“Henrietta Lacks” (the drugs, the meat, house-heating, back-washers,…)

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Image result for henrietta lacks images This is the book cover and the author’s pictures, Henrietta Lacks and Rebecca Skloot, (2010 pub’d,) photo from an L.A. Times article. Below is a photo of “Henrietta Lacks” and her husband David. Image result for henrietta lacks images  I would go about trying to compare him to the Bishop Grace next if I had the time. Lacks wasn’t her real name.

 Emily Saunders Plummer

Henrietta lackshenrietta maria de medici queen of englandmaryland

Henrietta Maria with the dwarf Jeffrey Hudson, by Van Dyke. The monkey on his back and the orange tree behind them symbolize the narcotic-addiction.

This is a huge subject that seems all about the Revelation-Armageddon in much bigger ways than anyone could guess. Mrs. Plummer’s husband is pretty famous as a diary-keeper, Adam Francis Plummer and as a slave he was “owned” by George and Rosalie Calvert of the Maryland-founders, Maryland being named for Charles I of England’s real strange wife, strange horror-duo them, and then to their Lord Baltimore and his whole line of the Calvert family and then in Massachusetts it’s about the same with the John Winthrops I guess. Rosalie Calvert also seems to looks like Napoleon’s Josephine whole line of people and the Mrs. Rothschild of oil industry and I’m thinking that Lacks may’ve been an on-purpose curse for the Revelation, etc. Sign off.

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by Ingres, around 1848, from Wikipedia’s entry for Baroness Betty von Rothschild. (There’s a bunch of pictures of her on a blog called Little Augury, about house decoration.)


 A miniature of Henrietta Maria by John Hoskins; Henrietta Maria’s marriage to Charles did not begin well and his ejection of her French staff did not improve it. Initially their relationship  (from Wikipedia.) There are alot of paintings of Henrietta Maria, who King Charles had named Maryland for, and I’m sure her descendants were all over me when I was there, that they’re really all around and very political and all over the place, and all tied-into this entire Revelation-Armageddon business. The gimmick was that Charles was the son of King James of the standard “Bible” translation and he was Protestant and she was Catholic and that was the running-argument excuse by which the normal people got caught in the middle and “disappeared,” to use my lingo for these things while sitting in the midst of them. I think Charles’ come from the line of people like with that red cloak in the Parnassus painting, but I don’t want to cloud-up this Emily/Henrietta et al. business with a picture of a guy right now, things are too difficult enough for me. I’m trying to figure how to send a copy of the blog to the person I’d learned about the Henrietta Lacks book from and am thinking that this would be best, but the file on the brain damage going on behind all the Bible-making is more specifically the point.

Empress Joséphine (by François Gérard, c.1807-1808) 1763, Les Trois Nets, Martinique — May 29, 1814 (age 50) Rueil-Malmaison, Ile-de-France, France, m. Alexandre de Beauharnais 1779, he passed 1794, she married Napoleon I 1796, annulled 1810. (She was also Duchess of Navarre.)
Baron François Gérard - Joséphine in coronation costume - Google Art Project.jpg

Maryland flyer, September 2015 I think it was, can’t figure how to enlarge where the date is right now.My point is that the Lifeline telephone number I’d gotten the year before has this 443-area code and that goes to Waterloo, Maryland. Trying to find out where/what that place is that it looked like Kathy Foshay, me, came from I’d search-engine finally traced it to being near Jessup, Maryland and being like a food-warehouse place for Maryland and maybe one of the big supermarkets that I’m stuck having to visit in this “Armageddon Program” all the time, and to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus somehow also, that they’ve had offices there for some long time, and I guess that Waterloo, Maryland has some other connections, but that had been the only Lifeline-communications telephone I’d had access to and for the year or so after I’d gotten it I’d tried and tried for anyone to reach me and never got any calls except then it was used by bill-collectors for these phony ambulance-abductions that had started and because of all this “Program” invisible-torture my Medicaid hadn’t been renewed so there were/are medical bills that were just system-scam invented off of doing all this to me, same as the car-hit. Waterloo and Napoleon Bonaparte have been big themes in all this and it’s still going on of course right this minute to and off of little “ghost prisoner” or worse me. Then there was one other thing I’d wanted to try to cover before trying to move on to picking up with all this horror but now I can’t find it. It’s so difficult for me to get all this material down and then I’m just daily torn apart. This is about the congenital-lying that goes with the Autism-psychopathy that is behind the global-system’s sneak world-takeover off of me, of how they blame normal people, and it relates to Emily Saunders Plummer I’m sure, and that is an enormous business to try to delve into, with her husband’s being “slave” to the Calverts.

What I can’t find is that a few months ago I’d finally had a chance to type out this “Beach Bully and the 99-pound Weakling” sand-kicking stereotype, that that’s the opposite of reality and the whole system like stems off of that lie about the “beach bully,” that that was always the opposite situation, where the “weakling” developmentally disabled and psychopathic warmonger Autists always have put poison around through their excrement, and that’s one reason their brains are taking us to TOTAL PLANE EXTINCTION, that it’s too shame-provoking for them to be able to admit to the prehistory past, that behavior like that had gone on for millennia. Before I realized about turning people to petroleum and that’s becoming flammables for gunpowder and dynamite I’d thought the gunpowder and dynamite had somehow come about exclusively from the “saltpeter” that forms on dried-out turds, that they’d had a big industry of scraping off the saltpeter to make the gunpowder, but now I figure that they’d been making the explosives from people turned to goo, like Waterloo was likely a part of, way more than off of the nitrogen-based salt. But it’s part of the excrement-obsession, and the so-called bully had possibly showed the boys as many as 3000 times how to go about excreting and covering it over so that it decays into soil and the Autists will smile as you expend the energy in teaching them and promptly throw some more at you as soon as your back is turned again, and after 3000 times of showing them how to put dirt over the area someone got a little exasperated and some of the too-heavily dumped down onto it pile of dirt had force-flown in a breeze to onto an Autist and all h*** has gone on ever since. That sort of “anger” would have been directed at the enslaved people’s who were then mass-reproduced into people like Ms. Emily Saunders Plummer and she got sicced onto some family named Thompson that I haven’t yet been able to find out anything about but the Cultural Tourism DC says  Emily Saunders Plummer I’m trying to find out who the Thompson’s whose estate had gotten torn apart were. So far I found a Cololnel Gilbert Livingston Thompson and I think his wife’s name was like Mary Ann, but also I’d have to read the famous diary of Ms. Plummer’s husband, learn all I could about the background of this, but what I figure is that her type is like the generational-slave #2 type, assigned as a wife to the Autist maybe he was, and her ingrained-anger at being enslaved to the Autists was turned onto the unsuspecting “normal people” in this area, the Americas then the global-conquest had come to take over, in that case those Thompson people, whoever they were, the way that that captions reads:  Emily Saundes Plummer, left, served the Thompson family of Meridian Hill (15th Street and Columbia Road, NW,  area here) as an enslaved woman. All that remained of the Thompsons’ estate by 1900 was this brick farmhouse, above.

I’m trying to explain that her type was enslaved from way back by the rampaging Autists but you can’t be angry at enslaving decapitators and so people like her, the generational-slave #2 “You Were Wrong” -file types, turned the sublimated anger onto the normal people, like myself for instance.

I’ve only gotten one quick look at a picture of her husband, Adam Francis Plummer, and he’s a pretty big deal in local black history but everything is made difficult for me and I can only get a little done in each day; it’s been this same way all along, that I can’t both research for supporting evidence for against this coming TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION and try to get someone to talk with me toward getting first me and then maybe everyone else out of this horror. I can’t explain things to each and every brainwashed stranger the system throws into my past. When I went looking for and cropping that quote about the Thompsons one of the stereotypes near me started scratching its crotch till I had to comment because I’m so uncomfortable with these “bizarre” things going on around me because of this “Armageddon Program” sneak-off of me all the time, and it occurred to me that the guy is “offspring-descendant” of the guy standing behind Pearl Bailey in the U Street photo-set, which is really what I’d even taken those pictures mostly for, that he seemed odd whereas it seemed like just an ordinary-type picture of her otherwise, but then I notice that the guy with her, probably her 2nd husband, John R. Pinkett, Jr.,  1914-66 I think, does look incredibly like her however-white 3rd husband. This point now, getting my blogsite off the track again as usual, is that as soon as I’d started demurring about the crotch-goings on and noticed his face and dug up the photo to ask him if he thought that looked like him, that it’s likely his background, really, as I see guys that look like him about every day all these years of this here, I saw that his terminal was turned off and he left so that I’m “Armageddon-making Program”-nervous that he might go to the “arenas” and claim that I’m being racist and sex-horror or anything, that I shouldn’t have to be alone all day long year after year with the Armageddon’s being sneak-pulled off like this, merely because I’m trying to be realistic and reality-oriented about all this covered-up real horror we’re in, etc. Me and the Beach Bully, same congenital-lying all the time extincting the normal people. On the other side of me here I’ve got the George Stephanopoulos-looking kid touching its mid-parts like in concert with the other guy and when I’d paused to go find the picture I noticed the 2 of them and poor little me is just always “invisibly-tortured” internally at the same time as these external goings-on, then I’ve got these fraud-family “paradists” parade of unspeaking stranger-sights when I have to walk back to the inferno-shelter, all this in place of productive work. It recalls to me that picture in the file below, of the guy’s feet sticking out of that big drum, that that’s from the Navy Yard right near here and is connected to why I call this the inferno-shelter, that when the New World was discovered the Revelation merely expanded to include it and I think the system-people had set up this area for their Babylon-inferno, but this morning I was wondering if that means that somewhere like maybe Marseilles had been their original inferno-Plan site, Mystery of Babylon. Then of course Marseilles has some connection to that whole 1961-62 French Connection that I was used to assist with, by having unawares me play with those suitcases.

st acacio c 1825

cervical b s

Central Union


I have to fix this later, it’s about the Adam Francis Plummer research I’ll be trying to do and I’d wanted to make a new post called Trip about it, that I got a thought that is “trippy,” that Plummer might possibly have been “science” /system offsprung descended from St. Francis of Assisi, whose actual life I don’t know anything about, just that one little cartoon-like picture with the dalmatian dog, so I’ll be looking it that if possible soon.