wanted to get mentioned was that all that complaint-writing their forcing me to do was supposed to yesterday get around to that John D. Rockefeller, Jr., “Junior,” or sometimes JDR2 I write his name as, must have had some part in creating this what I’ve been calling the “Babar boys,” Babar-Ainu, and lately the hallucino-robot boys.

There’s some big connection but they don’t look exactly like him so it’s been a little difficult to describe. It must have been after he’d passed that the fraud-parent that’s the “difficulty” for me, that whole “French Connection” subject, only had mentioned once that Junior was a mean cuss. I didn’t find anything unusual till that lookalike photograph with Wilhelm Wundt and there was a bit in the biography by Richard Fosdick, Dick Fosdick I think is the friend-writer’s name to recollection, that as a child Junior had had a little fun in teasing a cousin of his named Florence or some such, but I’ve not been able to trace the cousin Florence and think I’ll try it today because there could might be some connection between attitude toward the cousin and then the employee named Florence, but as these difficult days since the “ssfund” has been getting started in being received by me go along where it seems that the Babar-Ainu boys think they’re Francis Ford Director over the Armageddon Now Program over me and I’m getting more upset at these nonstop scenes my days have increasingly been becoming and this growing fear that this “busload” of parasites is going to follow my life along to the next place I’m trying to get to, that I’m becoming more upset, like that “God doesn’t gamble” with the Universe ascribed to Einstein phrase, that these bums seem not to care about anything except their immediate gratification intake of holocaust done off of use-abusing me, that I’m starting to think of them the same as the Rockefeller laboratory had mass-manufactured those pneumococci (by Oswald Avery most of that work was done I guess,) that they’d manufactured these “Babar boys” the same as the pneumococci. Also there was that big todo over that mural by Diego Rivera, that basically seemed to be about this brain-eating way to be high. It had gotten covered over but the “Ambrose” or Jomon or what phrase-labels I can use alone by myself, people’s rituals don’t care if it was painted over, it was there first, — they just think whatever they feel like thinking, and seemed to have wanted it to be censored.

The biographer’s name was Raymond Fosdick, 1956, and there’s no way to check that mention of a cousin named Florence that he’d liked to tease and I can’t find any Florence in their family anywhere. Now I’m trying to see if there’s coordination between the early subways and delmonico’s and the melville/channing families. I have to go without feeling that I’ve been accomplishing much, which is a shame for me because all i’ve got to walk into now is this acting business of these bizarre underworld “Babar boys'” choosing. All total strangers determining the thrashing and bashing I’ll get so they can accomplish whatever their secret goals are. The thrashing and bashing is mostly “invisible” fear of what’s going to happen to me next, me “secretly” trying to protect eternity from these diseases, that nature can’t do anything with them, they seem to hate spirits, god, nature, and just like their own selves and copies of their own selves, think they evolve people better than nature did. I’m trying to figure “the deal,” the story, the way it was, with those painters sandro botticelli and andreas mantegna viz then michelangelo, who seems to have been one of these Jomon in reality. They don’t seem to do much except figure how to stay high, developing these religions so them and their friends can do that.